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Some Kind of Love: Prelude (Smoke and Burn) by Elle Wright


I’m a professional. I have strict rules of conduct when it comes to my business, Taylar Made Events.

My number one rule? Don’t flirt with the groom.

But… What about the groom’s moody, but hot brother?


When I agreed to pay for my brother’s wedding, I didn’t know he was marrying the Wicked Witch of the East. I also didn’t realize I’d find myself fantasizing about the wedding planner.

The Problem? She’s my best friend’s little sister. The curve of her hips and the fullness of her lips are none of my business.

Now… I just have to remember that.

Please note: Some Kind of Love is a prelude to the Smoke and Burn series. Although it is part of this series, it can be read as a stand-alone introductory novella.


Compulsive (Love Struck Series Book 1) by Skye Moon

It starts with a midnight kiss that sparks a compulsion neither Casimir nor Artemis can escape….

Casimir’s life revolves around three things: his family, his friends, and his gym. Ever the playboy, love is the furthest thing from his mind until a chance encounter with a beautiful woman results in life-altering consequences.

Fresh from a toxic entanglement, Artemis wants nothing more than to quietly nurse her broken heart and focus on her career. But when a girl’s night out ends with an impulsive kiss, she learns just how addictive love can be…. especially, with Casimir White.


InstaLove (The One Series Duet) by Danielle Allen

From the producers of The One, InstaLove is taking reality TV dating shows to the next level.

Make sure you don’t miss this sizzling new series!

It’s been three years since being betrayed by my best friend and my boyfriend. And while I was over them, I was still triggered by the pain they’d caused.

I was leery of people. I found it hard to trust and open up. Meaningless flings filled the void and quelled any loneliness. But what I truly wanted was love.

Wine drunk and fresh off the heels of a bad first date, I applied to be a part of the relationship social experiment and hit TV show InstaLove.

It wasn’t until I was accepted to be part of the show that it hit me: I’m engaged to a man I’ve never met.


To Hollis and Obey: A Mafia Romance (Crowne Legacy Book 7) by Sherelle Green

What place does fear have in falling in love?


In my family, I wear a lot of different hats all centered around the same role. Comedian. Life of the party. The jokester. Everyone’s favorite fool when I wasn’t getting on their last nerve. But without me, my family wouldn’t be the empire we are today. As one of the best hackers in the country, I’m the one that uncovers any secrets our enemies are hiding, no matter how big or small. My entire life, I’ve been able to hack my way ahead of any situation. Yet, somehow I didn’t see her coming.

I hated him. Simple as that. I’m the queen of gore and guts, while this obnoxious, mouthpiece of a man, gags at the tiniest drop of blood. Everyone thinks he’s hilarious, but I’m not so easily amused. I wasn’t born to be a killer, but my circumstances made me this way. Men made me this way. So I turned myself into someone to be feared. For immature jerks like Hollis Crowne, I’d always be the siren in their dreams, lulling them to sleep while ultimately plotting their doom. But deep down, I wonder if he’s the siren of mine.

Please Note: To Hollis and Obey is a sexy enemies to lovers story that contains humor, crime and profanity.

For years, these siblings have lived by the code, Know Thy Enemy. However, what seems too good to be true usually is. Some say mafia. They say family. Can they trust their allies and defend the Crowne legacy? Or will they realize that loyalty, love, and honor are luxuries they can’t afford?


Tonight’s Promise : A Stedman’s Love Chronicle by Malay Reneè

The universe tends to throw us curve balls, and when it does, we have two options: we either give in to the obstacles, or we can take full control of our lives.

For Akeem Sanders, life handed him a bit more than he could chew. Still mourning a life from his past, he’s been fighting himself to move on to new and better things. When his friend pushes him to visit one of the best kept secrets of Syracuse, his mind slowly changes. Stedman’s becomes his escape from reality. A one-night fantasy of Tonight’s Promise becomes a lingering thought on his mind… a thought he doesn’t see himself shaking.

Smile more, talk less. Carrington Kennedy has always been a good girl. She has been one of her mother’s most prized possessions. Becoming one of the city’s top therapists, helping other’s tap into their better selves, Carrington slowly realizes one of the things she teaches her clients seems to be the one thing she can’t master yourself—standing on her own two feet. With her upcoming nuptials, Carrington finds herself trying to please those who don’t seem too concerned about her true happiness. In the time leading up to her wedding, Carrington finds solace in a man she has no business attaching herself to. A man who is not only her father’s new prodigy, but a man who is also her new client.

