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Can’t Run From Love by Monica Walters

Love has never been hard for Nicholas Sheffield. Although he’d grown up watching his parents argue and fight almost right up until his mom was murdered, he never grew up with misconceptions about love. Since the mere age of nine, there was one girl… now, one woman, that has always had his attention. Kyla Taylor. Regardless of her being three years his senior, he fell in love with her and vowed that no other woman would capture his heart, because it belonged to her.

Kyla Taylor is an independent woman, who is doing her best to make a loveless relationship work. At least, it’s loveless on her end. All her life, she has tried loving the wrong men, expecting to have a connection similar to the one she has with her best friend, Nicholas Sheffield. While she is aware of his love for her, the closeness of their families and the age difference between them are factors that cause her to keep her distance. However, a trip to visit her family has her trying to rationalize her decision about keeping him in the friendzone.

Despite her relationship with someone else, Kyla knows that Nicholas is the man for her. All the years of denying his advances are behind her. Nick is grateful that she might finally be coming to her senses. However, the relationship she’s involved in isn’t quite as easy to discard as she thought it would be. Will Kyla be able to work through the difficulties with her relationship to pursue what her heart desires? Will Nick be patient enough to endure this last struggle or will he be fed up with waiting?


The Marriage Contract by Shay Davis

Boring. Invisible. Pretty for a plus size girl. Those were all the things I felt about myself, thanks to my chosen career as an accountant and society’s depiction of the perfect female. For once, I wanted to be something, no someone, different. So, I booked a trip to Vegas for my birthday. Then, walks in Soul Matthias, treating me and my body as anything but ordinary. He lit a fire inside of me. However, it wasn’t real. 

Player. Bad boy. High risk. That’s what the blogs depicted me as. That’s what baseball owners banked on to lowball my contract extension. I didn’t care about social media, but I definitely cared about my money. I had to get my act together. Then, struts in Alexa Livingston. A breath of fresh air, someone completely different than what I had ever been used to. But what we had wasn’t real. It was just a marriage contract. Or was it? 


How To Get a Baller in 90 Days by Danesha Little

Candace Wright is grateful for her position as a columnist for The Nashville Daily Times but the journalist in her wants to write about more than just relationships. When given the chance to prove herself, she hopes that going undercover to write about one of football’s star players will take her career to the next level. 

Since entering the league, Maverick Frost has been a top Cornerback with a reputation that rivals his talent. Now at the prime of his career, he is focused on winning a championship and making a difference in the community– until Candace “White” enters his life. 

Can a relationship built on a foundation of deceit survive?


Love Scammed by Rilzy Adams

It’s the blind date to end all blind dates.
When Monae Alexander turns up to Miami International Airport to meet her best friend, Tempest, for their anti-Valentine’s Day girls’ trip to Turks and Caicos, she realizes she’s been scammed. Tempest is nowhere in sight and soon Monae finds out that the trip was an elaborate scheme to get her to meet Hudson Bradley, a man Tempest had been trying to set Monae up with for months. Hudson has been played too, thinking he was heading overseas for a business trip and not a five-day Valentine’s Day getaway with a woman he’s never met before. It is the Valentine’s Day trip neither Hudson nor Monae asked for, but could it turn out to be just what they need?


A Valentine Quest: RAW: A Valentine Short by Bailey West

LaShae Hampton is looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, Cole Stevenson, until he informs her that he won’t make it home for their special holiday.
LaShae has no idea that Cole has planned the most epic Valentine’s Day ever.
He’s sending her on A Valentine Quest that will make their day one she will never forget.


An Unexpected Valentine by Té Russ

F**k Nolan Griffin.

That’s what Yasmin’s mantra has always been regarding him.

It doesn’t matter how attractive she finds him, she has valid reasons to hate him, one of which being he stole her job.

But when Yasmin runs into him on Valentine’s night, she quickly learns that when it comes to Nolan there’s more than meets the eye.


