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Check out these new releases from February 19th-25th.

You Make Me Feel by Monica Walters

A socialite and a cautious introvert try to make a love connection, but their differences might be more than they can overcome.

Kinisha Jordan has always been a socialite, treating society like her personal revolving door. She doesn’t dwell on people that have no place in her life. She simply moves on, trying her best not to let it affect her. However, seeing her friends find happiness and love is starting to weigh on her. Lonely nights are beginning to take a toll on her, and she finds herself in an undesirable predicament. Things spiral out of control, and she starts to regret her past choices, wondering if she has been too free with her time. 

Oliver Andrews has played it safe in life, refusing to take chances in any aspect of it. He learned to watch the experiences of others before deciding to live carelessly. He waits patiently for the attention of one woman. Playing the field has never been a part of who he is, and he refuses to reduce his standards simply because he’s lonely. When a situation arises, despite his morals, he decides to step in and save the day. 

Kinisha needs help, and it ends up coming from the least likely source. Oliver has offered her a way out, but she doesn’t know if she can agree to his terms. While the attraction is there, the statutes put in place might be too much for her to abide by. Will Oliver ease the stipulations he’s put in place to obtain Kinisha’s heart, or will Kinisha change who she is to satisfy Oliver’s demands?


The Loyal Wife by B. Love

An emotionally charged psychological thriller that will leave fans breathless as they bear witness to the lengths a wife will go to honor her vows. An addictive page turner for fans of twisty plots in the same vein of Colleen Hoover’s Verity.

Perfect wife… Perfect life… until you can’t remember either.

The moment Dante Williams wakes up on the side of the road, unsure of where he is or who he is, his life changes for the worse. After a brief stay in the hospital, Dante is released to the care of his loving wife, Sade. Sade is beautiful, successful, and loyal. So loyal, she devotes herself to Dante indefinitely, hoping this will help him appreciate what he has—his life and his wife. 

While seemingly having it all, their perfect marriage isn’t enough to keep Dante from digging up the past in hopes of recovering his memory. It isn’t long before he begins questioning Sade’s behavior and intentions. Once secrets start to unravel, Dante is left more confused than the day following the accident. 

When Dante discovers evidence of something more sinister at play, he prepares to end his marriage but learns quickly that Sade meant every word in her vows and plans to honor them, until death.


Frenemy Fix-Up (Six Gems Book 4) by Yahrah St. John

Free-spirited yoga guru Shay Davis has only ninety days to get her workaholic former classmate Colin Anderson from work all day to namaste… All they need is a little common ground.

Accountant Colin Anderson is working himself into an early grave.

Shay Davis is finally living her dream of owning a yoga studio.

Sure, they went to high school together—but that’s where their similarities end. He’s Mr. Corporate, hustling late into the night so his firm can go public, while she flows through sun salutations and half-moon poses at her own pace.

So when a health scare pushes Colin to make a few life changes, he knows where to turn. If he’s going to get right with his career, he’ll need the right woman—and to get the right woman, he has to prioritize his health. Who better than Shay to help whip his butt into shape so he can win back his high school girlfriend?

The catch is, she only has ninety days to do it.

And they both really, really get on each other’s nerves.

Soon, though, their sessions are heating up the studio. But as Colin gets closer to achieving his goal, he and Shay both move further away from what they thought they wanted. Before they know it, they’ll have to step out of their comfort zones and rethink their own versions of “right”…before their time is up.


Joaquim (Hidden Desires Book 2) by A.H. Cunningham

Headlining BlackMag Con as the fantasy author duo Z.J. Grousant should have been the ultimate dream for Zacarias Joaquim and his boyfriend, Jonathon. If only headliner, ex-friend, and fellow indie romance fantasy author Nevaeh Nbada still talked to them. And if only Jonathon wouldn’t find a million ways to remind her of the reasons why she walked away. Will the magic of the convention help mend the hurts of the past?

This series is a spinoff of Wicked Moves. The series can be read on its own, however, it’s enhanced by reading A Turn in the Air first.

Each book in the Hidden Desires series is interconnected and I highly recommend you read the series in order.


Bullied My Heart: Christmas Bully Valentine Novel by K. Nicole

It must be fate.
The day Kasim and Sneaux parted ways, was the last day they thought they’d ever run into each other again.
Sneaux couldn’t get rid of Kasim if she wanted to.
They would forever be tied to one another.
When Kasim laid eyes on Sneaux again in his neck of the woods, the feelings for her he had buried were dug up and he didn’t know what to do with it. Doing what he does best, he invited himself into her house…back into her life and heart…not knowing what awaited him when he did.


And We Still by Takeah Latimore

It’s been almost a full year since Ellington’s sentence was overturned. And the only thing on the devoted husband’s mind is making up for lost time with his beloved soul mirror, Eartha.

There’s just one problem…

“Ellington, I’m asking you to go…”


Bid on Love (Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 5) by Sharon C. Cooper

The plan was simple. One night. No commitment. No regrets.

