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Goal by Alexandria House

For Maleek Jones, hockey is his wife. Everything and everyone else is his mistress, an aside. When unexpected responsibilities land in his lap, the balance of his world is disrupted, changing the way he sees everything.

Trying to figure out life while recovering from trauma, Nuri Knox finds herself in desperate need of the one thing Maleek has to offer.In each other, they discover what neither of them expects.Love.


I’m All In (The Berotte Family Book 9) by Monica Walters

Arrow Vaughn is tired of random interactions with women. With everyone around him finding love and maintaining healthy relationships, it’s hard to not want the same thing. His career is intact, his financial status is stable, and he’s a likeable guy. He’s longing for intimacy with one woman who can claim his heart and share his intellect. Despite his need to settle down, he continues to play the field until the right woman presents herself in the form of a patient in need of an anesthesiologist.

Lynn Jolivet is at peace with who she is as a woman. There is only one problem. The doctor warns her that unless major changes are made, she could die within the next two to three years. Scared straight, Lynn decides it’s beyond time to get her health on the right track. When she arrives for surgery, she’s a bundle of nerves, but a certain anesthesiologist has a way of calming her fears but heightening her senses in ways unimaginable.

Arrow knows immediately after seeing Lynn that she could possibly be the woman he’s supposed to do life with. Lynn is skeptical about his timing, because she doesn’t want to be just another conquest. Can Lynn rid herself of her trust issues regarding Arrow in order to navigate her way to love, or will she friend zone him indefinitely?


Santa’s Cummin’ to Town by B. Love

Nobu Jakes has everything she wants in life—except love. Love went out the window when she divorced her husband three years ago. As much as she regrets allowing their marriage to end, Nobu has convinced herself nothing that is for her will be taken away. That logic is tested when her ex-husband returns home.

Hendrix Cane left Memphis after his divorce. Feeling as if he was a failure, Hendrix refused to remain in Memphis allowing memories to torture him over the mistakes that were made. Three years later, his company sends him back home for a temporary assignment that begins on the first of December.

The last person Nobu expected to see dressed as Santa Claus at church is her ex-husband, but he’s the first person her body and heart want to cling to for the holiday season. Will they allow themselves a month of pleasure, or will their past prevent them from reconnecting by reminding them they are better off apart?

*Please note: This is a short novella.*


Maestro (The Enigma Series Book 2) by Aja

He was his daddy’s son.

Eli “Maestro” Lewis has prepared himself to run the kingdom of Smoke Enterprises. The plan was to allow his father time to rest and live out his golden years with his new love, but someone wanted his father back in the game, and his father, Smoke, was all too happy to show Pittsburgh how he earned his name. They said where there’s Smoke, there’s fire, and now the city was up in flames. Eli had major problems with that. For one, his pops shouldn’t have been running around the city like he was Shaft, risking his life and all he worked hard for, and two, he was more than capable of handling all this trouble on his own. If only his pops would let him.

Being the prince wasn’t always easy, and neither was finding love during a war. But he’d deal with all that. Like he always did. That’s how he earned his name.

Maestro is book 2 in The Enigma Series. Visit www.ajathewriter.com for more information.


Where Love Blooms (A Jareau Family Novel Book 1) by Kimberly Brown

“The tragedy of life is not death… but what we let die inside of us while we live.” –Norman Cousins

Jamison Jareau has suffered a terrible loss. His wife of eighteen years passed away the day she gave birth to their son. Consumed with grief and guilt over her death, Jamison has thrown himself into work and raising his four children without her. Two and a half years have passed since he lost his soulmate. The kids are growing up and Jamison realized he needs a little more help with them than he wants to admit. At the urging of his mother-in-law, he seeks a live in nanny to alleviate some of the stress of being a single parent.

In walks Aleviyah Sandifer, a beautiful, vibrant breath of fresh air. The kids immediately take to her and they aren’t the only ones. Jamison soon finds himself enthralled with a woman other than the one he’d been with since he was fourteen years old. With new feelings arising, guilt begins to set in over his newfound attraction. As bad as he wants Aleviyah, he can’t help but feel like he is betraying his wife.

