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Snowbound: An Umber Bluffs Story by Té Russ

Amani lets her sister and grandmother talk her into going on a trip to a ski resort that was supposed to be for her Christmas wedding, despite the fact that Amani called the wedding off six months ago.

Thanks to an unfortunate slip on the slopes, an injured Amani finds herself being saved by Zane, a handsome stranger with an amazing bedside manner.

With an unexpected blizzard on the way, Amani’s only option is to stay with Zane at his home in tucked away in the mountains until the snowstorm passes. But after sharing passionate nights hot enough to melt away the snow together, parting ways might be a lot easier said than done for the two of them.


Only Gift I Need: A Holiday Short by K. Lashaun

For years, Alora watched Kellan, her brother’s best friend, rotate women in and out of his life. Though she once harbored a crush, she knew he wasn’t relationship material and buried those feelings long ago before moving on.

Now, fresh off a nasty breakup, Alora’s prepared to spend this holiday season alone.

At least, that was the plan.

Until the man who previously wanted no parts of a commitment makes his interest known. He’s ready to show her he wasn’t the same boy from a decade ago.

Kellan’s a full-grown man now and ready to be exactly what she needs. 

While Alora still battles her reservations, Kellan is prepared to go all in and prove that for this Christmas, the only gift he needs is her.


Irresistible Cravings (Hidden Lake Series) by ShanicexLola

Maia Clark knows heartache well, in every aspect of the term. After the last lethal blow to her heart, she vowed to limit distractions, focus on her successful bakery, and figure out the true desires of her heart.

Not long after making those promises to herself, the mysterious, Orsun Brown, pops up and captures her undivided attention. One look at him and suddenly, life is more exciting. 

Both Maia and Orsun assumed the timing of their connection simply couldn’t be right, only to soon discover all the ways it was.

But is their attraction enough? Or will their irresistible cravings for each other become another recipe for disaster?

*Please note, Irresistible Cravings is book three of three in the Hidden Lake series and can be read as a standalone. The characters from this novel are not reoccurring in the other installments.


Say What You Want: A New Year Novella by Fatima Munroe

Struggle with him, they said. Build with him, they said. Support him, they said. I did all that, and you know what I got? A grown boy on my couch. – Mona
Mona knew her relationship with Russ wasn’t worth the lies he fed her on a daily basis. Still she stayed, praying every night he would change. This was the man sent to be her forever love, he had to be. Those were his words when he came home late, those were his words when he disappeared for hours on end. every time he got caught. Every time he swore he would change, every time he claimed he’d do better. Love makes things happen, right? Mona’s only issue was Russ’s love made things happen all over Indianapolis.

I moved bricks for you, hit licks for you. Even left all my side chicks for you. – Dade
Since high school, Dade saw something in Mona that he hadn’t seen in anyone. She had that sexiness, that confidence, that independence….she could very easily be the one to balance him out since Brii left. Everything about Dade screamed Russ to Mona when he asked if she needed a ride. No way was she about to jump out the frying pan and into the fire, it wasn’t worth her sanity. Seeing Russ for who he really was, Mona saw an opportunity to better herself as a woman and took it. A relationship with Dade, Russ, or anybody else wasn’t a part of her future, and she had the whole year to get it right.

When a life or death situation hits close to home, Mona vowed to live her life to the fullest. with her soulmate speaking life into her damaged spirit But when the clock strikes 11:59 on New Year’s Eve, which man wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life whispering love libations in her ear?


A Lonely Christmas: A Ganton Hills Holiday Novelette by Aubree Pynn

When tragedy strikes, recovery of self and newfound gratefulness is the only response. Brooklyn Chase and Omari Denton are given a set of instructions they must follow three days before Christmas.


Made For Loving You by Bianca Xaviera

“God has given me everything, but at the same time, taken everything away. I’m cursed.” Audre Smith

Audre Smith was born and raised by her grandparents in a quiet suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas. For Audre, life is great as it can be, until the night of her high school graduation, when she escapes a near death situation, but her grandparents are not so lucky.

After being shunned and blamed for the death of her grandparents, Audre packs up everything she has left and moves to a city she knows nothing about. Years later, she’s now in Florida and is living a quiet life, fearing that God has cursed her because the couple of men that she has entertained have tragically left her life. Audre has finally settled into her life of being alone, until Atraio Coleman stumbles into her life.

A reformed thug, Atraio Coleman was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but spent the better part of his life in the Marines, until a freak accident caused him to be medically discharged. While trying to adjust back to civilian life, he gets back with his high school sweetheart, Chelsea Turner, hoping that she can bring some normalcy to his life, but she does everything but that, and it leaves him being a single father.

