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Check out these new releases from December 18th-24th.

Snowfall Over Serendipity (The Clarks of Northshire Bend) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

In the heart of Stockholm’s winter wonderland, Chelsea Bellamy’s dream of a perfect wedding dangled on the edge of fruition. She envisioned every detail of her union with Tristan Neil Clark, the man who set her heart ablaze with love as fierce as it was tender. Yet, as the first snowflakes of an unforeseen blizzard began to dance through the air, Chelsea’s meticulously planned day spirals into chaos, possibly ruining their chances of saying I do.


Healing For My Soul (The Henderson Family Saga Book 18) by Monica Walters

Jakari Bolton: protector and provider…

He takes on those roles when his father gets incarcerated for hideous crimes that are still bothering him ten years later. Jakari is so busy taking care of those he loves he forgot that he needed care too. Anger, guilt, and hurt have guided his life’s trajectory, and he doesn’t know any other way to be. So when he has to pick up his cousins from school and runs into librarian, Yendi Odom, he doesn’t know how to handle her. His attempts to get what he wants, like he does with other women, prove to leave him unsatisfied. For the first time in over ten years, he wants more. He wants a relationship with her, but he realizes that isn’t something he’s mentally or emotionally ready for.

Yendi Odom: nurturer and caregiver…

She doesn’t know those roles fit her until she meets Jakari Bolton. Running from drama with her family, she ends up in a small town working as the librarian at the high school. Her decision to move where she doesn’t have any familial ties or friends, while grieving the loss of her father, proves to be harder than she thought it would be. However, when she meets Jakari through two of her students, she knows he’s the one that will change her life. Almost love at first sight, Yendi commits to Jakari and to helping him through his issues without reciprocity. That decision has left her confused, but she’s sure about the way he has swept her off her feet.

Jakari and Yendi: explosive, passionate, and emotion-filled…

The emotions between the two are strong from the very beginning and neither of them know how to explain it. Both dealing with heavy issues, they lean on one another for healing and solace. Jakari has a hard time with that though, because he believes Yendi deserves better. She deserves a man that is ready to love her through anything. Yendi believes he deserves her and more importantly, that she deserves him and everything he has to offer.

The push and pull gets overwhelming, despite Yendi’s devotion. She begins to question her decisions and doubts that a relationship with Jakari is feasible. Can Jakari come to grips with his issues in time to claim Yendi’s love for him? Or will he allow anger, hurt, and guilt to continue to consume him, leaving no room for the love his soul needs?


Keep Giving Me Love (Unorthodox Love Book 2) by BriAnn Danae

That’s what Synovi now had and cherished more than anything. Free from all the disturbances his chaotic life once ensued, he wanted nothing more than to keep it that way. With a thriving business and relationship, almost nothing could take him back to that dark place of no love. His Love didn’t reside there.

His world is still hers, and she is still his.

Without warning, Torin inserted herself into Synovi’s life and remained. She’s the person he can run to when everything begins to fade, but there’s a price to pay when you have a good heart. It’s costly, depending on the circumstances, and Torin isn’t sure her light is enough for the both of them to make it through the tunnel again.

Is keeping her to himself all in vain, or is their bond strong enough to prove otherwise?

Please note: Keep Giving Me Love is book #2 in the Unorthodox Loves series with no cliffhanger. It is best to read the interconnected standalone books in order.


Beat Matching: A Holiday Story by Bailey West

Primrose, a college student working on her master’s degree, heads back to her hometown of Sable Falls for the holiday break. She’s staying with her lifelong friend, Bristol, and Bristol’s big brother, Horatio. Horatio isn’t just any older brother—he’s the guy Primrose used to have a huge crush on. Now, he’s a popular DJ with a voice everyone knows from his afternoon radio show.

Coming home stirs up old feelings for Primrose. Being around Horatio again, she starts to wonder if she ever really got over her childhood crush. Horatio is also feeling the spark.

