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Loc’d in Love (Heart of a Jameson Book 4) by Danielle Burton

Eden Parrish closed her heart to love a long time ago.

The barriers are what keeps the pain at bay. If she were to tear them down though, it would be for Isaiah. Of all the men she’s ever known, he’s the closest she’s ever come to trusting.

But doing so would put their friendship at risk, and that’s about the only good thing in her life.

It’s not worth it.

The first time Isaiah Jameson laid eyes on Eden he knew she was the one. Two years of her keeping him at arms length hasn’t changed that. 

He’s never been more sure about anything in his life than he is about them. If only he could convince her of the same.

Anything money could buy is within his reach. 

What he wants… Eden’s heart.

Little does he know, that may also come at a cost.


Be Mine by Millie Belizaire

Join some of Millie Belizaire’s familiar characters as they celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. 
Each section is a five-chapter sweet romance with just a dash of heat. The stories in Be Mine are not intended to be sequels, but more like extended peeks into the lives of previously beloved characters.

Couples featured in Be Mine are as follows:

Kain & Lauren – Our dangerous Miami couple from “The Collide Series” by Millie Belizaire

Kain had a surprise for Lauren this Valentine’s Day, but she just might have an even bigger surprise for him.

Drew & Eden – Our artsy New Orleans couple from “The Garden of Eden” by Millie Belizaire

For the first time in a long time, these two have a weekend to themselves. And they sure do make the best of it!

Shaun & Caprice – Our couple that stood the test of time from “fast” by Millie Belizaire

The Taylors would be the first to tell you that falling in love isn’t just for grown folks.

Each short should be read after you’ve completed the book where each couple is from.


Beyond Benefriends (A Friend In Need Book 2) by Chencia C. Higgins

There wasn’t too much in my life that I could complain about; I had a career that I loved, a group of friends that I would do anything for—who had my back in return—and my family wanted for nothing. Most importantly, I was content with pretending that I didn’t want something that I couldn’t have anyway. The desire was always there, but there were rules in place that were never to be broken. 

But then those rules were shattered when two of my friends hooked up, and my world instantly tilted on its axis.

Once Shad and Aisha became a couple, the urges that I’d suppressed for years not only resurfaced but demanded that I take action. With my number one excuse no longer viable, the only thing standing between me and the woman I love is the fact that she doesn’t take me seriously. I’ve never backed down from a challenge in my life, and I’d be a fool to start when what I want is so close that I can taste her. Instead of trying to explain to Monie that we were perfect for one another, I was going to convince her of it by showing her that I’d always been the man she needed.


A Berry Strange Mystery : Love. Suspense. And the Action within by Wynta Tyme

Valentine’s Day is the love capital of the year. However, for Saweetie Flavors, the holiday is a constant and unrelenting reminder of a mistake made ten years ago. Still, attempting to turnover a new leaf, Saweetie lends refuge to a mysterious stranger who’s down on his luck. As the leader of her family owned business, Berry Patches, she’s short-staffed on the busiest day of the year and could use the extra help. Not to mention, her high school classmates have decided to host their tenth reunion at her sanctuary. All the business and all the chaos forces Saweetie to pull out all the stops, but will she succeed when a maniac is on the loose and ruining everyone’s holiday?

Bo Charms was once a man that his family and fellow comrades could look up to but after too many trails as a government test dummy he is left hollow and lonely. Bo is deemed a freak in the eyes of those he loves and most that he comes in contact with. Nonetheless, one kind gesture provides him with shelter, food, and employment. He has no idea that his sweet gig is about to turn into a sour one. 

With a budding romance on the rise, will Saweetie and Bo learn the true meaning of love and happiness or be slaughtered by Cupid’s arrow? 


The Endgame : The Sun: Book Two by Rae Lyse

Josiah Joseph is trouble—at least that’s what everyone says about him. Jade Taylor can’t help but to agree with their sentiments. 
He’s a hotheaded football player and one of her most lackluster students.
She’s a young mother and a laser-focused teacher’s assistant, counting the days until graduation. 
After the two cross paths at a wild party, Jade makes a discovery about the volatile quarterback that sends her on a quest to understand who Josiah Joseph is and why he’s suddenly become enamored with her.


