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Finding Us (Phillips Family Series Book 3) by Honesty Price

Finding Us, book 3 of the Phillips Family Services, is the story of Isaiah and Briana. They have the right feelings at the wrong time and love slaps them in the face when they least expect it. Even though it seems impossible, they’ll get their happily ever after, but when?~~ Disclaimer: This project is a slow burn that beta readers described as “an amazing emotional roller coaster”. It ends in a cliffhanger and contains references to severe and persistent mental illness and its side effects.


Mine Again 2 by Charae Lewis

An unexpected release has everyone in shambles. Bronx is home, and nobody is safe. A guilty conscience and betrayal plagues Yamesh while Bronx is riddled with confusion and rage.

The life they’ve built has crumbled by one single action. Everyone has been put through a test that they’ve failed miserably. The actions of some have left relationships in ruins. What was supposed to be isn’t what it seems. Unfortunately, Bronx and Yamesh’s love may not be enough to weather the hardship set before them.


Epiphany: The Metamorphosis Series Book One by Bailey West

She changed my life
She gave me hope
She saw me
If I get another chance, I’ll never let her go.
Israel Lewis was a divorced, scandal-ridden pastor who recently accepted the Senior Pastor position at a new church–giving him the fresh start he so desperately desired. The church was in a beautiful city and was the city where she lived–the one who got away.
Leona Aldaine was one of the top brokers in Sable Falls. After running into a childhood friend, she experienced a whirlwind love affair. He was everything she’d dreamt about in a man until he wasn’t.
They are both in the same city.
Will they deny the connection or work to find their way back to each other?


Secrets We Kept Til Morning (Euphoria Book 1) by Deshon Dreamz

Pleasure. Everyone should be able to experience pleasure at some level in their life span. Nina Marshall needs pleasure and her desperation to obtain it causes a blur in her decision-making. Of course, like all things, there are levels of pleasure. Some experience it at an amateur level, only knowing pleasure in its simplest form. Others have the absolute honor of experiencing pleasure on elevated levels. If ever you run into an individual who has mastered the art of pleasure, it can be addicting. You could find yourself chasing a high you may never experience again. For Nina, she encounters an expert at pleasure in the form of Dom. The only issue is, she does not know his true identity. After a long night at the office, Nina stumbles across a flyer that tugs at her curiosity. Her decision to visit Euphoria leads to her encounter with Dom, and the beginning of her addiction.

Pleasure…Nina needs pleasure and so do you!


A Love So Sweet by Stephanie Nicole Norris

With her due date drawing near, Allison Valentine quickly feels the excitement and anxiety of giving birth to her first child. But never one to leave Allison to rest in those worries, Lance holds her hand every step of the way in this update from Give Me a Reason.

Note: This is a follow-up story to Give Me A Reason. I encourage you to read that book first before reading A Love So Sweet.


Satisfy Me by J. Chary

After almost six years of marriage, Brandi Jones is happy with most aspects of her life and marriage. The one area that’s lacking is her sex life. When she expresses her unhappiness to her husband, Edwin Jones, he insists that her issue is simply that, her issue. Will a reality check help Edwin to see the error of his ways? Find out if they can get their spark back in Satisfy Me.


Make Me Beg by Honesty Price

Griffin hates Vonique and the feeling is mutual. It turns out their disdain for one another is the key ingredient in her search for a partner who can bring her to her knees and blow her mind — in that order. She wants adventure and Griffin is more than happy to oblige. The only question is, exactly how may times can he Make Her Beg?


Ours For Hours by B. Love

For Raffiel and Monroe, both life and love are crumbling underneath them. When they meet, their similarities motivate them to rebuild their foundations. To do that together, they must first release old ambitions and reservations. Will their weekend together lead to a lifetime of love, or will they part ways and force their memories of one another to be enough?


Ablaze (The Firecracker Cousins Book 2) by A.H. Cunningham

Sometimes you think you know yourself until you realize you’ve only scratched the surface. 

