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Check out these new releases from February 12th-18th.

Asylum by B. Love

Asylum Matthews has devoted his life to his wife, stepdaughter, and the safehouses and protection he provides the city of Memphis. When his wife disappears without a trace, leaving signed divorce papers and her daughter behind, Asylum’s world is tilted on its axis.

Dauterive Jersey married the wrong man, and she’s suffered silently because of it. The free-spirited, independent woman has been dying for an escape. When she finally has the courage to divorce her husband, he vows to make her pay with an age-old threat—if he can’t have her no one can.

When Dauterive needs protection, Asylum offers his assistance without knowing who she is or what’s going on. The second they are in each other’s presence, memories of their time together rush to the surface, allowing a love they stifled to finally breathe again. Will it be easy for this second chance love to bloom, or will it wither and die and put both of their lives on the line? 


Kings Catch (King Dynasty Series Book 3) by Iesha Bree

Darian King enjoys the glamorous fruits of his success until unexpected changes alter his carefree bachelor lifestyle. Needing help to navigate uncharted waters, he leans on his lifelong friend, Eva Chavez. Though Eva is distracted by turbulence in her relationship, she agrees to support Darian during this transition.

As they spend more time together, Darian and Eva begin seeing each other differently. Laughing through chaotic days and cozy nights, feelings long-buried start to surface when their guards are down. While new possibilities spark, can they risk complicating their treasured friendship by confronting them?

As their realities shift, Eva questions what she truly wants regarding romance. Can her best friend give her the love she hopes for? Meanwhile, Darian considers leaving his playboy lifestyle behind for the first time if it means a chance with the one woman he can imagine a future with. At this turning point, their lifelong friendship could blossom into a destined love if these soulmates finally take the leap and reveal feelings buried for too long. Will they recognize that what they’ve needed all along is each other?


Beautiful Haze by K.C. Mills

Cali falls in love, fast and hard. It’s intense, emotional, and then he is gone.

This is what happens when you give your heart to a man who lives recklessly.

Months pass and she finds herself falling again. This time will be different, but there’s something about this man that feels familiar. Something about him that makes her feel safe. He’s not the love she lost but he is someone who makes her feel alive. Someone who makes it easier to smile, to breathe, to exist.

Is it possible to love so deeply twice in a lifetime?

War lives life with no regrets. The streets are his world, his love, his existence. One bad move is attached to a guilt so heavy, the only thing he can do is walk away. He makes a promise to keep her safe, to make sure she doesn’t fall, but he never expects that he will be the one falling…for her.

Guilt this strong is weighted and now betrayal is added because he’s in love with the wrong woman.

What a tangled web love weaves, but anything worth having doesn’t come easy…or at least that’s what they say, right?


Heated by Christina C. Jones

A Mahogany Heights vignette, from the vault – circa 2014-15


Living Out a Love Song by Brookelyn Mosley

Danyelle and Clyde find themselves caught up in a forbidden romance that sings of passion and devotion. As Danyelle navigates the delicate balance between love and loyalty to her best friend, Clyde refuses to let go of the melody that binds their hearts together. Set against the backdrop of classic R&B tunes, ‘Living out a Love Song’ is a tale of clandestine love, soulful melodies, and the enduring power of genuine affection. Join Danyelle and Clyde on a journey where every beat of their hearts echoes the timeless rhythms of love, as they strive to rewrite the verses of their own love story against all odds.


Living Out a Love Song is a 24K Valentine’s Day novella. This novella is an extension of a side story that appears in When Life Gives You Sunsets, book two in The Energy Series. Though this story is related to When Life Gives You Sunsets, you do not need to read WLGYS first to enjoy Living Out a Love Song.


Steele Waters: The Finale by M. Monique

Phoenix, Deja, Blaise, and Janelle are back…

Part 1 of Steele Waters introduced us to four people whose worlds collide in more ways than one.

Phoenix has shed some of the hard exterior he possessed prior to meeting Deja. He’s confident that this woman has broken down his walls and reached through to pluck his heart out of his chest. At least that’s what he feels like as the atmosphere switches and danger also barges through his wall.