Hold on Tight to Me Too by Mycah Edwards

Devastation. One word pretty much sums up how it feels for Tahari to one day be with Messiah and on the outside looking in the next. Though Tahari’s mind cautioned her to not become a victim of the foreign feeling, Messiah was who her heart desired most. How could she deny herself the one thing she never experienced? Love. Real Love. Love so good, she never expected it to unravel her at the seams until it nearly killed her.

Messiah’s life is in shambles. The return of his childhood friend turned enemy brings a lot of trauma, anger, and turmoil to the surface that he can’t contain. Running from the past leads Messiah into the arms of his best friend Sonta. She knows him best, but why does the transition from platonic friends to lovers feel so wrong? By the time the smoke clears Messiah’s heart hints at one thing: he made the wrong choice.

Vulnerability comes easy for neither lover who is accustomed to hiding in the dark places. For Tahari, loving Messiah was worth escaping the story of her past, but will she be worth it to him? And if she is, has his mistakes and time driven her further away? Journey once again to the city of Rosewind where the raw, heartbreaking tale of Tahari and Messiah teaches us one thing – when you find real love… hold on tight no matter what.


Pretty Shattered Soul by Robin Renee

Trauma left her captivating, sweet soul flawed, distressed, disconnected, and shattered. Savvy and effortlessly beautiful, Syncere James concealed her heartache, finding security and refuge in her career as a successful real estate agent. Refusing to lose control, Syncere dictates and schedules every aspect of her life, including her relationships with men. The pretty princess never desired the love of a prince, then she met a King.  

Wealthy construction company owner, King Cartwright, could have the heart of any woman in Haven Point, but he only has eyes for the gorgeous and complicated Syncere James. Navigating her complex layers, will his persistence and protection win her love? Or are Syncere’s unreasonable barriers and immeasurable pain too much for King to make her his queen?  

**Sensitive Material


Rise To The Top (The Path To The Throne Book 1) by Roy Glenn

RJ is back!
After spending a year focusing on his legitimate business in the music industry, RJ had returned to the city and found that a lot had changed. Where it was once a foregone conclusion that one day RJ would succeed Rain Robinson as boss of The Family, now, from where he was standing, Marvin and even Barbara had a clearer path to the throne than he did. 
“I gotta be honest with you, you missed your opportunity,” was what his new captain, Sherman Williams, bluntly told him. 
It left him feeling like he had dealt himself out of the conversation. Now it was time for RJ to rebuild. Sherman told him to show his face and let people know that he was back. 
“But you stay out of your sister’s business.”
After assassinating Spike for robbing her, Barbara had taken over the gambling at Conversations. But now there were more people that wanted to kill her.


Just Like I Want You: A Novelette by B. Love

After taking on a big responsibility leads to the ending of Ryan’s three-year relationship, she decides to spend a couple of weeks away from the city. Ten days into her seclusion, the last thing she expects is to meet Gideon Shakur—the man who presents himself as a mirror for her spirit and missing piece of her soul. But when it comes to her heart and mind, they need a bit more convincing that he’s worth the risk.

One day.
One chance. 

Will Gideon be able to secure Ryan’s heart on Valentine’s Day, or will he be another man that gives her reason to close her heart to love?

*Please note: this is a 10,000-word novelette.* 


Wooing the Introvert by Jessica Terry

Lola only attended her friend’s Valentine’s Day party out of homegirl obligation. But not only did she not have a terrible time, she met someone. Amazing.

But hopefully getting a new boo won’t change things with her friends, because not all of them are happy for her. And now she has to figure out how to get everyone feeling the love again.

*This is a short with the same characters from An Introvert’s Christmas. There’s slight continuation, but the stories can totally be read separately.


Deeper by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Niecy Brown. Beautiful, Educated and well-rounded in the life she’s built for herself. She’s got everything she’s ever dreamed of and continues to struggle with her truth. There’s only one problem preventing her from feeling true happiness, Her best friend like sister, Nicki.

