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Check out these new releases from February 5th-11th.

Anchor Me (The Wright Ones Series Book 1) by J. Chary

Aseem Wright and Sullivan Jordan made an impulsive decision one night six years ago. Soon after, they both realized that they wanted different things in life. Forced together when tragedy strikes, they both discover that there’s nothing more they want more than each other. Can they reconcile and move forward and put the past behind them, or should they let bygones be bygones?


Dance All Night by Lily S. Flowers

In fulfilling her aspirations of becoming a therapist, Georgina Maynard didn’t think twice about going back to school—it was a no-brainer, no pun intended. But spending long hours studying has turned her into more of an introvert than usual. Determined to have some fun after a grueling few weeks of classes, she ventures outside and bumps into a handsome stranger. The first time, she chalks it up to clumsiness but when she bumps into Xavier Jones multiple times within days of each other after never having seen him before; she wonders if this beautiful stranger is following her or is fate working its magic?


Make it Last Forever by Kay Shanee

Yazmeen Franklin is as green as they come. Her only real friend is her older sister, who raised her after their mother died. Because of their father’s poor example, Yazmeen has little trust in men, so dating is foreign to her. During her sophomore year of college, she lets her guard down and finally gets close to a man. However, he is a known womanizer, and she keeps him in the friend zone to protect her heart.

For Bronx Ravens, being a college basketball star has many advantages, and the one he enjoys most is the access to a plethora of women. He has no immediate plans to settle down with one woman but finds himself falling for Yazmeen, who’d put him in the friend zone. Instead of pressuring her for something more, he plays his position and continues to play the field.

When Bronx signs a professional basketball contract overseas, he and Yazmeen remain close. She pushes the idea of ever having a romantic relationship with him to the back of her mind because their friendship is much more important.

Bronx knows he’s not ready for a serious commitment, so he follows Yazmeen’s lead.

Two years later, Bronx returns to Onyx City to secure the heart of the only woman he’s ever loved but finds that moving from friends to lovers isn’t as easy as he thought. The couple is thrown one obstacle after another, and doubt begins to creep in. Are Yazmeen and Bronx better off as friends, or is the love they share strong enough to last forever?


Impermissible Love by Aubree Pynn

Syrenna had sworn off love. Her only mission in life: make money and a legit name for the LeFleur dynasty. Unfortunately for her plan, fate saw otherwise. After multiple run-ins and daydreams about Naji Mikells, Syrenna finds herself falling for him. The problem is: he, along with anyone associated with him, are off limits.

Naji Mikells is all about his family. He has done whatever he needed to ensure his mother and brothers have the best life. Even if that means working with his cousin to get on top. When Naji sees Syrenna, his light and passion are zapped on, and there’s no stopping him from getting what he needs.

While Syrenna and Naji navigate life in the dark, will outside forces reveal their love, or will they forever have stolen moments to cling to?

Find out in Impermissible Love.


Tangled Destiny: A Valentine’s Day Novella by Pamela Campbell

Sometimes the path to happily ever after is not easy…

Tania and Cayne have been engaged for over a year. She’s ready to start planning their wedding so they can tie the knot. Tania becomes increasingly frustrated with Cayne and his reluctance to set a wedding date, she begins to question his commitment to her and their future together. Tania decides to end her relationship with Cayne, leaving her heartbroken.

Tania wants to move on from Cayne, but fate pulls her back to him after she finds out from her best friend Princess that he’s keeping a big secret from her. Facing the truth, Tania grapples with her feelings. Surrounded by the love and support of her sister Shayla and best friend Princess, she realizes that the depth of her love for Cayne transcends any obstacle.

After all of the challenges, Cayne takes a leap of faith and proposes to Tania again, setting the stage for a heartwarming Valentine’s Day surprise. Tania and Cayne’s journey is a tale of love, rediscovery, and second chances.


Daylight Delight: A Valentine’s Novelette by Shae Sanders

On the set of the popular morning show Daylight Delight, hosts AJ Hall and Nikki Newbaum send three couples on Valentine’s Day blind dates hoping to make a love connection. But sparks fly unexpectedly when AJ finds himself captivated by Amara, one of the guests. His desire is clear—but so is the fact that she’s on a blind date with another man.

Oh, well. The heart wants what it wants.