As they spend time together during the holiday break, they both recognize that their friendship might be evolving into something deeper. Laughter, shared memories, and the creation of new experiences provide the backdrop for their growing connection.

In the world of music, beat matching is the art of aligning and synchronizing the beats of two songs, creating a seamless and harmonious musical journey. Could the same magic happen with matters of the heart?


The Christmas Auction: A Sexy Holiday Story by Té Russ

Don’t date your brother’s friends…

After getting her heart broken by one of her brother’s friends, Tatum Turner created a rule for herself: Never date one of her brother’s friends again.

So it’s definitely a bad idea for her to get involved with her brother’s best friend. No matter how irresistible and tempting Mason Porter is.

Despite the fact that Tatum turns down Mason’s advances time and time again, he hasn’t given up. He knows that they’re meant to be and is determined to convince her.

When Mason wins Tatum in the Christmas Auction he makes a proposition to her. 12 Days. 12 Dates

Will Mason’s 12 Dates of Christmas finally be enough to finally convince Tatum that they’re meant to be more than just friends?


Please Reconsider by Christina C. Jones

a short story – further exploration of Request Line ep 2 – Wrong Side of a Love Song from Storytime w CCJ on Youtube!


Homecoming SZN II: A Lavendale State College Experience (Homecoming Series Book 2) by Aubree Pynn

Navy Thomas has dominated the game of football over and over again. Now that the game he’s loved so much is showing signs of being in transition, he’s trying to read the screen and move along with the play. That’s easier said than done.

Jaylani James is the daughter of a living legend who hasn’t been able to step into her own lane, yet. As she navigates the current and is met with doubt at every turn, she’s surrounded by a father and strong women who want to see her win.

For Navy and Jaylani, true change doesn’t occur until they step foot on Lavendale State College’s campus bracing themselves for a homecoming experience neither will ever forget. Some say going home feeds and renews the soul. Could this be true for Navy and Jaylani, or will the game of life swallow them whole?


For Her Peace (The Knight Brothers Book 4) by Dria Andersen

Deena Hines had her life together…finally. She’d bought her own home and had a thriving business with her best friend. A mate had not been in her plans, but Julian was making it hard to resist him. She was wary of mating with such a powerful man. But she was in danger, and she would only trust him to protect her…

Success was becoming routine for Julian Chase. Everything was going according to his plans…except his very stubborn mate. From the first glance of Deena, he’d switched up everything to prepare for her. She belonged with him, and he thought they would fall into place. He thought he could give her time, but when danger stalked Deena, putting their mating aside was no longer an option.


December 25th : A Sage Meadows Novelette (Sage Meadows Novellas) by Dimonick Shaw

Emerson and Remy have reconnected and have finally been granted the gift of eternal life by the Goddess.
Let’s peek in and see what they are up to for the holiday season.
It’s Christmas week and there is still much to do. This is their first Christmas together in this lifetime.


On Santa’s Lap by Tanon Tales

What happens when you meet your soulmate but miss your chance? You do whatever it takes to swallow the hurt and move on. But what happens when you run into them again five years later? You do whatever it takes to get a second chance.


Rayna and the Last Dragon (BLP Fairytales Book 4) by Torryn Santana

Rayna Simmons, a fierce guardian dedicated to her community, finds herself caught in the web of Dragon, a former gang member seeking redemption. Forced to work together, Rayna and Dragon navigate the intricacy of their shared mission, gradually turning their bitter hostility into a fragile camaraderie. 

As chaos surrounds them, their reluctant alliance transforms into a deep, passionate love that binds their hearts in an unbreakable bond. Immerse yourself in this captivating tale where enemies become lovers, redemption meets danger, and love becomes the ultimate battlefield.


Blue White & the Seven Henchmen (BLP Fairytales Book 5) by Rosè Dior

Once upon a time in a town called Plainfield, Blue White was the most sought-after model of all time. There wasn’t a magazine or modeling agency that didn’t want to book her or runway they didn’t want her to walk on. Before her mother passed away, she always told her that she was beautifully unique. Blue loved how much her mother poured into her because she always thought she wasn’t the prettiest of them all. 

