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Faded Memories by Christina C. Jones

Desperate to escape post-divorce melancholy, Katari Kimble joins her favorite cousins  in Blackwood to become a part of the Night Shift team. The night before Christmas, a mysterious visitor sends her on a deep dive to re-examine her past, re-evaluate her present, and re-think the future she’s imagined for herself – including who gets to be part of it.

Faded Memories is a novella.


F**king Under The Mistletoe by BriAnn Danae

While trying to figure out if the “relationship” she was in was worth saving anymore, Aspen tries her best to get in the holiday spirit. Not wanting to be a Debby downer, she decides to cherish the fleeting moments with her loved ones. When the harsh reality of the man she should’ve let go before now slaps her in the face, Aspen focuses on loving herself. 

For her efforts, the universe dropped her very own Santa Claus at her doorstep. Only this man’s beard is black like his skin, his money is long as the tool in his pants, and his heart is as big and giving as Aspen’s. His name is Ty Bentley and he’s all for rekindling their love no matter how many gifts, tricks, and mistletoes it takes. She would be his before Christmas day.  


All I Want for Christmas: A Sexy Holiday Novella by Té Russ

There’s only one thing Bianca wants for Christmas…to be promoted to producer at her job.

The only thing between her and that promotion…caterer and restaurant owner Cole Reed…who also happens to be her ex.

Will Cole stand in Bianca’s way of making her Christmas wish come true? Or will being around him again make her realize there’s something else she wants for Christmas.


Letters From Abroad: A Holiday Novella by Bailey West

For the child of an active military service member, making friends was not always easy, but when Benson Gladwyn arrived at Mrs. Compton’s fifth-grade class, he and Selena Francis became best friends.
When Benson’s family had to move away, he and Selena planned to stay in touch, but life happened, causing them to lose contact.
Almost twenty years later, Benson, serving in the military overseas, receives a letter from his long-lost friend.
A friendship is reunited. A bond renewed.


A Christmas Affair – An Everything I Always Wanted Holiday by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My eyes followed her when she moved—when she leaned and laughed at what was said. I was reminded of the fullness of her lips, the taste of her mouth, and the appetite with which she kissed me.

This is a follow-up to the follow-up, Ride Me Slow. An Everything I Always Wanted Holiday, told from Denise and Giovanni’s POV.


A Christmas Creed: A Ganton Hills Holiday Special by Aubree Pynn

While the kings of Ganton Hills share Christmas Day with their families, the queen of Lavendale is putting her plan into action. Enjoy catching up with thirteen couples. Please note that this is a book of shorts based on previous books in this series.


A Country Hood Christmas with the Hendersons (The Henderson Family Saga Book 10) by Monica Walters

The Hendersons are back in a funny and loving novella to show you how they celebrate Christmas. There are quite a few events that get Storm Henderson all riled up, but his sisters and brothers put him in his place. His kids are just as out of hand as he is. The main event, Nesha Henderson’s wedding, is what has the entire family under one roof for an extended amount of time. Although there is love in the air, there is also drama. The family comes together in love to try to help one another through tough situations and trying times as always.

Catch up with the Henderson siblings, along with their nieces, and find out what’s brewing for the future. Will their family bond and love help pull them from dark moments in current situations, or will those issues be too much for even them to push through?


Only For Tonight by Kimmie Ferrell

A chance meeting leads to a night they never expected.


The best way to get over one man is to ride the face of an even sexier man, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. With the crash and burn of another short-lived relationship and an all-expenses-paid trip fueling my reckless decision, tonight will be a night I’ll never forget… thanks to him.


My birthday, my rules, and this weekend… there aren’t any. I’m ready to live it up. Why spend my time worrying about what I can’t control when I can celebrate a life many wished they had… with her


A Holiday Crush: Prelude (Zodiac Love) by Angela Seals

A Holiday short story …

Capricorn (Capri)

Landen has been my best friend since I was ten years old. He’s my partner in crime. The one who understands me the most. And he knows all my deepest secrets … except one. For years, I’ve had a crush on him.

The Problem is, he was once married to one of my closest friends. Is it wrong to want the forbidden? Or is it time for me to come out from the shadows and finally go after someone I’ve craved my entire life?