Atraio and Audre met by chance, but it didn’t go as planned because neither were looking for anything special, but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. When Audre feels herself falling for Atraio, she starts to pull back, not wanting him to get hurt or killed because of the curse she feels like she has. Will Atraio let Audre push him out of her life, or will he fight to show her that he is the one that was made to love her?


The Darkest Morning (The Shorts Book 12) by Nia Forrester

It used to be that Summer was just that annoyingly excitable girl he went to college with. But now, Lloyd is sure she’s the love of his life. It’s time to make it official, and what better place to propose than at his family home over the holidays?

But Lloyd has complicated, unfinished business with his father, a man whose example of matrimony he’s promised himself he will never follow.

Still … it’s tough to ignore the influence of a parent, even one you claim not to respect.


Holiday SZN by Aubree Pynn

It was only supposed to be one photoshoot, one movie, one second chance but one smile changed everything for Ramon and Nyla. It turned out to be so much more than that.


Be Mine for Christmas by Monae Nicole

Traveling Nurse, Zari Michaels, wanted nothing more than to spend Christmas with her family and friends, but her job had other plans for her. When a snowstorm hits, she finds herself stuck with the handsome doctor of the practice she’s sent to in an unfamiliar town.

Dr. Kenneth Jamison’s medical clinic needs help, but little does he know, he needs the beauty that shows up in more ways than one.

Being stuck together ignites an attraction between the two that can’t be denied but Zari has someone waiting at home for her. Will she give in to her desires for the good doctor, or will she go back to the neighbor she’s been crushing on for a long time? Find out in Be Mine for Christmas.


Faded by Lisa Trinidad

Omar Weston thought he was going to have an uneventful summer…

After getting kicked out of his New York apartment because of a sordid indiscretion with his roommate’s fiancé, Omar high-tails it to sunny Southern California to regroup. He runs into his gorgeous ex-boyfriend Brent, and a dazzling former childhood playmate, Layla. Their reunion forces the sexy bisexual heartbreaker into some unexpected entanglements.

Brent Canales-Stapleson is a working-class stiff in the middle of opening his very own auto body shop. New business challenges are on the horizon, but they are nothing compared to reuniting with his cheating ex, Omar. Can time heal old wounds? Especially ones littered with heartache and trust issues?

Layla Maree is a Black goth who manages an erotic bookstore. A hook-up with her former childhood friend appears to be the perfect solution for her man drought. However, Brent throws a monkey wrench into her romantic pursuit of Omar, driving her to settle for a platonic friendship with a guy who could be her soul mate.

Bouncing between old love and new, Omar’s life expands when he gives polyamory a try. He discovers that juggling two hearts might be better than one.

CW: Be warned: This book contains explicit sex (M/M, M/F), polyamory, recreational drug use, and the “N” word used by one character. In the words of Biggie “If ya don’t know, now ya know.”


Stolen Mistletoes by Ashley Te’Arra

The holidays aren’t so happy anymore. Well, at least, not for Choyce Sinclair.

After the demise of a five-year relationship, the freelance journalist is struggling to find a better ending to her sad story.

With Christmas coming around the corner, emotions are high and spirits are low. What was once a gleeful time of the year for her has been overruled by the gloominess of a difficult breakup and the wish to make up.

However, after a life-altering phone call, Choyce is forced to take an unexpected trip back home to her Alabama roots and face what she’s been running from all along—her family.

As unresolved issues come to the forefront and dirty laundry is exposed, Choyce lands herself in a whirlwind of things and people she wanted to leave in the past.

Including one person, in particular, who just might have been waiting for her under the mistletoe.


Surrender to the Moonlight (The Georgia Arcana Series Book 1) by Dria Andersen

Nicole Oliver had been warned that stepping even one foot on the Fouche land in Georgia would stir up a whole host of family secrets. But her grandmother had been murdered and she had no intentions of letting the murderer get away with it, family curse or not. Solving a murder wouldn’t be easy, and local help would go a long way to helping…even if help came from a distracting and super sexy alpha werewolf. It was said that the Fouche curse never missed. From a few great greats back all the way forward to the present generation, heartbreak awaited each and every woman. From Nic’s point of view love didn’t last and hadn’t proved worth the effort, so escaping the curse would be easy enough. Besides, she would be too busy solving a murder to even think about love. 