In a short time, many rules are broken, and boundaries are crossed. With so much happening right under everyone’s nose, these two are left wondering if what they feel is a wave of lust, or the act of love imbedding itself within them. Join these two as the find comfort in forbidden arms.


One Night, One Bite by Dria Andersen

For Raven Sampson it wasn’t just Valentine’s day, it was her birthday and surely, she deserved one night off from responsibility. She was a step above rock bottom, and was holding on by the skin of her teeth. She gave herself one night and then it was back to her grind. She didn’t count on running into him…

Sebastian Longford put duty before everything. Captain of the King’s guard, his mission in life was making sure the vampires in his coven survived and thrived. He didn’t care who he had to go through to make that happen. But, one night, he bumped into her…and all of a sudden, duty started warring with his mating instinct.


Love Me This Valentine’s Day by Jasmine Nicole

Crystal has been in a relationship with Martin for 5 years and as Crystal watches everyone around her move on, she is growing impatient at the way she and Martin are still stuck in the same place. She knows he loves her, but she questions if he wants to marry her?

Martin is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Crystal, and he wants to make sure he gives her nothing but the best. The topic of marriage keeps coming up and Crystal demands some answers. As Valentines Day approaches, the pressure to propose becomes even greater. Will it become too much to handle for him?


His Brother’s Obsession: A Forbidden Romance by Wynta Tyme

My irritation was in the form of a six-foot mannish bully…
If Isley “Isle” Danvers didn’t know anything, she knew there was a difference between being in love and loving someone. Unfortunately, this lesson came too late and at a price too high for her. Now she’s caught in a love triangle that will result in an unforeseen end. All the thirty-three-year-old fingerpainter wanted to do was paint and bask in the love that visited her marriage, but her hidden desires and loyalty to another had a different agenda.

Thirty-seven years in this world, and the only challenge I’ve ever encountered was Isle…
Deese Danvers reeked of ego, poorly made decisions with women, and a God complex out of this world. Well, that’s how Isley saw him. But deep down, the successful soccer vet has carried a torch for the 5’5 brown-skinned beauty from a very young age. Deese knew he shouldn’t have pursued her because of her marital status and who she was married to on top of that, but it was the selfish bastard in him that egged him on. It persuaded, conned, and antagonized Deese to disrupt the peace in Isley’s life until she solely had her eyes on him.

Now, the unsuspected duo are not only entangled in a smoldering affair, but there’s a third party who’s aware of their relationship, and willing to bring their misdeeds to life by any means necessary. That includes killing anyone who gets in their way. Will their affair end in embarrassment, shame, and the loss of life, or will there be a silver lining after the storm?


Rough Diamond: The Origin (Enders Book 4) by Kiru Taye

This is the becoming of an antihero and his undoing.

Before Mason became the Yadili fixer and acquired the Mace nickname, he learned how to navigate loss, grief, and treachery. Then he meets Sophie and, for a brief moment, experiences respite with a woman who matches his wildness. But can he hang on to her?

This story unfolds in two parts. The Origin is part one.


60 Days to Love (Banking on Love Book 1) by B. Love

A second chance romance with an expiration date sets the foundation for 60 Days to Love. 

When Montana Dixon returns home to Memphis, she’s given the opportunity to financially secure her future for the rest of her life. With that opportunity comes a commitment of marriage to a man she’s never spoken a single word to. Having sworn off love, Montana is okay with an arranged marriage for the sake of business—until she runs into her ex—the man who showed her how love can hurt.

For years, Orion Tate has regretted the way things ended with his college sweetheart. He promised himself if fate brought them back together, he’d make Montana his again. When fate does make their paths cross, Orion learns of Montana’s pending engagement.

Convinced he has only 60 days to regain Montana’s love, Orion sets out to reclaim the one that got away… But there’s one major problem, and that’s Montana’s lack of a desire to trust him with her heart again. With family drama and conflict adding itself to the equation, love doesn’t seem as accessible as Orion expected it to be. Will he give up on a second chance at love, or will he prove true love always wins?

*Please note: This is book one of a three book standalone series.*


The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest

A shy bookworm enlists her charming neighbor to help her score a date, not knowing he’s the obscure author she’s been corresponding with, in this sparkling and heart-fluttering romance by Kristina Forest.