When forced to finally come to terms with his feelings, will Jamison give in and embrace the budding romance between him and his nanny? Or will he continue to deny himself the happiness she’s brought to his household?


Snow King Catches His Snowflake: A Three Kings Novel by A.E. Valdez

After being in a relationship for three years, Noelle Frost is faced with the reality that she was definitely the better half. Her friends, ecstatic she’s dropped the dead weight of a cheating boyfriend, urge her to get away for the holiday and take some time for herself.

Not sure if that’ll fix anything but willing to try, she books a last minute trip to the world-renowned Mistletoe Mountain Resort. Noelle boards the plane with the promise of peace and relaxation on the horizon.

Snow King is stuck in a rut, believing himself undeserving of joy and pleasure after suffering more than one devastating loss — one he still shoulders the blame for. Even with supportive family and friends, he still prefers solitude.

Every year, instead of trudging through the painful memories Christmas brings, he takes a solo trip to escape the holiday cheer. Typically that’s anywhere that doesn’t remind him of the season. But this year, his well-meaning assistant books him a trip to the North Pole reincarnate.

An overbooking incident, one dis-robed guest, and a nasty run-in with pepper spray tell the Christmas story in a way you won’t believe.


In It to Win It by Sharon C. Cooper

Two entrepreneurs compete for a property but secure the biggest win of all—each other—in this second chance romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Sharon C. Cooper.
Spoiledfickle, and prissy are only a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe Morgan Redford. Though she’s never had to worry about money, she’s determined to make a name for herself on her own terms. Her new venture won’t be an epic fail like her former professional cuddling service or the short-lived pet hotel. This time, through the nonprofit she cofounded, Morgan is doing something meaningful—helping teens who are aging out of foster care—and she’s got her eye on a property that could house these kids. But the competition is steep, and one of the bidders is someone she never expected. . . .
When real estate developer Drake Faulkner learns that his ex—the one who ghosted him years ago—is a potential buyer for the property his eccentric mentor is selling, his competitive streak amps up. No way is he letting her win the property he wants. Bitter? Yes. Petty? Probably. But his mentor has a stipulation: potential buyers must participate in an Ironman competition of sorts for the property. Drake refuses to play along with this ridiculous demand, until he discovers Morgan has signed up. If Little Miss Can’t Run a Block Without Gasping for Air is doing it, he will too. But as the gauntlet of games heats up and forces them to face the past, they are met with a pull that feels all too familiar.
Now, if only they could keep their eyes on the prize instead of on each other—but who’s to say they can’t do both?


Unforgettable Christmas by Tiye Love

Just in time for the holidays, dive into this second-chance romance of love after the happily ever…


With his upcoming re-election bid, new conflict with his former rival/best friend, and his approaching holiday party, Tre needs his wife more than ever. And since Raini has been preoccupied with their temperamental infant son and her own thriving art gallery, Tre may not get his wish.

*This story can be read as a standalone or as a part of the Unforgettable Series.*


Perfect for You: A Best Friend’s Brother Romance (Greetings from Tuckerville Book 5) by J. Nichole

How do you tell your best friend you are in love with her little brother?

It wasn’t exactly love, at first, for Maria. For years, Daniel was always just her best friend’s little brother. Then as they got older, he got sexier, and more charming. Charming, just like the guys in the romance books she loved to read.

Daniel wasn’t interested in anything serious. His business made him believe falling in love wasn’t worth the ultimate loss. Because at Boykins Funeral Home, he saw many heartbroken widows.

He was sure he’d rather avoid love than suffer loss. Until he fell for Maria.


Zeek Book 1: The Flex Series by Celeste Granger

Tragedy drove Genesis Knight, medical examiner, to a new place, a different opportunity. Zeek Wilson, Captain for Elite Security, was already there. Genesis relocated alone, and in her aloneness sought to understand the demise of others for those that remained. Zeek was a protector by nature. His job reinforced that and he was dedicated to keeping his clients safe from harm. Yet, he couldn’t protect the one person who meant the world to him.Each pushed themselves. Still, each reconnected to the horror that drove them, that plagued them, that worried them in their dreams.When Genesis and Zeek’s paths crossed, an awakening transpired. There was a cosmic shift that elevated the atmosphere and insulated a bond of unimaginable love that would be tested, tried, and proven.


