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Make The Play (Body and Soul: Those Jones Boys Book 1) by Jamie Wesley

Meet Carter Jones. The youngest Jones boy. The newest member of the Memphis Soul.

After signing a contract that made him the highest paid wide receiver in the game with his hometown team, Carter thought life couldn’t get any sweeter. But he’s dropping passes in games and hearing the boos from the fans. Worse, his oldest brother/roommate keeps butting into his business. He needs a new place to stay. Today. When he drives by an open house, he thinks his luck is changing. When he meets the beautiful real estate agent, he knows things are looking up—even if she wants nothing to do with him.

Gabby Stephens has had enough of rich guys. She’s ready for her a fresh start and has no time for playboys, even the ridiculously hot ones. But when her bills start piling up, finding a home for Carter becomes her top priority. Her second priority? Ignoring her overwhelming attraction to the pro athlete.

In this game of love, Carter’s more than ready to make the play to win over Gabby.



TORN: The Unforgettable Hinton Series by Adrianne Byrd

On the night before his happily-ever-after, Quentin Hinton is involved in a fatal car accident that changes his and his brother, Sterling’s lives forever. Diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia Quentin no longer remembers the woman he’s pled to marry for the second time. With his wild days at the Dollhouse Gentlemen’s club calling his name and old flames suddenly available., will Quentin make the same choices and third time?



It’s Complicated by Portia A. Cosby

Venni’s cryptic past is filled with secrets. Now that the beautiful executive is trying to settle down with the man of her dreams, she decides to come clean. She admits to a past filled with lies, heartbreak and scandal. But she soon learns that some secrets are best left buried.

Once the skeletons are out, all hell breaks loose. In the midst of the drama, Venni’s long-time ally becomes her greatest adversary and her most-hated adversary surprisingly becomes her ally. When it’s all said and done, egos and feelings are tattered and family ties are severed. Will Venni regret coming clean?

It’s Complicated is a page-turner that reaffirms we all have a backstory and perfection on the surface isn’t always what it seems.



Memphis Blues by Cheryl Mattox Berry

A Powerful Connection

It was not the life she had planned. Nadine Mitchell was looking forward to getting her first real job, then starting a business. But when she finds herself pregnant before she even finishes high school, the young man’s mother forces them into wedlock.

Carrie Boyd also saw her plans for a better life derailed after a fling leaves her pregnant with twins.

At the center of their angst is Cyrus, a man not yet ready to be a father….with his wife…or his girlfriend. Still, Cyrus manages to keep the two lives separate, while coveting the life he really wants.

What’s done in the dark

Secrets don’t stay buried for long. Years later, when the three of them accidentally meet at a protest rally, everything changes. The fireworks that ensue suddenly alter the dynamic of these relationships forever.

Set in the powerful backdrop of the 1960s Civil Rights movement, Memphis Blues will test the loyalty and strength of three people whose dreams were deferred. Will the women and the handsome doctor who controls them find their true callings? If so, at what price?



Syx and the City (Situationships Book 1) by Grey*

The odds of Syx Rouge, aspiring fashion illustrator and current assistant to world-renowned vocalist, Amiyah Mallard, indulging in an unsolicited, overly pleasurable, steamy night with a man like Trough were slim to none. However, a slight turn of events redirected the odds in her favor.

Ultra-sexy and centric Syx was at her wits end. Her New Year’s celebration had been strategically planned since her older sister, Sevyn, faced her fears and relocated to the Big City. In New York surrounded by laughter, love, music, drinks and the thrill of the people is where Syx desperately wanted to be. Yet, she found herself missing the very last flight bound for the Big City and stranded in Atlanta, GA. A hint of fate scrambled her way as she returned home after discovering her plans were shot. Amiyah Mallard, with her own agenda in mind, forces her husband to give Syx a lift, compliments of his private plane. A slew of unexpected, yet fortunate, occurrences leaves Syx dazed and confused after waking up on New Year’s Day in unknown territory, on a dangerously comforting mattress, tangled in Italian sheets with her beloved boss’s life partner. Trough Mallard.

*This is a novelette.*



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

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