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Check out these new releases from December 25th-31st.

Love’s Neutral Zone by Love Belvin

Maaz Zyad, number ninety-seven of the Connecticut Kings, wasn’t a big name in his first three seasons in the League. Thanks to his temperamental girlfriend posting and tweeting her every grievance about the Leagueand Kings franchise, Zyad’s become one of the most talked about players in the media.

The Kings cut him a contract extension with a huge pay increase under one condition. He had to get rid of the hyper-poster to keep his crown. That was an easy fix for Maaz. He made the swift decision and called on the competent team at Love Is Action sports agency.

Sundryia Matthews is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. She’s been Maaz’s mother’s protégé for nearly a decade. And she’s been his fixation since he was sixteen years old. Sundryia was off limits to Maaz, though she’d been around since his mother bailed her out of jail years ago. Oh. And she’s older than Maaz. Oh. And it must also be mentioned Sundryia dated Maaz’s older brother.

Forbidden love plagues this King. Well, it does, at least, until Maaz whisks Sundryia off to his family’s vacation home in Macen Beach to kick off the summer. Can he convince her it’s time to push beyond the lies created by their tawdry affair and pursue an honest romance he’s always wanted with her?

Publisher’s Note: Love’s Neutral Zone is book 9 of the Connecticut Kings series but can be read as a standalone. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, and sexually explicit content. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


Never Enough for Love: A Pen Pals to Lovers Romance by Mycah Edwards

All her life, around the way girl Ruejae has received crumbs from the world that’s left a stain on her perception of what she deserves. On the verge of blurring lines with a long-time friend, she is ready to see what’s on the other side of incessant flirting, weighty promises, and ravishing fantasies shared over a recorded phone line. Cutting ties wasn’t a part of the deal but when calls go unanswered and promises are forgotten, she has no choice but to move forward with the shame, embarrassment, and insecurity of loving a man the world warned her she shouldn’t.

With roots in abandonment and being labeled a troublemaker at a young age, Kamari undergoes a total identity shift once he’s given a second chance to build a life he and his loved ones can all be proud of. When he’s called on by the mother who abandoned him to help save his younger brother from going down a path he knows all too well, his heart won’t let him tell her no. When he returns home with the love of his life, his only goal was to expand his business and mentor his brother. The last thing he expects is to collide with the pen pal from his past that has ties to his family. His heart was never supposed to be available, but after his lover crosses a line he has forbidden, he finds himself pursuing a girl the world says is off limits.

Neither of these genuine, big-hearted souls expected to find love in a messy place. While everyone says their love should be forbidden, Kamari and Ruejae can’t seem to untangle themselves from years of secrets, hopes, and dreams buried in the lines of letters long forgotten about. They’ve exposed their hearts in a way that connects you to someone for life. So when they meet for the first time, there’s a magnetic energy anyone in the vicinity can feel. Can Ruejae and Kamari heal from never being enough for love to discover the truth… that love was rooted in their DNA all along? In these pages find out if the fate… the dharma… the destiny of two souls is enough for a happily ever after.


24/7 (an erotic short) by Alexandria House

They have an arrangement, but she wants more. Is he willing to give it to her?


The Holiday by Nicole Falls

Stuck in complacency, Charmaine Burrell receives a fortuitous invitation that leads to her having a very happy HOliday!



The Wedding by Nicole Falls

a forfuitious and, quite literal, run-in places Krystin Murphy on the path to her future and beyond…



Spontaneous Alignment by Chassilyn Hamilton

Come aboard with the Silver Lining and Spontaneous Soulmates crew as they embark on a vessel of love and commitment.



Milk & Honey by Kia Barlow

This summer, Mila gave her best friend, Hendrix, a gift no other man has ever gotten from her. With the holidays being the season of giving, what else could she possibly give the man who is in love with her?


Boo Thang: A Halloween Novella by Rilzy Adams

or Piper James, the scariest thing about this Halloween is how badly she wants her best friend’s little brother.

