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Tempted by Danger by Endiya Carter

Rule #1
‘No Fraternizing’
That was the main rule you had to follow if you wanted to stay employed at Danger Inc.

For four years, Dymon Danger never worried about breaking that rule until the day his new assistant, Quinci Everly, walked in his office.

Withstanding Dymon’s tactics to make her quit, he realizes that neither Quinci nor his intrusive thoughts were going anywhere anytime soon.


Turn Me Out by BriAnn Danae

Physical touch. 

I didn’t know how or when that became my love language, but it was. Especially when warm kisses and hugs that felt like home turned into core-quivering orgasms. I craved his caress like a feen and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. 

Thanks to Phallon and his generosity in helping me expand my sexual experiences, I was now turned out in the best way possible.  


No Longer Afraid by Christina C Jones


A name – a definition – that was never supposed to be triumph, but a condemnation. A reminder of a certain place in the world – of a responsibility to the other living beings in the ecosystem.

As second-in-command of the Predators MC, Tatiana Tate is well-versed in both the expectations and reality of sustaining her way of life. In the wake of a tragedy that shook the whole organization, she’s had no issues stepping into power beside her lifelong friend – her brother. But even in the midst of their efforts to rebuild, the need for revenge against an unknown hunter looms in the shadows.

Good thing the shadows are more than familiar to Onyx – he thrives there on the fringes, with no place to truly call home. Orphaned by cruel decisions made before he was born, he’s the perfect secret weapon in the club’s struggle against an unidentified foe with a mostly ambiguous agenda.

They want the Predators wiped out.

That much is clear.

But nobody with Predator ink goes down without a fight.

Even the strongest prey isn’t immune to a determined predator.

But wise prey studies, until they are no longer afraid.


Mister Librarian by B. Love

Honey Williams doesn’t trust men. Between her father and last lover, a part of her struggles with resenting the entire species. She’s spent the past six months hidden in the safety of her parents’ home hoping her kind heart will never be the cause of pain and misfortune again. That seems possible until a cranky client causes chaos… which leads to her meeting Mr. Librarian.

A natural protector, Kahlil Roberts feels like less of a man if he can’t serve those in need. When he finds the honey complexioned beauty sobbing in his library, there’s no question of if he should help her or not. What Kahlil doesn’t expect is for her presence to help him as well. For years, Kahlil has struggled with feeling guilt over not being able to save the person who needed him most. Finally, he believes he has a chance to make things right.

While both Honey and Kahlil have voids the other can fill, there are also reservations and past fears keeping them apart. As easy as their connection was, it proves to be a bit more difficult to keep their secrets and skeletons from ripping them apart. Throughout their journey for one another’s hearts, an enemy from Kahlil’s past threatens their lives. Will Mr. Librarian be able to save Honey again, or will she become another person he fails when they need him most?


Nailed It (Cupid’s Choice Book 1) by Chencia

You’ve been matched!
After spending the day feeling the love at the Cupid’s Choice Valentine’s Day Festival, head over to The Diamond Royale for Diamondville’s second annual Lock & Key Blind Date Event. Find the person with your matching number at the mixer, get to know them over an opulent five-course dinner, and if things go well, get to know them in the biblical sense in the luxurious accommodations of the hotel. Remember, Cupid is also the god of carnality, so enjoy your weekend in proper fashion and be safe.

They say opposites attract. When two people discover their intended matches have chosen each other, they vow not to let the night go to waste and decide to enjoy the festivities together. Platonic fun turns into flirting, and suddenly, having a type seems subjective.
This is the story of 48 and 12.


Defective (Cupid’s Choice Book 2) by Diana W.

After spending the day feeling the love at the Cupid’s Choice Valentine’s Day Festival, head over to The Diamond Royale for Diamondville’s second annual Lock & Key Blind Date Event. Find the person with your matching number at the mixer, get to know them over an opulent five-course dinner, and if things go well, get to know them in the biblical sense in the luxurious accommodations of the hotel. Remember, Cupid is also the god of carnality, so enjoy your weekend in proper fashion and be safe.

This is the story of 23 and 23.
Matched on paper.
Not so much in person.
What could possibly go wrong?


The Fix: Cupid’s Choice Series by AshleyNicole

You’ve been matched!
After spending the day feeling the love at the Cupid’s Choice Valentine’s Day Festival, head over to The Diamond Royale for Diamondville’s second annual Lock & Key Blind Date Event. Find the person with your matching number at the mixer, get to know them over an opulent five-course dinner, and if things go well, get to know them in the biblical sense in the luxurious accommodations of the hotel. Remember, Cupid is also the god of carnality, so enjoy your weekend in proper fashion and be safe.