Shy, bookish, and admittedly awkward, Lily Greene has always felt inadequate compared to the rest of her accomplished family, who strive for Black excellence. She dreams of becoming a children’s books editor, but she’s been frustratingly stuck in the nonfiction division for years without a promotion in sight. Lily finds escapism in her correspondences with her favorite fantasy author, and what begins as two lonely people connecting over email turns into a tentative friendship and possibly something else Lily won’t let herself entertain—until he ghosts her without a word.
Months later, Lily is still crushed, but she’s determined to get a hold of her life, starting with finding a date to her sister’s wedding. And the perfect person to help her is Nick Brown, her charming, attractive new neighbor, who she feels drawn to for reasons she can’t explain. But little does she know, Nick is an author—her favorite fantasy author.
Nick, who has his reasons for using a pen name and pushing people away, soon realizes that the beautiful, quiet girl from down the hall is the same Lily he fell in love with over email months ago. Unwilling to complicate things even more between them, he agrees to set her up with someone else, though this simple favor between two neighbors is anything but—not when he can’t get her off his mind…


Cater: The Lyon’s Den Series Book #1 by K. Nicole

As soon as Kashmere Lyons’ eyes landed on twenty-two year old, Sevyn Love, at his twenty-fifth birthday party, he instantly felt a connection to her. Sevyn Love was intrigued by Kashmere but was sure she was out of his league… until he pursued her.

The first novella of The Lyon’s Den series, is an introduction to the two.


The Weekend: A Short Story by Renato L. Friday

Can friends turned lovers turned friends become lovers again for good?


Love Trials by Monae Nicole

Vegan restaurant owner, Paige Anderson-Adams, loves hard and without question. Her heart is big, and she strives to make those around her feel like they can do anything. She couldn’t have asked for a better life until the unexpected happens, and her life takes a drastic turn that lands her in front of the judge.

Judge Eric Johnston enjoys the single life. His focus is on raising his daughter and maintaining his friendship with his ex-wife. Eric isn’t looking for love, but when it shows up in his courtroom, there is no denying that he’s found it.

Love is on the menu, and Paige isn’t ready to indulge. Eric becomes judge and jury when it comes to matters of her heart and refuses to let up. Will Paige’s determination keep her heart guarded, or will Eric break her down and give Paige everything she’s been looking for?


Taken by Elle Driver

Lex Bennett considers herself to be a pretty ordinary person, aside from being the daughter of a wealthy senator she can’t really stand. But then her life is turned upside down one day when she is the victim of a well-orchestrated kidnapping plot by a man determined to get the truth out of Senator Bennett about a mysterious crime that happened more than two decades ago. But even stranger than the circumstance she finds herself in is the kindness of her kidnapper…and the attraction she instantly feels for him.

Khaleel never wanted it to come to this—abducting the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen—but Senator Bennett is the only man who knows the truth about the crime that wrongfully sent his father to death row. He would never hurt Lex; he just needs her for leverage. But strangely, Lex seems to be coming around to his side—and she has some ideas of her own for his plan. One wrong move and the whole scheme will blow up—can they keep their hands off each other and their minds on the job?


Bitter Fangs: Book Three (Fang Series 3) by Nicole Whitfield

In the final installment of this stand-alone series, we follow Bailey Washington.

Bailey is tough as nails and the wild card of the bunch. Never one to be played with, she made her own rules. As Gabriel and Ryan fall in love, she becomes aware of her deficiency. When she ends up in a sticky situation, she decides to make a change. She is no longer interested in disappointing her family. As she implements her new self-control, things are looking up and going as planned… for a while.

Dallas Donavan is new to town and looking to find his place. When he comes across the beautiful Bailey, he’s intrigued by her style and tattoos. She’s a puzzle he’s ready to solve. Too bad they get off on the wrong foot.

Will they regain their footing or buckle under the pressure?

This is a standalone series with no cliffhangers. It can be read together or separately; however, for the best understanding, read Sweet Fangs first.

Series Order:

Sweet Fangs – Book One

Salty Fangs – Book Two

Bitter Fangs – Book Three


Double Dose of Love by Connie Easton

Rory and Ryan Cordova are the women to be in Graceland Heights. With business of their own, their money is tall and flourishing. The love they have for each other is unmatched. With it being just them two of them since birth, they ride hard for one another and make sure they’re always good. However, an unexpected night out changes things for them.