Deja has found love in Phoenix. He’s complex yet pliable. When she’s with him, she feels everything a woman should feel in the presence of a real man. There’s no doubt in her mind that Phoenix is her person. However, her curiosity leads her straight into dangerous territory, where lies and betrayal exist.

After an adulthood plagued by women at his beck and call, Blaise has finally met his match. While navigating Lauren’s case, he’s torn between loyalty to her and where his heart is leading him… which is straight to Janelle. After a few mishandled situations involving the two women, Blaise has to put his foot down if he’s to snare the likes of Janelle. If he thought a tornado flipped his life upside down, it was just the beginning.

Unassuming yet seductive, Janelle has flaws more profound than the physical. Her heart and mental are in shambles. And not at the hands of a man. She’s keeping Blaise at a distance for good reason. His indecisiveness is not what she needs in her life. With a family who seemingly hates her, she’s struggling to make sense of her life. Moving to Crestview Waters was supposed to be a fresh start for her. However, a tornado and fragile feelings threatens to ruin it all.


Stay With Me by Novah Kaine

After being stood up again by her boyfriend, Primrose decides she’s not wasting another evening waiting around for him. Now that she’s alone on Valentine’s Day, she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. A last-minute decision leads to a night out she never knew she needed.

Jude always knows what he wants, and that remained factual as he eyed the beauty wearing a pout on her lips all evening. He prided himself on life being short and wasted no time approaching her.

Surprisingly, she meets him halfway, giving him a front-row seat to admire her up close.

Asking a beautiful stranger for one night was one of the boldest moves Jude had ever made. Lucky for him, Primrose jumps at the opportunity to feel something more than disappointment for one night. After a night of pure pleasure will Primrose run for the hills? Or will one night turn into forever?


Big Boys Need Love Too: A Valentine’s Day Short by Wynta Tyme

Holding the title of commissioner for the Women’s National Volleyball Association, Royal Blue is known as a man of distinction. He has more money than he can spend in a lifetime, but on the day meant to represent lovers, Royal Blue comes home to betrayal at the hands of those close to him. Loneliness begins to greet him more than usual, turning him to his primary source of comfort… food. Royal is grumpier and more miserable than ever, until Jewry St. Goodes walks in.
Jewry is a small business owner who creates baked goods with a passion like no other. Her shop, full of a variety of sweet treats, brings comfort to most, and Royal Blue is no exception. Jewry jumps at an opportunity to cater an event at the sports arena. This leads her right into the path of the grumpy commissioner.
His disposition is callous enough to run any sane person away, but he doesn’t get the same response from Jewry. Could Jewry be the ray of sunshine to mellow out Royal Blue before the next Valentine’s Day?


Stupid Cupid: A Loveland Falls Valentine’s Novella by Genesis Woods

Taylah Evans doesn’t hate love, she just hates what it did to her.

After her boyfriend of two years does the unthinkable, Taylah’s hurt and bitterness is expressed on paper when she starts writing for the Gazettes advice column Cupid’s Kiss. The thing is, Taylah isn’t feeling the tiny love god anymore and wants the rest of the town to feel the same way.

When someone unexpected reveals the feelings that he’s been keeping from her, can Taylah trust that Stupid Cupid is on her side this time around or will she push the one person who’s always been there for her away and give up on love completely?


Give Love A Try by Monae Nicole

It never fails for one to want something they disregarded until someone else has it.

Restaurant manager, Danica Thomas, is a woman set in her ways. Used to always drawing the short stick romantically, she isn’t quick to change her relationship status when all cards are laid on the table. She knows her heart, but fear has a way of distorting reality.

Lawyer by day and lover by night, Bryan Burns has no trouble securing a lady. That is until he meets Danica Thomas. Bryan is prepared to settle down, but he can’t do it alone.

No is a complete sentence, and Bryan accepts it for what it is. However, Danica can’t help but wonder if she acted prematurely. Truths are revealed as life moves forward, but is it too late?


Finally Ever After: A Love Story (Is This Love? Book 3) by J. Nichole

Without a doubt, when I meet him, I’ll know.

The love of my life will speak, and his voice will sound familiar— the melody of my favorite song.

Our eyes will connect, and I’ll see forever in his soul — visions of swinging on the porch while our grandchildren gather.