As We Connect by Ivy Laika

As R&B singer, Jazzlyn, struggles to get through the writing process for her third studio album, she begins to doubt her gifts. When her brother suggests she work with his best friend from high school, Orion, Jazzlyn is hesitant but agrees.

Together Orion and Jazzlyn create magic.

But is it only about the music, or will Jazzlyn finally experience a love like the one in her songs?


One Wish – A Christmas Short by Untamed

College student, Alana Kincaid is home for the holidays. Despite being surrounded by the warmth and love of family, she only has one wish—to be with the love of her life for Christmas, but time is of the essence. As she hopes on the desires of her heart, the wish isn’t the only thing running out of time. 

This is an urban fiction Christmas holiday short derived from the Never Again, No More series. Reading the series isn’t necessary to follow this standalone short. 


A Christmas Affair (A Lassiter Wedding Series Book 4) by Iris Bolling

What happens when dysfunctional families meet the Lassiters?
They all learn the meaning of LOVE…
Love is Kind, Love is Patient, and Love… lasts for a lifetime even if it kills you.
Christmas is the time when wishes come true. Be careful what you ask for. 

I fell in love with you at a wedding. There were days when I did not like you at all, but you were the man standing at the end of the aisle with the snow falling around us whenever I dared to dream. Now we are here, at our wedding in Connecticut on Christmas Day. The setting is perfect, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Jade Estelle Lassiter
It took you knocking me on my ass to realize you were always the one. We met as young adults and thought we knew everything only to learn there was so much more to discover. As I watched you from afar you grew into the one woman I could not live without. On this day, I will make you my wife. As we embark on this day, I thank God for bringing you back into my life at a time when I was wise enough to grab you and never let you go. My heart, my mind, my body – the very soul of me is yours forever and always.
Blake Everett Thornton

Those Lassiters have been a thorn in my side. This wedding will only take place over my dead body.
Sofia Thornton

Your wish is my command. Kill her.


The Last Minute First Lady by Tinia Montford


Cassian Anders will be the youngest governor in Illinois history… If he wins.

That’s all everyone seems to talk about these days. Jolie Coldwell isn’t one of them. As a journalist, her priorities comprise digging up dirt on crooked politicians and local cover-ups. When her latest exposé on a congressman lands her in hot water, her days are reduced to covering the senior center’s casino night.

Unexpectedly, news breaks: the on-air investigative segment needs a replacement. This promotion advance could her career.

She needs a breaking story. She needs it now.

The road to office is ruthless compared to the courtroom. Without warning, Cassian Anders’ popularity rating falls, threatening his position on the ballot. He will do whatever it means to secure votes. Now, not only is he engaged, but he’s getting married to his non-existent fiancée…

He’s never relied on luck, but when a convenient but unorthodox wife falls into his lap? He makes her a deal.

He needs a wife. He needs it now.

Will Jolie and Cassian be able to fool the public long enough? Can she handle the public poking around in her past, one she would rather keep under wraps… Above all, can she be a model first lady or are they destined to be a scandal?



With Love, This Christmas by Kimberly Brown

Noelle Ackerman loves Christmas and plans to make this Christmas the most special of all. After five years of living in Paris, she has returned home to Grand Hills, the place where love has always dwelled for her. Love for Noelle is not only her family but with the man who stole her heart at the tender age of five.

Kane Weston aka Noelle’s tall, dark, and handsome best friend. For Noelle, Kane is the one that could never be. She’s longed for him in secrecy, afraid that testing the waters would ruin the beautiful friendship they already shared.

Unbeknownst to Noelle, Kane has loved her just as long, and he has no plans of letting this Christmas go by without making her his own. With time finally on their side, will Noelle and Kane go after their heart’s desire, or will this be yet another unfulfilled Christmas wish?


The Christmas Wish by Sedona Rose

It’s easy to lose the holiday spirit when your one desire is to have someone to spend it with.

After being reminded of the magic of a Christmas by her nephew, Halley taps into her inner whimsy and creates a wish list. After her date ghosted her on what was supposed to be a group outing, her fortune changes when she meets Jace.
Jace Moore, big time sports agent and true lover of all things Christmas, makes it his duty share his holiday cheer with Halley. No matter how big or small, he promises to make all her wishes come true.


