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The Love Below (Prototype Glimpse Collection) by Jacinta Howard

Love is the music between the notes. What happens after fame and success? Take a Glimpse into the lives of The Prototype as they explore a new rhythm and navigate love and life after breaking big.

Bam+Cassie (Glimpse 1): They’ve found their rhythm. Prototype keyboardist Bam Mosley and Cassandra James have put the drama that defined their early relationship behind them. But what happens when decisions are made that threaten to disrupt the calm they’ve worked so hard to create? Will they falter in their love and the life they’ve built together? 

Devin+Willow (Glimpse 2): Passionate and intense, Prototype founder/drummer Devin Walker and Willow Harden’s relationship has always been push and pull. But one thing has always been for certain—they can’t be without each other. When a situation arises that puts that to the test, they’re both forced to make some hard decisions about their marriage, and themselves. 

Travis+Kennedy (Glimpse 3): Their connection has always been otherworldly, magnetic… even spiritual. Prototype guitarist Travis Broussard and lead singer Kennedy James know their love for one another surpasses understanding. But when outside forces threaten the sanctity of their bond, they have to decide how far they’re willing to go to protect their love.

Zay+Jersey (Glimpse 4): Beautiful and complicated, absorbent and fated, Prototype singer Isaiah Broussard and bassist Jersey Kincaid are more than lovers, more than best friends, more than life partners… they are kindred spirits. Over the years, they’ve proven that their love for one another is bigger than any obstacle that threatens to separate them. But when life circumstances arise that make them examine their individual truths and desires, they must decide if their love is truly big enough to overcome anything, or if their decisions will place them on separate paths, possibly for good.

Jay+Sasha (Bonus Glimpse): Jay Little knows what he wants. As the even-tempered manager of The Prototype and founder of a successful indie label, Jay’s level-headed nature has always played to his advantage. The only person who’s ever been able to knock him off-balance is his label’s publicist, and his longtime friend, Sasha Baptiste. After Jay’s self-control is put to the test one night, Sasha and Jay have to decide what they really mean to each other. Friends? Lovers? Or somewhere in-between?


A New Year With You (A Short Story) by D. Rose

Brandi hated attending work-related events and spending New Year’s Eve with her coworkers wasn’t how she wanted to end the year. But when her former co-worker, and crush, Cyan crashed the party, spending the evening with coworkers didn’t seem like a bad idea after all.

please note: this is a short story of approximately 6K words.


Can’t Wait for Love by Parker Jones

Brittany Taylor is single and living her best life, at least, that’s what she’s telling herself. Giving up on the man she had loved most of her adult life would take some getting used to. However, rediscovering her freedom was as good of a place as any to start. When a co-worker makes a play to get to know her better, she can feel her spirit shift. Just when she was ready to live without love it seems love isn’t done with her yet. 

Dustin Waters is respectable and takes his job as head of security seriously. As a hands-on father, his focus is constantly between his son and work with little else to capture his attention. Relationships are of no interest as his heart has already been broken by the dissolution of his family. Yet, when a woman he sees everyday makes him ponder pursuit, what he thought was out of bounds may take him past his limits. 

Are Brittany and Dustin ready to do the unthinkable? Will she confide her secrets in him? Has his heart healed enough to completely let her in?


This Love Hit Different by Monica Walters and T. Key

Bryce Hardwick knows that he is every woman’s fantasy. It’s that cockiness that aptly titles him the playa of Inglewood. Having a past that groomed him to be the ladies’ man he has become, it didn’t prepare him for the real world… or love. After falling in love for the first time, he realized what it felt like to love someone who didn’t love you back. It caused him to tone his philandering ways down. It made him aware of all the hearts he’d broken in the past. Now that he had not only a son, but a little princess as well, he knew he needed to be a better example for them.
When Bryce sees Sheena, he immediately knows that he wants to be a respectable man and settle down. His career is in place and with the help of his friend, Solomon, he has his heart’s desires, materialistically. But as of late, especially after watching Solomon find love, he’s been craving that type of connection with someone. Although he realizes she’s much younger than he is, he knows that she’s the one that will complete him.
While Bryce does his best to prove to Sheena that she’s made the right decision by being with him, he knows that there are elements of his life that could threaten to ruin them. The demons surrounding him about his family, upbringing, and past ideologies would have to be revealed to Sheena. Not to mention, his two baby mamas aren’t the happiest with his new-found relationship. Will Bryce be able to navigate through life’s obstacles and maintain his new relationship with Sheena? Or will it all be too much for her to deal with?