Single dad, Benjamin Jenkins Jr. learned the hard way that women can’t be trusted. But the moment Mahogany Rowsey hits his radar, he’s captivated and unable to resist her magnetic pull.

Mahogany can spot a player a mile away, and she’s managed to dodge every single one… until Ben. He charms her into a one-night fling that leaves her panting for more. But it won’t happen again. She lives in Chicago. He lives in Cincinnati. Still, that doesn’t stop her from wanting what she can’t have.

But when Ben shows up to bid on a project Mahogany is overseeing, what began as one night of passion becomes so much more. Can these two get on the same page long enough to turn one night into forever?

*All books in this series can be read as a standalone.


The Family She Found (Black Summer Island Book 2) by Lauren Lacey

Wildly beautiful and successful entrepreneur Marlowe Blackwood ended her playgirl ways nine months ago when she crossed paths with Black Summer Island’s handsome and dominant playboy, Kai Kingston.

What started as a presumed one-night stand has blossomed into nine months of playful banter, late-night phone conversations, and a meaningful connection that exceeds anything either of them has ever experienced.

As Marlowe returns to Black Summer Island for her best friend’s wedding, the question remains: Will she continue to explore the beautiful connection she and Kai have forged, or will she ruin her future because of her jaded past?

Join Marlowe and her friends as they discover love on Black Summer Island.

This short and sweet novella is packed with emotion, friendship, charm, and spice.


Truly Something Special: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Mycah Edwards

Stuck in a marriage she hates, Eris Parker is only certain of one thing: the love she has for her one and only friend Truly Biltmore. When abandoned for what she deems the last time, this good girl decides to spend Valentine’s Day with the man who was thoughtful enough to send her flowers. The attraction has always been there, and now so is the opportunity to explore the whispers at the back of her mind.

Truly wasn’t expecting to ever blur the lines with the kept beauty who had his heart. Being her friend was enough until Eris arrives at his job and confesses it’s not. At first, he resists, thinking drunkenness has sent her there when really, it’s desire that’s secretly burned for a very long time.

Will Truly and Eris cross into foreign territory to satisfy their flesh, or is it better to not ruin a good thing? Seep into this heartwarming novella that explores the slippery boundary between friendship and true love.


I Do, He Didn’t, We Did by Kyla Grace

Santana Joseph, a 24-year-old heiress living a carefree life, is shocked to learn that she must fulfill an unappealing requirement to inherit her family’s wealth.

On the flip side, meet Kareem Gant, a 27-year-old recently released from prison, striving to rebuild his life with a challenging job offer from his mother.

Their worlds collide, sparking conflict as their personalities clash. However, love proves resilient, transcending their differences in this gripping journey of I Do, He Didn’t, We Did.


When It All Makes Sense by Teisha Reid

As an accomplished jockey, Aries is struggling to keep her head in the game. Pitfalls prevent her from advancing in her profession. It all becomes too much, and she eventually breaks.

Easton is at a crossroads wanting more. With a growing passion to pursue a political career, he is doing his best to remain focused. One encounter with a beautiful jockey has Easton distracted because he can’t seem to get Aries out of his head.

While Easton is open to exploring more with Aries, she has other plans. Nothing in her life makes sense, until it does…until Easton.


Trial and Error by Daroncia

Karlisle is a beautiful and accomplished businesswoman. She is the go-to hair stylist in Calhoun Heights. Fresh out of an unfulfilling relationship, Karlisle makes time for her family, best friend, Nara, and her 6-month-old son, Kaleb–but never herself. After a chance encounter, Karlisle meets Talib who is everything she isn’t–calm, patient and understanding.

Talib is a well-revered Family Law Attorney. He’s spent most of his adult life playing the field and building the career most would dream of. After a promise to himself and a chance encounter, Talib finds his life going in a very different direction.

With time, Talib and Karlisle find themselves intertwined in one another. She is torn between her deepening feelings for Talib and works overtime to prevent her and Kaleb from potential heartache.

Will Karlisle embrace the uncertainty of love? Or will Talib lose momentum while trying to break down the barrier surrounding her heart?


Fallible by Nicole Whitfield

Thirty-two-year-old Autumn Saffron is settling into her life. She has never known a decision that was too risky. Much like her teenage years, she’s still as impulsive as ever.

  • Move to a new city for a change of scenery.
  • Fall head over heels for a new guy.
  • Move in together.

So when her new boo takes her to lunch, getting dumped is the last thing on her mind. Stranded in the rain, she’s ready to lose her mind until she meets a kind stranger. Jack Hawk is a hopeless romantic, so when he meets the beauty crying in the rain, he doesn’t hesitate to intervene.

Boy meets girl… Boy falls hard… What could go wrong?


Never Better… Thanks (Lennox Hills Book 3) by Jahquel J.

