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Check out these new releases from December 11th-17th.

Alpha Lover Friend by Dria Andersen

Demi Michaels came home to grieve. Her mother’s death had left her shattered and everything all around her was changing. One thing remained steady and that was her best friend. He was there for her, picking up the pieces…but now her feelings for him were changing. Could she cross the line from friendship to more?

Marco Davis knew, from the moment Demi stepped back into town that something had changed. They had been friends their whole life, solid…unshakable. But the lion that resided in him was telling him that they could be so much more if he took the risk.

They were standing at the edge of the falls. Behind them, years of solid, steadfast friendship…but below…was a love that could turn out to be turbulent as the waters.


A Girl Like Me by Tay Mo’Nae

Ne’a comes from a tough childhood and just wants to be loved properly. She’s selfless, nurturing, and dealing with a codependency at home. The issues she has are like stain in her life that she wants to wipe away permanently. 

Zane is newly separated from his wife and returns home to BFR for a job and restart his life. He’s known to have a savor’s complex and running into Ne’a makes it hard to ignore. While falling in love wasn’t in his plans something about Ne’a keeps pulling him to her, but his ex wife refuses to let so easily.

It’s hard to fall for someone who is damaged. It’s hard to rebuild when you’ve been burned. These two learn that as they grow closer together while facing the challenges thrown their way. 


Nothin’ Like You (A Jareau Family Novel Book 5) by Kimberly Brown

Getting his way has never been a problem for Reese Jareau. That is, until what he wanted was seemingly unattainable. The baby of the Jareau family has fallen in love with a woman who’s already involved. What started as a work relationship soon turned into a friendship. But what happens when attractions run deep, emotions are high, and lines are crossed? Now, Reese is fighting to love a woman who loves him but can’t seem to leave her current situation.

Corelli Hendrix has found herself in an entanglement. On one hand, she’s committed to holding down her child’s father while he does a bid. On the other, she’s fallen in love with a man seven years her junior who treats her like a queen. Not only does he treat her the way she deserves, but he extends the same treatment to her daughter, making severing ties seemingly impossible.

When Miller, her daughter’s father, returns home on early release, Corelli tries her hardest to make the fantasy reunion work. Her heart, however, longs for Reese Jareau. The back and forth between them has grown tiresome and Reese has given her an ultimatum: choose me or lose me.

With limited options, Corelli must choose between the love she’s known and the love she’s found. Will it be an easy choice, or will it prove to be much harder than she or Reese ever imagined?


I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Sedona Rose

Neither Zaylee nor Kyree expected a canceled flight would be their chance to see just how much they have in common.


Jada’s Christmas List: A Menace and her Hitta (The Consortium Book 3) by Dandridge Monroe

It’s Jada’s favorite time of year!

Jada is the youngest Cunningham sibling who has no need for love or the limitations it places on her. She is a proud free spirit who marches to her own beat. But Santa has something very special for the number one girl on his naughty list. ‘Tis the season for family, arrests, revenge, holiday hijinks, and maybe even love.


Beautiful Beginning: A Love Story (Is This Love? Book 1) by J. Nichole

Why can’t finding love be easy?

I thought what I had with Chaz was perfect.

He wasn’t as outgoing as I’d want my husband to be.

But he was as kind, caring, and more than a little sexy.

And we met in college.

Like my parents did all those years ago.

Our relationship was everything I dreamed.

Until it wasn’t…

Because finding true love looks like a broken heart, at first.


Her Exception 3: A Fake Relationship Romance (The Office Series) by B. Love

Depending on who you ask, Jeremy Phoenix is either the hero or villain in their story. Growing up privileged did not create an easy life for the named partner at Hunter, Phoenix, Genesis, and Prime. He’s gotten almost everything he’s ever wanted in life—except his father’s unconditional love and acceptance, and the position of managing partner at his prestigious law firm. All of that is set to change in a matter of months… if he can find a wife.

Driven, ambitious, and intelligent are three words often used to describe Maritza Amaretto. When she and her sister join Hunter, Phoenix, Genesis, and Prime, Maritza has only one goal, and that’s to advance her already stellar career. An unexpected kiss and request for her services as girlfriend for a day turn into an offer she can’t refuse—a year of her life as Jeremy’s fake wife in exchange for career advancement that both she and her sister deserve.