They traded smiles over treats.
Swapped glances over drinks.
And exchanged kisses between the sheets.
This is the story of 69 and 30.


The Parker Sisters: Aurora by Tay Mo’Nae

After getting her heartbroken by a past lover, Aurora promised to never give it away again.
Years later she’s focused on growing her brand, love wasn’t on the agenda. When a blast from the past comes and shakes her world up she’s left trying to ignore the feelings she buried long ago.
Not only is there a battle between her heart and mind, but she’s dealing with a terminal illness in her family too.
Join the middle Parker sister and learn if she finally learns to let grudges go and accept her second chance at love.


Irrevocably in Love (Love in Seattle) by Asia Monique

Joanna Martin

Jacob Townsend was never supposed to be my husband, let alone the man of my dreams. Our relationship went from fake to real in the blink of an eye. Now, it’s him and I against all odds.

Jacob Townsend

Joanna Martin was supposed to be a means to an end, never the woman my heart suddenly beats for. Our fake relationship is as real as they come and now, she and I are linked forever.

*Please note, while it is not a requirement reading the ‘Love in Seattle’ series is highly recommended before indulging in this novel.


THE BRIDGE: ADRON & HARMONY: An Inspirational Romance by M. Monique

Harmony is a gentle soul whose life was seemingly perfect until it wasn’t. Being married to her best friend should’ve been happiness and bliss. Instead, Harmony is dealt a devastating blow that threatens to uproot everything she’s believed in. Insecurities plague Harmony as she wades through what lies ahead.

Adron is a man whose life isn’t so far different from Harmony’s. His heartbreak takes a toll on him, leaving him in a place of uncertainty. After picking up the pieces of his life, Adron desires to love again.

The two are caught off guard, meeting at a place where neither expected. While Adron is steady in his approach, Harmony is hesitant to open up to him.

Will Adron possess the patience to love? Will Harmony possess the will to trust? Find out what these two learn on their journey of faith, hope, and renewed life.


The Closer I Get To You by G. Fife

As the founder of the Melanin Movement, a popular social networking site, Yiannis Graham is at the top of his game. The renowned bachelor is much too busy building his empire to commit to one relationship. However, when Yiannis spots Corrine Michaels while celebrating his thirty-fifth birthday, he can’t explain why he’s so enamored by her. The attraction is so intense, he’s shaken to the core, and he vows that she would be his.

After spending many years reinventing herself, Corrine Michaels is at the height of her career. She’s focus driven, successful, and beautiful. Long gone was the shy girl from The Bronx with the crooked smile. Now a nationally sought-after fashion designer, she’s the object of several men’s affections.

When Corrine is reunited with Yiannis, she’s taken back to a time when the last thing anybody called her was beautiful. She’d always adored Yani, but he hadn’t reciprocated those feelings. His rejection of her was harsh and unkind, leaving permanent scars.

Corrine is unimpressed by Yani’s sudden interest in her until she realizes he doesn’t know who she is. She vows it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine.


Choose Me by Ivy Laika

He was careless.
He was impulsive.
The only thing that he wasn’t, was for me.

Cherish’s hand in marriage was promised to Desmond ever since her teenage years. Now that she is twenty-five, the time has come for the two to complete the terms of their parents’ agreement. Yet, Desmond isn’t sure he can throw his carefree bachelor life away, and Cherish refuses to fall for his charm. When the two are thrown into the chaos, they have no one else to rely on but one another. In the end, a choice has to be made.

Will they choose each other or will they choose themselves?


Finding Love : A Scott-Williams Family Collection by Turtleberry

Enjoy three more stories from the Scott-Williams Family.

Ryan met Corey online. He liked a few of her pictures and they started following each other. Nothing ever really comes from that, does it?
Dani has had a crush on Terry since she first met him. He had been a part of her daydreams for over a decade. What happens when he finally makes a move?
Rochelle knew Hakeem was fine the minute she laid eyes on him. She has the urge to touch him but doesn’t because he is doing work for her. When they bump into each other again, she decides to act on her urges.


Love For Real: A Valentine’s Day Novelette by A.S. Wilson

Yamihle is way out of practice when it came to impersonating her twin sister, Rae. However, when Rae pleads with Yamihle to take her place on a blind date for Valentine’s Day, Yamihle reluctantly rises to the challenge.

What started out as a favor for her twin turns into the meetup of a lifetime. Yasir is everything Yamihle thought she’d never find, and he makes her feel like the most unlovable parts of herself are the most beautiful of all. But will Yasir’s feelings change if he finds out the woman he’s grown to care for isn’t who he thought she was?


