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Check out these new releases from February 20th-26th.

Parachute by Harleigh Rae

“Even when I have nothing left, I’ll have everything I need.” -Phoenix.

With her 10-year plan working out just the way she’d mapped it 6 years ago, Phoenix welcomed the life she’d crafted for herself. There seemed to be no rain threatening her sunshine, but as legend tells it, when it rains, it indeed pours. 

At the peak of her professional success, she silently fights the most challenging battle she’s ever been up against. But her parents were on to something when they named her Phoenix. No matter how many times she goes down, she rises. A series of unfortunate occurrences lands her in Solace Point, searching for a cure, yet, she gets a remedy by the name of Dr. Blaise Jones instead.

Dr. Blaise Jones has acquired everything he’d planned for himself. Leaving no box unchecked, he journeys to Solace Point for the culmination of his medical accomplishments. With a corner office and a white coat, life couldn’t be more perfect. But a welcome mixer sets his sights on the ideal distraction. She lit up her corner booth with enough fire to melt the ice that had subconsciously formed around his workaholic heart. 

One late-night encounter at the town’s premier coffee shop complicates the sole intentions of Phoenix and Blaise. Barriers are crossed, and vows are broken in this fight for life, love, and peace. A heart-warming romance that proves, one never really falls when they’re in love with their soulmate.

Ledge (The Domino Effect Book 1) by Grey Huffington

Beautiful disaster. 

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of her.

Who hurt you?

The first question comes to mind when I open my mouth to greet her.

Although it wasn’t the easiest to reach, I knew her heart was pure. Gentle to the touch yet stubborn as a bull, she made it hard to resist her. Unintentionally, she sank her hooks in me. She was the calm before my storm. A thunderous, darkening storm with lightning that graciously exposed the paternity of my brother and me. Though the gloom of it all lingered above both our heads, the winds that accompanied the storm were the breath of fresh air that I needed. Instead of the hovering clouds producing gazillions of little droplets of rain, they showered me with new siblings, nieces, nephews, sister-in-laws, and brother-in-laws. For so long, it had just been me, my mother, my cousins, and my brother. But, then there was her and eventually, them. Simultaneously, I found my father and my forever. And, I was ready for whatever when it came down to them both.

Victim of my despair.

That’s what I believe him to be.

Why must you continue hurting yourself to love me?

It’s the question I desperately want to ask the man who sees no flaws in such a flawed woman.

Persistent, he was – unintentionally making it most difficult to bury my trauma. Forgetting the past and what it had done to me wasn’t easy. I lived with the consequences of it all each and every day. But, him, he made me want to. The issue was, I couldn’t. Not for him. Not for me. Not for our future. So, instead of stringing him along, I prayed each day that he’d find someone to fill the void that his heart must’ve suffered from because I couldn’t. But, he didn’t want anyone else. He wanted me. I just didn’t have myself to give. Not to him… and not even to me.


Interception: Saving a Black Mafia OG (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 11) by B. Love

This is the end.


Red Roses and Regrets (The Consortium Book 1) by Dandridge Monroe

A dreaded engagement.
Secrets spilled.
Blood shed.
All before dinner is served.
Jasmine and Yacouba’s world’s collide in the most extraordinary way. Do they have staying power? Or will their fire burn out as quickly as it ignited?

This is a prequel to the upcoming dark romance series, The Consortium. It will introduce new characters and a few old. Expect the first full-length novel this fall.


This Very Moment by Kimberly Brown

“I have found the one my soul loves.” Song of Solomon 3:4

Calliope Palmer and Thane St. Thomas have waited their whole lives for each other. Heartbreak for Callie bred restoration in the form of the handsome, salt- and- pepper haired Headmaster. Together, they discovered that sometimes what you need, comes when you least expect it. You’ve witnessed their love blossom and bloom in The Last Sad Love Song. Now, it’s time for a wedding! Follow this couple in the days leading up to their journey to the altar.


Summertime Shootout 2 (Trappin’ Series Book 4) by BriAnn Danae

The healing child.
Still a menace to society.
The victorious one.