Jeremiah, JT, Taylor was the leader of the local motorcycle gang and alpha of the Taylor wolf pack. Nothing magical moved down highway 95 unless he knew about…and got his cut. His pack’s reputation was well-earned and far reaching. He took the death of a practitioner on his territory personal and he had planned to find the murderer with or without Nicole’s help. But, if asked, he’d have to admit that having her help came with all types of bonuses. He didn’t believe in that curse mess, but neither was he looking for anything long term, so a no strings affair was right up his alley. He was warned that his wolf would have the last say. He wasn’t worried though, because he’s in control of the animal, not the other way around. 

Nicole soon realized she’d bitten off more than she could chew, in more ways than one. One too many attempts on their lives makes them question if the curse has finally caught up with its latest victim, or if there is something more sinister at play.


Noelle’s Gift by Ivy Laika

When family pressure pushes Noelle to ask her best friend for a Christmas favor, she doesn’t plan on how it will change her life.

Noelle’s gift will be everything she ever wanted but never expected.


Five Mistletoe Moments: Baes of Christmas by Sheryl Lister

Mia Broussard has never believed in love at first kiss, until Dwight Albright. With so many relationship misses, she’s not sure she believes that the unique connection and explosive chemistry they share is the real thing. But Dwight promises to make this a Christmas she’ll never forget…if she’d only trust him. 

After a devastating loss, Dwight has led an existence dominated by loneliness. When Mia enters his life, he knows he’s been given a second chance to love. She’s the woman he wants under the mistletoe this year and every year. And he intends to prove to her—one smoldering kiss at a time—that she’s meant to be his. Forever.**Make sure you check out the entire Baes of Christmas series!***


Four Stocking Stuffers: Baes of Christmas by Kelsey Green

Grant’s Four Unbreakable Rules:
Rule #4 – always put animals first
Rule #3 – be there for your family above anything else
Rule #2 – never date someone from your small hometown
Rule #1 – your best friend’s ex is off limits

I, Grant Keating – vet of all vets and a true small-town gentleman – am a terrible person. Not only do I manage to break all my rules before the holidays, but I’m positive all the coal left in every naughty person’s stocking won’t be enough to redeem me for breaking a rule I never needed to have. The golden rule that should have been a damn guarantee!

If I let her, she might just cost me everything. Yet, I couldn’t walk away now even if I tried.


Three Sexy Elves: Baes of Christmas by Angela Seals

Who says you can’t have it all? Love, that’s who. Being dumped three weeks before Christmas by my fiancé was enough for a girl like me to take a chance and risk it all. Wait! I’ve never been the adventurous type. In fact, I’m the lame type. Until my cousin comes up with a non-brilliant idea to have me bid on a 3-day singles Christmas cruise.

Problem is, I hate water, boats and there’s a whole list. Which is enough reason to send me running in the opposite direction when I find out I won. However, cruising is on my bucket list and a fear I’d love to conquer before my aching heart takes me out. 

The other issue is —the boat leaves from my hometown — a place I vowed to never step foot in again due to a person who shall remain nameless. Yet, I need this vacation and my mind needs the release. Maybe I can sneak into town without being noticed? Then I see him and… damn, aging has only made him sexier!


Two Dirty Santas: Baes of Christmas by Sherelle Green

“It was an accident.” 

Those are the four words I told my boyfriend after a mistaken Santa incident that I have been trying not to think about since it happened. He probably would have forgiven me if I’d admitted my screw up right away. Instead, he found out in a public recap video of the Holiday Crowne Charity Gala. Now, it looks like I have a Santa fetish. Nothing says happy holidays like two public disasters with two different men and one extremely overwhelming decision.

Chef Vanessa “Nessy” Blackmore never imagined that a Christmas incident would send her life into a whirlwind of confusion. On one hand, she has Dirty Santa #1, a charismatic politician. On the other, she has Dirty Santa #2, an alluring junkyard owner.

Both are amazing. Both are mesmerizing. Neither is making her decision easy.


One Snowy Seduction : Baes of Christmas by A.C. Arthur

‘Tis the season for getting great gifts and Teesha Palmer just won the trip of a lifetime to the French Alps. The only pitfall to her holiday vacation is the appearance of her distractingly sexy friend-turned-enemy, Kendrick McLaughlin. An unexpected blizzard that traps them in a mountain-side cabin might be exactly what they needed to face the past…and one snowy night is all it takes to convince Teesha and Kendrick that some things are better together.


This Love Is Real Book 2 (This Love Is Real Novella 3) by TMH Writer

Sonya believed marrying the love of her life and becoming a surgeon was the key to her happiness. Unfortunately, that happiness was threatened by choices her wife makes, and Sonya begins doubting Terri’s love.