His scent will comfort me as much as Mama’s Sunday dinners — it’ll remind me of home.

But if that’s true, the first time we met, I would have known.

How would I not recognize my happily ever after was within reach?

I would have tightened my grip and not let him slip away.

But now that I know it’s him, it’s the two of us till the end.


Playing with Soul Ties by A. Blossom

Play around with soul ties and you will get a baby, or however the saying goes. 

Marli Martin is the queen of playing games. Seeing her twin sister get dragged through the mud by love made her promise to never partake. She uses men for their body parts and their money. It had been easy. She never fell in love because she never made her heart available. That was until she met her sister’s new brother-in-law, Dru, and their souls tied. One night turned into many, and Marli soon found herself playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

Rich and successful record label CEO, Dru Willis, prides himself on being a leader. He sets out to accomplish something, and he does just that. Dru has lived his entire life getting what he wants when he wants, so when the one thing he can’t have turns out to be the only thing he ever wanted, he doesn’t know how to handle it. He finds himself cutting all ties with the only woman who ever had his heart, Marli Martin.

Their siblings force them into each other’s space, and there is nothing they can do to stop the strings that bind them from connecting. Dru soon realizes that Marli is the woman he wants, but is he willing to play her silly games? Playing with soul ties can be dangerous, but with every risk, there is a reward. Will Dru and Marli be able to ignite their bond, free of games, or will they discover that if you play around with soul ties, you might get burned?


Closer To My Dreams (A Brook’s Family Values Book 5) by Iris Bolling

All Family, Ain’t Family…

Singer, Taylor Brooks, the baby of the Brooks’ family dynasty, has had more drama in her life than any one person should have to endure. Her mother was murdered, her father was charged with homicide, and the court trial exposed her sex life. To keep her sanity intact, she stepped away from the limelight and the man she loved. Now, she is ready for a comeback on both fronts. Gone is the young performer the world knew as Lil Tay. Emerging is the grown and sultry singer, Taylor. The young love she experienced with Jason Whitfield was now something she knew could last forever. 

Rising NBA star, Jason Whitfield, is living the life. A multi-million dollar contract, women, and non-stop benefits from being a professional athlete. Wrong…Behind the scenes, he is dealing with family members who think he is their personal ATM, while others think he’s a sell-out for seeking a better life. When he met Taylor Brooks, they were both young and at the beginning of their professional careers. To say they both fell deeply in love would be an understatement. However, youthful mistakes and life issues tore them apart. Now, all Jason longs for is a deeper connection with Taylor.

As Jason and Taylor decide to make their relationship a priority, neither anticipated the family drama, that would bring top ratings to any network looking for a reality show. Will the love birds capture their dream or will the family drama derail them?


I Can’t Lose When I’m With You: A Friends to Lovers Novel by DeeAnn

Having someone you can call your best friend is nice, but what do you do when you’re secretly in love with them?

Zayna and Derrion have been best friends since childhood and grew up together in Cove Pointe. They become one another’s safe place as they navigate through life, enduring personal hardships that affect the relationships around them. Throughout the years, their codependency secretly turns into more, but neither of them is brave enough to speak on it. When Zayna finds the courage to do so, tragedy strikes. It forces her to leave home, and she shuts Derrion out.

Five years pass, and Derrion is left wondering where things went wrong. Not having his best friend takes a toll on him. He learns how to live without her, and just when he thinks he’s over it, she comes home.

Will their relationship be rekindled or will Derrion hold it against her?


What Goes Around: A Book About Love, Legacy and Second Chances by Tamala Jones


It wasn’t the first time and probably not the last, but damn if I’d give the same guy the opportunity for a replay.

Except it was him. He of the dreamy eyes and rumbling baritone; a mystery man who once spent fifteen minutes with me on a balcony sharing dreams, laughter, and a visceral attraction.

I thought he could be the one. I swore he thought the same.

He promised to call. But didn’t.

Ten years later, he holds the key to my career, and I hold the key to his legacy.

The dreamy eyes and rumbling baritone are still there. The hot gazes and burning attraction are still there.

But his laughter is gone, replaced with a cold determination, a billion-dollar empire–and an arranged engagement that he swears he’s not on board with.