Mariana Torres Charles is finally ready to fulfill her dream as a bandleader and designer for the up-and-coming Carnival Band LoveVibe for Miami Carnival. The win would be proof that she can follow through on her goals because in love…the follow through is less than stellar. After a long string of crushed lovers, she is done breaking hearts.

When Mason Brathwaite, her forever-friends-with-benefits, needs a date to a networking event to snag a new sponsor for his Student Community Center, she volunteers to attend with him hoping to catch a break from the pressures of dating. But when they meet the mysterious Daniel Robinson, son of Mason’s prospective donor and experienced kinkster, she can’t help but forget her newfound resolve.

Every moment they spend together illuminates her thoughts and desires, but her track record at love tells her it is only a matter of time before their liaison smokes away.

With Mason’s vying for her heart and Daniel’s and Daniel seducing their minds, what can a woman do but succumb to the temptation calling to her? Mariana will deal with the ashes once they come. After all, that’s her specialty.


Like I Want You by Shantaé

Fresh off of a crushing heartbreak, entertaining a new man is the furthest thing from Kia’s mind. That is, until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger makes her second guess swearing off love to focus on herself and her growing business.

Jreu’s idea of happily ever after was real simple…it wasn’t for him. Being in a committed relationship was never something he strived for. In fact, he was adamantly against it. With one night stands and casual flings being so easy to come by, he just didn’t see the point. However, when he stumbles across a feisty boutique owner who challenges his beliefs about life and love, he finds himself falling hard for the bossed-up beauty.

Separately, they are fighting battles of their own but there’s just something about the magic that happens each time they come together that makes letting go nearly impossible.

From instant enemies, to friends with benefits, and now possibly finding true love, can Kia and Jreu push past their fears and personal demons to create a lasting union?


Ready or Not: A Last Comes Love Spinoff (A Paralleled Love Book 1) by Brookelyn Mosley

After experiencing a heartbreaking loss, Rylee Daniels made a firm decision – she only has time to focus on four things: her career, her peace, her family, and her friends. That’s it. To her, if she’s got those four things, she will never want for more. Especially if that more involves putting herself back out there to date and possibly find romantic love again.

Because… she isn’t ready. 

She wasn’t ready to lose her best friend. She wasn’t ready to raise two young children on her own. So, she certainly isn’t ready to put dating back into her life’s plans. 

At least that’s what she thinks. 

Her life has a history of presenting scenarios that challenge her beliefs, and Rylee will learn this once again when a change in routine alters her plans and parallels the possibility of being what she believed she could never be again – ready.


Heart of Stone (Casting Stones Book 2) by Danielle Burton

Love and marriage are a fallacy, at least according to Luna Harlow. She’s never witnessed true love, unless you count her best friend Cree and her soon to be husband, but that’s still yet to be determined.

Love ruined Ezra Stone’s life. Determined to never let that happen again, he cast his heart in stone. Relationships aren’t worth the trouble people go through to be in them. He learned that the hard way.

A mutual distaste for love and all its inconveniences sparks a conversation between an unlikely pair.

Too much champagne leads to an unexpectedly wild night.

One positive pregnancy test later and the two are stuck like glue.

If there’s one thing they loathe more than love, it’s each other.

How are two people who can’t stand one another supposed to raise a child together?

The answer may lie between financial hardship, childhood trauma, and buried feelings.


Woman Enough by Kaye Lovett

Dynamic duo, Derek Evans and Bryson Clark, have been friends since they were kids. They did everything together and not much has changed in adulthood. Notorious for entertaining women, the certified bad boys earned the name Double Trouble, with a reputation to match. Despite the bad rep they received, their hearts long for someone to call their own, but they never expect it would be a love they could share until an unsuspected heart falls into their hands.

Brianna Butler has spent her life longing for the same love that dwells within her. She wants to share that love with someone who was tired of getting it wrong as much as she was.