My Snowy Valentine: A Timber Mills Short by Turtleberry

Danyel and Wayland have been lunch buddies for a few months. They’ve gone on one date. When her furnace seems to have stopped working, she calls him to see if he can help. Next thing she knows, she and her kids are staying at his house for the night. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and there’s a snow storm. Danyel just hopes she and her kids don’t drive Wayland crazy.
This is a short story. There will be more to come from this couple.


Love Letters in Beacon Grove (The Consortium Book 4) by Dandridge Monroe

It’s time for a Consortium Wedding! Catch a glimpse of Yacouba and Jasmine’s special day on the anniversary of their first meeting. But while they’re starting their happily ever after, someone else is just beginning theirs.

Jeremy Cunningham, Jr, or JJ, is the protective older brother to three sisters. He’s spent his life looking out for them, but his latest professional accomplishment makes him feel as though he can focus on himself. When he’s given the chance to make the girl he’s always wanted his, will he get her to agree to be his by Valentine’s Day?

Magdalena Simmons is a quiet, introvert who has always been on the periphery of things. Having spent the majority of her life in Beacon Grove, she steps outside of her comfort zone to attain one of the goals she has for herself. When that plan backfires on her, someone unexpected is there to save the day. He’s applying pressure, but she wonders if he really means all that he’s saying.

Check out this Valentine’s Day Novella to see if JJ can claim his forever love.


The Accidental Crush (The Fortemani Family Book 1) by Mia Heintzelman

Dante Fortemani’s family never takes his ideas seriously during business meetings, so he zones out. That is, until the agenda includes selling his late grandfather’s struggling vineyard. Desperate, he appeals to his mother and siblings, and buys himself two months to protect their legacy.

Business consultant Morgan Forster is constantly connected to anything with a digital pulse. Her friends believe she’s a stressed-out workaholic in need of an intervention: a Galentine’s Day getaway in wine country, an electronic detox, and hopefully, Mr. Right feeding her grapes.

The Fortemani Vineyard Galentine’s brunch is a smashing success for Dante. Except for the woman hiding in a corner with her phone…who’s convinced he’s an escort hired by her helpful Sister Circle. Soon, laughter, undeniable chemistry, and an unforgettable night, lead Dante to hire Morgan to help save the vineyard. She accepts under one condition: it’s strictly business.

As they tread through an inconvenient attraction to create a proposal before the next meeting, though, their focus yields to blossoming feelings. Is it a mistake for them to mix business with pleasure? Or is a chance at love worth the risk?


Wrapped Up In His Ruggish Ways by Tay Mo’Nae

Xiomara’s bad and she knows it. Not only just a cute face, but she’s working on her degree as well. Left with scars from her past, she’s only focused on her money and building her brand. After encountering Jrue in the club, she’s offered a job that unknowingly changes things for her, causing her to look at her choices differently.
Jrue the famous upcoming rapper. He’s a father battling to get his baby mama to act right and dealing with the stress and rumors that come with fame. He grew up in the streets, but a life changing experience made him take rapping and life more seriously. The moment he laid eyes on Xiomara, he knew he had to have her.

Neither were looking for anything past the bedroom, but as time goes on a bond forms, and the two find themselves unexpectedly wrapped up in each other. Dealing with a bitter baby mama, the blogs all in their business, and their lives always in the spotlight isn’t easy, but the two are determined to make it work.


My Choice Is You by Mel Dau

Covina Hurley has lived a privileged life as the daughter of a retired major league baseball player. With privilege comes shelter, and with shelter comes ignorance to many life experiences. When she makes the choice to open herself up to new experiences, she never thought that love would be one of them. Will her new life experiences be damaging to who she is as a person, or will it grow her in ways that she never thought were possible? Will it do both?

Jasper Chance is not willing to take a chance on love. The only love he has is for his family, friends, and business. He’s made the choice to live his life how he sees fits without having to answer to anyone. He’s made his choice, but his heart wants to make another. Will the heart’s choice outweigh his, or will both choices eventually align to provide a happiness he didn’t realize he wanted?

There’s a lesson to be learned about choices. Will Covina and Jasper give in to the choice in front of them for love, or will the mind outweigh the heart? Find out in My Choice Is You.


Unbreakable by Amaria Janelle

Sheila O Neil is one good party away from making partner at Kiss of Bliss Events. She’s working too hard to pay attention to her stale love life, and ignoring her social needs in the meantime.

Tremaine Whitmire, her best friend, is also on the partner track 7.100 miles away in Korea. The only thing that could put Tremaine behind the other candidate is his lack of work-life balance. More plainly, his lack of love. With no fiancé or girlfriend in sight, Tremaine comes up with a plan.