All I want to do is keep building my brand and secure my future. But the further our project progresses and the more I learn about the last ten years, the more I want to comfort him…and myself…in his arms, in his bed, in his life.

He says he wants the same…but do I risk it all again?

Ten years changes a person. Right?

(This is a second-chance romance with a splash of intrigue.)


Girls Need Luvin’ Too by Belleza

“Get up from the table when love is no longer being served.”

Ieesha and Steven have been inseparable since childhood, their bond only growing stronger as they navigated through dating and eventually marriage. However, everything changed when Steven’s basketball career took off, landing him in the NBA. His newfound fame and fortune led to a drastic change in behavior, as he began to stray and betray Ieesha’s trust with numerous affairs. As the weight of Steven’s disrespect and infidelity bears down on her, Ieesha must confront the harsh reality of her crumbling marriage and decide if it’s worth fighting for.

*** This Novella is a Spin-Off from Girls Need Luvin’. It is not required to read to enjoy this book, but highly recommended to read.***


A Church Girl’s Guide to Courting Danger: A Forced Proximity Love Triangle Romance (Charlesian Courtship Duology Book 1) by Brittney True

You can have a second chance at your first love or a new flame…

Cassandra Petit-Charles is not your average preacher’s kid. She carries a gun and takes on Boston’s underbelly. She is an “extraction specialist” and her job is relocating kids who have gotten entangled in street life. Helping at-risk youth feels like penance for Cassie’s wild younger years and she’s at peace with living for each new day’s adventure, even if her family think she’s stuck in the past and afraid of the future. Then, the past returns. When her latest case brings a blast from her past and she has to help her first love’s son escape the meanest gang in the city, Cassie must wrestle with the regrets of her first love while a new flame presents himself (very much against her will). If she can’t accept the handsome Harmel Preston’s help, she could lose everything all over again. This is a slow-burn Christian romance with action and humor, faith and honesty. To find your way through this story of hair-raising twists and turns, you might need A CHURCH GIRL’S GUIDE TO COURTING DANGER.


Given a Chance (The RnB Series Book 2) by Olivia Linden

You can’t hide love…

A steamy friends-to-lovers story about two people who have been denying their attraction for years. 

Nicole was a young bride. Cocky and Proud, she wore her wedding ring like a badge of honor. Until she finds out that her husband is not only a cheater but a serious criminal. She calls her friends to help her get out of her awful situation, but one goes above and beyond for her.

When Jay hears that Nicole is in need, he drops everything and goes running. Of course, she doesn’t even look at him in that way, at first, but their chemistry is undeniable. She’s adamant that it’s nothing more because she’s going through a divorce and he had the reputation of a player in college, but he’s determined to prove her wrong.

In the meantime, they are making the kind of love that neither of them has ever experienced. They’re so hot for each other, everyone needs a cold shower when they’re around. Jay has always had a thing for Nicole, but her trust issues make it hard for her to accept that they could ever amount to anything serious. The timing isn’t right.

But Jay is persistent and soon Nicole finds herself as obsessed with him as he is with her. When emotions run that high, things are bound to combust. Will she give him the chance to show her the kind of love she deserves?


Another Man’s Bride by Nettea Mayle

Courtney Love was the embodiment of success, or so it seemed to the outside world. A glamorous socialite, she radiated confidence and luxury. Her meticulously curated life was the envy of all who crossed her path, and she reveled in the attention it brought her. Courtney knew how to captivate an audience, whether she was strutting around in the latest couture fashion or doling out advice on love and relationships. In the glitzy world she inhabited, she was a star.

Courtney’s allure went beyond her stunning looks and her knack for staying ahead of the fashion curve. She was a sharp-witted conversationalist, a woman who seemed to have it all figured out. Her popular column, “The Love Chronicles,” was a testament to her wisdom in matters of the heart. People from all walks of life turned to her for relationship guidance, and she dispensed advice with the poise and wisdom that made her legendary.