Piper’s birthday plans go up in smoke when a series of unfortunate events leave her best friend, Angie, unable to travel to Mexico for the Halloween weekend they planned. Angie thinks she’s found the perfect solution when her little brother, Zeke, offers to take her place but Piper disagrees. A weekend trip with Zeke is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s the exact type of disaster she’s been trying hard to avoid since a drunken kiss between them ignited sexual tension that begs to be explored. Piper cannot think of anything more stressful than spending her birthday weekend trying to resist Zeke. Once the dust settles, she realizes this might be the perfect solution after all. She and Zeke can spend the weekend getting each other out of their systems then return home and continue like nothing happened.

Zeke has been halfway in love with Piper since he was a teenager. He thought his desire for her was just leftover feelings from all those years of pining after his sister’s best friend but the kiss they shared proved him wrong. His feelings are real… strong… and very adult. He cannot believe his luck when he offers to accompany Piper to Mexico for her birthday and she reluctantly accepts. He doesn’t take her reluctance personally since he knows she’s only skittish because of the attraction she’s afraid to acknowledge. Zeke happily agrees when Piper suggests they spend the weekend exploring the sexual tension between them and calling it quits once they leave Mexico. Zeke wants more than a weekend fling, but Piper has been an unattainable dream for so long that he’ll accept whatever she is willing to offer.
It’s better to have her for a short time than never to have had her at all.

The trip is more than either of them bargained for and the harsh reality creeps in as the clock ticks down to their flight home: can a weekend possibly be enough?


Suri: The Donovan Dynasty Book #5 by A.C. Arthur

Accept the unexpected…

With her great-aunt in a coma and the rest of the family spiraling out of control as they fight to hold onto their wealth and reputation, the last thing Suri Donovan needed was to be inextricably drawn to this man who is unlike anyone she’d ever met.

Break all the rules…

She’s related to one of his closet friends. She’s involved in his biggest crime syndicate case. And she despises him. So why can’t he get through one night without dreaming of the sexy little spitfire? Why can’t he stop wanting her…needing her, like he needs air?

Special Agent Pierce Rawlings may not have all the answers, but when Suri goes missing, he’ll move heaven and earth to get her back.


Mister 2: The Prelude (The Mister Series Book 7) by B. Love

Mister 2: The Prelude gives readers update chapters for their favorite Misters and their women. 

Kahlil and Honey
Elite and Denali
Hosea and Cartier
Saint and Harmony
Tyreek and Janae

As these couples settle into a life of love and normality, trouble is on the horizon. Mister 2 gives a small look into what’s to come and the men that will take control. Reader favorite Antonne is at the top of that list.

Please note: All books, except the first prelude, must be read before reading Mister 2. It is a short novelette that gives updates for each couple.


Summers: A Holiday Novella by M. Monique

There are a few things that Grey, Blu, and Kingston have in common: family, love, and loyalty.
On these three things, they can agree. With the love of their lives by their side, things have been
fairly quiet in the men’s lives.

Will a vacation to the mountains change all of that?

They’re taking us back to Colorado for a holiday vacation full of laughs and an unexpected
situation that tests the very morals they stand on. Buckle in and enjoy this fast-paced ride and
catch up with the men who will stop at nothing to protect those they love. Including each other.


Her Heart On Ice (BLP Fairytales Book 8) by A. Blossom

Some people spend their whole life with their heart on ice—frozen, never getting a chance to be who they truly are meant to be, to love who they want to love, stuck in fear, and slogging through a difficult phase. 

For sisters Issa and Eliana Frost, putting their hearts on ice has become their norm. Isolated from the outside world by their single father, all the girls long for is to escape. When their father suddenly dies, Issa is set to take over the family business, and Eliana is ready to leave her isolated life behind. What happens when betrayal forces the sisters out of isolation and into the arms of love, passion, pleasure, and purpose?

Two sisters, one with the power to control snow and ice and the other desperate for freedom… Will they allow love to thaw their frozen hearts, or will they go back to living a life on ice?


MISLOVED: Toussaint Mafia Book Three by Dominique Thomas

“Who said you couldn’t be happy today?”

Those were her first words to him.