When the line between fake and real gets blurred, both Jeremy and Maritza find themselves battling their pasts for a chance at a future together and hoping the choices they make in their present won’t ruin their careers… and the careers of others.


Whisky River Season Two: A Beau For Blake Munroe by Shantaé

Some say that what’s done in the dark, eventually comes to the light. For Blake Munroe, the age old saying couldn’t be more true. After having her one night only affair with a handsome stranger exposed in the worst way possible, she’s ready to bounce back from this scandal healed and more determined than ever.

Witnessing the love blossoming around her sets Blake on a path to finding her own special someone. Will a worthy cowboy catch her eye or has her person been right there all along?


Tangled In Christmas & Love: A Holiday Novella by Pamela Campbell

Princess Greene is a single mother whose heart was shattered by betrayal. She finds herself drifting away from the joy of Christmas. She has a chance encounter with Nigel, a charming, handsome man filled with the Christmas spirit. He tries his best to rekindle the holiday spirit within her. Princess’s bitterness toward the holiday season begins to thaw, and she reluctantly steps back into the holiday season. 

But just as a new romance begins to bloom, Princess faces the lingering pain of her past with the unexpected return of her son’s father, Damion. With the support from her best friend Shayla, she begins a journey of self-discovery, learning to forgive, embrace love again, and find the strength to make the best choices for herself and her son.

As Christmas Eve approaches, Princess is faced with a decision that will shape her future and determine whether she can finally let go of the past and embrace the happiness that awaits her. This is a heartwarming holiday novella of love, friendship, and the power of the Christmas spirit, bringing people together and falling in love.


Narration After Dark by Nalo J. Stewart

Online Friends to Real Life Lovers.

Her – Having a domineering mother in her ear for twenty-seven years kept Genesis Powers from forming a real connection with others. She’s an obedient daughter, a diligent elementary school instructor, and a caring Sunday school teacher. Unbeknownst to those in her life, she’s also a book narrator of erotic, suspenseful novels. She finally found her voice, even if it’s through the words of others. She found a way to express desires she’d never acknowledged. What does it mean that she voices passionate encounters but has never experienced anything of the sort?

Him – Since he was a teenager, Tre’ Wade has been the protector of his family. Responsible to a fault. He’s a big man, much bigger than most, with an imposing presence. Until he smiles. That’s where his light shines through. His fun-loving, affable, ready-with-a-joke personality draws you in. But he’s so much more than the teddy bear everyone sees. Behind the enigmatic smile is someone looking for a genuine connection.

Them – Genesis and Tre’ are gaming buddies. Virtual friends. Then he invites her to Comic Con and everything changes. Can what started as an online friendship become something more? They are two people looking for a connection in the real world.

A Dangerous Desire

No matter how deep we bury our secrets, sometimes they claw their way to the surface. Molly went on the run years ago. Did she run far enough?

Narration After Dark is a contemporary virtual friends-to-real-life lovers novel. A Dangerous Desire is an erotic thriller.

One Book. Two very different stories.

Beauden & Yelena: A Miller’s Pointe Christmas by Charity Shane’

A accountant working her way up the corporate ladder…
A cowboy who prefers the simple things…

Beauden and Yelena

A Miller’s Pointe Christmas


Love In The Outfield by Kaylyn

When Khru McKinney steps on the field for the Union City Comets, his performance demands all eyes on him, but he likes to keep his personal private. Noa Adams is a fearless culinary genius who pours her heart and soul into creating food that is nothing short of magic.

They live separate lives intertwined in a fiery clash when fate unexpectedly throws them together. They discover a surprising connection through late-night conversations in the kitchen and stolen moments away from the spotlight. 

Relationships are never without challenges, from scandals to insecurities. Will they overcome their differences and insecurities to find lasting love, or will they be forever destined to wonder what could have been?


The Intruder by Tucora Monique

“Went from being cozy to living crazy. From you don’t know me to waiting baby…”

—Brent Faiyaz

There are quite a few dirty deeds Stony Thorns is ashamed of committing, but prying into peoples’ business for a living isn’t one of them. Working as a paparazzi in Silk Hills allows Stony to feed her love for photography and avoid a traditional nine-to-five. Her profession has also acted as a hindrance to her love life, though that hasn’t swayed her career path. All seems well in Stony’s world until she finds herself in a life-changing predicament that challenges her selfish ways. Placed in a bind, Stony uses her resources and goes on a mission to capture an image that’s front-page worthy. Little does she know, the bag she’s attempting to secure may have the potential to blow up in her face.