For Her Safety (The Knight Brothers Book 2) by Dria Andersen

For seven years Silas Knight has been focused only one thing: finding his daughter. He didn’t have time for relationships, and he certainly wasn’t looking for a mate. But see… fate was a tricky thing. The one thing he’d been avoiding was the one thing he would have to do to keep his daughter with him.

Mila Meyers has been focused on only one thing for the past four years: keeping her daughter safe. She was a widow, so relationships were the last thing on her mind. But then she ran, quite literally, into a man…or rather shifter who would change all of that.

The solution to both their problems lay in each other. Could they put ego and mistrust aside to do what was best for the child? Especially with the threat of old enemies looming…


Until You Come Back To Me: A Royal Romance (The Royals Book 2) by Shameka S. Erby

Renee Royal is the Food and Beverage Director for the Royal Hotel brand, as well as acting head chef for their flagship location in New York. She’s also been in love with Dawson Hayes for the last five years. And she’s been catching flights and showing her feelings ever since he left for Europe to pursue his own culinary dreams. But three years have passed and she’s tired of the long distance. Can a Christmas visit get them back on track? Or will they have to walk away?


Morgan Makes a Vow (Skin So Soft) by M. L. Sexton

In this follow up story, Kharleigh and Morgan navigate moving in together, ex’s from the past, and death of a loved one. Sometimes the road to happily ever after is bumpy and full of potholes. Can these take make it back to each other and say “I do?”


Me and You for Christmas by Erika B.

Having someone to call her own is all Rylee Thornton can focus on as the Christmas holiday approaches. Someone wants her, but he has shown her why he will never be an option again. Rylee is close to losing hope, but someone she trusts with all her heart reminds her that the life she wants is closer than she thinks.

Over the last four years, Christmas time has become too much for Cameron Ware. After losing the woman who has held his heart, there isn’t much he enjoys except being with his family. He is thrust into Rylee’s plans for Christmas and knows no one better for the job than him.

A fake boyfriend for Christmas quickly turns into more than Rylee and Cameron can handle. There is a snake in the grass that threatens what they’ve built in such a short time. Rylee and Cameron see this as a sign that love isn’t for them, but will they learn that things aren’t the way they seem?


Thottie Or Nice by BriAnn Danae

Words of affirmation are still my love language. 

Somehow, like only he could, Khalan made them sound even more pleasurable around Christmas time. He was my gift that kept on giving. 

(Talk To Me Nicely must be read before this book.)


Diamond’s Delights : A Moore Sisters Story (The Moore Sisters of Center City Book 2) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

For years Diamond Moore was content to get by, raise her daughters Opal and Emerald that is until her small cake business Diamond Delights grows beyond her dreams. Her sister convinces her to incorporate her business. She does reluctantly and her life changes forever. She meets web designer Keith Moore with a similar story and background. Diamond isn’t looking for anything but discovers life can offer many things, to her delight.


Unwrapping You by De’ Andrea

Immense grief forced Aaliyah “Choc” Sanders to move from Louisiana to California. During that time, she rebuilt her life as a best selling author and found love, or so she’d thought. The closer it gets to the holidays, the more her life seems to fall apart. First there’s her workaholic fiancé that can’t seem to see that their love is dwindling. Then there’s her writing career that’s quickly becoming just as stale as her relationship, and lastly, a sudden bout of homesickness that she doesn’t quite understand.

After taking heed of some wise words and reaching a breaking point in her relationship, she packs her bags and heads back to the place she said she’d never return to, her hometown. There she finds that some things have changed while others have remained the same, like the feelings between her and her first love, and learns the true meaning of “Home is where the heart is.”


My Royal Holiday (The Royal Holiday Series Book 1) by Drea C.

On a quest for enjoyment and momentary freedom, the Princess of Asnia celebrates the holidays at a quaint ski lodge where emotions run high and a budding romance is an unexpected gift.

With overprotective parents, Princess Imani Theron took any freedom she could get. With guards and her parents always in her space even at the age of twenty-three, finally being allowed to plan a holiday trip without her parents was the best present the pair could give her. Loading up her best friends and favorite guards, she planned a trip of a lifetime to Mountain View Inn’s ski lodge. What she wasn’t planning for was the rude and constant cold shoulder from the owner’s daughter.