Here’s to Us: An Ali Addition by Celeste Granger

He loves without condition. 
She loves with reckless abandon. 
With a kiss at midnight comes wedding bells for Naomi Singleton and Tareef Ali.

This story is a bonus to the Brothers Ali Series and ends with a happily ever after. 
To read Naomi and Tareef’s full story, read Tareef: Brothers Ali Book 4.


Midnight: A Brighton Bay Novella by Skye Moon

Rachel was terrified of the idea of love.

After a chance encounter with a woman that sparked his soul, Jax refused to settle.

When fate intervenes, they’re left to decide where they stand before the clock strikes midnight.


Underneath the Mistletoe: (The Holidays, #1) by J. Greene

Fake dating your best friend is never a good idea, especially if you’re in love with them. 

Brianna Marie Smith has been best friends with Carson Jerome Adams for twenty years, but she’s been in love with him for longer. She agrees to a fake dating arrangement to save face in front of his matchmaking mother, every year, at their annual Christmas Eve party.

This year, however, proves to be harder than ever before. What happens when the proximity forces Carson and Brianna to confront very real-feelings underneath the mistletoe?


Ball Drop: (The Holidays, #2) by J. Greene

Brianna and Carson are just getting started.

After Carson and Bri declare their love for one another on Christmas Eve, the two friends turned lovers find themselves in rocky waters. They’re finally a couple, but Brianna worries because they’ve fake dated, the feelings they share aren’t real.

When they find themselves snowed in, Carson sets out to prove their feelings are as real as the engagement ring she wears on a chain around her neck. Except it’s not enough. It’s not enough to convince Brianna. So, when Carson’s job pulls him away from Georgia to Houston, right before New Year’s Eve, Brianna believes it’s a sign they’ve made a grave mistake. 

Will Carson be able to prove to Brianna their love is genuine—and will he be able to do so before the ball drops?


More Than Friends by Trina Crooks

Nothing special, is quite as special, when you’re not here. –Tyrell

Dominique knew that Tyrell loved her and she loved him too, but he was her best friend and that was how she wanted to keep it. Sure, they had this special connection that far exceeded any other connection that she had with a man, but if they tried to push to make it more and failed, she would end up losing the best friend she has ever had. Dom wasn’t willing to risk that. If only she could get him to stop putting on the full court press for her affection. 

Tyrell wished that Dom could see that they were meant to be. But with even the mention of his love for her, she shut down the conversation and ignored what he knew was growing between them. Ty had to get her to understand that he wanted to love her forever because he wanted to be more than friends.


Behind the Mask (Holiday Shorts Book 2) by Cassandra B.

At twelve years old, Kendario and Winter made a promise to each other. Now, it’s time to put their money where their mouths are. Will Kendario find the only woman meant for him or will love be lost behind the mask?


When the Ball Drops: A New Years Short (Holiday Shorts Book 3) by Cassandra B.

Can the pieces be put back together after the ball drops and shatters? 
*If anxiety and depression are triggers please proceed with caution.*


Thirsty When Wet by India T. Norfleet

Melody doesn’t trust her heart when it comes to men anymore, but her shattered heart still hadn’t completely given up on love. When a smooth talking, rude, but extremely tall glass of hot chocolate better known as Saint Heartwell crosses her path, Melody is furious with his very existence but also instantly aroused. Extremely aroused. So much so, she can’t think of anything else but the way his body feels against her own. Very quickly this man leaves her body thirsty for his touch, dripping wet, and secretly yearning for a deeper connection. 
Furious that he’s breaking every rule she set in place to secure the only thing that matters to her anymore, Melody hides behind fear and pain from her past in hopes of ensuring her heart is never broken again. Will Melody fall victim to Saint’s charm, the bulge in his gray sweatpants, and the love he doesn’t hesitate to give, or does Melody decide that she’s just too damaged to be loved…  

The day Melody Davis walks into his life, Saint is intrigued and immediately attracted to her. Unfortunately, he wasn’t having the best day, and by the time he reacted, it was too late to stop disaster from striking. Within that moment of chaos, something happened that Saint hadn’t known how to prepare for. Something that had the power to change his life forever. Amid uncontrollable intense passion, unexpected emotions, and a newfound appreciation for all things Melody, Saint revisits his views on love. 
Normally, his stance was that he could take or leave love. He doesn’t believe anybody has soul mates anymore until he realizes that he’s falling for Melody. 

