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Check out these new releases from February 13th-19th.

Ride (The Love Movement) by Marlee Rae

A laid-back entrepreneur and perpetual bachelor, Bass Reeves does everything his way, including satiating his physical needs.

Wendy ‘Winnie’ Sumter has always longed for a family of her own. She pours her energy and attention into her youth advocate program to fill the void.

When the two cross paths on horseback in their neighborhood, they quietly lust after each other for months. When they finally connect, they embark upon an unexpected ride of a lifetime. Ride along the rocky trail with Bass and Winnie as they ultimately find their happiness. Will they find it in each other, other people, or both?


In the Key of Love: A Sexy Holiday Short by Té Russ

Venus’s only plan for Valentine’s Day is a nice night in alone. But when she runs into Hakeem, her plan changes…in the best way possible.


Two Hearts (a Village short) by Alexandria House

Loss leads to love for two beautiful souls.


Tied: A Preston Brothers Short by Nicole Falls

Will and Ciji’s first Valentine’s Day culminates in quite the eventful evening.

If you have not read Screwed, please read that before diving into this!


His Best Shot : A Fling Romance (The L.A. Stars Series Book 1) by J. Nichole

Celebrities, bright lights, fancy restaurants, shopping excursions – the life of a basketball wife living in L.A. was amazing. Or at least it seemed. 

I wouldn’t know because I was a single woman living in a small town. Oh, and I had a teacher’s salary. But my best friend was married to Nate King, the Nate King of the L.A. Stars. And I had the privilege of visiting her. 

As much as I begged her to hook me up with one of Nate’s teammates, nothing ever worked out. 

Until the night I met Julius Roy. One thing led to another, and I ended up in his hotel room. When it was time for me to return to the classroom in my small town, I forgot about him. 

But he didn’t exactly forget about me. 

His Best Shot is a fling romance. 


Forever Us by Charleigh Harper

Always feeling unseen, unwanted, and unloved Daniella always had one person in her corner, her best friend. 19 years of friendship allowed Daniella and Lu to not only build a bond, but be everything each other needed. After committing to only being forever friends, what happens when one night secrets are told, and confessions have been spoken? Come along the journey on the shift from best friends to something more.


The Body Hunter by M. Monique

Jazmine Peace is at a place in her life where absolutely nothing matters. All she knows is devastation and heartache. Life has taught her to care about nothing, believe in nothing, and expect nothing. When her burdens become too much to bare, she dangles on the brink of self-destruction.
Joshua “Body” Hunter isn’t exactly a knight in shining armor. He’s more like the reaper, who happens to catch a falling angel. The minute he meets Jazmine, his assignment in her life is clear. Will his selfless and gentle attententiveness bring the light back in this angel’s eyes? Or will a dark secret cause destruction not only for Jazmine but for Joshua, too.


My Little Love by Charae Lewis

When love calls, Navada answers after the first ring. The problem with that is most calls become filled with empty promises or lack of effort. After another disappointing stint with dating, Navada swears men off. That is until an unusual encounter seizes her attention. She wants to pull back and stick to her no-men zone, but this particular guy is too intriguing to turn away from.

Navada finds herself stuck between a situation that not only involves her but her family as well. With her back against the wall, she’s faced with a decision that could possibly ruin the greatest love of all.

This is a stand-alone novel.


Lipstick Diaries: Chemical Reaction (Second Chance Romance) by Tiye

Five years ago, Simone Austin walked away from Chris Alexander, the possible love of her life. Their mad chemistry still haunts her, and no other man has been able to live up to the man she left behind. Tired of being single, Simone, two of her cousins, and her best friend make a pact. They vow to be sexually fierce, completely open, and purposeful in getting what they each want from men.

Even second chances.

After a thirst-trapping pic of Simone is posted on IG, she receives plenty of male attention, including a private message from Chris. Simone can feel the heat through his words and decides to reconnect. Soon old insecurities seep in, and Simone questions if she’s too afraid to get burned again to take another risk on Chris.

**Each Lipstick Diaries can be read as a standalone.**


Plus Us: A Valentine Novella (A Poly Love Story Book 3) by Tanon Tales

Our favorite couples are back and ready to show you how they spent their Valentine’s Day! Knowing how fast things can escalate between this group, it should go without saying to proceed with caution.