Team Players: A College Hockey Romance (Mendell Hawks Book 2) by Deanna Grey

Resident playboy, Samson Morgan, thinks he can beat me at my own game.
The hockey captain truly believes he can stop playing the field for longer than I can start having one-night stands.
Okay, sure, historically I’m known for being an all-in, ask-to-be-your-girlfriend-on-the-first-date romantic. But being a player isn’t that hard. And I came to Mendell University to win. Whether that’s on the ice or off.
Morgan doesn’t realize it yet but he’s finally met an opponent who can take him down.


My bet with the women’s hockey team captain feels like an easy win.
Three months pretending to be a one-woman kind of man? Easy…scary easy, actually.
Somewhere along the line, I start taking my role too seriously.
This semester isn’t the time for me to get distracted from my main goal – ensuring my team gets a fair shot this season.
But Aderyn Jacobs consistently makes me rethink everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m in danger of losing something far bigger than our bet.

Team Players is a college hockey romance starring two cocky and competitive hockey captains. This is book two of the Mendell Hawks series. It’s recommended to read the series in order.


A New Life for Christmas: A Stand Alone Christmas Romance by Lula White

In this steamy, second chance, Christmas romance, meet overworked New York attorney, Tazima Beasley.

After a shattering career disappointment, she receives an offer.

Little does she know, it’s the offer of a lifetime–to represent a man in prison.

And not just any man. But Odell Jackson.

“A vision enters the back of the dining room, and shuts down my thoughts. In Christmas crimson, she smooths her hands down her strapless gown, which is velvet cloth wrapped around the flawless Harry Winston jewel she is. Her gaze flits across all these people and she seems self-conscious in her skin.

Bashful and squirming as if she feels out of place, she obviously has no idea she’s the sexiest, baddest one in here, sequins or not. Our eyes connect. She’s the moon that hangs over my night, my Christmas, my life.”

Odell has pled to be paroled for years. But can his lawyer, Tazima, also be freed?

A heartwarming, toasty, snowy, stand-alone Christmas romance, can two people defy the odds and carve out A New Life for Christmas?

Trigger warnings: Prison, death, grief, domestic dispute, sex


Wanderlust – Egypt by Turtleberry

Rasheed was Egypt’s first love. She was devastated when their relationship didn’t work out. A chance encounter a few years later showed Egypt that Rasheed still had a very strong hold on her heart. Unfortunately, the time wasn’t right for them. After a few more years past, Rasheed is back in her life and this time he wants to be there forever. Egypt just has to decide if she is willing to give him her heart again. Is it finally time for her happily ever after?


In the Shadows by Nalo J. Stewart

Kaleedah Freeman is smart, independent, and carefree…mostly. Fresh out of a marriage, now is her time to simply enjoy life.

Kamau Wade is tall, dark, handsome, and one year into his sobriety. Despite his struggles, he’s always been a protector…which is part of the problem.

Kaleedah and Kamau are colleagues. Though there is an unspoken attraction between them, they’ve formed a comfortable friendship.

Neither are aware that over the past few months they’ve both been struggling with the same problem—the uneasy feeling of being watched. Then, anonymous notes bring the threat out of the shadows.
They’re being stalked.
The reason is unclear. The actual target is unclear.
The danger In The Shadows, however, is more than clear.
It’s the absolute worst time to become lovers – Right?
Can they figure out the reason before it’s too late? And what about the new love they’ve only just found? Their second chance at a real life could mean the end of all they hold dear.


The Grinch’s Roommate by Sherelle Green

The Grinch’s Roommate is a slow-burn holiday romance that was originally part of the Wrapped in Red (2 books in 1) duo. Content has been refreshed and key scenes have been added or extended.

According to college professor Sage Langley, there’s nothing holly or jolly about the month of December. Therefore, a solo Caribbean vacation is the perfect escape from all things Christmas. Until she’s delivered an unwanted present in the shape of a handsome attorney determined to invade her luxurious vacation and bring all of that annoying cheer with him.