Her skin was a dark shade of mocha, and her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Most of her peers used to say that her eyes didn’t match her skin tone and made fun of her. After her mother passed, her father continued to encourage Blue and tell her she was the most beautiful girl in the world. It wasn’t until he remarried that she started to feel inadequate. Her stepmother, Dawn, was gorgeous, and she made sure to let Blue know it every day. Blue never argued that fact, but Dawn never acknowledged the beauty that was inside and outside of Blue. 

Years passed, and a house fire killed her father and burned a portion of her stepmother’s face. Things were never the same again, and in her father’s will, he made sure to leave Dawn the home, his money, and promises to take care of his beloved daughter for all time. Since Dawn had fallen from grace, she decided to put Blue in pageants, thinking that she would never succeed in that environment. However, Blue shined amongst the stars and became very successful in her quest to be top model. That enraged Dawn, but she kept up a facade and secretly envied Blue. Unbeknownst to Blue, Dawn had a vendetta against her stepdaughter and wanted nothing more than to see her fail. 

This is the story of Blue White and the Seven Henchmen.


Every Thug Needs a Lady (BLP Fairytales Book 6) by K.L. Hall

Privileged? Check. Spoiled? Double check. Affluent? More checks than you can afford. Twenty-one-year-old Lady Holland is the only child of an esteemed federal judge and the apple of her father’s eye. The trust fund baby has lived in the lap of luxury since she was born. That is, until she’s hit with the news on Christmas that her father and stepmother are expecting a new baby. With the threat of a new heir weighing heavily on her, she celebrates the new year with friends, hoping for a carefree night. When she finds herself in the crosshairs of a gang shootout, she’s swept into the arms of a bad boy with a blindingly white smile. He’s passion and poor decisions personified, and a dangerous mix of gangsta and gentleman. 

Known on the streets as “Champ,” Champion Cornelius Wallace is everything a mother prays her daughter will never bring home. A savant when it comes to the hustle, he’s done things he’s not proud of–breaking an equal amount of hearts and kneecaps over the years. As ready as he is to put the city in his rearview and start fresh, his ties to the game won’t let him go that easily. When he crosses paths with the attention-grabbing Lady, he falls prey to her beauty. With one foot in and the other out, he finds himself torn between self-preservation and remaining loyal to the game. But something about her coffee-colored eyes makes him want to protect her and her heart at all costs. 

As a whirlwind romance blossoms between them, lines will be drawn and crossed as the couple learns that, although love may be patient and kind, it doesn’t turn back the hands of time.


The Tramp (BLP Fairytales Book 7) by Sabrina B. Scales

There were two places to wind up in the city of Armony Hill. While the well-kept and wealthy lived up at The Top, those who got their hands dirty could be found at The Bottom. The two neighborhoods rarely collided because of status and such. But we all know that love is the tie that binds, and most conditions can be ignored when it comes to the heart.

Laylah Drake resided at The Top, where life was peaches and cream. As the eldest child and only daughter of real estate guru, Desmond Drake, Laylah has never wanted for anything in her extremely privileged life. While her Aunt Judy is determined to pair her with someone suitable, Laylah fights her tooth and nail, ever suspicious about her motives. Just as Laylah reaches the end of her rope, Aunt Judy introduces a young man who sparks her curiosity in a way she can’t ignore.

Bhaji Phiefer was raised, respectfully, at The Bottom of Armony Hill as the son of a single mother who didn’t live long enough to watch him grow. Taken in by his grandmother, along with his troubled twin sister, Bhaji sees Armony Hill from a completely different angle.

When paths collide between the boy from The Bottom and the girl from The Top, suspicions are unearthed, and family secrets are exposed. 

Take this journey into the beautiful city of Armony Hill and find out if this is simply a love story or if we’ll uncover something more.