The summer is colder than it’s ever been for Koya Priest. Balancing a new relationship while ending another, she faces her reality head-on. Owning up to her deception, Koya holds her head high while letting the speculators know she regrets nothing that concerns Parish. With past traumas lingering, can she love him fully, or will her beautifully flawed layers cause her to miss out on the first real love she’d experienced?

Recklessly out for revenge, Parish Sneaux stands on all ten toes behind his family. Sticking to the code, he gets his lick back on every person who violated him. Right by his side is Koya. Fully welcoming her presence, Parish finds himself locked in with her like never before. Their love is middle of the ocean, deep, penetrating parts of their soul that almost turn them toxic. He’s committed to making them work, even if that means tapping into a side of him that needs to heal, too.

With the odds against him, Vezzo Fallago vows not to give up. The Eastside taught him how resilient he has to be and what it takes to make it out of the hood. While the scandal unfolds, his friendship with Daisy seems to be the only good thing blossoming. She’s rooting for him at every stage of the unfair game he’s playing and is ready to see him win. That was the only option; there was no returning to where he came from, and Vezzo meant it.

In the finale of this coming-of-age urban romance tale, relationships are severed, patience is tested, and intentions are doubted. It’s a cold world in the summer, and it’s best to bundle up if you want to make it to the winter.


Deeply In Love: A Preto Hills Love Story by Queen Rae

A cocky, womanizing playboy was how many people, including Emery Hart, would describe Wesley Gray. As the star of the Preto Hills Warriors, everybody has their opinion of who he is on and off the court, but very few have the platform to make their opinion known. Emery, a radio show personality, has people tuned in during their morning commute to hear everything she has to say and all the tea she has to spill.

In the middle of Wesley’s baby mama drama and doing his best at staying out of jail and out of the tabloids, and between Emery’s recent breakup and being fired from the radio show she worked to establish, neither of them is looking for anything, but they can both admit to feeling an unexplainable void in their life. Neglecting the void, their focus is building their legacy and making money.

With Preto Hills being a booming city where #WeBlack is more than just a hashtag, it’s a way of life, the two celebs are familiar, but when they get to truly know each other, their worlds change. Whether the change is for better or for worse is what is yet to be determined.


Finesse (A Radioactive Tale of Love Book 2) by Nikki Prince

Indelible scars and memories chase us like ghosts.

He was supposed to be coming home. But not like this, never like this. I’d always dreamed that one day Quinton Grayson would be mine. Now he’s back and we’re both dealing with paralyzing guilt. Does wanting him make sense when I have the responsibility to take care of my nephew? Quinton is holding back; dare I find out why?

When you’re on the sand you’re supposed to leave everything there. Unfortunately, I’ve brought it back to Arlington Heights and Lyric Scott’s doorstep. My body reveals all the scars for everyone to see, but the ones on my soul are graver. Will she even look my way? What can I possibly offer her other than to keep the promise I made to her brother, my best friend who I couldn’t bring back?

We’re a ready-made family now, how can I walk away? But how can I allow her to deal with the demons at my door?


My Love To Keep by Esha C.

One long year has passed since Romelo and Dria broke up. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, old feelings resurface as the chance to get things right presents itself. Watch as they both reconnect for Valentine’s Day in My Love to Keep.


Crushed Velvet and Cashmere 2 by K.L. Hall

Kasim Barnes is the cause and the cure. 
His pieces fit mine, furnishing the spaces where I am void, abundant where I am scarce. 
And yet, he’s everything I should never have wanted. 
I want nothing more than to free my heart from his chains, but when he anchors his eyes on me, I forget to breathe.

I didn’t know what falling for him would do to me. 
That our attraction would burn so hot that it hurt.
That he would destroy me inside and out. 
That finding out the truth would change everything. 

They say all great love stories either end in happily ever after or tragedy and tears. 
Well, ours may just start a war.


