Hey Girl! Check out these new releases from August 9th-15th.

Hunger (The Brooks Brothers Book 1) by Nicole Falls

Tyson Brooks is hungry.

And all he wants is Troian Taylor on his plate.


The Remnants Love Left Behind: A Ganton Hills Romance Novel by Aubree Pynn

The course of life has no regard for our plans. This was a lesson that Jamis and Kamya learned once their worlds came into orbit. While mending themselves and coming to terms that they aren’t in control of their destiny, will they fight it or give in?


Love After by Shay Davis

After accepting the adulterous ways of her cheating husband for years, Melanie Long is ready to slam the door on that chapter of her life and find what brings her joy-with her soon-to-be-ex’s wallet. Wanting to experience all the things she missed out on in her twenty’s, Melanie’s intentions were to have a space of her own, reconnect with family, and find someone to fulfill her physical needs that have gone neglected for so long. However, getting involved with Warrick Jones may have been more than what she bargained for. Warrick Jones lived a very meticulous life. He had to have control over everything. It was the only way to keep his demons at bay. When it came to Warrick’s physical needs, maintaining control was not up for debate. However, Melanie knocked him off his square with her beauty and smart mouth. Warrick was intrigued by her, and thought he was up for the challenge of making Melanie submit. WARNING: Love After contains mature themes surrounding BDSM. 


You’re My Reason: Friends to Lovers Novella by K.C. Mills

He was her constant…
She was his reason…

A friends to Lovers novella.


Free Game: A Foxview Heights Novel by Kema B.

Receptionist, Isis Bennett, isn’t looking to be boo’d up. Opting out of the complications of love and relationships completely. She’s single, carefree and loving it, and that will never change. Until Freedom Owens steps into her job, challenging the love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude that had always worked for her.

Newly retired, superstar rapper Freedom, is looking for a change of scenery. After dealing with his ex, love is the last thing on his mind. That is, until he walks into A Kiss of Ink and encounters a certain dreadlocked beauty. After their brief interaction he wants to make her his, but there’s just one small hitch to his plans. She doesn’t do rappers. 

Isis plans to stay far away from the handsome entertainer. To her he’s a player like all the rest and refuses to let him or anyone play her. When a dare shifts things between them she’s prepared to do what she does best. Leave him right where he’s at.

However, Freedom is determined to prove that he has more to offer than the late night pleasures of their arrangement. He plans to teach her a thing or two about love. Will Isis ever be ready and willing to receive Free Game?


On Love’s Time (For Keeps Book 3) by D. Rose

Sometimes all you need is a second chance because time wasn’t ready for the first one…

Back from Italy, Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Pearson returns home and is greeted with more than she expected. So far, she’s done great with focusing on herself and her career… until she unexpectedly bumps into the one whom she may have let slip away.

Lorenzo ‘Puma’ Morris is a man who knows exactly what he wants and despises wasting his time. Despite him being in control of everything happening in his personal life and career, he can’t stop himself from craving the one thing he’s always wanted; a fair shot with Gwen.

From the moment they met, they sparked an instant attraction. Will that spark be enough to rekindle their flame? Or has their time passed?

On Love’s Time is book 3 in the For Keeps series. To best enjoy the story, it is best to read Because of Love and The Sweetest Love first.


Steady Love – Kolby & Myla by Kay Shanee

*This story is an update on the lives of Kolby and Myla, who were first introduced as a couple in Easy to Love. If you have not read the previously mentioned book, I would recommend that you do. This is a novelette and only meant to give you a small glimpse into the couple’s life after marriage and children.*

Even though a surprise pregnancy is what brought them together, from the moment they decided to commit to each other, Kolby and Myla found loving each other to be the easiest thing they’d ever done.

Over the years, their family expanded, and so did their love for each other. However, no relationship is without problems, and these two are no exception.

Lack of communication leads to a lack of trust, and Kolby and Myla don’t handle it well. When their steady love is put through the fire, will they get burned?