The Dare and Deja Chronicles by Tina Martin

Dare and Deja are back and showing you their lives after their first happily ever after. Follow their journey into forever!

PLEASE NOTE: These characters originally appeared in ‘Snowed in Shenandoah Valley‘. You MUST read this novel before reading these episodes. This box set contains the following short stories:

Episode 1 – Reception Romance
Episode 2 – Long Distance Troubles
Episode 3 – Back to the Valley
Episode 4 – Into Forever


Torn Between Two: Revenge and a Real One by Lex C.

Haven Joules is the one that got away. After a devastating blow to the heart, she packed up everything and ran from the only life she knew. When she finally returns home with hopes of helping lead her family’s community center, she quickly finds her life falling apart. After allowing revenge to fuel her desire, she ends up trapped in a truth that could lead her down two different paths. No matter which one, her past has a hold on her future that she can’t outrun this time.

Mazure “Maz” Lyons has officially created his own lane with a black owned storage facility that provides the city with two levels of service – both lawful and lawless. With business running smoothly, his personal life ran wild as lines are blurred between the present and past. Loyalties are compromised when friends turned lovers and enemies clash in a push and pull that may never allow real love a chance in the midst of revenge.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Haven didn’t know that’s exactly what she had done until it was too late. The fallout changed everything for Haven, Maz, and their small crew. For these two, the past was round one, and who would’ve thought the present would be round two?


Doctor in Danger: Erotic adventures on the Isle of Bliss, Book 1 by Symone Douce

Dr. Amma Dubois, an attractive forensic pathologist, is devastated when she discovers that her steady boyfriend who had schooled her in the art of erotic pleasure, is a Lothario who is involved in multiple sexual affairs. Devastated, she leaves him and her medical examiner’s job in South Florida for the Caribbean Island of Bonita for a new start at the National Medical Institute. On arrival on the self-proclaimed Isle of Bliss, marketed as a tropical tourist paradise, she is picked up at the airport by Johnny Ferguson, an employee of the Institute, as well as a local club owner and DJ. After a rocky start, Johnny grows on her, and they soon become engaged in a sizzling erotic sexual adventure. However, her anticipation of a tranquil romantic existence is dashed when her job brings her into direct conflict with criminal elements and corrupt cops, and she discovers that grave dangers exist beneath Bonita’s idyllic façade.

When attempts are made on their lives, she wonders if she and Johnny will survive to have a future together.


Finding Safety in a Savage by Tatum James

On a journey of growth and redemption, Cree Benoit opens a boarding house in the neighborhood where he once wreaked havoc selling drugs and women. After being abandoned by both of his parents, Cree developed his share of issues when it came to the fairer sex. His womanizing began in the early stages of his life, and in his thirties, he’d never had or desired a real relationship.

When the beautiful and mysterious Lace Iverson comes knocking, all of his previous thinking goes out the window. Lace made him uncomfortable. At the same time, he wanted more of her. He wanted to be in her presence, understand what made her so sad, and make it better.

Lace knew that her life was far from perfect when she met her husband, Marvin. Falling in love with him had been her biggest regret. With her son Flip in tow, Lace was running for her life. After finding an ad for a boarding house, she retreated to a small town to hide out from her past and present ghosts. Now all she had to do was resist the ruggedly handsome owner.

With no intention of getting attached, Lace begins to reveal her demons to the man that wants so desperately to keep her safe. Can he save her from her past or will both of their skeletons come tumbling out of the closet?


The Best Kind Of Love: A Valentine’s Day Novella by Pamela Campbell

Rayna Lewis is a smart, beautiful, and curvy woman. She’s done with the whole dating scene and having her best friend play matchmaker for her.

Instead of staying home as she wanted, Rayna attended a dinner party that would change her life when she met the man of her dreams.

Nayte Duncan was a very successful single father who wanted a wife. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on Rayna that it was fate meeting her and she would be his wife.

But Nayte withholds some important information from Rayna. When she finds out, will it change the way she feels about him? Find out in this Valentine’s Day novella.


Influenced Love : A Fake Dating Romantic Comedy (Black Beauty in Love Book 1) by Shellee Marie

A beauty influencer polls her followers to pick her date and ends up fake dating a fellow influencer, but real sparks fly when she begins to fall for the man behind his image. 

After a scandal threatens her reputation, popular beauty influencer, Alivia Fae, attempts to distract her followers by polling them to pick her date. When they pair her up with a fellow influencer, Moe Gava, he takes notice and asks her out. Unfortunately, she soon realizes he’s not as desirable as he seems online.