When It Feels Right Believe It by Rhonda Rene

Veronica Smith is a woman who thought she had the world on a string, she has a job she loves, a group of ride or die best friends, and she is about to get married…until one fateful day the fairy tale comes crashing down…and her Prince Charming turns out to be hiding a massive secret she never saw coming.

Forced to rebuild her life and find a way to heal from past traumas, Veronica receives some sage advice and learns that only through healing herself will she find the kind of epic love she has believed in but never experienced.

Max Blair swore he would never return to hometown but he just couldn’t stop the feeling that’s exactly where he needed to be in order to start a new chapter in his business, little does he know fate is about to put him in the path of what could potentially be his happily ever after.

Will Veronica and Max find the love that they have believed in for so long, but never found? Or will their search forge on?

There are some trigger warnings for physical and sexual abuse. This is a Novella. If you don’t like reading books that are short and sweet this is not the book for you. There are two tarot readings, Goddess Gatherings releasing ritual, sister circles, and A Gathering of Goddesses mentioned as well. Please do not read this book if you will be offended or triggered by any of these subjects.


Marked for Redemption: A Games of the Underworld Novel by Jade Royal

A veil disguises the truth, blurring enemy lines. 

The Curse.

Enlisted to get intel from the enemy, Zendaya uses her ability to tap into minds to gain information. She stumbles into uncharted territory, which distracts her from the mission. 

Can she redeem herself, or is she destined to fail?

The Betrayal.

Colton is unable to tell fact from fiction while being tortured. He has one thing keeping him grounded. Something that convinces him to fight for his sanity. 

Is it all as it seems, or is something else at play?

The Sacrifice.

Redemption is to secure the release or recovery of persons or things by payment of a price. 

What if the cost is more than one can afford? 

In this enemies-to-lovers romance, the high stakes force Zendaya and Colton to confront their fears if love is to be the reward. *******************************************************
Marked for Redemption is one of fifteen books within the Games of the Underworld shared universe. It is a standalone novel which can be read independently, but to get the full story, it is highly recommended to read all of the books within the series.


His Perfect Match : A Contemporary Christian Forbidden Love Romance (Orange Valley Book 1) by Aminata Coote

They were two people who should not fall in love. But God had other plans.

Communications consultant Brianna McPherson would have a much better chance of rallying her fledgling business if her family would stop sending her customers who believed in the barter system. She needs paying clients or will have to close her firm.

Daniel Hutchinson’s church is in trouble. He has less than three months to get an influx of members or close their doors for good. When a friend suggests the free help of a brand manager, he jumps at the chance. He never expected to fall for the feisty consultant.

The last thing she needs is another non-paying client. Especially not the handsome pastor who’s messing with her head and making her feel all kinds of ways. If they can’t make this partnership work, they’ll both be out of a job.

But what if there’s something greater at stake? Like an unforgettable love.

His Perfect Match is the first book of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.


Biscuits N’ Gravy by Alicia Weathers-Grey

If I can’t have you, why would I allow someone else to?


Baby Will You Love Me by Ave Coletta

Ciyah James has fallen out of love with love. Simply put, love isn’t shit; these men are for everybody, and she was over it. Period! She’s tired of heartbreak and competing for a trusting relationship with her boyfriend’s boyfriends. Five years ago was the last time she would give another man her heart. Now gated walls guarded her heart, and her precious jewels were clad locked. Her mission is never to let anyone in. Ever again.

Zino Valentine has had his share of letdowns, which has caused his heart to harden. To him, women came a dime a dozen, and he didn’t have a problem passing his love around. But, after a bad breakup, he didn’t do relationships anymore. Love was for soft niggas, and he promised he wouldn’t be feeble again when it came to that four-letter word. From now on Fuck love was his only relationship goal. He would love them for one night and walk out of their lives forever, never to call again.

Unexpectedly, a collision forces its way into their lives on Valentine’s Day. Instantly they feel a magnetic pull toward the other that won’t go away. Will they let love in again or fight the unwanted chemistry letting their hardened hearts interfere with what could be?


Blank Canvas of You by Lamartz Brown

Two worlds collide by the paint brushes that turn a blank canvas into an all-encompassing journey of a love that may abound.