Four (an erotic exhibition short) by Alexandria House

As I saunter up the stone pathway to the front entrance of the unassuming industrial building, leaving my driver behind to wait in my car, anticipation rolls over me in tidal waves. This is the one place that can guarantee me complete pleasure and utter ecstasy, and I can’t wait to experience both…

***Note: this is a very short, very erotic story. Read at your own risk.***


Lucas: Book 2: the Flex Series by Celeste Granger

For Journi St. James, traveling the world was status quo, something she had been doing since she was born. But as an international translator who speaks multiple languages, she changed what she was used to, parlaying her travel into an illustrious career. Traveling and negotiation was also the way Journi dealt with past hurt from a love not so long lost. 
Lucas Baker, also traveled the world but for very different reasons. He is the primary bodyguard to Gideon, St. Clair and Gideon’s musical endeavors took Lucas to places others had only ever dreamed of. His busy schedule precluded Lucas from laying a loving foundation and building with that special someone.
But a chance encounter would change the trajectory of their hidden desires and place Journi in Lucas’ orbit. She’s reticent, not willing to avail herself for another hurt. Yet his persistence and consistency prove to Journi that finding real love is worth the risk.


Irreplaceable You by Riley Baxter

The most sacred gift that a girl can give to a guy is her innocence… her virginity.

They say boys and girls can’t be best friends without anything physical going on. However, that’s not the case with best friends, seventeen-year-old Raejene Campbell and nineteen-year-old Keyvan Bowers, who have been rocking and rolling together since sixth grade. Now in her senior year of high school, unsettling news threatens to disrupt the dynamics of their friendship, prompting Raejene to make a very sacred and intentional proposal, one that will transition them from best friends to lovers and ultimately tears them apart.

Fast forward six years later, Raejene and Keyvan are living separate lives in different states while dealing with different life issues. As much as she tries to, Raejene can’t replace the love she still has for her best friend, making her love life ghost. When recent unexpected questions arise, turmoil ensues, causing Raejene to question her past decisions. Just when life seems to get back on track, divine intervention steps in, bringing the two former best friends face to face again, along with many unanswered questions.

Reunions are meant to be loving, happy, and joyful, but not all reunions are created equal, especially when secrets have a way of unraveling a person’s world instantly. 

With a bond as tight as theirs used to be, will Raejene and Keyvan be able to recapture their feelings and friendship from the past? Or has too much time passed and too much damage been done to truly reconnect? Check out how Raejene and Keyvan navigate forgiving and forgetting in this captivating, emotion-quenching standalone, Irreplaceable You.


A Winter Crest Valentine’s: Ryan & Ruby by Shay Davis

Welcome back to Winter Crest, and more importantly, welcome back to the Ryan and Ruby collection. Ryan is STILL grumpy, and Ruby is STILL extra. Only difference, during this Valentine’s Day season, the two are leaning into their feelings for one another, and attempting to give love a try.

From enemies to lovers, who couldn’t be more opposite, Ryan and Ruby will have to decide if what was initially lust can truly be converted to head-over-heels in love with one another. 


Finding My Valentine by Pamela Campbell

Leilani gets invited by her friends on a couple’s trip on Valentine’s Day weekend. Her friends know she recently broke up with her boyfriend Corey and wants Leilani to move on from him quickly. They plan to set their friend up with someone new. To keep from spending the weekend with a stranger, Leilani invites a co-worker, Micah, to pretend that they’re dating and to go on the trip with her. She’s completely unaware that her co-worker secretly has feelings for her.

The romantic weekend trip starts with some unexpected drama but ends with Leilani finding her Valentine; the man that’s perfect for her in every way.

Finding My Valentine is a Valentine’s Day Romance Novelette.


Frisco: Welcome to the Woods by Bianca Xaviera

You’ll know them. They have the letter ‘M’ branded on them like cattle.”- Henry Melvin

Since Yakima’s been able to date, her detective father has reminded her of the type of men to steer clear of. At twenty-seven, she’s done just that until one night of partying, and a botched raid leads her into the house of mob boss, Francisco Matisse.