O’Cyrus Dellinger lives his life without regrets and is willing to fight anybody who has a problem with it. After experiencing hardships as a child, swing first and deal with the consequences later became a morning affirmation he swears by. Though unconventional, O’Cyrus’s aggressive nature has been the driving force to a prosperous boxing career. Unfortunately, his achievements aren’t enough to keep the bullheaded fighter from traveling to the underground regardless of the consequences. That all has the potential to change when a threat to O’Cyrus’s livelihood leaves him less options than he’s used to and at the mercy of someone he considers an enemy.

In most cases, the paparazzi is a celebrity’s worst nightmare. However, when forced to work together, can a trespasser become a lifeline?


The Oath: A WhyChoose Novel (The Secrets Series Book 1) by T.M. Richardson

Does a second chance at happiness include your husband’s three best friends?

Miles, Deacon, and Cassidy are Franklin’s best friends, brothers in every sense of the word. When Franklin asks his brothers to do something unorthodox as his dying wish, the trio has some reservations. When they tell his widow about the oath that they were bound in brotherhood to uphold, will she run or embrace a new phase of her life that includes the three of them?

Tatum thought she’d found forever until tragedy struck. When her husband of twenty-two years dies, Tatum feels her world has ended. Little does she know that Franklin’s last request opens a Pandora’s Box to something even greater and fulfilling than she ever imagined.

Will dating three men open up her world and give her heart a second chance at happiness?


Remember Us This Christmas by Briyanna Michelle

“You remember what I told you right? Once you give it to me, you can’t give it away to anyone else.”

Krysten Tillman has been officially divorced from her husband for two years and it also marks the date of her twin sister’s death. Forced together by nature, Krysten is snowed in a cabin with her ex-husband who is determined to right every wrong between them and make her his wife again this Christmas.


Come Home For Christmas by Christine Mills

Two sisters, Nina and Billy, named after their mother’s favorite jazz singers, are polar opposites but yet they both find themselves questioning their relationships during the Christmas season. Nina, a jazz singer, feels like no one understands her and seeks love in all the wrong places. Billy, a physician, has created a predictable life for herself but has not been able to predict what she wants the most. Their mother, Denise, wants nothing more than a perfect Christmas but her daughters’ uneasiness resurfaces memories that she wished she would forget.


SOS by Charae Lewis

An ugly encounter propels Kai into a depthless depression. Trying to shake back, she’s inadvertently thrown into a potentially dangerous situation with no escape. After coming in contact with someone who she’s deemed a monster, Kai tries her best to back out of the deal.

Yet this handsome stranger activates his charm and she finds herself captivated by his presence. Despite their brewing chemistry, Kai knows he’s no good for her. When her guard is let down, she finds out a truth that leaves her stunned. Not knowing how to escape her reality, Kai learns that she is suddenly trapped in a beautiful nightmare…

This is a stand-alone novel.


Gabby (A Bliss Bay Romance Book 3) by Kayla Love

In the wake of yet another failed long-term relationship, Gabby is left devastated with only a fabulous pair of shoes to show for her pain. Seeking solace and a change of scenery, Gabby takes her cousin Brandy’s advice and escapes to Bliss Bay, a haven of healing, for the summer. Amidst the sun-kissed days and sultry nights, Gabby immerses herself in the world of possibilities, relishing the attention of new admirers. Yet, as the summer sun sets, a lingering question haunts her: what lies beyond this season, especially with her 40th birthday rapidly approaching?

Just when Gabby resigns herself to the uncertainty of the future, an unexpected twist awaits. A reunion with an old crush reignites a flame that had flickered two decades before. Will the spark withstand the tests of time and adulthood? As Gabby grapples with resurfacing emotions and the potential challenges of merging very full lives and careers, the question remains: can they rekindle a flame that has been latent for years, or will it be a fleeting fall romance? Join Gabby on a poignant journey of rediscovery, love, and the pursuit of happily ever after in the unexpected arms of the past.