Grayson Ellington may be the last person Sage wants to room with, but he plans on taming this sexy Grinch, starting with a delicious meal and a peek into life on the island. When getting Sage to loosen up proves more difficult than he realized, Grayson steps up his game. Anything is possible around the holidays, and his best friend’s sister is about to find out that she’s at the top of his to-do list.


Forever Mine (The Love of Elias Book 6) by Tina Martin

Eli is a man conflicted. Confused. Traumatized from his childhood. Deceived by his family. Broken.

All he has is her. Natalie.

He tries to love her. No, he DOES love her. More than anything. More than himself. That’s why he’s willing to let her go. She deserves better, no matter how much she says otherwise, she does. He’s aware of it and when he can no longer ignore it, he decides to make a move – one that pains him. He leaves. But when he realizes that letting her go was a mistake, it may be too late to get her back.

Through the frustration, Cadence is her sister’s backbone. She’s so busy taking care of her sister that she doesn’t see how her own life is passing her by. That is until Gary makes it clear to her. For the first time, in a long time, she finds companionship with him, but will her sister’s life interfere in what could be a wonderful relationship.

The Love of Elias Series Reading Order:
Been In Love With You, Book 1
When Hearts Cry, Book 2
You Belong To Me, Book 3
When I Call You Mine, Book 4
Who Do You Love, Book 5
Forever Mine, Book 6


All I Get for Christmas by Ashley

Lumee and Judah Frost know how hard long-distance relationships can be. After all, they’ve been doing it for the past five years. While Lumee is used to her husband’s work-related travels keeping him away at random times, she’s determined to not only see him for Christmas but actually enjoy the holiday festivities as well. But with Judah having developed a hatred for what most consider the most wonderful time of the year as a result of his troubled childhood, things don’t go as planned for the couple. In this holiday novella, will Judah be able to put his issues to the side or will him harboring ill feelings ruin what should be a special time for him and his wife?


Snowed In Love With You by Shvonne Latrice

Thandie Porter’s life was nothing short of a fairytale. She had the perfect career, the perfect husband, and the perfect friends. But when her supposedly perfect husband Dwight drops a bomb that threatens the life they’ve built together, Thandie is dumbfounded. Realizing the only option is divorce, the two part ways, and things couldn’t have happened at a worse time than Christmas. Now, having lost part of the wonderful life she once lived, Thandie wants nothing to do with Christmas or any celebrations of it. But when her friend convinces her to come out to the Cherry Oak Bay cabins, Thandie finds herself trapped with a handsome gangster, making her realize that getting in the Christmas spirit will be the least of her worries.

Hezekiah Dade has lived the life most aspiring drug dealers and kingpins wish for. He’s indulged in money, women, and plenty of luxuries. But now, at the age of forty-one, he’s retired and moved back home to the small town of Cherry Oak Bay. When his longtime fiancee and her father begin to put pressure on him to set a wedding date, Hezekiah panics, needing a quick escape to decide if he can love her or leave her. He finds that escape in the Cherry Oak Bay cabins while snowed in with the beautiful but grumpy Thandie.

Will sparks fly between these two passionate but intense individuals? And if so, can they prove the romance is real, or will they find that their snowed-in romance was only meant to be short-lived?

*This is a standalone novel. No other books need to be read prior. These are all new characters*


A Little Holiday Spirit by Lesanda Moore

After a recent breakup, the last thing Spirit Houston wants to do is face her parents, or her self-proclaimed failures, during Christmas. When her roommate insists she spends the holiday with her family back home, Spirit agrees to accompany her.

What she doesn’t know is she will have to share a room with a complete stranger.

A sexy stranger.

Will they be able to coexist in the same space or drive each other nuts over the Christmas holiday?

*Also available on Kindle Vella*


All Because of Ava by Jessica Terry

Ava and Harper’s honeymoon phase came to a screeching halt as soon as she met Mario.

Ava battled with the guilt of fantasizing about one man while being married to another…even if the one she was married to increasingly felt like a stranger the more she learned about him.

