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We’ve Only Just Begun by Nicole Falls

Skylar Jordin Hughes’s life is perfectly fine despite the life-altering blow of losing the very epicenter of her world a mere nine months ago. Thankfully she has the security of loving friends and routine comforts in her life to keep her evenly keeled. When a friend asks her for a favor and she acquiesces, it brings a bit of chaos that spices up Skylar’s mostly staid existence.

That chaos comes in the form of Christian Sullivan—a man who is entirely too appealing for Skylar’s own good. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to Christian, much to her own dismay considering that she has a man at home. This is further complicated when unknown connections between Skylar and Christian are uncovered and rock Skylar’s world in ways she never saw coming.


Unforgettable Love by Tiye Love


Unlike his family, the handsome and practical Trevor LaSalle, Jr., has lived a life away from the political world. While satisfied professionally, Trevor longs for a forever love like he once thought he had with his ex-wife, Sabria Dubois.

Since their divorce seven years ago, Trevor has not contacted the headstrong and beautiful Sabria. Now in a twist of fate, she’s back in the city and accuses the former Mayor and friend to the LaSalle family of a crime. And despite her role in the upcoming trial that could ultimately destroy the friendship of the LaSalles and the other powerful family in the city, the Toussaints, Sabria is determined to get her ex-husband back.

Still bitter from the divorce and unsure he can trust her motives for returning to the city, Trevor initially ignores Sabria’s pleas for a reconciliation. Caught up in passionate reminiscences of what could’ve been, he can no longer deny a taste of Sabria again. And as the trial nears and more secrets are revealed, Trevor questions whether their time together is about closing chapters or beginning anew. 


BIND by Taisha S. Ryan

Get money by any means necessary. A motto that Ivy Moore lives by. She’s determined to escape the grim streets of Watts, LA, even if it means seducing the wealthiest of men to do so. But her plans crumble when she meets Ramon Santos. The irresistible man with an aura so powerful, it throws her off her game. And after a night of fiery passion, Ivy learns the truth about who he is.
Ramon Santos vowed to make a difference in his community when he became a parole officer. Giving up the inheritance of his father’s throne, he decided to succeed on his own. But things take a turn when he is assigned a new client. Ivy Moore. The alluring seductress who had shaken his world beyond his imagination.
But lines have been crossed.
His reputation, at stake. Her freedom, in jeopardy. They must keep things strictly professional. But what happens if the memories of that passionate night won’t disappear? Will they resist the feelings of lust? Or succumb to the dangerous temptation that could potentially ruin both of their lives?


Colliding With Fate by A.E. Valdez

Kyrell Knight believes life is a game to be played and thoroughly enjoyed. He rarely takes anything seriously, lives in the moment, and indulges in as much pleasure with women as possible. But the sarcasm, money, and women are an attempt to erase the memories of his past as he tries to forget what he came from. It works until his past wants to be a part of his present.

Kyrell reconnects with Quinn Halifax at their mutual best friend’s engagement party. They spark up a friendship that quickly turns to flames when it becomes a superficial, no strings attached relationship.

Kyrell is struggling with his past while Quinn is trying to secure her future. Neither is looking for more, but fate has other plans.
What happens when two people collide with fate?

Content Advisory: child abuse, death, mentions of suicide


Tempting His Control: The Moods of Love by Erika B.

Control – the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.

Isabella Hoffman’s life is simple. Her life must have order and must go according to plan… until one day it doesn’t.

Pierce Carlson has a lot going on in his life. Time is running out for him to get it together or he runs the risk of losing everything.

Isabella operates with order, but Pierce operates with control. What happens when the two come together and they each must let go of the one thing that drives them?

“Pretty baby, you are the soul who snaps my control. Such a funny thing but every time you’re near me I can never behave.”
–“Moody’s Mood” by George Benson


The Love We Make: The Moods of Love by Mya

“I’m so tired of being without and never knowing what love’s about” –George Benson

After a failed marriage, Jayani Jones has a fear of opening herself up to another man. She swears this new year is going to be her chance to explore her sexual desires and redefine her femininity. What were the odds of the next man she stumbles across being her soulmate?