Calm, cool, and collected are frequent words used to describe Francisco ‘Frisco’ Matisse. His main focus is business, and everything else, including his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Alyce Smalls, comes afterward. In a hostile takeover gone wrong, Frisco schemes his way into Yakima’s life, proving to his adversaries that his reach is far. Despite her skepticism, Yakima gives Frisco a chance.

As their relationship intensifies, he realizes he’s in too deep to pull himself out. In a twisted turn of events, his scheme backfires, putting everyone involved at deadly risk. What was meant to be strictly business turns into something deeper, faster than he expected. With Alyce in his ear, Yakima in his heart, and people trying to threaten his empire, his back is against the wall.

When Frisco’s secrets are threatened to be unveiled before he can reveal them himself, he must decide where his love and loyalty lie. Will it be with the woman who’s been in his life or the woman who has his heart?


Won’t You Give Yourself To Me by Kendra Sumter

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? What about looking past what has been said about a person to uncover their truths? How would you handle falling for a person who’s despised by many, even your very own family?

Ria Matthews is a young, smart beauty in her senior year of high school. She’s a loner but not by choice. She isn’t accepted by her fellow classmates due to a reputation she didn’t earn. She had resigned herself to finishing her senior year alone. That was until an unexpected opportunity was placed in her lap, so to speak. The boy she’d been crushing on for two years, speaks to her, then turns her world upside down. 
Rocky Davis Jr. is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He’s also in his senior year of high school. His school career has been easy thus far. He isn’t an athlete, he’s a brainiac with big dreams. Girls have never been strongly on his radar, until Ria Matthews. Upon seeing her on the first day of school, he had to admit she’s different, very different from the other girls. Despite what’s being said about her, he gets to know her for himself. In return he learns something about himself. 
As their relationship develops, they learn that they have more in common than attending the same school and working hard. Together they face one obstacle after another, until the long-buried truth is exposed, causing what could possibly be the demise of their newly formed relationship.
What happens when there’s not only generational wealth, generational curses, along with generational grudges, jealousy, and envy. Won’t you give yourself to me is deeper than the physical, it’s mental, emotional, it’s what’s bone deep in oneself. 


Forever Mine: A Valentines Day Anthology by Kaylyn

Sevonne and Brooklyn find themselves in a rut they cannot get out of. 

While Reflection on Kace’s part could lead to a new beginning with Ryelle. 

Janero is faced with a challenge that nobody can help him overcome- not even Charli. 

Equals an eventful Valentine’s Day.


Take My Heart by Rayona Lovely Wilson

Legend is the last man Winter should trust with her heart.

But after more than a year alone, and the betrayal that broke her, perhaps she’s ready to date again.

And perhaps there’s more to Legend than being a rapper. Getting to know him and learning the secrets of his mysterious past might be risky.

Winter should have walked away. But that was before that kiss. The kiss that made her question everything and decide Legend might just be worth the risk and the consequences of her choices.

It better be worth it because Winter won’t survive another broken heart.


MENACE by Taisha Ryan

Tormented psychologist Josiah Miller hasn’t been the same since his daughter’s death. He swore to himself that those responsible would suffer. Even if it means taking matters into his own hands. His marriage, destroyed. Family, gone. He buries himself in his work to keep sane. That’s until Anya Brown walks into his office. The beautiful, recently divorcee who’s searching to heal from her broken past. She is unlike any client he’s ever counseled. Her radiance captivates him. And he begins to question everything he’s ever learned about love.
But can love survive turmoil?
The warpath of revenge is a vicious one. And Josiah won’t rest until he destroys every soul that crossed him. Will Josiah ever learn to move on and find peace within himself? Or will the thirst for revenge spiral him down a path of self-destruction?


First Sight: A Billionaire Lesbian Romance by Jenna Kent


All I wanted was an autograph. I never expected to be pulled into the world of Kesha Norwood, a billionaire A-list actress that dominates the film industry. When I learned that my sister Erin was her publicist, I begged her to help me meet Kesha. Now that I have, Kesha’s willing to give me an autograph, but she wants so much more for me in return. 


I’m supposed to hate this girl. I’ve trained myself to hate Ella after the way she disappeared on her sister Erin. I filled in the void of Ella’s absence for ten years are Erin’s bestfriend and sister. Now, Erin wants me to meet Ella and giver her an autograph. That was supposed be the end of it, but the moment I look into Ella’s beautiful innocent brown eyes, I lose it. I’m drawn to Ella like a moth to a flame. She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. In a split second, this woman has stolen my heart. It’s love at first sight. But Ella doesn’t make it easy for me. She’s got some past trauma to deal with. I’ll take all of it if it means I get to keep her.