Merry Ex-Mas by Trina Crooks

All Joy wanted to do was make it home for the holidays. But when she runs into her ex-boyfriend Noah at the airport, all the feelings she’d been trying to push down come rushing to the surface. Compound that with a torrential blizzard, a cancelled flight and a black out— Christmas Eve with her ex was turning into an unforgettable evening of second chance love.


A Love for Noelle: (Love for the Holidays) Book 1by Keitra Crooks

2 sisters, one unforgettable Christmas Season

It was Fate…

Noelle Carter’s holiday season was filled with work that she didn’t have time to fall in love; much to her mother’s chagrin. But on Black Friday of all days, who knew Noelle would have a chance encounter with the handsome Jordan Davis who would change all that?

Jordan never expected to become smitten with Noelle so quickly and wasn’t going to let her busy schedule deter him from exploring the love he felt brewing between them. Could he convince Noelle to slow down and follow her heart?

Sometimes a kismet love is just what Santa ordered…


Reconciled For The Holidays: A Short Story by Nek Hickmon

In this heartwarming holiday tale, two long-lost best friends reunite after five years of being apart. As they reconnect, they must confront their past and rediscover the love they once shared. Join them on a journey that celebrates the beauty of black love, with all the charm and magic of a Hallmark movie. Will their friendship evolve into something more, or will they remain just friends forever? Find out in this captivating and uplifting story of love, friendship, and the power of the holiday spirit.


The Promotion by Paula L. Jones

Lyric Johnson appears to have it all, a great job and a famous Hollywood hunk on her arm. Everyone who knows Lyric can see that she doesn’t love anything more than her career as a marketing and advertising specialist for Wildcat Publishing Company.

But everything isn’t as perfect as it seems. Devotion to work has put a wedge between Lyric and her famous fiancée. And there’s one aspect of her career that Lyric can’t stand, her rival, Thomas Simon.

Like Lyric, Thomas is also a marketing and advertising specialist. When the two competitors learn about a prestigious opening within the company, they jump into action. As Lyric and Thomas vie for the coveted role, they engage in daily competitions, determined to outshine one another.

But when Lyric discovers Thomas has been hiding a potentially scandalous secret from their superiors, she takes advantage of his situation and blackmails him into doing a favor for her. One request turns into another, and soon, Lyric and Thomas end up enjoying their time together.

That’s when the two realize they have yet another problem on their hands: it’s difficult to call your rival an enemy when you’re falling in love with them.

Read The Promotion to find out what becomes of Lyric and Thomas’s unexpected romance. 


Day One (Love Stories from The Unmasked Fiction Podcast Book 1) by Taccara Martin

“You cannot continue to allow your wife to go hungry, my son,” my father would warn me. “If you allow a woman to be left hungry for the presence of her husband, she is liable to starve and will begin to crave trash.” 

Obi Okafor has always prioritized making his traditional parents proud, following their every instruction, from attending the schools they chose to going to law school as they wished. He even married his childhood best friend, who his parents also selected for him. However, deep down, Obi resents not being able to pursue his own desires and become the person he truly wants to be. When running from his truth leads him into the arms of another woman, he is forced to confront the version of himself he has been hiding. Causing him to question whether the wife his parents chose for him is the one he would have chosen for himself.

Isi, Obi’s wife, has always longed for a traditional Nigerian life with a traditional Nigerian husband. She believed she had achieved this dream, even sacrificing her own aspirations to fulfill the role of the dutiful wife that Obi expected. However, when she discovers Obi’s betrayal, she is faced with a unique opportunity to choose between the dreams she left behind and the shattered ones she is currently living in with her husband.

From the world of the fiction podcast Unmasked, we present “Day One.” The first love story from the scripted series drops us in the center of Obi Okafor’s confrontation between Kenya, his girlfriend, and Isi, his wife, at the end of season one.

This heart-wrenching story follows childhood friends turned lovers whose unbreakable bond is fractured by betrayal. Will they find redemption and rebuild their relationship, or will they be tempted by the allure of starting over with new lives and different loves?


A Christmas Proposal: Operation CP by Burgundy C. Johnson

It’s that time of year again, and Devin is all too excited to celebrate the holidays. Since Grant fulfilled his promise to her three years ago, the holiday season has become one of her favorites. Grant is stepping up his game this year and preparing to top his previous promise.