Malik Palmer couldn’t fight the attraction he felt for the woman he’d run into at a New Year’s Eve celebration. Bringing in the new year with this beauty in his bed was more than he’d bargained for as she became the only thing he could think about. He wanted this one-night stand to turn into a lasting relationship, and knew fate was on his side when she showed up at his job Monday morning.

Jayani and Malik’s love story is quick, passionate, and destined for success in this romantic novella.


Bleeding Love by Harleigh Rae

“The heart does things for reasons that reason will never know.” Blaise Pascal.

Emersyn Hale knew heartbreak more than she cared to admit. With unresolved issues surrounding the disappearance and death of her dearest friend, she finds herself planted in motion, with one focus. Justice. Her quest for justice fueled every move she made. Justice that she thought would feed her spirit, replenish her soul, and rid her of the guilt she’d harbored for 22 years. Blinded by the brim of her white hat, she goes deep undercover, but an assailant ambushes her justice crusade with a pursuit more powerful than justice. Love.

Jai Wakefield is a retiree with nothing but time and money on his hands. He cultivates natural-born fighters with an ageless eye to unequivocally spot raw talent. An unlikely encounter lands him in the presence of his greatest contender, Emersyn. Where he once could spot a gem in a pile of hard rocks, he’s forced to apply the pressure to get her to see just how much she is worth.

Two unsuspecting workaholics, Jai and Emersyn, know that the impact of life’s punches can leave you distorted and stumbling, but you can always bounce back. They don’t know that when love is on the ropes, all bets are off.


Before I Let Go by Samantha M.C. Luck

When Nova Anderson’s long-divorced parents reconcile and her best friend snags a fiancé, the career-focused, serial dater is left lonely and curious about what is missing in her own life.

A methodical Nova sets out on the Let Go and Let Love Challenge, a mission to confront the men on her roster and secure a commitment from one of them. On her journey to commitment, Nova meets Jamison, a nice, yet jaded gentleman who is willing to give dating another try after a tumultuous breakup. This could be a big win for them both, but Nova’s daddy issues, the resurfaced memories of an assault, and a sabotage plot orchestrated by Jamison’s ex stand in their way.

Nova thought she’d conquered the commitment challenge when she met and fell for Jamison, but instead she learns that in order to reach cloud nine, she must first confront the obstacles of the past and let go of the trauma that weighs her down.


Humble Heart by T’Lyn

To love and be loved. Both are a foreign concept to Jada Watts becasue every person who should have taught her what the word love means, let her down. When you don’t know what love is, how can you openly give or receive it?

Maurice “Mo” Ladson owns his emotions. Being born and raised in love, he understands what it means to be on both the giving and receiving end of a genuine heart. From the moment he laid eyes on Jada he knew that she would be his one, if he could only convince her to stop running and give love a chance.

They often say opposites attract but when you pair two people with completely different outlooks on love is it possible to find a happy medium? The heart wants what the heart wants and for Mo that’s Jada but she’ll first have to find the courage to push past her fear to let him love her.


Be Mine for Valentine’s Day by Monae Nicole

Aaron Thomas is fresh out of jail and ready to get acclimated with the outside world. His first and only mission is to win over the woman who’s been constantly on his mind… Chelsea Snow. With Valentine’s Day slowly approaching, Aaron is determined to prove his love for her by then.

Chelsea Snow is living her life openly and loving who she wants to freely. Aaron is the furthest thing on her mind. Her current relationship is pretty solid… until Aaron makes his intentions known. With him coming back around, he’s shaking things up between her and her current love.

With the past coming back, trying to make itself Chelsea’s present, will she submit to Aaron’s holiday swooning— or will she keep him a distant reminder of her past and continue on with her life as if he was never a factor?