Words that had the power to transport him back to a time long forgotten and rekindle emotions he had buried deep within. But who told her she could talk to him like she knew him? Didn’t she know he was the son of the Don?

Ossa was insulted.

Then he was intrigued.

Glowing brown skin, long locs with a smile so pretty it made him want to match her energy. Imani was like no woman he had met before.

Making him ask himself, could he keep her?

As the son of Carlos Toussaint, Ossa carried is obligations. The mafia couldn’t operate without him, and there was no room for love in that world. Ossa was fully aware of these realities, yet the light Imani brought into his dark existence awakened something in him that he thought perished with his mother.

However, Imani embodied everything his father warned him against. It didn’t help that she was an opinionated single mom that brought out a softer side of Ossa. She wasn’t welcomed and it would become very clear to her once she stepped into the world of the Toussaint Mafia.

This marks the third installment in the Toussaint Mafia series, introducing ‘Misloved.’


Love Notes: Sexy Holiday Shorts (The Royals) by Shameka S. Erby

Check-in with your favorite Royals and their friends for the Christmas holiday!

The Royals and their friends are celebrating the season! Tash is coming home from travel and ready for reunion—is Noah ready too? Then Dawson and Renee are a month postpartum, celebrating their wedding anniversary. See how they make it special. Evie and Jamie wanted to wrap themselves in a cocoon for Christmas, but family obligations give them double the responsibility. And a few more! See how your favorite couples are bringing sexy tidings of love and passion.


Catch My Fall: Friends to Lovers Romance (Hearts of Calverton Book 3) by Symone West

Tara Abrams believed she had a perfect life until tragedy struck, and everything came to a standstill.
She pours herself into her small business, hoping things will fall back into place one day. But when a chance meeting leads to an unexpected friendship, she starts to question whether the life before was indeed all she wanted.

Russ Fitzpatrick is used to focusing on work and putting off becoming serious with someone. Then he meets Tara, and something about the store owner tugs at his heart.
Their connection deepens over time, pushing Tara to make a decision she never thought she’d have to face.

*Mature language and content.

*Slow Burn
*Friends to Lovers
*Family Drama

Each book in the series can be read as a standalone.


A Night at Fontaine’s : A Spicy Romance Short by Leah Nicole Whitcomb

A quickie of a read.

Bambi is unlucky in relationships. Because she’s a stripper, men expect certain things from her, things she’s not always happy to deliver. She just wants a man who desires her for who she is and not what she can do. After a run-in at the grocery store, Bambi wonders if she’s found that man.

Fontaine tends to his plants, packs orders for his clients, and chills with his boys. Such is the life of a drug dealer. When an act of bravery causes him to cross paths with Bambi, he wonders if she’s the excitement his life needs.

Could a night at Fontaine’s lead them to something more?

Intended only for those 18 years and older.


On Chill With A Billionaire by Black Lavish

When Tish and her friends embark on a trip to Vegas, she never expected to run into her child’s father, Chill Saint.

Chill was the richest man in any room and just as fine as he was wealthy. Chill and Tish make a connection on her first day in Vegas which sets off a chain of events for her and her friends. Will this reunion make for a heartfelt love story or will the jealousy looming in the shadows destroy all hope for happiness? 

On Chill With A Billionaire.


Party Favors by Chris Stevens

Kasim Rogers is not particularly excited about his friend Raquan Cash’s New Years’ Eve Bash, but plans to attend to support his friend, even after a tough Christmas holiday.

Taylor Roundtree doesn’t share her bestie Sabreen’s excitement about the Bash, but has to be there to return a favor Sabreen did for her weeks earlier.

Kasim and Taylor meet and the attraction is instant and the night takes a couple of twists and turns before they can bring in the new year together – and with a bang.


Undeniable by Lucille Lillian

Warren “Sniper” Black thought he was playing a harmless prank during the annual Steel Empire MC New Year’s party. Little did the gruff Sergeant at Arms know that the joke would be on him. When he meets Destiny LaMont, sister of his MC brother, he gets one taste of her and vows to love and protect her just like he does the club.

