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Someone Like You by Monica Walters

You’re strong… You’re resilient… You’re an overcomer.

Nesha Henderson knows what it means to fight through adversity and the horrible effects of abuse. She chooses to be an overcomer and not let her past define her. After years of struggling with her sexuality, she’s in a place of contentment with herself, but love has seemed to escape her grasp every chance it gets. Her desire to be loved causes her to make questionable decisions in her love life to avoid being alone. However, a common interest has her crossing paths with her college crush, and she’s smitten all over again.

Lennox Guilman has had to be a man for a long time. Seeing his father abandon his family was tough, but he stepped up to the plate. As a teenager, he became the man of the house and had to maintain a level of maturity and bear responsibilities well above his age bracket. While that fact causes his life to take a slight detour, it doesn’t keep him from succeeding. There’s only one thing missing. Love has been a stranger to him after a devastating heartbreak, but one fateful day, it decides to become reacquainted.

Nesha and Lennox notice their instant attraction to one another and immediately act on it. Nesha can only pray that her way of life isn’t a deal breaker. Situations arise in her life that could have Lennox questioning their budding relationship and whether its worth the fight. Can Nesha be the overcomer and move past those situations and proceed with Lennox, or will love abandon her once again?


To Protect and Slay: A Novella by Wynta Tyme

Everyone has their own story of when they first met love. For some, it happened during grade school, while waiting for the next bus or train, or bumping into someone. However, it was a whiff of perfume for thirty-five-year-old Fuego Delgado. The young arithmomanic spends his days as a campus police officer, then remainder of his time doting on his three-year-old son. From the moment he met thirty-two-year-old, single mother, and make-up artist Modesty Brand; he was a goner. Fuego is aware how much he means to Modesty, but he also knows the past has a hold on her. Forgiveness is the only way they could live in peace, but that’s if the attacks on the campus, and some dangerous sibling rivalry doesn’t have the last say.


Indiscretion : Finessing a Black Mafia Gangster (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 8) by B. Love

Remi Mayhem is hard, and loving him has never been easy. To his ex-wife’s credit, she tried to break through the concrete cage surrounding his heart for ten years before he was sent to prison. After having her by his side for seven years, Remi divorced her when he became a free man… and Genesis has been making his life a living hell ever since.

Black Hampton has spent her entire life obsessing over her father. He’s always been a figment of her imagination. With no idea who he was, Black idolized him and made him a being bigger than life. It isn’t until he dies that she learns how selfish and cruel her father was. Aside from being named after him, the only other thing Colton Black gave his daughter was more siblings for the only child to get to know. But she learns quickly… the Black bond is not as easy as she thought it would be to infiltrate.

Both in need of a safe haven, Remi and Black find themselves being drawn to one another like magnets. Genesis, however, refuses to let her ex-husband find peace, love, or anything else with a woman that isn’t her. She makes it her sole mission to destroy Remi’s life just like he destroyed her heart—making Black a target in the process. Will Black be able to make it out alive, or will she join her father in the afterlife quicker than she expected?


May December (The Shorts Book 13) by Nia Forrester

As a cultural anthropologist for a renowned Black historical society, May documents stories that tell the culture and history of a people. And as an adoptee, she is haunted by the fear that the history she will never discover is her own.

But when an assignment lands her in South Texas to investigate the origins of a very unusual family name, May finds herself drawn to a much younger man who seems–at least in some ways–to be a refreshingly wide-open book.

Soon, their deepening connection has May questioning whether she’s had it all wrong. Maybe she’ll never learn the story of her past, but could there still be time to write an unexpected and surprising future?


It’s Gotta Be You by Kimberly Brown

Zenni Calloway is a plus-sized beauty who hasn’t always felt confident in her appearance. She’s dealt with years of constant scrutiny, under the guise of tough love at the hands of her mother in addition to being fetishized by men who want nothing more than to indulge in her in private only. Frustrated with dating altogether, Zenni has cut herself off from the world of men, until a blast from the past shows up with intentions of giving her everything she’s been missing.

Idris Bailey has always had a soft spot for Zenni Calloway. Spending summers with his grandparents introduced him to the woman he’s never been able to let go of since childhood. When he moves back to town to care for his ailing grandmother, he comes face to face with the plus-sized beauty that stole his heart all those years ago. Determined not to miss his shot this time, Idris sets out to be everything Ms. Zenni never knew she needed.

Will Zenni allow herself to be loved the way she deserves, or have her experiences hardened her heart forever?


To Tempt a Husband: After I Do by Lindsay Evans

They married for convenience, but love snuck in somewhere along the way…

Years ago, Jason was almost engaged to Sylvie’s sister. But after things went sideways, he and Sylvie agreed to a marriage of convenience.

For Jason, the marriage satisfied a requirement to inherit his grandmother’s multimillion-dollar company. For Sylvie, it gained an investor and brilliant strategist—Jason—for her floundering business.Now, five years after their wedding, they both want more.

Sylvie has a choice to make. Give in to the insistent overtures of another man who wants to partner with her in business as well as pleasure, or confess her growing feelings for her husband and risk losing everything they’ve built together.