Terri’s reaction to misfortunes impacts how she loves her wife and jeopardizes her happiness in marrying Sonya. 

Can Sonya and Terri’s love overcome mistrust and misfortunes to save their marriage, or will outside forces irrevocably damage the love they found. Can true love be the tie that binds them for a lifetime?


With Every Step (McCall Family Series Book 2) by Natasha D. Frazier

Born and groomed to be CEO, Darius is ready to run the family business, except Jeffrey McCall has reserved that position for the oldest son.

Darius McCall’s CEO ambitions have driven his choices since junior high school. He’s worked alongside his father, preparing for the position most of his life.

When Jeffrey McCall names Andrew, Darius’ older brother, as McCall Resorts’ new CEO instead of him, Darius becomes furious. He’s determined to prove that CEO is his rightful place – and spearheading the construction of their new Houston resort is just the way to do that – except Kennedy Slaughter may be a bigger distraction than he expected.

Kennedy Slaughter becomes Slaughter Construction Inc.’s President after the sudden death of her twin brother. She now bears the weight of the company’s success on her shoulders. When McCall Resorts hires her company to build their Houston facility, she works to make her brother proud and fights against anything that will hinder the project’s success – including the undeniable attraction between her and Darius McCall.

What will it take for Darius and Kennedy to secure the success they desire and balance the growing emotional bond between them?


Love’s Epiphany: Zano and Nyem’s Story by Bre Shadae

Nyem hasn’t been home in years and for good reason but when an opportunity she can’t pass up presents itself it’s time to face the music and address the pink elephant in the room. What she doesn’t expect is to be completely blindsided by Zano Jefferies.
Zano has given away enough time and he’s hellbent on not wasting another second. When intrigue turns quickly into something indescribable he knows exactly what to do. Is it crazy? Yes, of course it is, but when two hearts connect there is no denying the fire.
When you know, you know….


Back to Us: A Christmas Novelette by Chassilyn Hamilton

Life had been dealing Malik Johnson an unfavorable hand, and the threat of losing the business he worked hard for changed him for the worst without him realizing it.

Malik’s wife Rayne knew that time with his family away from their problems was just what they needed. She had been counting down the days until their Christmas family vacation … that was until Malik decided to cancel at the last minute. Unable to take another loss, Rayne decided to take the trip alone and use the time to evaluate their marriage and decide the next best step for them. While she’s away, she gets a glimpse of the single life and causes her to question if that was what her future held.

Will the snapshot of a single life propel Rayne to turn the temporary predicament a permanent one, or will it motivate her to do whatever it took to get them back to a place of happiness?


Unravel Me by AJ Davidson

Queen’s life is wrapped in so many layers that some days she can’t even find herself. Wanting love but not knowing how to properly accept love has been her biggest downfall. Her ultimate goal in life is to love and protect others from things she’s had to endure in her past.

Trauma, heartache and most definitely pain, has been hidden behind her smile and all she wants is someone to come along and be willing to patiently unravel her doubts, her fears, and all of her worries. Queen wants a man that will have her so in love and focused on him, that everything in her past is a distant memory.

Meeting Dominic wasn’t on her to do list but he was definitely not one she was quick to scratch off. Dominic came with his own set of layers and little did Queen know, she would be the one doing the unraveling.

Queen will soon find out that sometimes you have to face the demons you want to bury, to save those you love.


Two Hearts Plus One (The Rosewood Series Book 5) by Latoya Garrett

This is a short story.

The holidays were supposed to be joyful and fun, right? Unfortunately for Marcus and Lisa King, their favorite shared holiday and one year anniversary are coming up but celebrating is far from their minds.
Lisa was under the impression that after enduring struggle for years, starting her own business and finally finding love, she’d move forward unencumbered at least for a while.
And Marcus, never had to go through anything drastic, is struggling to keep his faith up.
Lisa realizes she has to rely on her faith like never before to fight for her family and see God’s promises fulfilled this Christmas season.

Have My Baby by Venus Teagan

Carter and Jayla are best friends. They have been friends for a very long time. Some would say too long. What happens when the strength of the friendship is tested? Will they stand the test of time or will the damage be irreversible?


The Keresimesi Wish by Ola Awonubi

Ikenna Okorie goes home to Lagos for Christmas to tie up his parents affairs and to untangle his affections from the girl he wanted to marry 15 ago who turned him down. Is this Christmas in Lagos; time for them to finally realise that they both have the same wishes for the festive season ?