Destiny LaMont thinks she’s going to ring in the New Year at home on the couch. She’s about to take her home-based handbag business to a proper storefront and she wants to relax before the chaos of renovations begin. Instead, she finds herself at the local motorcycle club’s New Year’s party with her best friend. When she meets Warren, she knows her life is about to change forever.

This is Book 2 in the Seasons of Smut Series

Hunted by Jaylee Fields is Book 1 in the series


Christmas Bully by K. Nicole

An unexpected snow storm hits Law Grove on Christmas Eve and hustler, Kasim Davis has to find temporary shelter until it blows over. His shelter happens to belong to Sneaux, a single business woman who just stepped out to grab a few items before the storm turned for the worse. 

Alarmed that the garage side door that she left unlocked was now locked when she returned home, Sneaux never thought she would return to a very handsome stranger asleep in her guest room. When she should have been afraid, Sneaux was more…turned on.


Home for the Holidays: A Potter Lake Small Town Romance by DL White

“I need to be clear that I like this. I need this, especially on a day like today, but…”
“That’s all it is, Satisfying a need.”

Reid Gallagher hasn’t returned to Potter Lake because he misses his family, or because he wonders how his hometown has fared since he left. After many years away, this visit is strictly business….until he meets Sabrina.

Sabrina Ward’s crumbling marriage drives her to the peace and solace of her Aunt Cara’s comfortable home in a slow, southern town. Her stay was always going to be temporary, but for Reid, she might consider an extended stay.

As the first snow blankets Potter Lake in a winter wonderland, Sabrina and Reid give in to an inconvenient yet irresistible spark of attraction. With Reid’s departure looming, a lucrative opportunity could turn a casual holiday fling into a chance at love.

Come for the festive holiday vibes… stay for a steamy love story and the charm of Potter Lake, where second chances aren’t just possible; they’re inevitable. Home for the Holidays is a heartwarming novella, perfect for fans of seasonal Hallmark movies and the magic of the season.

Content Advisory: Divorce, adult language and sexual content including depictions of sex acts on the page. If any of these are a stop sign for you, I encourage you to engage in self care and choose another title.


A Small Town Christmas : Daniya and Dakari by D. Monic

After having her heart broken by her high school sweetheart Daniya Benoit didn’t know what hit her. After picking up the pieces of her broken heart, she moved forward with the intentions of never speaking to her ex again. For years she stuck to her word, however after a chance encounter, not only may she not be able to stick to her word, but her best kept secret is in danger of being exposed. 

After ten long years, Dakari Semaj is finally released from prison. With his newfound freedom he only has two goals: finding out who set him up and reuniting with the love of his life. With the holidays quickly approaching, he sets his plan in motion. Facing a few setbacks, he prays for a Christmas miracle and ultimately, his wish ends up coming true. 

Secrets from the past slowly begin to emerge, causing Daniya and Dakari to both be faced with questions about the past, present and future. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles set in their paths? Or will their problems wreak havoc and break the relationship?


Snowed In With My First Love by Janese Lee

In this holiday novella, Marlowe and Major are escaping the hustle of their everyday life to escape, along with their best friends, Nova and Bishop. Holidays are all about giving, and in this dynamic story, bonds will strengthen like none of them could have imagined as they endure the test of how deep their friendship is.


Stranded in the Keys (Winter Wonderland Tales Book 2) by Simone Sims

When music journalist Sloan Richards lands the biggest break of her career, she doesn’t expect the assignment to be interviewing her high school sweetheart. When her rockstar ex-boyfriend, Chance Wainwright, invites her to craft an intimate profile at his bungalow in Key West, Florida, she also doesn’t expect a hurricane to hit, forcing them to shelter in place over the holidays. As the storm rages around them, long buried feelings reemerge, threatening to create a tempest that will be more devastating than anything nature can create.


The Perfect Gift For Me by Sharrah Shay

What happens when you run into your ex’s friend and sparks fly? 
Follow this unconventional love and see how everything unfolds.