Jason lusts after his own wife. But their relationship isn’t based on the need coursing through his veins, or the desire to be a real family. When he comes up with a scheme to finally get her into his bed, will it blow up in his face and destroy the good things already between them?

To Tempt a Husband is a steamy, marriage of convenience, older woman/younger man, friends-to-lovers novella featuring characters who also appear in the Royals of Tarbemi series.


Could We Pretend by Bree Wright

Gizelle Young, in her prime, has had her failed share of relationships in her lifetime. She is ready to try her hand at love, however, the one person she wants to take the journey with could possibly cause a shift in her life.

Karl Kent and Gizelle met in a shared gym and instantly became friends. Karl experienced a heartbreak that Gizelle helped him get out of and he is forever grateful for having a friend like that in his corner, but Karl is starting to feel a shift in his feelings for Gizelle and is unsure if she is feeling the same way.  

Neither Karl nor Gizelle want to ruin their current status of being best friends forever. When a road trip to Karl’s family house ends up with the two becoming more than friends, how will they overcome? Or will the two friends not be able to separate real from pretend?


Hope on the Island: A Perfectly Stated Series Novella by E.S. McMillan

We all make mistakes…right?

Hope Lewis has made her fair share of mistakes where love is concerned. The first one was letting the man who stole her heart walk away without a fight. The next was settling for a love that was doomed from the start and the third (and biggest) was introducing her husband to her best friend.

After catching her husband and so-called best friend in a compromising position, Hope decides it is time to finally make the right choice. With her heart and dignity in a million pieces, Hope heads to the one place she has always felt safe and loved..home.

Will Hope be able to find what she is looking for in the picturesque town of Isle of Springs, Rhode Island or will this just be another mistake to add to her long list?


Masters In Love (Heroic Hearts Book 1) by Samise Haze

Miracle Carter & Kenneth Masters continue their love story by crossing new bridges and overcoming life’s uncertainties to build a new life. As a new couple, Kenneth and Miracle have much to learn about each other and more to learn about themselves and life together. Ciera, Leticia, & Darnell prove to be a village and stands behind them every step of the way. Growth and change have been on their side, but will Miracle’s past be too present for their love to thrive or will Kenneth prove that his heart can conquer every trial that threatens their love?


Arranged by Celeste Stewart

The MashUp app is sweeping the nation! Based solely on responses to in-depth, personalized questions, matched individuals are given a percentage that tells them everything they need to know about their odds of success as a couple. With results this precise, arranged marriages are becoming increasingly more commonplace, which is why Tyson Roberts has agreed to letting his parents post him on the app. He’s not sold on it’s odds, however, and doesn’t even bother trying to break up with his current girlfriend… until he’s introduced to his 100% match. Jamelle is nothing like what he expected but everything he’s ever wanted. Agreeing to the match is the easy part; navigating a modern day arranged marriage is what will take some effort, especially when presented with both intentional and unintentional secrets that can rock this couples faith in each other and their union. Join Jamelle and Tyson in Book 1 of the Arranged series as they set the stage for a perfect romance, created by two imperfect people.


Capturing Celeste by T. Ashley


Mediocre friends…✔️
Mediocre love life…✔️
Mediocre job…✔️
Mediocre everything…It’s my norm.
I’ve gotten used to living the same mediocre life day in and day out. It’s simple, there’s no drama and I’m free to do as I please. But when a new job opportunity presents itself, I do something out of the ordinary and go for it. Little did I know this job would put me down a path I’ve been shielded from my whole life.

My mediocre life isn’t looking so bad after all…


Fancy house…Duh✔️
Living the best life…far from it.
Growing up I wanted nothing more than to be the one behind the camera, to live a simple life. But my mother had other plans for me and set my path for me at a young age. I’m ready to live the life I want to live. That is, until Celeste walks in. If staying at this job is what it takes to make it work, then so be it. But when her troubled past comes to light, I’m not so sure it was meant to be.

Can I look past these demons and love her the way I should?


Not Like Before: The Moods of Love by Tucora Monique

“What is all this talk about loving me, my sweet? I am not afraid, not anymore, not like before…”— George Benson

Being in love is no fairytale for most people, and for married couple Jamerson and Draya Mellows, that notion proves to be true. Together since their undergrad years, the pair has stood in each other’s corner even while treating their union like a revolving door. However, after a scandal and drama attempts to sever their bond, the odds of reconciliation seem as slim as winning the lottery. As luck would have it, the unimaginable happens and the duo is forced to revisit a place that not only holds peaceful memories but makes them confront the next chapter of their relationship.

When you’ve been hurt by the same person who holds the remedy to your healing, do you abandon your chance at solace due to fear or do you write a new love story?


Stages by Lamar Neal

Hendrix and Victoria live two different lives. He is a senior in college, who lives with his terminally ill father, and has no idea what he wants to be when he “grows up.” She is a young wife and mother in a failing marriage, her two sons being the only reasons she is still devoted to her household. But after both learn family secrets, not only does the shape of their daily lives change forever, but their worlds collide, sparking an unlikely interest in one another. With their lives at a free fall, their relationship is the hope, inspiration, and strength to help them persevere through the most difficult time in their lives. Although love is getting them through the bad times, what will happen to their relationship when they realize they are still at different stages in life?


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New Release Round-Up February 28th-March 6th

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