Perfect Chemistry (The Purple Charm Series) by Charmyra Fleming

Cu + O2 yields “she,” and in a stark-white testing lab is where you’ll find a 5’7” brown beauty. Cool with cocoa-brown skin and hair like your next of kin, logically, this is where this romantic journey begins.

At one point in her life, Dr. Zora St. James always knew the elements of her chemical equation with Dr. Stokely Allen had the potential for the hottest reaction. That is until he, Dr. Langston Mitchell, steps onto the scene. Soon, Zora realizes her relationship with Stokely isn’t enough. Her heart wants more, and as fate would have it, she meets an angel investor, Dr. Langston Mitchell, and her life’s trajectory changes. This equation yields a chemical reaction exploding with romance of epic proportions!


Lonely Days, Longer Nights by ashley

One night. That’s all Milano wanted. One night with no strings attached so she’d be able to forget the problems causing her so much turmoil. Unable to deny herself the spine tingling, toe curling pleasure he could provide, she finds herself wanting more. Craving it like her next breath. And that’s when things get complicated…


Tangled Chords (Heritage Series Book 2) by Osar Adeyemi

Heart surgeon, Tosin Adelaja, has been smashing all his goals, career-wise, but his personal life is in shambles.

He makes up his mind to realign his values, and get his life back on course. In the process, he meets Lesley, a passionate life coach, who gives him useful pointers on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

But as he begins to make strides in his journey of self-discovery, a concealed mistake from his past comes back to haunt him.

Suddenly, all that he’s worked so hard to achieve including his reputation seems to be on the line. He’s also come to realise that his feelings for Lesley are far from platonic.

Tosin must make some tough decisions about how to resolve the challenges in his life but his greatest fear is losing Lesley, the only woman he’s ever really loved, in the process.


Somebody Loves You, Baby: A Valentine’s Day Short by L’Amour Coulture

RULE- “I’ve always noticed her beauty and smarts since we were kids, but I wasn’t trying to step to her back then.”
RAINE- “Shirina is off-limits, Rule!”
SHIRINA- “Rule has always been the source of my happily ever after.”

She’s my sister’s best friend.
I’m in love with her, but she doesn’t know it.
Now that she’s single again, I must man up and let it be known how I really feel about her…
Before it’s too late.


Bound by Her Rival’s Baby (Ghana’s Most Eligible Billionaires Book 1) by Maya Blake

The result of their off-limits chemistry? A scandal nobody would suspect! Enjoy this surprise pregnancy story by Maya Blake.

A forbidden night…
A baby bombshell!

Atu Quayson is the rebel in a family that exudes power and influence. Unexpectedly pulled back into the Quayson empire, Atu must persuade Amelie Hayford, daughter of his father’s fiercest rival, to sell her family’s beach resort—to the enemy!

Why, wonders Amelie, does she feel such a wild attraction to the one man who is completely off-limits? Surrendering to the intense heat raging between them was inevitable. What they didn’t expect was the explosive consequences… And Amelie has to find the words to tell Atu she’s pregnant with his heir!

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

Read all the Ghana’s Most Eligible Billionaires books:
Book 1: Bound by Her Rival’s Baby
Book 2: A Vow to Claim His Hidden Son


Worth Fighting For (Worth It Book 2) by NiaShanta Ross

When Salem Shaw locked eyes with Natalia McClinton roughly four years ago, he just knew that he had to have her as his wife. He’d picked wrong in his first marriage, but figured he’d learned, and that the second time would be the charm.

No matter how hard Natalia McClinton tried to keep Salem Shaw at an arm’s reach, she still managed to fall hard for him. So hard that she opened her mangled heart up to him, and allowed him to change her last name.

What could go wrong with a love that was worth the wait?

Fast forward to the present day, and needless to say, the ink has officially dried on their marriage license, the googly eyes have subsided, and the Shaws are in the thick of what it truly means to walk out the vows that they recited to one another.

When both Salem and Natalia are tempted to return to skeletons in their pasts, will they forfeit the love that they’ve grown accustomed to, or will they realize that they have something worth fighting for?


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New Release Round-Up February 21st-27th

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