Could a marriage of convenience be the answer that solves Tremaine’s obstacle and brings romance into Sheila’s life?

Or could it be a recipe for disaster that crumbles everything they ve built-including their friendship?


If I Was Your Girlfriend : A Stedman’s Love Chronicle by Malay Reneé

Christian Kennedy is in for the ride of his life when his nomination for governor is accepted. Ready to take on New York State, Christian quickly learns that this campaign season isn’t one he can do on his own. With the plan to win over voters, Christian is quickly reminded that he’ll look more appealing if he had something by his side… that something being a girlfriend. With no serious prospects in sight, he turns to the one place that can assist with his problem— Stedman’s.

Kinsley Sampson is a long way from the young girl who had to get it out the mud. Her unethical lifestyle has paid her way into being a well sought after pediatrician. With her gracing the steps of black excellence, she is far from where she came. When her best friend, Carri, propositions her with a job she can’t resist, her past makes a brief return. Kinsley agrees to help out the only family she’s ever known. But this agreement is about to bring her something she doesn’t think she deserves— real life love.

Kinsley and Christian quickly find themselves indulging in a romance they both avoided out of respect for someone they cared for. Whether pretending or being honest with one another, these two are forced to settle the current tug of war match they’ve been playing. They can either continue playing pretend and let life pass them by, or accept the true feelings they have for one another.


The Look of Love (Rapture of Love Book 3) by Ava Freeman

Remy has always believed that true love is elusive, a notion that her history of failed relationships seemed to affirm. But all of that changed the moment she reconnected with Asha, a woman with a captivating blend of sexy allure and sweet tenderness. In each other’s arms, they found a connection that surpassed anything Remy had ever experienced.

Now, with a revelation she was sure would damage their relationship, Asha wants to explore a world Remy thought she’d left behind. The two women embark on a journey into uncharted territory, where love, trust, and self-discovery intertwine.


Come See Me For Once by Connie Easton

What do you do when you find out your neighbor has been watching your every move? 

Kenori is such a free-spirited woman that nothing tends to bother her. She does what she wants when she wants and doesn’t care about the aftermath. She’s never been regretful, either.

Doneric comes and goes as he pleases, not caring to hide who he really is. He loves attention and personally craves it from strangers the most. He’s a talented being that not only makes the women he indulges satisfied but those around him as well.

When two people who’s in touch with their voyeur side meet, the world soon becomes the audience of their show.


Supreme: To Sadie, with Love by Rae Anderson

I thought I knew depth but dwelled in a cursory home.
I thought I knew vulnerability, but it was maladjusted fear.
I thought I knew comfort, but it was more like complacency and routine.
I thought I knew romance until I met Supreme.

Wife and mother of two, Sadie Williams crosses paths with Paramour’s most eligible bachelor Supreme Miller. Supreme enters her world and shakes things up, but Sadie has yet to discern if his presence is for better or for worse.

This book explores heavy topics of domestic violence and infidelity. If this is not something of interest to you or if you find these topics triggering, it is strongly advised to consider some of my other works.


From Come Over To Come Home (Brookwood Book 1) by Jahquel J.

Wren Michelle is the top real estate agent in North Carolina
She resides in Brookwood, an upcoming city in North Carolina filled with young professionals.
A single mom – by choice, Wren’s only concern is her daughter, her career and trying to successfully co-parent with her first love.
Wren thought she would have been married while raising her child with her high school sweetheart… instead, she’s healing from a broken heart given to her by him.

Dominique ‘Dom’ Pickens is an NFL player that is looking for a home in Brookwood. Wren comes high recommended when it comes to realtors in the area.
One look at Wren and Dom is already picking out wedding venues. What seems like the perfect match doesn’t come easy. Wren has been hurt in the past and she knows how professional athletes are, so she’s not willing to put her heart on the line – again.


Catch My Vibe by Janese Lee

Opposites usually attract, or at least that’s what they say. Sometimes they don’t though, and usually, those are the most intense relationships. Trying to prove she’s good all by herself, independent Chasity is failing behind the scenes and nobody even knows it. She’s struggling just to keep her head up, literally. One of those chance encounters leads her to a man that ignites a flame within her that only he can put out.