Despite her disinterest, when it’s suggested that she and Moe start a fake dating relationship, to keep up engagement with their fans, she begrudgingly agrees. As the plan unfolds, she begins to grow closer to his low-key assistant, Travis. Leading her to re-evaluate what she truly wants to influence her life—love.


Admired in Secret by Latoya Garrett

Deniece Bowers has been single every Valentine’s Day of her life.
Thirty-six years counting…and possibly thirty-seven.
But a few days before the romantic holiday, a single rose and note shows up on her desk at work. She’s flattered and skeptical at the same time. In the days that follow, more gifts show up. She thinks maybe this year she’ll finally have a date for Valentine’s Day, and prays her mystery suitor isn’t a psycho stalker.
Only God knows how things will work out.


Train Tripping by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Benetton Brooks is a thirty-five year old systems engineer for TCX railroad. She has devoted the past nineteen years to being a ‘railroader’ but after losing her best friend she is seeking other options. 

More importantly she is seeking what is best for Benetton. Her mother gave her to her father at nine months and Benjamin Brooks was an exemplary dad but Benetton feels for him to live his life she must find her own. She must also distance herself from a meddling aunt and perhaps find the love she’s missing. Benetton decides to board the very train route she worked to see where the rails take her. She’s on a sabbatical to wherever the rails take her. Join her in Train Tripping. 


I Can’t Tell You Why by Bill Holmes

I CAN’T TELL YOU WHY picks up several months after the events of Bill Holmes’ Essence Bestselling novel, ONE LOVE.

Fresh in the early stages of dating, Chris and Regina find their relationship threatened by the return of a past lover and the discovery of a family secret. Can these creative artists navigate through troubled waters to sustain their happiness?


Unconditional Love by Rosaland Caselberry

Erica and Marcus embark on a new journey together after an unexpected encounter. So begins a journey filled with drama, doubt, and unforeseen obstacles. As they struggle to gain control of their relationship, it inevitably becomes the battle of the exes. Through their challenges, Marcus and Erica are able to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. Will Erica go back to what’s familiar to her, or will she choose Marcus and the baggage that comes with loving him? Can Marcus break the strongholds of his past and let love take control? Faith and patience will unequivocally be the keys to their perseverance. Despite all the obstacles that try to separate them, will their newfound love eventually overcome them all? Will they both discover that unconditional love is worth the fight every time?


Then Along Came A SAVAGE: An Age Gap Urban Romance by Bijou La Valentina

After losing her husband four years ago, Jewel Porter is at a standstill in her life. Doing the same thing day in and day out, she solely focuses on work and the gym. Jewel is adamant about being too old to get back in the dating game until a young, handsome thug approaches her. At first, skepticism plays a significant role with Jewel, considering their age difference. Eventually, the young hitta changes her outlook on life and opens her eyes to love the second time around.

Jermaine Stevens, aka Spyda, once had it all: real love, a family, and a smooth drug operation. When the love of his life walked out on him three years ago, Spyda had one thing on his mind, making that bread. When his boys spot an older beauty in red, they put Spyda in on a bet he never wanted to be a part of. Going with the flow, Spyda takes on the challenge and quickly finds himself falling for the type of woman he considers ‘not his type.’ Through good conversation and patience, Spyda starts to see what he has been missing and considers leaving the dope game for good.

Of course, every good thing worth having comes with a price.
The heart is never to be betted on.
And there are always consequences to leaving the dope game.


A Dozen Kisses by L. Loren

Astrid Satterfield lives for romance and love, especially in the movies. Something she shares with her longtime boyfriend, Leon. Their entire world is centered around romantic movies and the love they share for one another. After seven years of dating, Astrid is expecting the ultimate proposal. Well, you know what they say about expectations? Instead of a lifelong commitment, she gets the boot.

Leon Coltrane needs adventure. Being tied down to one woman for most of his youth has left him unfulfilled. The need to discover his true self is tugging at him from deep within and he must answer the call, no matter how much he loves Astrid. Moving to New York to pursue his dreams of working in the movies seems like the perfect solution.

After five years apart, these lost lovers find themselves back together again, albeit not by choice. Being forced to work together during a film workshop, they find the chemistry they once had never died. However, Leon is surprised to discover Astrid is now jaded and closed off. He attempts to use their project about the twelve most romantic kisses in film to convince her to give him another chance, but her cold demeanor is too much for him to bear. Will they find their Happily Ever After or go their separate ways for good? Find out in this second chance romance by L. Loren.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 7th-13th

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