Nicki Tatum. The silly yet wild one of the bunch until she graduates and marries her college sweetheart, Aaron. Nicki can’t understand the life of secrecy her best friend lives being they’ve been so close since the beginning. 

During a week long vacation in Punta Cana, will Niecy have the chance to speak the truth amongst her closest friends?


In Between Forever: A Small Town Romance (Martha’s Way Book 5) by Mika Jolie

What happens when happily ever after isn’t? 

For Keely and Blake Alexander, the vows were easy, the love unconditional, and the promise eternal. But when life comes crashing forth, bringing a hard, cold slap of reality in their fairytale, Keely and Blake question everything they ever wanted. 
As their carefree, happy marriage begins to crumble, they’re faced with a truth they never saw coming. Suddenly, battling from opposing sides, they find themselves struggling with until death do us part.
With a promise of forever, can they find a way to make it work all the times in between? 

IN BETWEEN FOREVER is a heartwarming, angsty small town romance. It is the fifth book of the Martha’s Way series.

**Each book in the Martha’s Way series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed alone or out of order.**


Love Interrupted by Dria Bond

Traci Carter thought she had everything under control when it came to juggling her personal and professional life. When it all falls apart, she vows to never let the two collide again.
Then enters Joseph Banks, a successful businessman, and her whole world and vows get thrown out the window.
Join them as they journey through the ups and downs of life. As they try to find their way through the turmoil and back to the love that was meant to be.


Justice (Flirtatious Series Book 2) by J. Shanee Byers

Hawaii changed her life, Fiji opened her heart. Justice and Faizon are on the same page until insecurity creeps in. Faizon gains momentum when he is brought in to oversee financial matters at Justice’s company. But when his ego threatens her livelihood, Justice has no problem severing all ties. Faizon has to come to grips with loss and make amends to gain the woman he loves. Justice let him in once, but will she be willing to open her heart to him again?

This is Book 2 in the Flirtatious Series that ends in an HFN. This is a standalone that is part of a series.


Craving A Thug’s Love: an arranged marriage romance by Asia Monique

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Sheldon Black and Monroe Harper.


I was in love with my fiancé—the woman I was marrying in six weeks’ time and she had no idea.


I was marrying the love of my life, only he didn’t see me in the same way. Falling for my fiancé, hadn’t been the plan, but when did things ever go as planned?

They were promised to one another before birth. Their marriage will solidify an alliance more than a decade in the making. Neither expected for love to find its way into their hearts well before they said I do. She craved his heart and he was more than willing to give it.

Note: These characters along with others mentioned were introduced in the novel ‘Love and Law’. It is not required but highly recommended to read that novel before indulging in this one.⠀


A Billionaire For Valentine’s Day by C. Monet

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

Camille Pemberley’s life is turned upside down when she’s falsely accused of embezzling money through her cosmetics company. What was once the high of success is now shotty confidence and little hope for a future. In a quick attempt to save her business, she reaches out to her silent investor. He has the means to fix it all, but does Camille have the means to tend to the parts of him that need fixing?

Javonte Mayfield is dealing with his own struggles. Being a billionaire isn’t the easy life everyone pegs it to be. Yet, when the owner of a company he invested in reaches out to him for assistance, he imagines he can solve two problems at once. She needs to agree to attend an event with him in exchange for his help. The deal is basic until she’s in his space, and all he kept buried rises to the surface.

Can Camille save her business and keep her freedom? Will Javonte hold on to his word or his heart? Will falling in love with a billionaire save or destroy Valentine’s Day forever?


Chocolate Delights by Tamika Brown

Love was never in the picture for freelance photographer Jamal Taylor. His destiny seemed to be only taking scores of pictures of those in love, surrounded by love, even saying goodbye to love. Finding himself having unsolicited thoughts about the owner of his favorite eatery Chantel Fifty, takes him by surprise. The most natural thing in the world was for him to ask her to sit for him. He would love to capture her beauty with his camera and create his own love session with her. However, for the past three years he’s asked, she’s turned him down. Jamal wonders what she’s hiding, and what he could do to get Chantel to trust him enough to open up to help her. 