The Hoffman brothers didn’t have to speak because their money and presence did it for them. Sko is the life of the party and Nash… well, he’s the man that paid for it. These brothers have women eating out the palm of their hands all for them to be interested in none. While Sko likes to have fun, Nash doesn’t have time to mess around.

Two worlds collide and form something neither knew they needed. They said when you weren’t looking for something it found you.


F*ckin’ Wit Me by Ashantay Keys

He was an entrepreneur. A little rough around the edges but Sebastian Outlaw knew how to handle business. His custom taxi service was the outlet he used to steady his mind at night. That was until she climbed in the backseat.

Henna Shumpert was a new mom with no place to go. On the run from her daughter’s father, all she had was her newborn baby, her will to survive, and the kindness of a handsome stranger. When her past begins to lurk, all can become nothing in the blink of an eye.

Will a late night car ride with no destination be Sebastian and Henna’s entryway to a love-filled destiny? Or will the fairytale of family fizzle under the gun?


Having Her Billionaire’s Baby (Saved by the Baby Book 1) by Rose M. Cooper

Love was never part of their agreement.

It was supposed to be a simple deal. I needed an heir to protect my fortune after losing my family, and my assistant Regina had always wanted kids. It seemed only natural to make a rather unusual arrangement.

I’d pay for everything. She could even raise the child herself. But then her husband left her… and before I knew it, she somehow ended up living in my villa with me.

I can’t imagine anyone else being the mother of my child. Regina is smart, beautiful, and she sets my heart on fire. But I never expected to fall in love…

That’s how I ended up living with my assistant. That’s also how I became a father again. But romance was never part of our deal… and things have just got way more complicated.


Finding Sunshine (Burgess Book 1) by M. Taylor

The happiest time of Aaron’s life had also been the worst time of his life. Locked away for a year for a crime he didn’t commit, he’d found a love he thought would never end. Until it did. Freed he moved back home where he was tolerated but not welcome. The last person he expected to run into was Wolfe. The man who broke his heart and left him behind. Where did he go? Why did he leave? Most of all, why was he here in Burgess?

Shaun Wolfe moved to Burgess for one reason and one reason only; to find the love he’d left behind; Aaron Collier. He’d found him, but Aaron was different from the man he shared a cell with. Hurt. Angry. Wolfe knew he had a lot to make up for. Somewhere deep inside Aaron, his sunshine still lived, all he had to do was find him.
Warning: On page talk of assault.


Sweet Sunsets: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 2) by Imani Price

Brandi loves the little library in town, but when a new librarian tells her she owes fines she knows she doesn’t owe, things get interesting.

Brandi never felt embarrassed before when checking out her romance novels because the kind, elderly librarian lady always made her feel at ease. But when the new, dreamy librarian, Chris, calls her out for owing overdue book fines, she realizes he can see everything she’s read. She tells him she’s sure she doesn’t owe anything, and when he double-checks the system, he sees she’s right. Feeling bad for him, she offers to help – after all, she’s such a bookworm that she knows the library like the back of her hand. He accepts her offer to volunteer, and she learns he’s in town filling in for the librarian, his sick grandmother. Sparks begin to fly, and Brandi wonders if he’s planning on sticking around or if he’s just passing through.

Chris just returned to Sweetgum after living in California for years, where he went to school and finished an intensive Ph.D. program. He’s glad to be home and unsure of what he wants to do next in life or if he even wants to stay in the small town. For now, he’s helping his grandmother run the library while she isn’t feeling well. But, when Brandi walks into the library and his life, it starts to feel like home. Will his wandering spirit calm enough for him to put down roots, or will he continue to look elsewhere for the fulfillment he seeks?

Step into a fun and adorable love story that will whisk you away on a feel-good adventure that’s filled with wholesome romance, timeless themes, and larger-than-life characters.


Good To See You, Again: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Eliza Rose

Michelle is a 32-year old businesswoman, owner of Lotus Spa and Sauna. She has amazing friends and a nice house. Her best friend Keith Washington is back in town. Her heart belongs to him as he truly knows her love language. Being in his presence, she feels safe, cozy and in love.