When she visits a bar on a whim, she didn’t expect to find herself intrigued by two striking men who were sweet with words and easy on the eyes. After heated conversations, burning stares, and a few scorching touches, she finds herself on the hook of Double Trouble and can’t find the strength to wiggle free.

They open her mind and body to places she only dared to fantasize about. She is experiencing her wildest dreams, having the best time of her life until real life situations make her realize double the pleasure could open her up to double the heartache. With her own personal issues becoming more apparent as their relationship matures, she finds herself asking is she woman enough? Follow the journey of Bryson, Brianna, and Derek as they try to overcome hurdles of their three-way relationship and watch them grown into the ultimate triad.


After the Pain: An Urban Romance by Zarkia

Stay-at-home mom and fiancée Cierra Jones is ready to find her way as her baby girl, Ivy, grows out of her lap and sets out in the world. Although she considers herself content with her relationship, a drawn-out engagement and failure of commitment from her long-time fiancé pushes Cierra away from the life she envisioned. In their younger days, Calvyn was the man of her dreams but facing the reality of their situation has Cierra’s eyes wide open.

Calvyn Manning is a hard-working Real Estate lawyer, a family man, and in his mind, the best thing that’s ever happened to Cierra. Although he proposed years ago, his fear of making the next big step stems from a fatherless childhood and a mother who was always too busy to be present for him. Calvyn will be forced to step up to the plate or step back as Cierra magnifies her intentions for their future. Will Calvyn be the man she needs him to be and meet her at the altar? Or will his fear of commitment to Cierra lead her into the arms of another man who is ready to give her what she needs?

Cierra and Calvyn are up against some of their most challenging days, but true love always prevails, right? In her first independent romance novel, After The Pain, Author Zarkia takes readers on an emotional ride; love is tested, friendships are shattered, and ties will forever be broken.


Something In My Heart by Kimberly Brown and Mya

Halani Henley experienced a shocking and devastating loss. At six months pregnant, she loses the child she is carrying, and it turns her entire world upside down. To make matters worse, she feels she is the only one taking her miscarriage as serious as it was. Her boyfriend of three years, Onyx Sawyer, is moving through life as though he hasn’t lost a child as well. When a secret comes out, Halani is faced with the fact that she may not have known her man as well as she thought she did.

Onyx Sawyer was loving and living life. He had it all and to top it off, he had a beautiful woman on his arm. Life changed the moment he learned he was going to be a father. When Halani suffers a miscarriage, truths were revealed that costed him his relationship. Onyx thinks he is giving her time to come to grips, but what he doesn’t realize is his behavior is pushing Halani into the arms of the most unsuspecting person… his brother.

Hendrix Sawyer has always picked up his brother’s slack. Once again, he is forced to deal with Onyx’s mess, only this time, it involves one of his best friends. With Halani suffering and Onyx in the wind, he steps up in her time of need. What starts with the innocence of being a shoulder to cry on, soon turns into a mess of forbidden feelings.

Will Onyx get it together? Will Halani and Hendrix be able to fight their newfound feelings? Or will the weight of their worlds cause everything to come crashing down?


Aisha & Gage: Wedding Special by Tay Mo’Nae

You are formally invited to the wedding of Aisha and Gage.
Join this couple as they showcase their love in front of millions of people…that is unless something stops them from making it to the alter.
RSVP to see the last step In Aisha and Gage’s journey!


Unfulfilled Yearnings by India T. Norfleet

“A night with you would hardly be an inconvenience Nigeria. It would be heaven and earth colliding with the sole purpose of seeing me smile.”