His name is Honor. A football player, he can come off arrogant and bully-ish, but on the inside, he is crushing hard on the shy Chasity. However, his ways are something Chasity isn’t interested in and seeing how she’s treated, another man steps in to make Chasity’s life more uncomfortable. Not willing to lose Chasity to anyone, Honor takes the childish route, intent on making everything about Chasity’s new man wrong. Chasity, on the other hand, has never had this much attention from one man, let alone two. Who will she choose?


Madam President (Cutthroat Capitol Book 1) by Desiree Francies

A little over twenty years ago, four exceptional young Black women came together to form a plan…

The idea was to completely change the way political figures think. To exert control with intellectual prowess and strategy born of objective manipulation. To remove emotion and do whatever it took without remorse. But also without the white man’s influence. They figured that moral superiority was useless in a government built upon the backs of slaves and murder.

“Black Women have always been better. We’ve had to be in order to survive. To defeat a monster, we have to become a bigger one. So, maybe it’s time we stopped trying to be right, and just started trying to win, no matter what it takes…”

Each woman had a role:
Monetary Acquisitions
Political Strategist

And the face pretty enough to distract the general public with a perfect smile, while the real work was being done behind the scenes. The candidate, born a prodigy and ruthless weapon honed to manipulate and seduce.

But she needed a husband. A First Gentleman. And, under pure happenstance, Vaughn Harrison all but fell into her lap at the perfect time. However, while our candidate desired a ‘mutually beneficial arrangement’, Vaughn wanted to be her everything.

So, we have a bit of a dilemma, I’d say. But I’m sure marriage could fix all that, right?

No? Well, I’d beg to differ…

This is how The United States of America elected its first African American female President… how The Kelly Cousins stole one of the greatest countries in the world… and how Anita Kelly became Madam President Anita Harrison-Kelly.


Anchored Hearts (Unforgettable Book 2) by Niomie Roland

After their unforgettable night together, Lexi Voss never expects to see Marcus Davis again. But fate brings them together on the Mediterranean, forcing her to confront the intense chemistry still smoldering between them. Lexi tries desperately to resist Marcus’s magnetic pull because there are things about herself that she’s kept hidden. But their attraction is undeniable, and it isn’t long before they’re tangled between the sheets.

MJ Davis has perfected the art of no-strings flings. Still haunted by past betrayals, he refuses to be fooled by love and has no interest in commitment. But when Lexi Voss ignites an irresistible passion, Marcus begins questioning his beliefs. As their secret romance blazes beneath the Mediterranean sun, Lexi’s warmth and alluring spirit captivates him.

But their idyllic vacation harbors shocking revelations that leave Marcus questioning everything he thought he knew about Lexi. Will Lexi’s secret and his painful history keep them oceans apart? Or will their love build a bridge strong enough to bring their souls home?


Finding Our Way In Love : A Valentine’s Day Short Story (Finding My Way) by Briyanna Michelle

One baby-moon
Two lovers
Five days in the Dominican Republic 

Makayla Scott has gone from being a single woman to a bride-to-be with a whole lot of drama in between and she is now struggling to adjust to her new life. Stuck in her usual cycle of perfectionism, people-pleasing syndrome, and the urge to prove everyone who doubted her wrong; she is in over her head but cannot seem to get out of her own way.
Brian McClain has had enough of Makayla’s habits lately and is ready to put a stop to them all, by sweeping them away to a five-day baby moon where they face their problems head-on.

Will Makayla open up to Brian and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy worry-free?

Follow Makayla + Brian on their journey to figuring out how to manage life together.


Ten Things I Hate About Lovin’ You: An Enemies to Lovers Novella by K.L. Hall

I hate the way he makes me swoon.

And the way he strips me bare.

I hate the way his icy smile gleams.

It pisses me off when he stares.

I hate his big, cognac-brown eyes,

And the way he runs my mind.

I hate him so much it makes me sick,

That I think about him all the time.

I hate the way he talks his shit,

In the dark when we’re alone.

I hate it when he makes me blush,

Even worse when he makes me moan.

I hate it when no one’s around,

That it’s his name I call.

But mostly, I hate the way I crave him,

And how he makes me want to risk it all.


We Could’ve Been by Scarlett Miller

Vivienne Leblanc seems to have it all. She is absolutely stunning, smart, and driven to turn her fantastic job as a Music Marketing Director into her true career as a singer. She lives in a gorgeous New Orleans home with her childhood sweetheart and fiancé, Malik McKenna, a Music Producer. Vivienne is living the dream. Or so it seems.