Will Melody become his greatest joy and the love of his life or just another reason for him to steer clear of love…forever?


Ain’t It Funny by C. Monet

Sutton Marcel was labeled the odd girl in school after her mother passed unexpectedly. Quiet and always in her thoughts, mean girls picked at her while the boys steered clear. Now, though, things are different. Seemingly overnight, she blossomed into a woman who knows who she is and how to get what she wants. Her clothing store, Suttonly Poppin, is her proof. However, an invitation to her high school reunion brings with it memories she’d prefer to erase. Although attending could give her the opportunity to show how drastically the tables have turned, she’s reluctant and not ready to relive the worst days of her life. But things change when she gets an unexpected visitor to her store.

Draven Rogers had big dreams in high school. He was slated to play pro ball but at the threshold of his dream, his big break ended up being the breaking of his heart. However, fizzled dreams couldn’t keep him down. He’s now the owner of a popular custom car shop. Still, he refuses to visit his hometown, fearful of being reminded and reminding everyone of his failed athletic career. When he runs into his old crush Sutton, he recalls what else he missed out on. Except this time, success seems possible. With the same drive he utilized to solidify his own success, he’s willing to utilize to get Sutton.

Sutton and Draven embark on a friendship bigger than the murmurs that brings them both out of hiding. But not everyone knows how to just let them be. Find out if Sutton and Draven will both run right into the swarm of love.


A New Years Love Tale: A Holiday Short by Dominique Thomas

What do you get when you mix in a wedding, a baby and a love re-acquainted? You get a New Years Tale. This short is filled with lots of love to put you in the holiday spirit.

This is a book of Shorts


Intimate Negotiations: A workplace surprise pregnancy romance (Blackwells of New York Book 1) by Nicki Night

Can she risk her dream job

for a night with the man of her dreams?

Zoe Baldwin escaped her poverty-stricken youth to become a successful investment banking dynamo at the top of her game. But a forbidden office affair with her new boss, Ethan Blackwell, could ruin both their careers. And an unexpected pregnancy makes the stakes even higher. Will she and her billionaire playboy come to new terms when business becomes too personal?  

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Blackwells of New York

Book 1: Intimate Negotiations


No Goodbye (Crimson Hill Series Book 1) by Brenda Barrett

They had a deal. Derrick would marry Cindy’s best friend, Nicky so that he could get a green card. It was only to be for a short while, and then Derrick would return home to Cindy, his one true love.
It sounded good in theory, but plans had a way of going awry, and it took Derrick eight years to find his way home to Cindy. Would Cindy even want him back after all that had gone on before? And would Nicky allow her former friends to seek happiness together without spoiling their plans?


Five Midnight Moments: New Year Bae-Solutions by Sheryl Lister

Some rules are meant to be broken.

A passionate affair with a sexy, charismatic man is right up Valencia Townsend’s alley. Except when that man is her boss and it’s against company policy. He may be irresistible, but she has no intentions of ending her year the same way it began – in a relationship headed nowhere. 

The no-fraternization policy Dwayne Albright put in place to protect himself comes back to bite him with a vengeance. He never expected to meet Valencia, who completes him in every way. Now he has five nights—five moments—to decide whether to follow the rules or ring in the new year and every year with his perfect woman.

Make sure you check out the rest of the books in the series!

Eight Naughty Nights by Nicole Falls
Seven Month Drought by Sherelle Green
Six More Minutes by A.C. Arthur
Five Midnight Moments by Sheryl Lister
Four Page Letter by Angela Seals
Three Wrong Dates by Kelsey Green
Two Hot Kisses by Yahrah St. John
One More Drink by Elle Wright


Four Page Letter: New Year Bae-Solutions by Angela Seals

At a New Year’s Eve Party, four years ago, I met the man who changed the game for me. He was everything I’d imagined for myself and then some! But like a thief in the night, he barged in and stole my heart and hightailed it out of the country without a second glance. Our four-page letters were the only thing that kept us connected. Until they stopped…


Three Wrong Dates: New Year Bae-Solutions by Kelsey Green

Ivory Vaughn was raised to uphold her family’s prestigious expectations. Marry a man from a well-known family. Create a life others envy. Live wealthily ever after. 