Mario knew Ava was taken, but that didn’t stop him from wanting her. And when he and Ava keep getting thrown together, the sparks can’t help but fly, despite their efforts to resist. 

Pretty soon Ava, Mario, and Harper are in a very weird, very uncomfortable love triangle that is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. And when it does, the damage may be irreparable. 

Content warning: This story contains scenes dealing with or mentioning sexual assault, domestic violence, off-screen death, and miscarriage. 


Love & Kisses For Christmas: A Holiday Novelette by Pamela Campbell

The last thing Treasure expected was to be so attracted to the handsome and sexy customer. Each time Mayson entered her store she felt drawn to him. He’s the first man to pique her interest since her divorce two years ago. She learns that Mayson’s world has been turned upside down. His story touches her heart. But Treasure is too afraid to put herself back out there again.

When her ex-husband completely changes her Christmas plans, Treasure is upset about it. Her sisters stepped in and led Mayson directly to their oldest sister so her Christmas can be filled with lots of love and kisses in this romantic holiday novelette.


For Sisters Only: The Brotherhood Season 3 (The Brotherhood Series) by ATL Diaries

This is the followup to The Brotherhood Series that is also a spin off to The Perfect Sister by Desiree. Its lightly suggested to read the first two parts and if you want, it will help to read The Perfect Sister.


Holly’s Joy: An African American Black Billionaire Heiress Holiday Christmas Urban Fiction Romance Suspense Novella by Sheila Murdock

No one steals Holly Harper’s joy.

But the multi-billionaire oil heiress has had people and things steal it from her too many times to count, especially on past holidays, so she’s in no mood to celebrate during her favorite time of the year, which could quite possibly now become her former favorite time of the year.

But by no means can she miss her parent’s annual Midnight Christmas Wishes party—which has been a family holiday tradition before she was even born—no matter how many bad past holidays she feels she’s had.

Holly can’t help but to reminisce on her joys—or lack thereof—of Christmases past while on her way to her family’s party. But she gets her life’s wake-up call she while she makes her way there and is forced to spend her Christmas in a place she never imagines.

What she also never imagines is who she will meet . . . and who she already knows. And what she also discovers about one of these people is too unbelievable for words, all the while learning about who she is from her past Christmases and how it will shape this present one, as well as how she now sees herself and her favorite time of the year.


The Boy I Left Behind: A Second Chance Romance by Garnell Wallace


He was the invisible boy in high school who became my world; a world he shattered when he left me at a time when I needed him most. Twelve years later, still reeling from the loss of the babies we never wanted, I run into Kofi at a bar and all the pain comes rushing back, but so does the love. How can I still want him after what he did to me, and why does it matter when I’m weeks away from marrying another man? Then my life falls apart again and Kofi is there for me. This time he’s not leaving, but I’m once bitten and twice shy, and though the boy had become a man, I was still too wounded to trust him.

She was the popular girl in high school who never noticed me until I shared my umbrella one rainy day. Loving and protecting Zemi became more important than the objections of our families and my vow to never give my heart to anyone. My fear of love was validated when Zemi betrayed me, and that first cut was so deep that it shattered my soul forever.
Now more than a decade later, she’s back in my life and the fire is still there, mere embers that flare every time I see her. I should walk away because I know how badly she burns, but she needs me, and once again, protecting Zemi is more important than protecting myself.


Love Changes : A Christmas Novel by La’Shanaè Jones

Stoneson Divey was the man to be on campus. The star basketball captain to future entertainment lawyer had prospects for his bride-to-be lined up since high school. But Stoneson juggled his female fans the same way he handled a ball on the court. He set up the plays all for his winning shot. Except for the one time he was sure he would beat the buzzer, the clock ran out, and the trophy he already had claimed prematurely, slipped right through his fingers.

Quin Stanely had one motto. People could change, feelings most certainly would, but her love for her dream would always remain the same. When she ventured off to college she had one goal. To become the biggest TV producer known. But when her head is pulled from the books and floated into the sky, she found caught between a stone and a hard place. And when she comes out, the one thing she swore wouldn’t happen, does–love changed everything.