Unfulfilled Yearnings

When edible body boutique owner Nigeria Blake decides to return to her hometown of Detroit after moving away to escape pain from her past, her only intentions are only to expand her business, focus on her brand and make up for lost time with her family. The last thing Nigeria wants is any type of romantic or sexual entanglements to complicate her vision of continued success but when she unexpectedly finds herself eye to eye with her high school crush for the first time since junior year, almost ten years ago now, Nigeria can’t focus on anything but the way her unfulfilled yearnings are being constantly filled to the max with intensely erotic pleasure that he pumps her with almost daily. Will Nigeria be able to handle the effects of the way Quardier fills her days and nights with senseless unequivocally mind blowing bliss and possibly love or will this trip down memory lane only bring disaster and more pain…

Love or a permanent relationship was never a requirement for health food store owner, Quardier Harris. Content with fast women and convenient screws, wanting more from a temporary bed partner had never been a priority. Though the minute, Quardier lays eyes on his sexy childhood crush Nigeria Blake, the very things he wasn’t concerned with becomes the one thing he realizes that from her, he needs more than life itself. He quickly realizes that his newfound peace only flourishes in the unexpected happiness she adds to his life and vows to ensure his peace always remains. But is Nigeria ready to be kept in his passionate embrace or is she just passing through while taking pieces of his heart as a souvenir. Will Quardier’s realization be received with open arms, mirrored feelings of love and a future or will his declaration of love leave them both completely unfulfilled…


Bet On Love by Dara Girard

Two novels featuring men who wager their hearts

Mixing business with pleasure
Business consultant, Dawn Ajani, needs to jumpstart both her stalled career and non-existent love life.
A chance to work with the sexy (and single) Jordan Taylor seems like the perfect solution.
However, both Jordan and his ailing company prove to be a bigger challenge than expected.
But one strategic move and a heart-pounding kiss late one night, ignites a passion neither can resist…

Trent Brewster thinks nice guys finish last. 
He sets out to prove it by betting his cousin that he can win over any woman within a month by acting like his womanizing brother, Xavier.
When he spots Dr. Erin Freeman at a wedding reception he decides she’ll make the perfect target.
But Erin proves to be a bigger challenge than he expected.
And soon Trent fears he may win a bet but lose his heart…


Unimagined Love by Kelsey Blue

Sometimes the love you’ve been wanting can come from a place you could have never imagined.
Gianna’s life is pretty boring. She works, goes home, and stays to herself, so she doesn’t have much of a social life. But now, she wants something different and outside of her norm. There’s just one thing: She doesn’t know where to turn to get that.
Jordan is an elementary math teacher who dreams of being in the tech world, but he lacks the confidence to go after what he really wants. He desires a good woman to help push him forward, but after being single for almost two years, he’s starting to wonder if she even exists.
Shad is a preacher’s son whose father has high expectations for him. Despite the expectations looming over his head, he manages to become a successful businessman. He wants to find the right woman to settle down with, but there’s a major stumbling block in his way that may prevent him from experiencing love.
Take a ride with Gianna as she navigates toward something unexpected… an unimagined love.


An Unexpected Destiny: Sister Act by Cheryl Barton

Destiny Lockhart’s high school crush, Lincoln Cole, is again front and center in her life. She last saw him fifteen years ago when she threw him out of her bedroom after their one night together following the senior prom. That night had been her most embarrassing moment, leaving her feeling ashamed and undesirable.

There was no way entertainment mogul Lincoln Cole could ever forget the shy, yet beautiful butterfly that was Destiny from his years as a high school football star. The now feisty, sexy and self-confident executive who dripped in vibrant, dazzling appeal reminded him that they were never meant to only have a one-night-stand. They were always destined for forever.

For years, they lived on two different coasts unaware that soon, their past would become an unexpected present filled with unfinished desires that once looked like rejection.


Nicholas & Noel: The Revisiting Love Series by Celeste Granger

Their love is legendary, impassioned and requited. He respects her and she has the utmost respect for him. Their love can move mountains and cause a cosmic shift in the atmosphere. Yet, even with all the unbridled love in the world Nicholas and Noel’s marriage is not without challenges, adversities they overcame together. Now, Nicholas and Noel have a new venture on the horizon, a journey they must take together. 