Keith is a traveling interior designer, and he has finally arrived back home to Texas for a project he’s been assigned to. His stay is also permanent and he looks forward to reuniting with Michelle. He broke off his recent relationship with the hopes of being more than Michelle’s friend.

She has just one dilemma. She has a man.

Keith has one last trick up his sleeve to prove he’s ready to be her man.

“Sometimes your soulmate is taken….you just have to steal them.”


O’shyn Of Love by Michelle Kay

O’shyn Blue has spent his life on the water. With a family that owns an exclusive yacht company his only foreseeable goal is open waves and beautiful skies, until his sights are set on a woman who shifts his world from its usual orbit.

Sandy Rose a New York native who thinks she has an amazing life with the perfect man knows that an island trip is going to be a much needed escape. She’s embarking on a new career journey but might be landing herself on the path of a unexpected happily ever after.

Open waters, beautiful skies and a conflicted hearts. Time to rock the boat!


More Than Friends: Sister Act by Cheryl Barton

A storm is brewing in Boston and her name is Nivea Lockhart. Boldly entering into a no-strings affair with her best friend, Jaxon Hightower, she thought she could put her true feelings aside. Her mind was on indulging in steamy nights of uncomplicated, noncommittal pleasure. She didn’t count on her heart wanting more than that. 

Jaxon is mesmerized by his best friend, an intense attraction he had done a good job of hiding since their early college years. He thought having a bevy of beauties instead of having her would lessen his attraction and not ruin the friendship he had come to rely on.

After an unexpected, mind-blowing encounter that surprised and shocked their socks off, Nivea and Jaxon danced around the inevitable; true love. What they didn’t think about was a woman he had been involved with named Alicia, fighting for a permanent position in his life. She was a woman who had no plans of letting Jaxon go without a fight. What Alicia wasn’t ready for was Nivea’s response to her saying, It’s On!


The Soul that Surrenders to Love: A Christian Romance Story (Surrendering All Book 1) by Nikki Smith

What do you do when you’ve made the BIGGEST mistake of your existence?
Veronica Bell was once a woman after God’s own heart, but when she thinks she’s found the love of her life, she puts everything that has to do with serving the Lord in her rearview mirror. Yes, she’s walked away from the church and the Bible, but when things don’t go exactly as she’d planned, she comes to realize that maybe God was the answer to true happiness all along.
In walks Nicholas Cooper, a successful business owner with a checkered past. As an ordained minister, Nick puts God first in his everything. When he meets Veronica, he’s captivated by her grace, beauty, and newfound recommitment to Christ. Perhaps they’ll both discover all the desires of their hearts when their souls surrender to love.


Dating Mr Famous (Sweet Things) by Glory Abah

The best way to get over a man is to get under another man.

I’ve been a good girl all my life, and what has it gotten me? Nothing but heartbreak. So, when famous actor, hottest bachelor in town, and recently single Michael offers me a romantic night out, I can’t resist the sparks between us. Unfortunately, our romantic night turns into a movie marathon because honourable Michael will not touch a tipsy woman. 

When pictures of us kissing hit the media, and I become the target of hateful blogs, society labels me a hussy, and my reputation is in shreds. Branded a promiscuous woman overnight and on the verge of losing my job, I need a knight in shining armour. Or a plan. 

Michael has a plan which could save me or leave me more heartbroken than before. But that’s the danger of dating Mr Famous. Am I willing to pay the price?


My Funny Valentine by Renato L. Friday

Luna Clark is an award winning OB-GYN who has no intentions of finding Mister Right after having met Mister Wrong.
Maverick Stevens is an award winning pediatrician who thought he’ met Mrs. Right but turns out he’s still in search of her.
Luna and Maverick may work in the medical field but have never crossed paths and when they finally do, all hell breaks loose. With both go them being single, one of Luna’s girlfriends decides to hook her up on a blind date with Maverick, who also turns out to be her girlfriend’s cousin, not knowing that they’ve already met and never wanted to see each other again. Will they let first impressions mess up a potential love connection or will they let bygones be bygones?


No Holding Back: A Christian Romance (Queens In The Making Series Book 3) by Latoya Garrett

A Christian Fiction mixed with romance, healing, faith, sisterhood and etc.

Laura Graham’s life hits a detour and old things from her past revisits pushing her into healing, trusting God and gaining a love she’s always wanted.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 27th-March 5th

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