The holidays always bring the family together. When Stone’s ex-lover comes to town, the holidays at the Divey’s will never be the same.


The Perfect Waters: Contaminated Waters: Book Two (An African American Mermaid Paranormal 5) by LeeSha McCoy

How will the entire world cope when the water they need to survive is snatched away from them?

Noelani’s friend and Elder, Aura, has revealed herself and confirmed that the waters are indeed under threat. Now O’Asia must find a way to keep out the humans and their harmful substances, but if she does, will she actually be able to go through with it?

With the risk of the waters being closed to everyone above land threatening, Hali and Michael might be separated once again. However, could the distance from one another be the best thing to happen to the pair?

With more twists and turns on the horizon, a surprise pregnancy in the mix, and the imminent threat to everyone’s survival, will everyone reach their happily ever after in this final installment of The Perfect Waters?

You’ll have to read it to find out.


Christmas In Copeland (Blooming Series Book 4) by Latoya Garrett

Owen & Sherrie Lynn Davis are anticipating their first bundle of joy and their first Christmas holiday spent with family and friends. All is well until correspondence from Sherrie’s Aunt Bessie and her deadbeat dad’s desire to be a father interrupts their festive plans.

Talik & Melanie Morgan are adjusting to married life. Things are good but not without a little bickering, the unexpected news of Talik’s mother dating someone very close to the group, and a blast from Melanie’s past.

Otis & Gretchen Davis are planning their wedding which is in a few short weeks. She’s anxious and over the whole thing. He’s basking in the career opportunities coming his way. Gretchen’s anxiety skyrockets after an overzealous fan of Otis’ creates mayhem, and Otis has to make sure his wife doesn’t have a total meltdown.

Christmas in Copeland will be just a little more festive this year.


Doing Him A Favor: A Christian Holiday Romance by Latoya Garrett

Camelia “Cam” Wright, a part-time small business owner and waitress at her mother’s diner, absolutely loves Christmas in her small town. She believes Christmas is the perfect time for God to perform faith-inducing miracles. Even though she’s not experienced the divine experiences during the holiday herself, she’s happy to celebrate the ones she witnesses for others until…she’s in need for one. The Wright family home is in dire need of funds to complete renovations, and her part-time gigs aren’t bringing in nearly enough money to get it done. Just when she’s about to give up hope, an opportunity comes in the form of her former childhood friend, now famous rapper, Michael “Omega” Jennison. He presents an offer to her she can’t refuse, but she has to do him a favor too.


Someday at Christmas by Queen Rae

After losing their only child the week of Thanksgiving, Micah and Israel Whyte could only take it day by day from there. Not thinking life could get any worse than burying a child, Micah was confronted with the reality that it could get worse when she found out about her husband’s affair and the secret child his mistress was pregnant with.

What could she do at that point besides accept his infidelity and ask for a divorce?

Years pass but for Israel, his love for Micah never changes, and although he recognizes her disdain for him, he’s willing to put himself in a compromising position by making her stop long enough to reminisce on the life they shared before he betrayed her trust.

Though she has no other choice but to hear him out, will it be enough? With the season of Christmas being a time they both lone to escape, will the spirit of the season be enough to save them? Or will unforgiveness keep them from healing and being able to move forward, even as just friends?


Current: An Anthology For Jackson, Mississippi (Current Anthology Book 2)

Jackson, MS is a city full of history and culture. It’s also a city suffering from local, state, and national neglect.

In August 2022 when newspapers announced that the city had issued a boil order for the city’s water, many were reminded of Flint, Michigan, and other working class, primarily Black cities around the country who have been left without a vital service for days, weeks, months, and years. 

Safe drinking water is a human right. 

The rising crises around water are worrying, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by so many concurrent crises. However, the desensitization of many to the pain and suffering of Black people spurred the creation of the CURRENT ANTHOLOGY.

Volume Two Features:

Sheree L. Greer

Tia Love

Elysabeth Grace

Katrina Jackson

J. Chary

D. Rose

Tasha L. Harrison


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 12th-18th

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