Malik’s music producing career begins to soar with his new rap artist, Lyric. Malik and Lyric work closely together and are always plastered on social media, leaving Vivienne to wonder if there’s something more than music between her future husband and his artist. The higher Malik’s star rises, the more the idyllic façade Vivienne has created begins to crumble around her.

In the midst of her relationship’s growing pains, her fiancé’s best friend, up-and-coming singer Caine Guidry, begins to confide in her. Malik and Caine are like brothers, but Caine never embraced Vivienne like a sister. Despite always being in the same circles, sharing a connection with Malik, and working together, Vivienne and Caine were never really friends. He barely talked to her before, so why is he talking to her now?

Their love of music and the pursuit of their dreams unite Vivienne and Caine in a way that neither of them could’ve ever imagined. As their friendship blossoms and their dynamic changes, Vivienne feels closer to Caine than anyone else in her life, even Malik. There’s an awakening inside of Vivienne that brings her desires and a deep sense of longing bubbling up to the surface, unveiling emotions as foreign to her as her newfound friendship with Caine.

Juggling her professional and personal life as they collide, Vivienne doesn’t know what she really wants. Does she continue building the life she’s begun with the only man she’s ever envisioned being with? Does she pursue the dreams that she pushed aside to support Malik’s aspirations? Or maybe she wants something or someone else entirely.

As these decisions weigh on her, Vivienne starts to wonder if she has to make a choice. Can Vivienne have her cake and eat it too, or will wanting it all cost her everything?”


Almost Doesn’t Count: The Professor & Miss Jones by Nikki Michelle

Psychology student Isis Jones– stellar student by day, one of ATL’s most enticing dancers by night- is about to watch her meticulously choreographed life pirouette into chaos when the man she’s loved for over a year, Louis Thibodeaux, reveals his true colors. Armed with irrefutable proof of his deceit, she confronts him, but the darkness he unleashes will lead to far more than a broken heart. Now, Isis’ sharp mind must grapple with a reality she never imagined, rewriting the narrative of her life one twisted truth at a time.

Dr. RJ West, haunted by the death of his mother and past betrayals, no longer trusted easily. His groundbreaking research on Black men’s mental health has earned him accolades and tenure at West-Clayton State University, yet darkness lurks beneath his academic acclaim. In the city’s shadows, he and his brother Lionell dance with danger, consequences a heartbeat away.

By day, he challenges his students to question the conventional understanding of abnormality, but beneath the intellectual façade lies a hidden world, cloaked in the shadows of night where he and Lionell battle demons of a different kind. After a late-night incident with potentially drastic consequences, Dr. West succumbs to Lionell’s lure for “a little fun.” He finds himself at Magic, the hottest adult entertainment club in town, where a familiar face ignites the stage.

Fame at Magic comes with its thorns. In the electric atmosphere, tensions crackle for Isis and her crew; Terria. Catissa, and Chanel. The betrayal from Louis was still fresh, leaving her unprepared for the jolt of electricity that shot through her when her eyes locked on the last person she expected to see in Magic’s den of temptation-Dr. West. His presence put him front and center stage with a noticeable mask of composure that barely concealed the storm brewing in his eyes. His normally calm demeanor was fractured, a testament to her God-given talent. 

Lines blur when professional and personal collide in a heady cocktail of danger and desire. What will the consequences be once their paths cross under the pulsating neon lights?

**This story was previously on Kindle Vella; however, it is not the same story. It has evolved.**


Pay Me Back In Love by Crystal Collier

Harlowe McIntire, a thirty-three-year-old woman, seems to live a life that echoes her mother’s desires more than her own. A people-pleasing daughter of a prominent pastor, she struggles to maintain her independence as her mother, Violetta, persistently intrudes upon her love life with well-meaning but stifling interventions.

Constantly set up on dates orchestrated by her mother, Harlowe feels trapped in a cycle of expectations that suffocate her genuine desires. Despite her longing for autonomy, her mother’s relentless interference leaves her feeling confined and unheard, especially in matters of the heart.

Enter Kenji Rhodes, also thirty-three, returning home with a determination to reclaim what he once cherished. A past romance with Harlowe had been abruptly severed due to circumstances neither agreed on, but that Kenji believed was best. 

But as he attempts to rekindle their connection, he’s met with a wall of opposition, primarily from Violetta, who staunchly disapproves of their relationship. Kenji grapples with his feelings for Harlowe and with the challenge of navigating the family dynamics and the secrets that have long haunted their love story.