Rescue Mission (Lunch Break Suspense Book 2) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Rescue Mission is a short story that was released on my blog in 2013. Then – it was titled Hot Stakes. It is the same story revised, repackaged, and re-edited. If you haven’t read this story, dive in! It’s available for your reading thrills right now!

Melissa never knew being at the wrong place at the wrong time would be her first night on a new job. But when a gang approaches her boss demanding answers he can’t give, Melissa is caught in a situation that could end her life. With moments to spare before her cell phone dies, Melissa makes a desperate phone call to her boyfriend, hoping that he would hear her cry for help before it’s too late.


At Your Best: A Rags to Riches Romance by Mycah Edwards

Fresh out of high school, Notorious “Tori” Lewis was certain about one thing: his future as an athlete. After four years of bench riding in college, he’s convinced he’ll settle into a life of mediocrity after graduation… Until a chance encounter with a kinky-haired beauty changes his perspective for the best.

Jedikiah Jones lives a life of routine. School, work, then home to work on her business. Dating wasn’t a risk she was willing to take until she’s forced to fulfill a promise to her sisters: one night on the town. A night of spontaneity changes everything as Jedikiah finds herself stuck between protecting her heart and throwing caution to the wind.

From day one, Tori and Kiah have an unexplainable tether between them. At Your Best is a story about not what can be done for you but what you can do for someone else. Kick your feet up and don’t forget your wine as you embark upon a beautiful ascension from rags to riches with a dash of fiery romance.


Uncovering Love by M. Monique

One night changes everything in Gianna Phillips’ seemingly perfect world. She’s in love, months away from having their first child, and rising in her career as a designer. Nothing could be better in her eyes. Tragedy changes her perception, and in the middle of the dense fog, she collides with a mountain.

As a seasoned detective, Grey Summers is heavy on the “To Protect and to Serve”. But sometimes the physical body isn’t what needs protecting. He’s captivated from the very beginning by the cocoa beauty who invades his mind in ways no other woman has.

When a case dear to Grey’s heart opens a Pandora’s box of secrets and lies, will Grey be able to protect the heart of the only woman he’s willing to risk it all for?


Immersed in Love by Kamille Lucas

It is a New Year and Kara Peoples has decided that this year is going to be different. After a difficult breakup, she is determined to seize her next chapter of life. With a new goal of Spanish fluency, she has found herself in Panama for a week of immersion. Little does she know that when she meets her classmate Daniel Newman, she might find herself immersed in more than just the language.


Pretty Caged Bird by Kimberly Brown

“All that glitters, isn’t gold.”

Amina Coltrain always felt like she was born into the wrong family. The lifestyle of the rich and wealthy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, at least not for Amina. She would gladly trade in her ball gowns, fancy dinners, and arranged marriage for a pair of sweats, movie nights with her best friend, and a man that she can love at her own free will. But having a mother as controlling as Winnie Coltrain proves that even the simplest of dreams don’t come true without a fight. Will she conform to what is expected of her, or does she fight for her right to live a life she chooses?

Gray Porter is a hometown barber whose main concern in life is taking care of his mother and siblings. After his father dies tragically when he is sixteen, he takes it upon himself to fill his shoes. Years later, his mother is dating, and his siblings are almost grown, leaving Gray to finally live life for himself. When he falls for Amina, his world is turned upside down in more ways than one. Will the woman who became the love of his life be the reason he loses everything?


A Love Like This, Pt. 1 by Kya Montague

Go with your heart?
Or go with your head?
Relish in fantasy?
Or bask in reality?
What’s a girl to do?

Those are the questions financial planner Serenity James finds herself pondering. She has been missing from the dating scene for over a year after a bad break-up from her first love, Tony, and is now ready to give love another try. When Serenity gets back into dating, she finds herself to be the object of desire between two handsome and charming men; Julian and Wesley.