However, beneath the veneer of success lay a different truth. Courtney’s life was a facade, expertly crafted to distract from the emptiness that gnawed at her from the inside. Her heart longed for something more meaningful than the shallow accolades and lavish parties that surrounded her. When an unexpected opportunity to pivot her career and use her platform for something substantial emerged, Courtney was faced with a choice that would force her to confront her own desires and insecurities.Courtney Love, the socialite, the love doctor, was about to embark on a transformation she had never imagined. Her path to self-discovery would lead her to a love she had never known—true love, beginning with herself.


A Baller’s Love Forbidden: An Unrequited/Secret Love, Coach’s Daughter, Virgin/Bad Boy, College Basketball Romance by Elani

Hungry. Brazen. Devious.
Love’s a forbidden game, that’s why the rules must be broken to win.

Boseman University’s legendary HBCU status is an asset they all want to claim for themselves, but few newbies are prepared for the lies, drama and voracious appetites of the Black Lions. Between the fraternities, athletes and nepo babies, the competition is as high as their libido.

And the incoming freshmen are about to find this out firsthand.

Kiela Armstrong intends to lay low and move on from the scandal that landed her in Dad Jail. But when the reclusive virgin becomes the star basketballer’s obsession, can she resist making the biggest mistake twice?

Ever a magnet for trouble, El Pierce, is preparing to enter the pros after his freshman year, but is he also preparing to lose it all for the girl he can’t forget? Coach’s daughter?

Senior point guard, Bryson Humphrey, is looking for a way to throw his toughest competition off his game this season. His prospects of getting drafted depend on it. But he didn’t count on his ex being the secret weapon to Pierce’s undoing.

As dangerous as a hungry wolf with her beguiling eyes, Courtney Engels needs any baller but Bryson in her pocket immediately, and doesn’t hesitate to go where her crafty bestie, Rita Dalton, leads her. But when Sherman Edwards solicits dating lessons from the insatiable cheerleader next door, can Courtney escape the chaos she creates by saying yes?

Can any of them? 


Another Man’s Baby by Tatum James

Sienna Shaw thought she’d found forever when she met the wealthy and charming Tyir Willis. For months, Tyir wined, dined, and wooed Sienna until she agreed to relocate to be closer to him. In the blink of an eye, Sienna’s would be fairytale love is snatched away. Being a single mother was never on Sienna’s list of things to do. When her prince charming turned out to be a frog, she’s left to figure out how to navigate through motherhood alone.

Gabriel Goodman has never had an issue with meeting women. In fact, women flocked to him despite his lack of emotional attachment. When a captivating woman comes into his bed and breakfast seeking refuge from a raging storm, Gabe offers more than shelter from the storm. Tasked with protecting Sienna from the weather and soothing her cares, Gabe eagerly agrees.

Unfortunately, after the one-night stand is over Gabe can’t get her off his mind. When he tracks down the very pregnant Sienna, he’s faced with the decision of whether to stick around with the woman he can’t forget or count his losses and bail.


You Gonna Feel My Love by Sammi Rich

Alexandria Campbell was preparing for her big day but suddenly life started throwing one, two many lemons, forcing her to make lemonade mixed with a lot of alcohol in Jamaica. Once her world came crashing down, Dria knew life for her would never be the same again. 

That was until she met, The Ares Banks. He quickly came in and made Dria forget about her broken heart. The love was instant and deep but will it remain as solid as the rocks on the sandy beach in Jamaica? Or will it fold like the clothes in her luggage, as soon as it rolls into the airport?

You know what they say, “I would rather love the right one too soon than the wrong one too long,” and in Dria’s eyes, Ares was the right one but only time will tell if it’s too soon…


Sucker by Natalie Ashee

My entire life, I’d been the weird girl.

As a former foster care kid, I was no stranger to the whispers. Or the ways the world outcasted its loneliest members of society. So I packed everything I owned into a backpack the day I turned eighteen, walked into a recruiting office, and promised myself that it was the start of a new life.

Fast forward nine years, and I’d found a home and a career I loved. But in a headquarters full of tactical pants and shoulder holsters, I was still the girl with hip length pigtails, who sucked blue raspberry lollipops. The one who wore dresses seven days a week, most of them some variation of pink. So, when the founder and CEO of FieldX handed me a document and told me to take it upstairs to linguistics, I froze.