Wilde & Shore: A Miller’s Pointe Christmas by K.C. Mills

A lawyer with a failed career…
A cowboy who refuses to settle…

Wilde and Shore

A Miller’s Pointe Christmas


Deacon & Brooklyn: A Miller’s Pointe by Charleigh Harper

A cowgirl who’s ready to settle into her happily ever after…

A professor that longs for peace and the simple life…

Deacon & Brooklyn

A Miller’s Pointe Christmas


Duhani & Versai: A Miller’s Pointe Christmas by Kennedy B.

A song writer home for the holidays, trying to find herself…
A Cowboy determined to keep the past, in the past…

Versai & Duhani

A Millers Pointe Christmas


Kevo & Juvi: A Miller’s Pointe Christmas by ML Bash

An up and coming country music artists…
The one who got away…

Kevo & Juvi

A Miller’s Pointe Christmas


Breaudie & Tori: A Miller’s Pointe Christmas by T’Lyn

An author looking to establish her own lane…

A cowboy who is completely comfortable in his…

Tori and Breaudie

A Miller’s Pointe Christmas


A Small Town Christmas : Jasmine and Jordan by Desiara

Christmas has always been a holiday that Jasmine Brown could go without; due to regrettable decisions and ill-fated intentions from the past. To her, Christmas was all about love, family, and being happy; all the things that Jasmine didn’t have but always wanted. Each year that Christmas rolled around, only seemed to remind her of that. Until, an unusual hire seemed to fill more than the void she had within her company. 

Freshly divorced, life for Jordan Robertson was tough and for damn sure about to get tougher. Determined to get his life back on track for the sake of his girls, he takes a leap of faith with a new job. Little did he know that what was meant to only be a way of making ends meet would turn into him possibly meeting the true love of his life.

Will they accept their second chance at love, or will Christmas forever be a broken holiday?


All My Love by M.O. Kenyan

A tragedy tore them apart as young sweethearts, will the truth fix what was broken?
The Girl Next Door
It started as a fifteen year old girl’s one sided crush, that turned into a summer romance that burned bright but burned out fast.
To Debra Anderson, it seemed like she had loved Nathan Benjamin all her life. For so long, he treated her like a kid, unable to see beyond her role as his little brother’s best friend. But the summer after her high school graduation, Nathan began to look at her differently. For the first time, Debra had hope, hope that her love would be reciprocated and that nothing would ever tear them apart.
The Boy Next Door
Nathan was unprepared to find the little tomboy Debra gone at her high school graduation. In her place was a beautiful young woman he couldn’t take his eyes off of. Their first kiss sealed their fate, bonding them together in a love that seemed would last a lifetime.
But a tragedy ripped them apart, turning them against each other. A decade later, they end up working at the same hospital, healing other people’s wounds while their own still bled. They got off to a rocky start, constantly at each other’s necks, until a secret comes to light.
Could they bear the consequences of a sin they did not commit? Would the truth bring them together or push them further apart?


The Christmas War Paws: A Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers, Rom Com Christmas Novella by Terreece M. Clarke

Experience the magic of the season with the small-town, enemies to lovers Christmas romance “The Christmas War Paws.”

Dr. Francesca Johnson-DeWitt is ready for a Bahamian Christmas vacation, but her post-divorce plans take an unexpected turn when fate intervenes. In the charming town of Ohio Falls, her college nemesis, the smug Dr. Sebastian Bing, rekindles an old rivalry, sparking a hilarious and heartwarming Christmas War that turns the quaint town upside down.

Join the festive chaos in this delightful, heated, rom-com novella filled with pranks, pie, forgiveness, and unexpected love.


When You Least Expect It: A later-in-life sweet romance (Silver Divas Book 2) by Christa Sweetin

Looking for a clean romance with diverse characters who are seasoned? Love those sweet Hallmark movies? 

Enjoy this clean, seasoned romance story between Lori and Jason. When book club member Lori meets Jason, a mystery author, this holiday, they learn that it’s never too late for love.