What You Know About Love? by Jahquel J.

Ellie Baldwin wants nothing more than to kick it with her girls on a week-long vacation to Las Vegas for her older sister’s bachelorette’s party. After coming off a fresh breakup with her longtime boyfriend, she wants to kick it with her girls and forget about the past few months of her life and residency. Being born into the Baldwin family, a family of doctors, the pressure was on the moment Ellie was born. On her last year of medical school, Ellie is trying to deal with her longtime relationship ending, starting her residency and trying to please her parents. A week away from responsibilities is all she wants. Except, with her mother tagging along, she doesn’t know how much of a break she’d get.

Maurice Gibson is freshly divorced, and trying to put the pieces of his life together. After catching his cousin with his ex-wife, his trust with women is slim to none. When his best friend is invited to DJ at a weekend pool party in Vegas, he brings Maurice along to get him out of his rut. Being a publicist, Maurice is used to solving everyone else’s issues, but what happens when there isn’t someone to solve his own?


Lose My Breath (Reciprocity Book 2) by Chelle Ramsey

One weekend of passion with a stranger is enough to keep the spice in single mother, Sonnet Robinson’s life. When the weekend is over she’s determined to leave the memories of his touch, the taste of his kiss, and the sensation of him filling her up in the past.

Just when the stress of motherhood and her career threaten to pull her under again the object of her weekend rendezvous makes a surprise appearance.

To her dismay, he won’t accept her excuses or denials of why they could never be. He only wants her and he won’t stop until he’s had another taste of her that’s just enough to leave her breathless and wanting so much more.


Ours to Love: The Brotherhood Series Book 3: African American Romance by Nia JoLove

The Diva
Denise a rising star, didn’t want three sexy bodyguards watching her every move. She also didn’t want the stalker who had been threatening her life.

But what she got was an affair with the few, the proud, the marines that will make her scream.

The Bodyguards 
Zack, Cash, and Blaze, former marines turn bodyguards are ready to protect, serve, and share. But not a Diva actress with a chip on her shoulder.

Will Denise lose her life to a stalker or her heart to the brothers?


The Soulmate that she Needs: A Christian Romance Novel (Faithful Needs Book 3) by LaToya Battle

Sometimes Faith Leads you to What you Need…
Although she’s stuck in a dead-end job and has been over-the-top unlucky in her past relationships, thirtysomething Regina Porter believes that God will one day grant her the desires of her heart. She’s the type of woman who finds solace in her faith and turns to prayer whenever she feels discouraged or hopeless. As she navigates the ups and downs of life, perhaps she’s about to discover that everything that she’s ever wanted — true love and contentment included — can be found in the most unexpected places.


Special Delivery : A Valentine’s Day Novella by Tip Montana

Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize love and relationships. It’s the time of the year to
show your significant other just how much you love and adore them — the perfect day for
romance and celebrating the one you love.
For Kaci Roman, Valentine’s Day is anything but. After having her heart broken, Kaci
views the holiday as a waste of time. Will a chance encounter with a stranger change her


Be Mine: A Merryville Valentine Novella by Venus Teagan

All Carla wanted to do was finish school. That was her focus and nothing else. When a handsome stranger catches her attention, she finds herself opening up to possibilities she hadn’t begun to think about.

Jeremiah hadn’t been in a relationship since his son’s mother and wasn’t looking for one either. Focused on running his business and being a father. Running into a beautiful woman not once, but twice, had him ready to explore the possibilities.

Will Carla give love a fair chance? Or will Jeremiah’s past relationship hinder him from falling in love?
The events in this story take place prior to Jeremiah’s introduction in Have My Baby and should be read prior to Let’s Get Married and Stay with Me.


Dance for the Monster: Urban Monster Romance by Melody Lynch

Hailey is struggling to move on from a painful breakup; her finances are in shambles, and her job prospects are limited. But when she meets the charismatic Mrs. Candy, she is offered a lifeline in the form of a job as a dancer. With the money rolling in and her confidence on the rise, Hailey starts to believe that things are finally looking up.