The misery of being treated like a dirty little secret pushes Kenji to a crossroads. Does he fight for this once-in-a-lifetime love, even if it means confronting familial opposition and enduring Violetta’s disapproval? Or will the weight of the past and the current obstacles prove too burdensome, causing him to question whether the love he once cherished is worth the struggle?


Red Zone: A dislike to lovers sports romance (Endless Knight Book 3) by Rae Shawn

When choosing happiness means winning it all.

Parker Knight has one thing on his mind: putting himself first. When murky choices within his team leave him wondering if he’ll remain a starting wide receiver, he’s ready to make whatever move necessary to rediscover his happiness. But warring thoughts of starting anew, moving away from family and familiarity, and dissolving an unordinary relationship with his former best friend have him wondering what’s the best choice.

Saheeli Donovan’s on track to leave Houston and her parent’s coffee shop behind so she can get back to LA and her dream: piloting and teaching others how to do the same. What she didn’t think would happen as she recalibrated her life was a desire to spend time with the man whom she never should’ve fallen into bed with.

High school might’ve been years ago, but their heated argument from then still keeps Parker and Saheeli at each other’s throats. Yet, the aftermath of an unexpected vacation together has them picking fights just to blow off steam in more intimate ways. Except, they try to ignore the burning feelings growing within, too. But Parker’s competitive nature has him determined to get through the red zone so he can score Saheeli’s love he didn’t expect to want.


Sweet Like Sundays (Greenbrook Lovers Book 1) by Danielle Brooks

Amelia Sade

It’s been a year since I’ve moved into my inherited home in Stonehenge and I finally feel like I found my peace. The home feels like mine, I have my garden, and then there’s my neighbor, Ace, to whom I’ve never said a few words until this month. Who would’ve thought I would fall in love with him over four Sundays…

Aaron “Ace”

I’ve been here in Stonehenge for four years since Pops left the house in my name and moved to Florida. Still not sure if this is my speed, but for the sake of keeping the home in the family, I’m here, in this house, next to this gorgeous woman, Sade, who moved in a year ago. Who would’ve thought four Sundays with her would change my life forever…

What’s sweeter than Sundays in April than Sundays in April with you?


Seven Days In Seattle by Rita A. Gordon

One week. No strings. No names. No feelings. What could go wrong?


This Seattle meeting will change my life…just not the way I expected.

Instead of focusing on my presentation, I’m dealing with a cheating boyfriend and sister who bailed on me. The only good thing to happen is when a stranger at a bar offers a pretty distraction: a one-night stand, no strings attached, no questions asked. A distraction from my mess of a life is exactly what I need….

But our one-night stand turns into a week-long affair. He only wanted sex, no feelings, no last names, no talk about business, nothing personal. And I was fine with that. Until I wasn’t.


I don’t have time for relationships. I have a company to run, a legacy to uphold, a reputation to protect. I only care about power and success. I don’t do dates and I don’t do tomorrows. I only do one-night stands with women who know the rules and don’t ask for more.

But then I met Rain at a bar. She’s beautiful, smart, and sassy. And suddenly, I want more. The more time we spend together, the more I want from her. Her name. Her story. Her dreams. And I was fine with that. Until I wasn’t.

Fate is about to punish us for staying anonymous…by throwing us into each other’s lives in the worst possible way.

“Seven Days In Seattle,” a contemporary romance, is Book 1 of the “Let it Rain” series.


Bespoke: A Novella (Love Cynics Anonymous) by L.M. Bennett

Love, one fitting at a time?

Calisha “Cal” Duke, a bespoke tailor with a dapper flair, thrives in her world of men’s fashion. As a third-generation tailor, she feels pressure to uphold the sterling family tradition and name, but also wants to carve out a path that is uniquely hers.

When Rocky Beckford, a striking new client, requests a custom-made suit for a wedding, sparks fly, leaving Cal questioning her feelings and her reputation. This is the first time she’s ever crushed hard on a client, and onanother stud.

As Cal and Rocky explore this unexpected connection together, will they find out if genuine chemistry transcends labels?


The One who Surrenders to Praise: A Christian Romance Story (Surrendering All Book 4) by Nikki Smith

Can there ever be hope when trust has been shattered?