When Mega Dakar lost the love of his life, he started seeing things through a different lens. So much so that painting no longer was his peace. While wrapped up in a job gone wrong, Mega discovers the unparalleled perfection of a new friend, Ms. Mona Lisa Sutton. 


Embers of Love by Osar Adeyemi

Fed up with the strain of trying to revive the spark in her marriage, Ijeoma gives up and resolves to concentrate on her career.
Unlike her marriage, her career is on the rise, and she is thrilled to be selected to work alongside the brilliant project manager, Jimi Lawson, who has been brought in temporarily from the company’s London office.

She soon becomes good friends with the attractive Jimi, and when a job opportunity presents for her to relocate to London, Ijeoma decides it’s time she puts some distance between Emeka and her.

But the news of the job offer and impending relocation rattles Emeka badly, and he also becomes aware that Jimi is a very real threat to his fragile relationship with his wife.

Will Emeka be able to win back the love of his wife or will Ijeoma find it easier to walk away to the new life that beckons on her?


Like Sweet Buttermilk: Dr. Naomi Alexander, Book 1 (Dr. Naomi Alexander series) by S.F. Powell

“A good marriage is like sweet buttermilk.”

That’s the advice Dr. Naomi Alexander gives to a couple battling marital strife. But never has her marriage counseling turned deadly…
When Viv’s extra-marital affair puts her marriage on the rocks, she and her husband Rick see Dr. Naomi for marriage counseling.
After only a couple sessions, their relationship looks salvageable. It’s plain they still love each other, and the counseling certainly injects more steamy passion into their bedroom as the lovers test the limits of their psychiatrist’s “sweet buttermilk” philosophy.
When Rick develops an intense, adventurous edge—an edge his wife is steadily warming to—Naomi’s extra senses perceive that not everything is as lovely as it appears. Fearing Viv may be in danger, she becomes a reluctant detective. Rushing against the clock, and with one dead body to account for already, will she solve the “case” in time?
A spicy relationship drama filled with marital strife and exciting dark romance and thriller elements with a mystery subplot and a tiny amount of the paranormal. 
Featuring a violent, scary lover and a Black female lead, read now to put yourself in shrewd but cagey psychiatrist Dr. Naomi Alexander’s sleuthing shoes today!


Salty Fangs: Book Two (Fang Series 2) by Nicole Whitfield

A taste for savory is what he craves… salt on old wounds is a bonus.

Ryan Washington is the eldest of the Washington clan. Like his brother and sister, family and legacy are at the forefront of their focus as they manage their real-estate conglomerate. Being a bloodsucker never looked so good. With tattoos of his family crest lining his hands and his staple custom suits, he looks like a debonaire menace. Although he’s only been dating Char Williams for a few months, he’s clear on what she means to him.

As an artist, Char is prepping for her next art exhibit, and things aren’t always on track. Char grew up in privilege, although it never stopped her from going against the grain. From her wild hair to her obsession with bold, bright colors, she doesn’t fit the mold. Looking to move their relationship to the next level, Ryan has a plan. Plans are meant to be broken, right?

Will they be buried under the rough terrain ahead of them or come out smelling like roses?

Join the Washington vampire clan in a three-part stand-alone series.

These characters were introduced in Sweet Fangs. This is a standalone series with no cliffhangers. It can be read together or separately; however, for the best understanding, read Sweet Fangs first.

Series Order:

Sweet Fangs – Book One

Salty Fangs – Book Two

Bitter Fangs – Book Three


Terms & Conditions of Love by Nyjaè

Leighton Godavari was a business mogul with the most eccentric art gallery in the world. She came from money. Leighton’s father, Mr. Biju, owned one of the biggest oil companies in the nation. On his sick bed, Biju hit Leighton with a billion-dollar deal. With his death growing neigh, Mr. Biju mentions the trust agreement he created years ago for her. There’s one issue. Marriage is the stipulation of her trust fund.