The Silver Divas series follows the unexpected later-in-life romances of a group of book club members who meet weekly at the Willow Creek Library. These lovely ladies whose motto is “Silver Hair –Don’t Care,” are living their best lives. They never expected to find romance, but sometimes love happens when you least expect it.


Truth Be Told by A.K. Ryann

‘Tis the season. Just like winter, Donatella is cold and unyielding. Fate puts someone in her path, tall, successful, and romantic, a friend of a friend, who begins to pursue her. He’s not on her radar initially, but she’s intrigued by his persistence. Despite Donatella’s desire to feel love and be loved, she remains cold an arrogant. As someone who is constantly let down by others, her nasty attitude is nothing more than a shield. But a a life-threatening situation makes her reconsider. One night she’s rescued by a total stranger, a good Samaritan who stands up when no one else will. Soon, she has more than one Romeo at her side. But who to choose? One man’s heart is the truth. The other is nothing but lies…


Altered (The Holiday Series) by Rene Wolfe

It began with a sweet dance under the moonlight and ended up in flames…

Genesis wants nothing more than her unforgettable seaside wedding. She has the perfect dress, location, and a man who promised her forever… right before he leaves her at the altar. Altered is a Halloween themed paranormal romance that puts Genesis’ love to the test when things change.

*Trigger warnings include blood, graphic adult intimacy, and violence.


Forever With You: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 6) by Imani Price

When her best friend moves away, India feels like she has lost a part of herself—but she’s about to find solace in the unlikeliest of places: the local ice cream parlor… 

India tries to cheer herself up with her favorite treat: ice cream. But she finds more than just comfort in the local ice cream shop. She finds Rashad, the handsome and charming owner who makes his own ice cream from scratch.

Rashad takes an instant liking to India. He even remembers her cute order, complete with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top, and he has a special idea just for her. After all, what helps a broken heart better than ice cream?

India is touched by his kindness and feels a connection with him. But love is never simple, and India must face her own doubts and fears. Is she ready to let someone into her heart again? And is Rashad truly the perfect man he seems to be?

As a heartwarming, sweet, clean romance novel set in the beautiful rural small town of Sweetgum Meadows, Forever With You is a feel-good tale that will delight fans who enjoy sweet love stories.


Deck His Halls by TN Jones

Needing a happily ever like her parents, Mika Robertson didn’t waste time with a stagnant relationship. After a satisfying break-up, the emergency dispatcher supervisor met the mayor’s most handsome, demanding son. Unprepared for abundant joy and romance, Mika’s skeptical of the giver and timeframe. Could she allow Keegan to give her everything she’s prayed for?

Growing up in a loveless, chaotic home caused massage therapist Keegan Walker to have conflicting feelings about true love and the perfect person for him. Tired of being lonely and praying for an outstanding woman to cater to, Keegan’s prayers were answered. Unwilling to move slowly with his father’s secretary’s daughter, Keegan must show Mika he’s forever her king as she’s his queen. Could Keegan create the perfect fairy tale for Mika and himself before the holiday season ends?


Our Pajamas Matched: A Clean Christmas Romance Short Story by Latoya Garrett

Reina St. Claire has grown accustomed to being single for Christmas. Keeping herself busy with holiday events, watching Hallmark movies and drinking hot chocolate with her parents have kept her warm and cozy over the years. Then, Trevante Gabriel, the town’s newest resident, disrupts Reina’s tradition with his perfect smile, charming personality and insistence on getting to know her.

Will Reina forgo her comfortability and embrace a chance at love?


Christmas Eve: (Love for the Holidays) Book 2 by Keitra Crooks

2 sisters, one unforgettable Christmas Season

It’s a week before Noelle and Jordan’s nuptials and the last thing Eve Carter needed was to be around the likes of Malik Whitmore. After she walked away from their “situation” six months ago, she never expected to see him again but unfortunately, Eve was back in his orbit while she helped plan her sister’s Christmas Eve wedding.

The wedding was just what Malik needed to spend time with Eve but she wanted nothing to do with him. After a few nights of falling back into each other’s beds, Malik suggested they just have fun together for the week and after the wedding, Eve could return to hating him again.