Meet Chanel Mitchell. As the wife of an abusive husband, she’s relieved when her God decides to deliver her from the abusive situation. But just because she’s free in body, it doesn’t mean that she’s free in mind. Chanel is now left with issues of trust in relationships — in fact, she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to let herself take a chance on love again. When an old flame steps back into the picture, Chanel begins to learn that God has a bounty of romance and love waiting for His faithful…it’s waiting around the corner for the ones who surrender to praise.


Engagement Chances (Chance Series Book 4) by J. Bliss

Today is Jasmine Chances’ Engagement Day!

After millionaire Drew Rodd extends breathless moments within Paris, the couple retreats to their very own castle in north France. They navigate their intense emotional connection amidst luxurious settings, sensual encounters, and external threats that challenge their bond. Their romantic journey is not without its obstacles, as cyber-attacks, tension from Franklin who may have ulterior motives; bomb threats disrupt their peace; and family issues back home demand attention.

Trust versus control emerges prominently alongside explorations of desire versus responsibility. As the couple confront various dangers from both within and outside forces attempting to tear them apart or threaten their safety – all while planning for an uncertain future together – it becomes clear that this story delves into how two individuals strive to maintain love against all odds within engagement chances.


Love In Full Bloom: A Finlay Texas Short (Love In Finlay) by Sharae Teria

Rodeo star Chance Whitaker returns home after an injury, tasked with managing his family’s struggling ranch and wedding venue. There he crosses paths again with Seren Goodwin, his gorgeous former classmate who now runs the local floral shop. Though Serena initially bristles at Chance’s cocky charms, trusting him means taking the ultimate risk. As a relentless unwanted suitor threatens Serena, Chance is determined to break through her walls and prove he’s always been her best match in their quaint small town. But will this playboy-turned-rancher win her heart for good?


Girls with Bad Reputations (The Lillys Book 2) by Xio Axelrod

All her life, Kayla heard the same refrain: Don’t be so loud. Don’t act so wild. Don’t take up so much space. Now she’s the beating heart of an up-and-coming rock band…and the whole world is going to know her name.

Once upon a time, the pressure to be the perfect daughter nearly broke Kayla Whitman. Desperate to find an outlet away from her controlling mother, she picked up a pair of drumsticks, forever altering the rhythm of her life. Since then, she’s been determined to make her own way, finding her home with her bandmates even as she fights to keep her past and her present firmly separate.

Things were simple enough when the Lillys were playing local gigs at dive bars, but now they’re on their first official tour—and all Kayla can see are warning signs. Desperate to escape the worry churning inside her, Kayla finds solace in quiet tour bus driver Ty Baldwin…and discovers in him a kindred spirit like no one she’s ever met before.

Their connection is immediate and intense, but when increasing scrutiny from the press threatens to destroy Ty’s newfound peace and Kayla’s carefully guarded secrets, Kayla’s forced to make an impossible choice: pursue her dream and risk destroying everyone around her? Or give in and lose the chance of ever becoming the person she’s always known she could be.

Follow the Lillys as they chase down their dream:

The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes, Book 1

Girls with Bad Reputations, Book 2


A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams

From the New York Times bestselling author of Seven Days in JuneA Love Song for Ricki Wilde is an epic love story one hundred years in the making…

Leap years are a strange, enchanted time. And for some, even a single February can be life-changing.

Ricki Wilde has many talents, but being a Wilde isn’t one of them. As the impulsive, artistic daughter of a powerful Atlanta dynasty, she’s the opposite of her famous socialite sisters. Where they’re long-stemmed roses, she’s a dandelion: an adorable bloom that’s actually a weed, born to float wherever the wind blows. In her bones, Ricki knows that somewhere, a different, more exciting life awaits her.

When regal nonagenarian, Ms. Della, invites her to rent the bottom floor of her Harlem brownstone, Ricki jumps at the chance for a fresh beginning. She leaves behind her family, wealth, and chaotic romantic decisions to realize her dream of opening a flower shop. And just beneath the surface of her new neighborhood, the music, stories and dazzling drama of the Harlem Renaissance still simmers.

One evening in February as the heady, curiously off-season scent of night-blooming jasmine fills the air, Ricki encounters a handsome, deeply mysterious stranger who knocks her world off balance in the most unexpected way.  

Set against the backdrop of modern Harlem and Renaissance glamour, A Love Song for Ricki Wilde is a swoon-worthy love story of two passionate artists drawn to the magic, romance, and opportunity of New York, and whose lives are uniquely and irreversibly linked. 


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