Julian is a security guard by day, and a passionate poet by night, who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s admired Serenity from afar before finally building up the courage to ask her out on a date. Wesley, a well-known ladies man, is a member of Serenity’s favorite male R&B singing group, Xtascy, whose silky smooth voice has melted her since she was a teenage girl.

Both Julian and Wesley tug at Serenity’s heart strings, but only one can make her feel a love that she’s never experienced before. Under the guidance of her heart, will Serenity be able to let go of her fears and insecurities? Will she decide to open herself up to experience a love like she’s never experienced before? …. A Love Like This …

**Contains adult-themed content**


Love’s Not Easy by Ivy Laika

It’s short.
It’s deep.
Reunite with Stacia and Dom.


Engaged by K. L. Gilchrist

“Engaged is a funny, insightful, and definitely non-sugarcoated story of an engaged couple’s journey to the altar. This should be required reading for anyone contemplating marriage.” Maurice M. Gray, Jr., author of To Whom Much Is GivenAll Things Work Together, and Like A Brother

Chablis Shields, a purple-haired Jesus chick with a line dance addiction, is engaged to marry her church’s most eligible young bachelor, John Gerald. After dodging a drone in an unbelievable proposal, she figures she’ll breeze through six months of planning and celebrations and arrive at the altar Instagram-ready and shining like a black diamond. But the road to marital bliss grows rocky when she discovers her fiancé is far from being a muscular yet picture-perfect Christian. His financial situation isn’t quite what she counted on, but his solution becomes even more difficult to handle. And that future mother-in-love? Well, she isn’t exactly on her side. Meanwhile, trauma from her past complicates her decision-making, and lingering issues from John’s dating history trouble their relationship. With a tight timeline and a village of loved ones waiting for the big day, Chablis must decide: is she ready for a lifetime of sacrifice and commitment?


See Me With Love by Malay Renee

The saying love is blind is an understatement when it comes to the mellow love events of Sahgara and Chao. Sahgara Lincoln is one of the humblest and down to earth women one could meet. She’s known for the work she does as a music teacher at a gifted high school for the arts. She accepts people as they are and she navigates through life the best way she feels fit, but even the calmest of people have suffered through storms.

Chao Howard chose to move back to Syracuse after seventeen years away. After building and creating a world he loved, things changed when unexpected life events took place. With his life changing at the drop of a dime, Chao had to survive the trials of being a father to a motherless child. With his child being his main priority things like love were furthest from his mind.

When a faithful day at the park causes Sahgara to encounter Chao, little do they know, life as they know it is up for grabs. It doesn’t take long for them to realize the way he sees life is different from how she feels it. In a time of dating trials and errors, these two embark upon a journey where the world has more to offer besides heartache and heartbreak. They quickly adjust to the simplicity of — when life hits you hard, it’s up to you to choose how you see it. Sometimes, seeing with love is the easiest form of vision.


Friends With Benefits: FWB by Perdita Bradley

Elaine Davis has been hurt by love before and has vowed to never be hurt again. She returns to her home church after a long absence and reconnects with a high school crush, Chad Clayton. When a chat session becomes sexually heated between them, Elaine propositions Chad to be her FWB, friend with benefits, for the duration of her weeklong school reunion. Things are going well until her ex-boyfriend, Eldrick Baxter, makes his presence known and makes it his business to get her back in his arms.

What happens when she learns that Eldrick is the same man he was years ago? When will she realize that her love for Chad is real?

Come along on this roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns, and loop to loops that take place between Elaine, Chad, and Eldrick. Make sure to buckle up and hang on.


Bittersweet : A Novelette by Saralynn Augustine

Five months ago, Sage lost her fiancé in a tragic accident. The sudden loss threw her into a tailspin. Grief obscured her vision, broke her spirit, and darkened her world. But now, she’s tired of living in a place of mourning. With the help of a beautiful stranger, Sage is ready to heal and give life another chance.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 9th-15th

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