But things take a steamy turn when she catches the eye of her handsome boss, Mac. Their whirlwind romance heats up quickly and leaves him smitten and her craving more. However, Hailey soon discovers that Mac is no ordinary man but something supernatural. And as enemies close to them start to reveal themselves, Hailey is forced to confront whether she can accept Mac for who he truly is or if the forces working against them will tear everything apart.

“Dance for the Monster” is a steamy and fast-paced read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Sweet Fangs: Book One (Fang Series 1) by Nicole Whitfield

True matches are hard to come by…will his sweetness turn sour.

Join the Washington vampire clan in a three-part stand-alone series.

Gabriel Washington is the youngest of the Washington Clan. Family, legacy, and obligation have been ingrained in him, and he has no problem following in the footsteps of those before him. The family crest is tattooed on his hands, much like the previous generations. Check. They fit perfectly with his other tattoos littering his fingers and crawling up his arms to his neck. Work for the family business. Check. He likes numbers, and being CFO is satisfying. Black-on-black custom suits never looked so good. Agreeing to nuptials of a business rival for the family. Check. His great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents all married under similar arrangements and managed to find their match.

He’s content and willing to sacrifice for his family. Are sweet dreams and candy explosions enough to distract him from his legacy?


Mile High Dub (A Constellation Series) by Sheopatra Smith

Harper Neale is a Black culture connoisseur, an award-winning journalist, and a bonafide “It Girl” on the run from the reach of her ex’s new relationship. Anton Campbell is a German-Jamaican professional tennis star, a desirable daddy, and a certified international playboy on a mission to commandeer everything in his path. After a yearlong ghosting incident, these two planes passing in the night collide in Paris on Valentine’s eve. They choose to defy the stars by smashing amongst them at 45,000 feet in the air.

Privately, pleasurably, with the pressure on, the hard-hitting journalist and hard-hitting player form a seemingly simple Valentine agreement:
“One night. You and me. No judgment. From anyone, or anything. Just release.”

Is this daring dalliance what Harper needs to dub heartbreak? Or will Cupid’s arrow pierce her heart with pointed, palpable, personal truths?

This is NOT a love story. This is a Self-Love story.

Warning: This book contains adult language, explicit scenes, and violence.


A BBW Valentine’s by Mia Sky

Valentina is a hardworking nurse who hasn’t had time for love. After a bad hard break she sworn to focus and pour her energy into her.

Breon is loyal to those who are loyal to him, but when his loyalty is broken all hell could break loose. When both Breon and Valentina cross paths they could be the best thing for one another. 

Would they let love in? Or Will they both miss out on their chance of true love? Find out in A BBW Valentine’s


A Love: At Last by Nia Watkins

Tate has always known his father-in-law is a threat, but he has little idea how far the man is willing to go.
Banished from seeing his daughter and grandson and at the risk of being exposed for his crimes, Aman sets his men on tate, hoping to eliminate him before he decides to expose him.


Murder She Writes by Manda P.

Reading has always been Fallon Dix’s first true love and In spite of writing being her passion, passion doesn’t pay the bills. Fallon takes on a job completely out of her comfort zone, forcing her to do and see things she’s never imagined in order to maintain and survive.

Holden and Pipper Brooks are the epitome of black love and is everybody’s relationship goals. Just like the average couple, they have weathered the storm and overcome their shares of ups, downs and relationships hardships. But when Piper’s hidden skeletons begin to spill out the closet, Fallon finds herself getting dragged into the middle of the drama.

Will Fallon be able to see through the facade of a happy couple? Or will she get sucked in and life as she knows it now has changed forever?


Fire and Brimstone: Shifting Hearts by Stella Williams

Cerrita Powell is a Phoenix on the run. Everyone wants a piece of her, literally. The most persistent being the only other Phoenix in existence, Desmon Burrage. Cerrita refuses to mate for any reason other than love.
Terrence Shaw is on the hunt for an arsonist. A Phoenix, to be exact. He doesn’t expect the fates to have other plans for this hunt.
Sparks fly and buildings burn in this whirlwind tale of Arson, Obsession, and Fated Mates.