**This is a spinoff series of The Men of Mafia St. Clair. Highly recommended that you read that series first but it is not required. This book can stand alone.


Don’t Ever Wonder by Takeah Latimore

“You’re not just my wife. You’re my better half. Know it and believe it when I tell you I love you, Bugg. True shit, so don’t ever wonder otherwise.” – Ellington Shakur. 

February 14, 2017, Ellington Shakur took his wife Eartha out to celebrate her favorite holiday. Not even halfway through the evening, an altercation ensues that changes the course of Ellington and Eartha’s lives forever.

Five years after losing her husband to the system, Eartha Shakur is having a tough time basking in heartwarming feelings everyone around her is experiencing from Cupid’s arrow. When a confrontation at work leads to Eartha quitting her job, the Ohio native has to stop running from herself and embrace the possibility that maybe happily ever after wasn’t meant for her.

Ellington, however, has other ideas for the woman who makes his heart whole. Even behind bars, Ell plans to make this Valentine’s Day one that Eartha will never forget in hopes that she still believes in their happily ever after.


Let Me Love You by K.L. Gilchrist

Is romance on the menu for a lonely CEO and a talented chef?

Towanda Mathis
 is a bold CEO used to calling shots and reaping profits with every endeavor. Privately, she’s tired of standing on the sidelines and cheering for her friends’ relationships. She craves a love of her own, but only with the man she knows she shouldn’t pursue.

Gabriel Seay is the executive chef of one of Philadelphia’s hottest new eateries. Grateful for the opportunity to showcase his culinary skills, he is determined to remain focused on food creativity and restaurant success. He loses control fast when his attraction to the establishment’s owner intensifies.

When Towanda asks Gabriel to attend a swanky weekend event on Martha’s Vineyard, their friendship transforms from strictly professional to closer than ever before. Towanda adores Gabriel’s companionship and the indescribable way he makes her feel inside. Gabriel can’t say no to the striking woman who captivates him.

Crossing boundaries causes calamity when Gabriel experiences difficulty shaking the notion that Towanda needs a high-value man, not a hardworking chef. Meanwhile, Towanda can’t understand why Gabriel seems so skeptical about unconditional love. Can they take their relationship to the next level, or will they destroy their business and their respect for each other by allowing their feelings to interfere?


Real Love Is Worth The Wait by W. Parks Brigham

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Zanya Sinclair and
Cody Winn found themselves having to regroup and start a new
life. Returning to their home town, little ole Sunny Side, Texas
was the plan. Coincidence, both had been in a situationship with
self-centered people. They were too happy and relieved to call it
quits. What’s unbelievable, neither significant other wanted to
accept the one-sided affair was a bust and it was time to let it go!
Home sweet home and a true love!


Working Through It by Kasha Thompson

Makayla Randolph decided years ago that happily ever after doesn’t exist … when hers came tumbling down. She resigned herself to focusing on her career, serving the members of the family business. But all that changes when her ex-boyfriend gets engaged. Makayla quickly realizes she’s wasted too much time stuck in the past and decides to push forward and give love another try. Unfortunately for Makayla, a job promotion reveals that the past isn’t finished with her yet.

Travis Holmes is a dedicated manager with a beautiful fiancée and a carefully cultivated five-year plan. But as wedding plans heat up, Travis’s once toasty feet begin to grow cold. On top of that, when his hard work lands him an unexpected promotion, it’s an offer he almost can’t refuse. There’s just one hitch—working with his ex-girlfriend.

Travis and Makayla’s worlds once again collide, and the ex-lovers immediately bump heads. For Makayla, the man she’d been pretending doesn’t exist is now sitting next to her in their tiny office, sipping a cold brew and flashing his Colgate smile. Travis is looking for common ground and just wants to get through the day without tripping down memory lane. It quickly becomes clear that to be successful in their new roles, they will need to stop pointing fingers and start trusting one another. This is easier said than done when each day they are confronted with what could have been.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 14th-20th

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