Candy Kisses Under The Christmas Tree by Fatima Munroe

Santa brought me a Christmas angel…

As a single parent of rambunctious twins, McKierlyn makes things happen for her babies the best she can. Raising the kids with their father was once her biggest flex, but three years to the day, Christmas turned into her worst nightmare. Picking up the pieces alone was a struggle, however, to see her babies smile made it all worthwhile.

Not one to sit still and wait for something to happen, Cassius spent his days over the road making deliveries as a truck driver. His magnetic charm drew the opposite sex to him like a moth to a flame, and he did his best to keep everyone happy. Juggling multiple women was tiring, but the reward outweighed the risk every time. Christmas was never his favorite holiday, but he sucked up his disdain every year.

Curiosity brought them together, but fate and the Yule tide reignited their Christmas flame from a flicker to a roaring blaze. In the city of Ashton Cove, secrets are buried under tradition, but Christmas has its way of righting all wrongs while making everything merry and bright. Grab a sleigh and take a ride with Cassius and McKierlyn as their everlasting love story unfolds for the holidays.


Tough Alliance (Yadili Book 5) by Kiru Taye

It started with a blind date…
Zoe Himba is working to succeed her father and steer the family empire into the next generation. She has the brains, the beauty and sheer boldness to make it happen.
Nothing will stop her ambition. Not her father’s ridiculous idea to use her as a bargaining chip in a marriage with another powerful family, so he can bolster his stronghold. Nor the unfortunate consequence of an anonymous one-night stand.
Certainly not the recent knowledge that the man she spent one glorious sensual night with is Maddox, the Odili enforcer—a family her father despises.
So when he shows up at her home, serious and sincere about marrying her, she rejects his proposal in the most brutal way possible. It’s tough luck if he thinks he can ever be her husband.
It will end in a vendetta…
Maddox Ejiofor does not bear his name lightly. For centuries his ancestors have been the embodiment of justice in the Yadili secret organisation, and he is proud to be one of the best enforcers of his generation. Family and fairness are two crucial tenets of his existence. He’ll die to uphold them.
So when the Himba’s arrogant contempt threatens his family and blood, he vows to end their iron-fist reign in the central region. But then Zoe shows up, needing his protection. He must apply tough love because he can’t afford to make the mistake of falling for his wife.


Best Worst Christmas Ever by Marie Hobbs

How bad can one Christmas vacation get?

Monique Lovelace thinks she’s prepared for all the emotions of helping her parents downsize and having the last Christmas celebration with her family in her childhood home. But running into the ex-friend who ghosted her ten years ago and then being forced to work with him on a Christmas festival is not on her agenda. In five short days, her vacation goes from bad to the absolute worst.

Alex Patterson never thought he’d see Monique again or have the opportunity to make amends. So, when they are paired up for the Merry Memphis Christmas Festival preparation, he believes it’s a God-given chance to reconnect.

Can Monique and Alex confront the past, forgive, and move forward? Or will this be the worst Christmas ever?

Best Worst Christmas Ever is a dual POV, enemies-to-more, second opportunity for a first chance at love, inspirational romance.

Buy Best Worst Christmas Ever and join Monique and Alex on their journey today!


Always Been Mine by Kay Shanee

College junior Dezirae Lakes just wants to enjoy life. Being tied down in a relationship at the young, ripe age of twenty was not on her to-do list. However, her connection with a particular man makes it hard to remain single. He manages to win her heart, but she resists total commitment.

As Chance Hall, Jr., known to most as CJ, prepares to graduate from graduate school and enter the workforce full-time, he realizes he’s fallen for Dezirae Lakes. She is a few years younger and finishing her undergraduate degree, so a long-distance relationship is their only option. The only issue is convincing Dezirae.

When Chance asks Dezirae for a full commitment, she turns him down, breaking his heart. Ceasing all communication with her for the next two and a half years did nothing to lessen his feelings for her. When she accepts a job at the company where he’s employed, he seeks her out immediately, and they fall into bed like no time has passed.

However, there is something Chance fails to mention before their rendezvous, and it causes quite a stir after their reunion. Another roadblock appears with every promise made, but this duo is determined to make it work. Will they succeed, or will the drama surrounding them tear them apart?