Dreaming of a Wild Christmas: A Holiday Novella by Leila Love

Valentina Jones is plotting Christmas chaos. With her professional and personal life is in a tailspin, instead of trying to course correct, she leans in to the merry mayhem. She takes leave without approval to join her friends on a singles ski trip, and haphazardly agrees to help a stranger spy on her cheating boyfriend on that very same trip.

But the best laid schemes can still go awry. When her childhood friend and high school crush, Terrence Richards, reappears after ten years, and Valentina gets roped into managing her group’s activities, she has to resist the pull of her dormant attraction and make moves that force her to evaluate her uninspired life.

In the chilled air and snowcapped mountains of Vail, Colorado, Valentina navigates speeding recklessly down a proverbial slippery slope, and thawing her anger for the boy next door that got away—taking her heart with him. Will she slide further into chaos, or will she warm up to a new life and a first love?


Reunion 2: The Holiday by TaKisha Trenean

an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.

Iesha and Josh are back. Will the spirit of the holidays finally bring these two back together?


A Christmas to Remember by Marie Nash

Christmas was fast approaching, and the children were especially hyper today. If Rachel didn’t know better, she would think they had some sugar this morning because they were slowly working her nerves. Did she really want to have another baby? Maybe she and Richard should have given this more thought. But, it was too late now; the deed was done. In seven months, they were having another bundle of joy to love.
“Okay, you two. Mommy can’t hear herself think. Please go in the den and play quietly for a while.”
Brianna looked up. “Mommy, are you tired of us?”
Rachel dropped to her knees and hugged them tightly. “Oh, no. I could never get tired of my sweet angels. Sometimes when mommies are going to have a baby, they need to rest.”
Brianna’s eyes brighten. “Oh. Come on, Bray, and let Mommy rest.” Brayden followed behind his sister.
Rachel stood back and gazed at the enormous Christmas tree. The kids must have been playing under it again. One of the ornaments was barely clinging to a branch. She had scolded them about this before.
The branch was out of her reach, and she couldn’t stand on the step ladder in her condition. But maybe she could reach it if she stood on her toes. It took two tries before her fingers touched the ornament.
Rachel leaned back and lost her balance. She screamed right before the back of her head hit the stone fireplace. She was lying halfway on the fireplace when Briana and Brayden came running into the living room.
“Mommy! Brianna screamed before rushing over to her. Brianna called her name several times, and she didn’t open her eyes. with tears running down her cheeks, Brianna grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as her parents taught her to do in case of emergency.
“Mommy, please wake up,” Brayden wailed with tears running down his cheeks.
“911, what is your emergency?”
“My mommy fell down, and she won’t wake up.”
“What’s your name, sweetie?”
“What a pretty name. Okay, Brianna, I’m going to send an ambulance to your house. Do you know your address, honey?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Brianna gave her the address, and the dispatcher thanked her.
“You’re such a smart girl. Now, I want you to stay on the line until the ambulance arrives.”
“Okay, but I need to call my daddy.”
“Is there another phone in the house?”
“Yes, my mommy’s phone.”
“Okay. Put the phone done but don’t hang up and call your dad.”
Brianna looked around and spotted her mom’s phone on the coffee table. She picked it up and punched one number she knew would go straight to her dad.
“Hey, sweetheart. How are you?”
“Daddy,” Brianna’s voice trembled.
Richard stood straight up. “Bri, what’s wrong, and where is Mommy?”
“She fell daddy and won’t wake up.” Bri started to cry again.
“What!” Alerted by the tone of Richard’s voice, his brothers Steven and Alan rushed around his desk and stood next to him.
“Richard, what’s going on?” Both brothers asked.
“Bri, listen. I want you to be daddy’s big girl. Where did your Mommy fall?”
“On the fireplace. I tried to wake her up, Daddy, but she didn’t.”
“It’s okay, princess. Do I hear sirens?”
“Yes. I called 911 as you taught me. The lady is still on the phone.”
“Good girl. I’m going to call Granny to come to stay with you.”
“Okay. Daddy, I’m scared. Is Mommy going to wake up?”
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. Mommy is going to be okay. Where is your brother?”
“He’s sitting on the fireplace next to Mommy. Oh, the doorbell is ringing. Should I answer?”
“Yes, baby. Go ahead and let the paramedics in so they can help Mommy.”
Bri raced to the front door as fast as she could. When she opened the door, her Granny Regina was standing there, and then the ambulance pulled up.


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New Release Round-Up December 20th-26th

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