But at the end of the week, would Eve be able to walk away?


Yeah…Thanks (Lennox Hills Book 2) by Jahquel J.

Every day I turned my camera on, sat in front of my tripod and recorded myself doing my makeup, hair or getting ready for an event. My supporters watched wishing they had the newest designer bag that I had just worn, or the mountains upon mountains of PR every brand sent to my front door. They wanted to be Harlym J., and I mean, I couldn’t blame them. I made this lifestyle look like a piece of cake with three cherries on top.
What they didn’t see was the breakdowns, tears, and weekly visits to shake my titties for a perverted correction officer just to see my man. They didn’t see the arguments, and moments of loneliness while all my other friends were moving on with their lives. They were getting married, getting pregnant, advancing in their careers and all I was getting was action from my rose.
I wanted to hate Ashton Willshire. I mean, he’s self-centered, rude, and cocky as ever. There was no way I was going to give up something familiar for uncharted territories. I don’t know if it was the gold teeth, the tattoos, or the way he tied his du-rag. All of it drove my senses haywire, and I hated it.
So, yeah… thanks.


Wishes I Never Made: A Small-Town Christmas Romance by Mycah Edwards

Superstar KeAsia ‘Moet’ Price was certain she was closer to her dreams of being the queen of R&B than ever before. When she leaves an insensitive comment during one of her enemy’s darkest hours the world rips her to pieces. In order to salvage the career she’s worked so hard for, she’s forced to lay low in the smallest of towns until the dust settles. Love was not on her list of Christmas wishes, but when she stumbles on the reticent ARox, she finds it impossible to escape his magnetizing presence.

Single father Abraham ‘ARox’ Roxon is a simple man. After the tragic loss of his child’s mother, his only focus is providing and maintaining a great life for his daughter. His heart has been sown up so tightly he forgot it knew how to beat… until he saw her. Despite a rather chaotic and enthralling first encounter, he doesn’t expect to see her ever again. But fate has plans of its own and KeAsia is paired with his daughter for this year’s Christmas Buddy program, meaning avoiding her won’t be so simple.

What starts out as a strictly platonic relationship quickly morphs into something deeply emotive. With desires that rage beneath the surface of their skin and Christmas bonding activities that continuously draw them into one another’s orbit, KeAsia and Abraham realize some of the best gifts are the ones we never even asked for. Dive into this small-town romance where two hearts on restriction explore a connection that seems like a Christmas Miracle neither of them knew they needed.


All I Want for Christmas : A Holiday Romance by Lily S. Flowers

Gemini unexpectedly runs into with her former college roommate, Ella, while out Christmas shopping. This encounter ultimately leads to an offer that she cannot turn down.
Sometimes, the best gifts are ones you can’t buy.
FFM erotica.


Our First Christmas: Skye & Desmond (Love in Maple) by Sydney Reneé

It’s official! Skye and Desmond have been together for nine months, and this Christmas, instead of spending it with her family, they’re celebrating together in Maple, California. Skye has gone all-out to make their first Christmas as a couple extra special. From decorating their apartment to taking pictures with Santa, she wants to make every moment count. Will their first Christmas together be as magical as Skye’s been dreaming of?


Diamonds For Christmas: The Black Diamonds MC by Allor Henrique

Sometimes life comes at you hard. It becomes even harder when your relationship is on the rocks, especially during the holiday season; threatening the real love that you’ve known. Sisters Layna and Nichelle know exactly what this feels like. How do you keep smiling in joyful times when your heart is a Grinch and you want to mope around?

Until a night out at a motorcycle club party changes everything. Communication and trust position themselves at the forefront of the sisters’ issues in their relationships. When truths are revealed, will it bring more chaos and coals into the sisters’ lives? Or will Layna’s and Nichelle’s worlds return to their merry, happy, and bright places? Check out Layna and Nichelle in this spirited, African-American romantic novella and see if the sisters receive their real diamonds for Christmas.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up December 18th-24th

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