Second Chance by Qwanda Mae

“Sonya is living her best life as a well-respected, fierce businesswoman. She loves to cut up with her friends, and, at the same time, she is a boss who keeps everyone in check. On an ordinary day in Sonya’s busy life, she comes face-to-face with her past. A handsome past, who is still as fine as ever, that will only complicate things. Sonya is hit with a curve ball when she finds out he is not just visiting but has moved back to town. Sonya is a holding secret. At her wit’s end, Sonya seeks a deeper relationship with her Heavenly Father. Will she hear the Father’s instructions before things spiral out of control?”


The Law of Karma by Pamela Samuels Young


The award-winning author of Anybody’s Daughter is back with a gripping tale of passion, deceit, and murder. 

Miles Slade looks every bit the successful lawyer, but his swanky office and designer suits hide some desperate truths. A flailing law practice. Massive debt. A dying sister in need of expensive care. Miles is willing to do just about anything—to cross any line—to raise the cash he urgently needs.

Then he meets Nicole Paxton. Beautiful, sophisticated, and unlike any woman he’s ever known. Like Miles, Nicole has her own secrets. She ignites a passion in Miles so intense, he’s ready to give up his secret life. But before he’s able to do so, both he and Nicole become entangled in a new web of deception—one that involves murder. 

Amid the suspicions, lies, and overpowering desires, is there still a chance that love can conquer all?


A Small Town Christmas : Arian and Ahmeek by Tiana

From the outside looking in, Arian Parker has it all. She’s extremely beautiful and a self made millionaire. There is nothing she wants that she cannot have… except for love. After her engagement to the richest man in town ends unexpectedly, she has a string of disastrous relationships. Eventually she gave up on love altogether.

Ahmeek Harris is a young man with grown up responsibilities. He was forced to raise his younger brother and put his own dreams aside to make it happen. Love and relationships had no place in his world and he made sure that every female in his life knew it. 

A chance meeting between Arian and Ahmeek during holiday season changed the course of their lives forever. Will the woman who doesn’t want love find it and the man that avoids it be able to be together? Or will secrets, lies and trauma keep them apart?


A Small Town Christmas: Grey and Gunna by T. Alise

Grey Richardson is the epitome of beauty and success. After successfully becoming an influencer, she is afforded every luxury life has to offer. Despite having it all, Grey feels like she is still missing one thing: love.

After losing his mom at an early age, Javon “Gunna” Peterson realized that life would not be easy. Determined to make something of himself, he worked his way to the top beating all odds stacked against him. With Christmas quickly approaching, Gunna’s only desire is to spend the holidays alone. However, when an old friend calls in a favor he finds himself doing the exact opposite.

When life happens and Grey has to relocate to her home town for her safety, she finds herself in the presence of Gunna. Quickly noticing their differences, the pair constantly bumps head, but there’s an attraction that they can’t deny.

Will the holidays bring these two together? Or will their differences keep them apart? Find out what happens in Park City this Christmas!


A Small Town Christmas : Felize and Finest by Ty Leese Javeh

Felize Chambers has always been big on christmas but small on love. With her event planning business off the ground, there’s nothing she likes to see more than smiles and love, even if it’s not her own. The fear of being left behind has always kept her from finding happiness for herself. Until fate saw fit to throw her into the arms of the one man she always despised.

Finest King feels like he has it all; money, cars, and even women. As a successful barber, there wasn’t much Finest couldn’t get his hands on until he runs into a blast from his past. In everyone’s life, there’s always the one that got away. That’s what Felize was to Finest.

Ever since they were kids, she was the only one that could bring the spark out of him, but where Finest is seeing sparks, Felize is seeing the years of torment.

Will Finest’s sparks be warm enough to melt Felize’s heart, or will her heart remain cold from the memories of the past?


Athlete Status by Natisha Raynor

The pressure to make it into the NBA has been on Kamari Brown’s back since he could hold a basketball. His father molded him into the perfect NBA prospect making Kamari a beast on the court. As time passes, everyone else seems to want Kamari to make it more than he wants it for himself, but he makes it. And it doesn’t take long for him to learn that the pressure he felt before was nothing compared to what he feels the moment he’s drafted to The Diamond Cove Cougars. In his new high-rise, luxury condo, Kamari runs into an old friend. An old friend that’s tied to one of his teammates, and he doesn’t want any parts of the drama, but oddly enough, he can’t seem to escape it. 