Her New Year’s Eve date is set to be the start of her perfect life. But when the sexy, unpolished Jackson “Chef” Keating crashes, all plans get thrown to the wind. He might stand for everything she believes is wrong, but Mr. Right is sometimes the man you least expect. 


Two Hot Kisses: New Year Bae-Solutions by Yahrah St. John

She was the one who got away. That’s what successful author Brandon Cobb thought about his secret college crush Sasha Bennett. The beautiful aspiring artist and free spirit had always been way out of his league – until now. While on tour promoting his latest book, he spots Sasha. 

Fate is telling him his timing is finally right. He suggests Sasha spend New Year’s Eve with him. Sasha ditches her date and they have an unforgettable night. When the clock strikes twelve, Brandon makes his move. One kiss leads to two hot kisses and a promise of forever.


One More Drink: New Year Bae-Solutions by Elle Wright

Everything about my life is different than before. My deadbeat father died, but I found the family of my wildest dreams. I have more money than I ever thought I’d have, yet all I want is one kiss, one shot with him. The only problem? He’s the hot bartender I always fantasize about, the confidante who never lectures, and the gentleman who never quite gets the hint.

How many more drinks do I have to order before he sees that I’m not just his friend’s newfound sister, but I might be his one chance at forever? 

Maybe just one more…


Stuck Wit’chu by Olivia Shaw-Reel

Thrown together on a surprise family vacation by their mischievous children, an estranged couple are forced to decide: to be together, or not to be together?  

Just in time for 2021, Olivia Shaw-Reel releases her 26th Christian fiction novel // osrbooks.com.


Love at the Icicle Café by Denise N. Wheatley

Can an icicle-themed festival thaw the most unlikely hearts?

California lawyer Mina Richards spent her childhood helping her mom bake at their winter-themed café in the snowy village of Gosberg, Germany. When her retired parents want to sell The Icicle Café, Mina returns to facilitate the sale. She needs this to go right—she’ll fly in, finalize the deal and fly out to rescue her once high-powered career. But faced with Scott, her childhood friend and crush who doesn’t want to sell, Mina’s plan quickly falls apart.

Rising chef Scott Dawson has turned The Icicle Café into a destination restaurant. His parents and their partners want to sell the café to a hotel chain, and Scott can’t meet their price. When Mina arrives—more beautiful and determined than ever—he sees the possibility of a new future for the business and the town he loves. He just needs to change her mind…about more than selling the café.

When Scott asks Mina to help with the café’s annual Icicle Fest, their icy relationship warms. Can these former friends find a future together in the snowy village of their past?


Ahmad and Zoey: A Christmas Tale by TNesha Sims

Thirty-year-old Zoey Jones lost her mother and her holidays hasn’t been the same since. Which is why she hated to spend the holidays alone. She busied herself into her work. Her outreach program was one of the best programs in the state. When she needed a new sponsor that would help put another program on the map, she fished around for one. She never thought it would be her ex, Ahmad. Being around one another they had no choice but to talk about the past. Zoey knew the people in her life were meant to be there, but what happens when Ahmad gravitates his way back toward her and eventually says, “All I want for Christmas is you.” Is the saying true, if you love something, let it go and if it comes back it was meant to be? Zoey doesn’t seem to think so, she believes ex stands for expired. Has their love expired, or can true love come back and be restored? 

Ahmad Chatterson wasn’t your average man. He was the thug/gentleman every woman wanted. He wasn’t one to be messed with. After his breakup with Zoey, he moved to Atlanta taking his operation a step further, but not even a year later he decided to move back. Deciding to invest in a few programs, he never thought one would be with Zoey. Being that Christmas was the season of love, he knew if he tried hard she would remember their past. Once Zoey confirms the real reason she left it leaves Ahmad empty, even the strongest feelings expires when taken for granted. Knowing Zoey took their love for granted is enough to make Ahmad walk away, or is it? 

Ahmad and Zoey’s close relationship is admired by many, all but one. Jamila, Ahmad’s ex love obsession, can be dangerous based on the idea of being in a relationship with him. She’s afraid of losing him when he’s not even hers. They were only together six months and even when he got with Zoey she hated it. Seeing them back together Jamila knew it was time to give a little gift of her own. As Ahmad tries to rebuild with Zoey he’s blindsided by the enemies coming his way. Will they even be around to tell their Christmas tale? 


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 28th-January 3rd

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