After planning an entire week of hanging out with her best friend, whom she hadn’t seen in person since college, Farrah Dennis thought nothing could go wrong. That was until Asnia’s princess called the Inn and requested a complete shutdown for her visit. Now she would have to work and her plans with her best friend would have to be rescheduled. With her mother’s sole focus on making sure Imani’s stay is immaculate, Farrah would do as she was told, but it didn’t mean she had to be nice about it.

With egos colliding in wake of the holidays, their differences could ruin the holiday spirit, or their attraction could bring about an explosively passionate week at Mountain View Inn.


Ride Out: Pink Smoke Series by Virgo Girl

Rocky “Roc” Black president of the Pink Smoke motorcycle club is the opposite of what her name would have you believe. She’s a softy, a kind soul, and an empath to the core. Unfortunately, the world is unkind to the good at heart and she’s been no exception. Her big heart and generous spirit have led to pain and heartbreak, but she hasn’t let it harden her. She has however put herself on the sidelines when it comes to dating for fear of her ability to recognize when she’s giving too much. Her plate is already full juggling issues with her mother, raising her teenage son, and preserving the legacy of Pink Smoke, so love, nor a relationship is on her radar. That is until the gorgeous, weary-eyed, haggardly dressed, stranger walks into her shop with desperation in his eyes that tugs on her need to be needed and her penchant to be of service.

Diesel “Deez” Dixon is looking for an escape from his current reality. He needs to heal, regroup, and strategize how to get his life back. He’s lost everything, his job, his home, his dignity, his financial stability, and worst of all he’s been excluded from his son’s life. He is the clear victim in the selfish web of lies that landed him in this predicament, yet he’s the one who has paid the ultimate price. Feelings of inadequacy have paralyzed him, and he needs a rebirth. Heeding the advice of his therapist and older brother he decides to leave his hometown of Atlanta and relocated to a place that’s known to provide peace, tranquility, and balance. He’s down but he’s not out and is committed to getting his life back without distractions. But there’s a distraction. A stunning, thoughtful, bad ass distraction who in a different time and place he would pursue with full force. But right now, he doesn’t feel worthy.

Both have experienced enough pain and hurt to last a lifetime, but has that pain been a prelude to lasting love? Will Diesel find the rebirth he’s looking for on the mystical Onyx Island? Will Rocky finally find a man worthy of the bounteous generosity and love that she brings?

Ride Out
Pink Smoke Series Book One


Under the Mistletoe by Renato L. Friday

After a terrible breakup, Topanga Glover and her girls decide to take a trip to Jamaica to help her get over her ex, Moses Jackson. They were having the time of their lives when Topanga ran into the handsome Idris Campbell, an up-and-coming chef. They both hit if off and spent a couple of nights together. She never thought they’d see each other again until he was hired to be the caterer for her best friend’s work Christmas party that she was invited to. Those nights they share came rushing back into her mind and she instantly became ashamed of her actions. Idris always wondered about her and hoped to run into her again. I guess fate had plans of them rekindling, but their reacquaintance doesn’t come easy when Moses tries to win Topanga back and she’s left to make a hard decision.


Dear Santa III by Nako

The third installment of Dear Santa from Nako. 
Happy Holidays!


Gonna Take a Miracle: A Holiday Novella by Amanda Hope

Christmas is coming and Morgan Wilson is in trouble—rent is due, money is scarce, and there’s a certain mail carrier she just can’t get off her mind.

When the opportunity presents itself to blow off some steam at her best friend’s Christmas party, Morgan has to decide: let her worries overcome her or try to let some good times in.


A Betrayed Kind of Love: An Enemies To Lovers Romance (Malomo High Reunion Series Book Three) by Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi

“Nobody finds their soulmate at sixteen.”

As teenagers, Alero and Bonju fall in love hard and fast, forming a bond that defies all the obstacles in their way. But things come crashing down and their relationship implodes, leaving Alero with a broken heart and a reputation in shreds. Twenty years later, still horribly betrayed, she is unable to be in the same space with him at their high school reunion. But when opportunity presents itself, she is blinded by the desire to strike back, to hurt and humiliate him just as badly as he did to her so many years before.