Pharaoh Walker is the typical cocky, arrogant, young, playboy. Being in the NBA grants him access to some of the most beautiful women on the planet and most times, he doesn’t even have to work hard to get what he wants from them. Most have a motive, that’s one thing Pharaoh knows to be facts, and he plays the hand he’s dealt. Until he meets Josephine. A sexy tattoo artist that’s all about a bag, but it’s her own bag she wants. Pharaoh is intrigued by Josephine, and he soon learns that like no other woman before her, she has the ability to bruise his ego. Josephine refuses to act like Pharaoh is the prize. She’s the prize and if he can’t realize it, he has no room in her life. The two often bump heads, but one thing is for certain, Pharaoh couldn’t shake the beauty if he tried. But letting go of his pride is another story all together. 

Psalm Brown graduated from The University of Miami and followed her husband to Diamond Cove when he got picked up by the NBA. Psalm soon learned that she busted her behind in college for nothing because her husband doesn’t think his wife should have a career. Her life should be all about him. Supporting him at his games, catering to him, and being available to him at all times. In an effort to save her marriage, Psalm hesitantly quits her job to become the wife that everyone else keeps telling her to be, but what happens when she finds out that her husband isn’t the man she thought he was? 


All That I Ever Wanted by F. Kadence

Angel has loved Kaden Leary since the first time her brother bought him home, when they were kids. She held on to her feelings into adulthood and the question is finally posed: “Does he feel the same way about her that she feels about him?”


You’ve Captured My Heart by Maree Bellchamp

It was like their hearts wanted to jump out of their chest to run towards each other, the first time they caught a glimpse of each other. Clinton Jackson did not understand why he had such a strong attraction to her. After all she was just another employee in his company. But he had never felt like this before even with his ex-wife. Timidly he inches out of the shell that he had built around him only to find himself retracting back to the comfort zone each time he encounters a conflict to his budding romance. However, each time he retreats, his heart beat challenges him to take a second look so that he can have a chance at love again.

Janeen Francis, Neena, did not believe in mixing business with pleasure until she came to C&S Studios and her heart began to beat weirdly each time she encountered the boss. When he suggested that she stay at his house, the emotions started to fly wild as her heartbeat celebrated each time he was near. Now as she grows closer to the man, she wonders if she could trust another man that she works with. Can she overcome the pain of her past so that she could fall in love again?

Clinton and Neena must learn to trust their hearts’ response in order to truly love again. Battling and exploring their new found attraction, they embark on a journey to discover that the heart knows who it belongs to.


Holidays Under The Mistletoe by Tessa J.

For the Heart sisters, love has always been a dance, but when they settle down to take over the family business, they quickly learn that love is marking them for the realest thing they ever had.
After the worst betrayal, Christmas meets Dru, and for one night, she experiences a love craved and the possibilities of what it could be. Holding a secret of her own, will Dru forgive her?
Holiday makes no apologies for keeping men at arm’s length. When Blair dances his way in and demands more, Holiday is quickly ready to throw in the towel, yet that’s easier said than done.
Silent Night has no right to be a plus-size dancer in ballroom competitions, yet she is one of the best and all she want sis someone to share the spotlight with. Meeting Dakota makes her wonder if love is in the cards for a thick one like her.


Yes, Please (Moon Bey’s Quickies) by Moon Bey

A simple word, a loaded phrase… What’s the best thing that could happen?

Learn how this hardworking woman covers her monthly expenses.

Do you only have time for a quickie? Enjoy binging this assorted collection of bite-sized, short story erotica by bestselling author Moon Bey. These erotic shorts have a five thousand max word count.


From Meltdown to Mistletoe by Jessica Terry

Kia Love was determined to enjoy her Christmas, despite having to work all day waiting tables. Never mind that she’d had a rather crappy Christmas Eve and eighteen months of bad luck before that; she tried to keep smiling, regardless.

Disgruntled vet Jalil Dunn isn’t exactly riding high on holiday spirit, and when he and Kia cross paths after many years of not seeing each other, he’s nowhere near warm and fuzzy.

Yet when he witnesses Kia have an uncharacteristic meltdown, he feels compelled to go check on her. They decide to ride out the rest of their subpar Christmases together and thanks to some forgotten mistletoe, maybe it won’t suck so much after all. 

Content warning: brief mention of attack/death (off page).


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