Chantel Daniels never thought she would live a life in hiding. Dreams of owning her own five-star restaurant falling to the wayside as she accepts her fate as a high profile lawyers kept trophy wife. With nothing of her own, for a while, Chantel is content to obey and be what her husband wants her to be, losing herself in the process, until Chantel finds incriminating files and tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money. She can barely believe her well-respected husband is involved with the criminal world until a man threatens her. Chantel makes a decision to break away from her controlling husband and run. Although four years later, with a new life and new beginning keeping a secret such as hers, Chantel is lonely. When sexy as hell photographer Jamal Taylor shows interest in her, the temptation of the Chocolate Delights he promises gets harder and harder to resist.
Can Chantel let go, open her heart and tell Jamal her secrets? Is Jamal strong enough to handle the storm Chantel brings his way? Chocolate never tasted so sweet when danger is in the mix. 


Love’s Deadly Hold: Love. Suspense. And the Action Within by Wynta Tyme

Life was bliss for thirty-one-year-old Simbi Evans. She was married and enjoying every moment of life with her love and her talking feathered best friend, Angela Bassett. However, one trip to get bird food unravels a deadly, dark secret that she had no knowledge existed. Now she’s forced to live in witness protection under a new alias. Although her usual routine had changed, she finds normalcy in her new small business. Her life has balance and a whole new meaning, until a devilishly handsome and rude stranger enters her concealed world. 

Linen Sheats’ life revolved around three necessities; his family, girlfriend, and semi pro football career. On the greatest day of his life, his whole world was flipped upside down. Life as he knew it was over. Now he’s left a shell of who he once was. Refusing to wallow in his misery anymore, he takes his sister up on her offer, and now they’re business partners. They’re thriving and doing quite well, but he’s no longer a gentleman or lover. He’s downright rude and heartless and he has no intentions of changing. That is until he meets the beauty that peddles her business in front of his store.

There is a chance that both could find love and solace, but the deadly hold on love could cause one or more of their lives to be snatched into the dangerous clutches of the past. Will they risk it? Or will the past intervene before they can?


Love’s Divine by Ava Freeman

Go on vacation? Check. Sip cocktails and relax on the beach? Check. Fall in love? Definitely not on the list.

On a whim, Genesis Malone decides to book a solo trip to the island of Barbados. A sunny beach vacation sounds like the perfect way to renew her spirit after a heartbreaking divorce. The trip takes an unexpected turn when she meets a woman who could be just what she needs to move on. That is if her heart, and the universe, will let her.

Zuri Baker seems to have it all but what she really wants is someone to share her life with. When she meets Genesis, she is intrigued by her quiet nature and longs to get to know her better. Too bad her on-again off-again girlfriend isn’t willing to let her go quite so easily.

When they return to their regular lives and find themselves in the midst of exes, not quite exes, and work drama, will they be able to hold onto what matters most; each other?

This strangers-to-friends-to-lovers slow-burn romance will give you all of the feels with just the right amount of heat.


An Unlikely Proposal (Love Inspired) by Toni Shiloh

Their friendship can survive almost anything…

For two best friends,

marriage could be their greatest test yet… 

Trinity Davis must not have heard firefighter Omar Young correctly. Did her handsome widowed best friend just suggest they get married? Omar needs a mom for his adorable little girls, and it’ll fix Trinity’s financial woes. But saying “I do” isn’t just business. Especially when the only vow they’re in danger of breaking is their promise to not fall in love…

From Harlequin Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.


Free Me by Storm and C. Monet

Every girl dreams of being a princess. For Ryanne Anderson, it was her worst nightmare. With only a suitcase and an envelope filled to the brim with cash, Ryanne escapes the clutches of the Queen in search of freedom. Her next stop? The dirty south.

Najee Clayton is THAT guy! The fly guy on campus, a rare breed with a grind that brings the girls to the yard! None of them phase him until her. Easily infiltrating his heart, Ryanne becomes his top priority. Nothing and no one will convince him to live without her. Not even her overbearing mother.

Is Ryanne prepared to give up all she’s ever known to keep what she never knew she craved? Can these lovers from opposing worlds hold onto happily ever after or will their differences be the chains that break them?

Find out in Free Me.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 1st-8th

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