But they soon discover that there is a thin line between revenge…and falling in love again.

A Betrayed Kind of Love is the third book in the Malomo High Reunion Series and can be read as stand-alone or in continuum.


Baby, It’s Snow Outside by Shani Greene-Dowdell

After lots of blood, sweat and tears, Dr. Miracle Williams rebuilds her life from a dark past. She lives a mundane but successful life until an unexpected emergency from a neighbor shakes things up in a way she never imagined.

By the time Ishmael Wright is sixteen, he has suffered loss after loss. His grandmother is all he has left. When she collapses a few weeks before Christmas, the doctor next door is his only hope of saving his grandmother.

Two lonely hearts meet amid tragedy. Will they fall in love, build a snowman, and dance to Christmas oldies? Or will their pasts reemerge and cause them to drift apart before the New Year?


The Best Part: Unexpected Love Story by Rani K. August

To find your soul mate is to find the other half that completes you.

The half that makes the blood in your veins sing when you hear their voice. The one that finishes your thoughts and takes all your rainy days and weathers the storm with you.

Your soulmate brings together all your best parts to create a love that will span a million lifetimes.

Dalton “Lynx” Johnson doesn’t believe in fairy tales. His parents were killed by a drunk driver when he was eight. So, when he ran away from his last foster home, he didn’t expect to be adopted by the judge; instead of sending him to juvenile.

Constance “Rae” Moore is just that. Constant. Constantly there for everyone. Steadfast for everyone else. Unbreakable. Relentless. Persistent. Constance isn’t looking for love and companionship. She believes she’s content; until she isn’t.

When Dalton and Constance meet one night in a club, their energies collide. They agreed to one night together and gave into the whirlwind of their emotions. However, fate has its course, and when two souls are destined, you can’t interfere with destiny. So, when unknown complications spring onto the scene, will they be torn apart, or will fate take its course as they embark on ‘The Best Part’?


Christmas with a Saint by Crystal Collier

Solaris “Sol” Erikson is passionate about caring for others. As a thirty-one-year-old Doula, the beauty of life is never lost on her, especially when it comes to her ailing grandmother. Unfortunately, the woman won’t give any of her nurses a moment’s peace and it appears Sol will have to give up her career and take the reins… until Mac steps in. He’s authoritative, thoughtful, and handles Sol’s grandmother in a way no other nurse has. However, it’s the hold he has on Sol’s heart that makes him a danger.

McEntire “Mac” Saint is a traveling nurse for the family business, Healing Saint Medical. Intending to break free of his family’s shady business practices, he takes on an assignment in Miami. His new patient is a feisty grandmother who runs through nurses like day-old underwear. Although certain she will do well with his brand of care, what he didn’t bargain for was falling in love with her granddaughter. If only loving her didn’t put everything he believes on the line all over again. 

Will love be greater than life? Or is there no saving Sol and only unrest for Mac?


A Family for Christmas by Amaka Azie

When an online scandal involving Gloria Alor goes viral and threatens her father’s potential candidacy for president of Nigeria, she flees Abuja to hide out at her grandmother’s in Enugu. Her mission? To lay low during the Christmas holidays, and above all, to stay out of trouble until the elections are over. Which means staying far away from the sexy, single father next door, especially since her last relationship landed her in this unholy mess in the first place.

Forced by a family emergency to take leave from his job in Abuja, Ebuka Nweke returns home to Enugu. Suddenly faced with full custody of his son, he must sort out the legal issues, protect Nonso from heartbreak, and guide the boy through this devastating change in life. Not to mention, Ebuka needs to make better choices in his own personal life. First challenge? Stop obsessing over the high-spirited, garrulous, and thoroughly unsuitable woman staying with his mother’s next-door neighbour.


Cross’d Up (Basketball Baes Book 1) by Tracy Gray

Christian “Cross Up” Upton is one of, if not the most skilled player in professional basketball.

Genesis “Gensie” Cole considers herself a regular/degular girl, with a dream of making good food and getting her catering company off the ground.

A chance encounter with Christian definitely gives her business a boost, but now he seems to want more than just her food.

She’s a simple woman.

He’s a huge celebrity.There’s no way she can take his interest in her…seriously.

How could the most popular player in the league truly be interested in her?

If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 19th-25th

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