Secrets of a Valentine by Bri Deshai

Luxury Bell has always gotten the short end of the stick, especially when it comes to her love life. Even though she has been in a committed relationship with Jarell, she knew that he was living foul. After Jarell cancels their plans for Valentine’s Day, he tried to persuade her that the day after would be better. Her best friend Zaire has been trying to set her up with his right hand Bryson, but Luxury was too stuck on Jarell…well that’s until secrets starts to be revealed. Luxury and Zaire both experienced heartbreaks just days before Valentine’s Day. Will Bryson be able to bring Luxury out of her shell and help her find love again, or will the secrets revealed be too much for her to bare.


Boundless Love: A Dark Urban Romance (Lovette & Drake Book 2) by LeeSha McCoy

Lovette’s free and finally back in the safety of Drake’s arms, but the pair are far from out of danger’s way.
After helping Lovette through her alcohol addiction and resulting trauma from her five years hunting down her parents’ killers, Drake proposed, and Lovette said yes.
But before the pair can finally have the life they deserve, they’ll need to get to the bottom of the shadiness that’s been going on right under Drake’s nose.
There has already been one murder, and before there’s another, Lovette needs to get to work once again to save not only Drake’s life, but her own.

Reader Warning:
This story is a dark romance and includes triggers, multiple flashbacks to traumatic incidents, and scenes some readers may find distressing. It also features AAVE, slang terminoloy, and some terms some readers may be unfamiliar with.

Reader discretion is heavily advised.


Shadow’s Price: A Nightshades Vampire Novel (Nightshade Vampires) by Danni Williams

Wolf shifter Sheila Carter’s luck has just run out.
Sheila is on the run from a corrupt Alpha when she lands in Cleveland. There she finds safety and a new life with the local pack.
All of that is upended when she meets Xavier Silversbane, the vampire Master of the City who promptly stakes his claim on her.
Can Shelia navigate her new world, or will she find herself back in the clutches of the corrupt Alpha?


No Place Like You (Crimson Hill Series Book 8) by Brenda Barrett

Rory Nelson and Jewel Webb were the epitome of young love. Despite opposition from Rory’s mother, Bunny Nelson, they went ahead and tied the knot in university.

But why did Bunny dislike Jewel so much? Was it that she was related to Lester Webb, the man who had broken Bunny’s heart or was it something deeper?

As the couple navigates through their marriage, they must confront the elephant in the room – Bunny’s disapproval. With tensions running high, will their love survive?


Be Mine To Adore by Naya Morgan

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well, neither does Naisan “Milli” Kincaid. He barely believes in love at all. For some reason, that’s hard for the people around him to understand. Especially considering he was born on Valentine’s Day. While lovers all over the world bond on his special day, he uses it to pick up vulnerable hearts hoping for a chance with him at the annual bash thrown by his family. That’s until he meets Kenya. When he unexpectedly gets a chance to spend that day with her, she’s able to change his whole perspective on a lot of things. Maybe even including love.

Kenya Blair takes pride in having her life somewhat together and after two years of saving up, she’s ready to make a big move for her and her son. Upon setting out to create a better life for them, she runs into Milli and is instantly swept off her feet. But that doesn’t change the fact that she has a long-time boyfriend at home and lives over five-hundred miles away. See if fate will play a part at keeping these two like-souls together this Valentine’s Day. Or if distance and other outside factors are enough to conquer what feels life the most genuine love.


By Your Side by Kiara Neufville

-Will you be my Valentine?

Arianna and Lux are what you call soulmates. They have been married for five years! Love is unconditional by any means they’re sticking by each others side. Every day is Valentine’s Day in their house. Take a journey down lovers road to witness a love story so undefeated.


The Villain: Have You Ever Made Love to a Thug by Natisha Raynor

*A Valentine’s Day Short* Cuban Jenkins took a loss that he thought he would never come back from. A loss that made him numb and cold. He only deals with women to meet a human need, nothing more but one unpleasant encounter with Amira Gains changes the way he looks at relationships and moving forward. 

Amira Gains is a single mother running her own business as a personal chef. She wants nothing to do with the father of her child, and love is the last thing on her mind. One of her best clients, Cuban Jenkins isn’t the friendliest person that she’s ever encounters, but his money is good, so she’s unbothered. Until one night things change, and Amira is thrown into an emotional roller coaster. Will Cuban and Amira be able to get it together?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 13th-19th

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