When I envisioned the life that I wanted for myself, I pictured myself sitting in a rocking chair in the nursery me and my husband had spent months designing. I pictured looking down at a baby that resembled the both of us, and thanking God that he chose me to be their mother.
My reality was that I was staring down at another negative pregnancy test and realizing the possibility that I had failed another cycle of IVF, alone.
There was no husband here to comfort me, or a nursery that I could sit and sob in. Each time that one line appeared, a small piece of me always died inside. It was like the plastic test was determining my future. My fate. Letting me know I wasn’t worthy of giving life. Becoming the one thing I had always wanted to become: a mother.
After taking this failed pregnancy test, I had to tie my scrubs, plaster a smile on my face and go out there and care for my patients. So, when someone smiled and asked me the dreaded question… How are you? I always smiled, though dying on the inside, and responded with, Never better… thanks.


Contracted By A Billionaire by Mz. Wright

Kairus is a no-nonsense type of dude, who’s thrusted into his fathers shoes after his passing. As soon as he’s ready to take his place at the head of the table as Don; he’s hit with an ultimatum that leaves him questioning the motives behind it.

Then enters Lexi, a strong-willed, independent woman, who tells it like it is. Until she meets Kairus. The two of them enter a mutual agreement with one another but find themselves constantly annoyed by each other’s presence.

Buckle up and dive into the pages to find out what happens when being contracted by a billionaire turns strangers into lovers in this spicy romance.


Show Me (Modern Mail Order Brides Book 17) by Olivia Gaines

Kimbrae, a successful accountant leading a quiet life in Missouri, finds herself drawn into an unexpected journey when her foster brother Jeremy encourages her to explore a mail-order bride service. However, Kimbrae takes control of her destiny and decides to seek a mail-order husband who will join her in Missouri, allowing them both to start anew.

Amid her search, Kimbrae encounters Peter Brown, PhD, a history professor from a prestigious family of deep-rooted faith. As the ninth son among twelve siblings, Peter yearns for a life outside the confines of his family, where he can blossom into the person he aspires to be. Their connection sets the stage for a love story that proves there is somebody for each body who needs someone.

“Show Me” is a novel that delves into the beauty of faith, the power of companionship, and the transformative journey of self-acceptance. Join Kimbrae and Peter on their extraordinary adventure as they navigate the boundaries of love and faith, ultimately discovering the true essence of their identities.

Discover the irresistible charm of “Show Me” and let its pages transport you to a realm of love, desire, and self-realization as we load up the camper and pointing the nose of the truck towards Missouri.


Embracing Destiny IV : Peter and Embria by Vivian Rose Lee

Charles Peter Jr. known as Peter to his Tullahassee Family moved from Tullahassee a good man and person. In Philadelphia where he is a prominent banker who manages the most prestigious all black bank in the city. Peter is admired by many, especially the ladies. Then one day it all was gone. His weakness for the ladies, as turned on him and got him caught up in chaos that could change his life forever. He returns to Tullahassee a changed and broken man. Will he be able to find himself in the all black town of Tullahassee, Oklahoma that had once made him the man he used to be.

After the death of her beloved father, Embria Tucker finds herself in a unfortunate situation, married to a wealthy and the most dangerous black man in North Omaha, Nebraska. She had no other alternative but to leave North Omaha and pray that he never finds her. So in the dead of night Embria leaves her hometown for Tullahassee, Oklahoma with her friend Faith and praying she will never be discovered. Will Embria find solace and happiness in the new town or will she be dragged back to North Omaha, and pray she lives to see another day.


The Beginning of Our Ending (Love in Maple) by Sydney Reneé

A Tale of Love and Loss

Skye Rose met the love of her life, Desmond Walker, at a college party during her third year attending Maple University. She was immediately smitten when she laid eyes on him. At that moment, Skye knew they’d be in each other’s lives forever. Everything was falling into place for the two love birds until they experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage. Losing their unborn child changed everything, including their fairytale relationship.

Tired of moving through life as if nothing happened, Skye asks for a break and ends up meeting someone new, putting an official end to what she thought would be forever.

Fast forward six months. Skye goes to buy pregnancy tests. The last person she expected to run into was her ex. Now, every emotion she thought she’d buried deep resurfaces, creating a tug-of-war between her heart and mind.


From Yours truly, Cupid : A Short Story by Myia White

Valentine’s Day is just another day for Samaria as she feels love will never find her. Vacationed in New Orleans during a bad storm, she’s left alone with her thoughts.
Meanwhile, Brock seeks refuge in the city life of New Orleans as he share the same sentiments as Samaria. Fate has a surprise.They end up in a bar during the storm, wondering is Cupid is near.


Twenty-Eight Dates (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Book 3) by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Not looking for a hero…

But she found one!

When pregnant widow Courtney Meadows steals away from her duplicitous in-laws in the dead of night, she has one goal: to protect her baby. An unexpected car breakdown miles away and a looming hurricane are the last things she needs! Enter a gruff knight in shining armor in Officer Brigg Harrington. Courtney’s compelled by the lawman’s compassion and integrity…and she has to admit he makes her pulse race in a way no one has since the tragic death of her firefighter husband. But can a woman as independent and wounded as Courtney let anyone else into her life again—especially another man courting danger in uniform? 


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up February 19th-25th

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