Hunger for You: Island Embers by Cheryl Barton

Tellum Blackstone was entranced the moment his eyes landed on Cheyenne Reddick and her magnetic beauty. In her eyes, arms, and heart, he thought he’d found forever. A rift between their fathers had him questioning what kind of real love could be torn apart with a line drawn in the sand.

Cheyenne never thought that she would meet the perfect man until she did in Tellum. He exuded the kind of charm, kindness, and simmering heat that had her mind, body, and soul sizzling like no man had ever done before. To her dismay, a ticking time bomb of epic proportion, in the form of her father, brought about an ultimatum for her to choose a man she loves from a family he detests or lose his love and support forever.

At Secret Whisper, a romantic island resort owned by Tellum, Cheyenne finds that his passion-infused hunger for her easily penetrated her paper-thin resistance. Their desire for each other reignited an insatiable appetite that no woman in her right mind could fight.

Tellum put his all into their red-hot kisses and explosive days and nights of seduction. He needed to find a way to overshadow the risk they were taking in discovering if their love was worth fighting for.


What My Friends Didn’t Know (The Alex Chronicles Book 5) by Tracy Reed

Sebastian never thought he would be the last man standing in his circle. It’s hard seeing all your friends living the life you wanted. He thought his latest girlfriend was the one. She was his type, tall, leggy and beautiful, but there was a problem. She did trust him.

Where there’s no trust, there’s no room for love. But there’s always a chance love will turn up when you least expect it.


Coconut Drop Dead (Spice Isle Bakery Mysteries Book 3) by Olivia Matthews

The case in Olivia Matthews’s Coconut Drop Dead is going to be a tough nut to crack.

Brooklyn’s annual Caribbean American Heritage Festival is finally here, and Spice Isle Bakery is thrilled to be one of the event’s food vendors. After all, the Murrays have been attending the festival for years. Co-owner Lyndsay Murray hopes their West Indian pastries and finger foods draw people back to the bakery in Little Caribbean. She’s looking forward to having fun, connecting with customers, and celebrating with her family. 

The day’s festivities are cut short when Camille, lead singer of an up-and-coming reggae band, dies. The police think it may be a tragic accident. But Lyndsay’s cousin Manny was close to Camille, and he believes someone cut her life short. Now Manny needs Lyndsay’s help to make sure a killer faces the music.


Crash And Burn (FBI: Criminal Profilers Book 1) by Bonnie Synclaire

Two rookie detectives’ first case may be their last…

Rayne Winters didn’t expect to return to her shadowy hometown after being recruited by the FBI. She also didn’t expect to see Detective Jonah Davenport again either: also a recruit, and her first love who she’d abandoned when he needed her the most.

When several fiery murders send the city into a frenzy, they’re paired together for their first case. Despite the tension between them, the rookies must put their faith in each other again if they want to catch the culprit.

Then Rayne is targeted by a bold assailant. Jonah desperately begins to search for a motive on his own to protect her, but ultimately puts his own life at risk…Their line of work turns deadly, passion and determination collide, and the stakes rise as the hunt for a madman begins. But when the smoke clears, not everyone will come out unscathed.


Under the Cover of Darkness (West Investigations Book 7) by K.D. Richards

Her mission is to find a killer.
His job is to keep a secret…

When a body is found on a deserted road, Detective Yara Thomas isn’t convinced it’s suicide. The victim’s cell phone is missing. And why is Brandon West’s business card in the dead woman’s car? Complicating Yara’s search for the killer is her romantic history with the prominent attorney. As desire flares again, she and Brandon must trust each other with their secrets or they might not live to close the case…


Wrangling a Family (Aspen Creek Bachelors Book 3) by Kathy Douglass

Winning was just the start of the game.

Bidding on bachelor Nathan Montgomery was a way for single mom Alexandra Jamison to get her friends off her back. She had no interest in a serious relationship, and luckily, neither did the handsome rancher. Although Nathan did believe Alexandra would make the perfect cover “girlfriend” to keep his matchmaking family at bay. What harm could a few innocent dates cause? It wasn’t as if Nathan had any plans to seriously fall for a ready-made family…


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up December 25th-31st


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