Life kept hitting Leighton with the magic three. First, there was the shock factor of her Daddy fighting cancer. Second, Leighton’s ex-boyfriend, Esem, wanted to mend fences. That led to another problem. Esem was currently in a relationship with Cree. Third, Leighton’s sex buddy bounced in and out of the picture. He gave Leighton the best toxic illustration of sex a woman could ask for. This reluctantly created a tragic love triangle that was the art of confusion. Leighton is torn between love, lust, and rationale.

Leighton is approaching the age where she can receive her trust fund if she meets the perimeters of it. There’s one thing missing, a husband. Leighton has three options. Option one, create a scam for a marriage of convenience. Option two, continue to have her sexual escapades for satisfaction. That’s the game that Leighton wanted to play. Option three, keep hope that she’d run into a new love that would be everything she wished for. Mr. Biju Godavari is hanging on for dear life. Leighton’s time is ticking away.

Without choosing a husband, Leighton’s trust fund is deadlocked permanently. She’s stuck making the biggest decision of her life. Love, lust, rationale, or her parent’s satisfaction. Money is the root of all evil. It makes people do some crazy things. What will the love triangle be? Shall it continue? Leighton considered love to be a fairytale. She wasn’t sure whether she’d ever receive it. On the flip side, lust was way more tantalizing. Leighton was getting plenty of sex to suffice her urge. Can Leighton create a calculated plan to beat the trust stipulation her Daddy created? Will love become too hard to find or better yet even harder to keep?


Mr. Telephone Man: The Sweetest Love by Serene Arie

Jamia Paxton has just moved home from her lifestyle as a lawyer in El Segundo, California. She’s single and focused on her career, but when she moves into her new home, the way she communicates is disrupted by faulty lines. So, she’s forced to force her assistant to call someone to fix the problem.
What happens when the Telephone Man is fine?
Pierre Jonson is an employee for a company as a technician who repairs phone lines. When assigned to fix the phone lines of some lawyer, he’s shocked to see that he recognizes her.
Will love kindle, or will he just be The Telephone Man?


Shattered Souls: A Short Story (The Soul Series Book 1) by Rosè Dior

Death, jealousy, envy, and dirty cops set the tone for this riveting tale of three souls trying to cope after loss.

Na’Kia, Antonio, and Aliyah had never known pain until losing the man that held their family together. Betrayal arises which causes a domino effect that ends in even more grief than either of them could imagine or manage. 

This short story gives the backstory of Na’Kia, Antonio, and Aliyah’s journey as they learn to navigate through pain, heartbreak, and depression. Will they get the peace that they seek? Or will their loss drive them further down the rabbit hole of depression?


From Royal To Secret by F.K. Davis

All hell breaks loose when a talented merman and a brilliant vampiress threaten to tip the scales of magic.

Royal descends from a noble heritage and recently moves from home. His plans to start a new life collide with danger on day one. On land, he engages with others from diverse backgrounds with ease. In the water, Royal can go beyond depths some can’t even fathom.

Secret is the promised one of her species. Always loyal, she desires freedom and the opportunity to advance her people. She conforms to the old, traditional ways until something and someone catches her eye.

For centuries, ancient laws divided the magic of blood and water. Yet, when the worlds of fins and fangs collide, it creates an unlikely circle of allies.

Royal and Secret prepare for the unimaginable. Rebirthing the MerVamp will revolutionize their supernatural world. Expect ancestral bloodshed, enchanted artifacts, and forbidden love in this African American Paranormal.


After the Lights Go Down: A Workplace Reunion Romance by Donna Hill

All is fair in love and war…and television morning shows! Two headstrong news anchors collide at the desk and in the bedroom in Donna Hill’s latest!

Two news anchors. One job.

And a passion that won’t be denied…

It’s lights, camera, scandal when competing morning show anchors Layne Davis and Paul Waverly set their sights on the same promotion. Yet sizzling looks and smoking hot kisses are proving more distracting than the competition itself. Paul has always been the object of Layne’s desires, and now’s her chance to close the deal. But will a future with Paul mean sacrificing her dream of having both a successful career and love?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 20th-26th

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