Former Gunnery Sergeant and resident linguist, Abraham Lawton, was known for unspeakable things. Let the operators tell it, he’d killed more than some of the most prolific serial murderers known to man. But as an assistant, I knew even more than they did. And he was capable of so much worse.

This wasn’t a man you spoke to. He was one you avoided at all costs if you valued your life.

My boss had the sickest sense of humor…


Just Kickin’ It: A Valentine Novella (Greenbrook Lovers Book 2) by Danielle Brooks


Another Valentine’s Day is here. Typically it’s me and my homegirl Kennedy out on the town doing a Galentine’s celebration, but this year, she’s booed up, and I’m reluctantly preparing to do Lover’s Day by myself until Damian hits me and says let’s hit the town. Spending Valentine’s with my homie from high school was not what I had in mind, but neither was how the night went…


With Savannah, my on-and-off situationship, out of town for a hosting gig in Damask, aka Black Hollywood, I was set to spend Valentine’s Day watching All-Star Game pre-weekend specials until I found out that Desni was spending it alone. I’m cool without company, but Desni had been doing “Galentine’s” with Kennedy for the last couple of years until this year now that Kennedy has a man. It didn’t sit right for me to let my homegirl spend Lover’s Day alone, so I told her to get dressed and let’s ride, but I didn’t expect the journey we would take tonight…


Secret Sweethearts: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 7) by Imani Price

Chrysta’s perfect life is on the verge of unraveling, and Terrence might just be her unexpected lifeline. When a chance encounter leads to a fake relationship, sparks fly, secrets emerge, and love blossoms in the most unexpected way. 

Chrysta has always been the shining star of her family, the one everyone looked up to and relied on. Her life is picture-perfect, filled with accomplishments and achievements, and she’s never let her guard down. But beneath the façade of perfection, she’s secretly afraid of losing her parents’ favor, especially now that her younger sister Aliyah is getting married to Mr. Right. As the pressure mounts, Chrysta finds herself scrambling to maintain her image.

Chrysta’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself trying on her bridesmaid dress in the neighboring town of Peachwood. Frustrated and mumbling to herself about her situation, she catches the attention of Terrence, a drop-dead handsome tailor who overhears her predicament. With a warm smile, he volunteers to be her fake boyfriend for the upcoming wedding.

Initially hesitant, Chrysta soon realizes that Terrence’s offer might be her best chance to keep up appearances in front of her family. Little does she know that Terrence’s motives run deeper than a simple act of kindness—he’s secretly attracted to her. As they begin to spend more time together, their connection deepens, and Terrence finds himself falling for Chrysta in ways he never expected.

Don’t miss out on this sweet, African-American romance that will warm your heart and leave you believing in the magic of unexpected love stories. Grab your copy of “Secret Sweethearts” today and let the charm of this small-town romance sweep you off your feet.


Your Wish Is My Command: A Prequel Valentine’s Day Erotica Novella to Club XTC by Alicia J. Armstrong

– X –

After being married for 13 years, I’m finally ready to give my wife what she’s always been wishing for sexually.

“Happy wife, happy life” right?

Little does he know this request may be the very thing that destroys his marriage.

– Nina –

Guests have fun at Club XTC and some of their fantasies are really intriguing. I’ve been telling X my wish for the longest, but with a man like him, he is not going for it. What harm is one night of passion?

But when her request is granted, she never thought it would be Him.


Planning On Loving You: A Sweet Romantic Short by Sharae Teria

Preston Monroe is a widowed dad who hires Tessa Adams, an event planner, to organize a karaoke-themed birthday party for his daughter. As they collaborate on the party details, they develop a connection that neither of them saw coming. However, Preston fears taking another chance on love, while Tessa is guarded because of her past relationships. Will they be able to overcome their emotional baggage and find happiness together?


Will You Be Mine Again? A Valentine Novella by D. Howard

You know the saying “Right person, Wrong time” well follow Ilias and Savannah on their second chance of Romance.


Course 223 by Fai Monroe

Course 223 is a standalone short story about Charnel Watts, a senior at Lockett State University, and Micah Singleton, a professor at Lockett State University.

What started as resentment blossomed into something blissful.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up February 12th-18th

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