My Anti-Valentine by Danielle Allen

After a brunch with my best friends, I usually spend February 14th watching horror movies because Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. It’s a corporate scheme that was designed to monetize fake romance. It’s a capitalistic scam to profit off performative love.  

This year, I agreed to be Emmanuel’s date to his cousin’s wedding because we’re friends and he needed me. But attending a Valentine’s Day wedding was high on the list of things I didn’t want to do.  

He wasn’t my Valentine. 
He was my anti-Valentine. 

And as it turned out, an anti-Valentine was exactly what I needed. 


Soul Love (Soulmates Book 3) by Aja

Zoe comes from a line of clairvoyant, empathic women. Each one, including Zoe, is deeply connected to the world around them. Zoe’s gifts are much more intense and hard to go unnoticed by those who get close to her so she often hides what she knows to avoid being seen as unstable. She’s always known who the love of her life was going to be, she just hadn’t met him yet. He could live halfway across the world for all she knew. But if she saw him… or if she met him … she would know she was meeting her soul mate. The man for her. Her man to love … Rashaad.

Rashaad only wants two things: to play his music and explore the world, and women, while he does it. So far, he’s been managing that very well, until he is pulled to the less than bustling, more like unassuming, city of Pittsburgh. He figures he can just get in and get out and move on, but getting in, is more about love, and getting out, would be about leaving it. He doesn’t know how to make that decision when it involves Zoe, his someone new. His once in a lifetime.

Soul Love is book three of the Soulmates series. ♥

Visit ajathewriter.com for more information about Aja, her work, or specifically the Soulmates series..


Loving Noble Shaw: A Valentine’s Day Novelette by Johnni Sherri

While Imani is in the midst of opening up a new restaurant, along with having her hands full with two small children, unexpected misfortune emerges for her husband, Noble. She desires nothing more than to be there for him during his time of need but this tragedy somehow places them miles apart; creating just enough distance for a woman of his past, who truly connects with his pain, to squeeze her way in. When the countdown to the day of love begins, will Noble find his way home to Imani or will he allow another to mend his broken heart? Find out in, Loving Noble Shaw.


High Stakes Holiday by Christina C. Jones

A (very) quick series of check-ins with a few favorite couples from the High Stakes series – Kingston and Asha, Alicia and Cree, and Zora and Trei. This is a collection of very short stories, previously available for purchase on my site.


Cocoa Dreams by Carolyn Hector

After a mind-blowing interlude with a perfect stranger, Poppy James is thinking of one thing only… Mr. Gray Sweatpants. The last task she wants to be doing is planning the perfect wedding reception with her cousin’s soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Charmant Cocoa Company CEO, Romaric Charmant, isn’t keen on marriages, or meeting the latest addition to the Charmant family. He prides himself on privacy, yet, planning a low-key reception with a woman who makes her living on television spells trouble. Especially when he discovers that his unforgettable one-night-stand also happens to be his wedding partner.


Touch Me (Romey University Book 2) by Alexandria House

From a powerhouse voice in romance, don’t miss this unforgettable new standalone novel!

When Jovani Higgs shows up as the latest artist in residence at Romey University, Professor Sharla London can’t believe his resemblance to the gorgeous fantasy man she’s been dreaming about. She wants to write it off as her mind playing tricks, but the mysterious artist seems just as drawn to her.

Jovani is trying to make a new start for himself at the prestigious historically black university while focusing on his photography career. But from the moment he meets the beautiful professor, he’s sent spinning off course. He can’t stop wondering if there’s a passionate woman hiding beneath her all-business exterior…and he has a feeling there’s more to their connection than she’s letting on.

Is it just their undeniable chemistry pulling them together, or is their love written in the stars?


And Then We Fell In Love by Kay Shanee

For a strong-willed, independent woman like Keyla Carson, looking for love is not on the agenda. However, should love come her way, she will welcome it with open arms. Working as a registered nurse, she doesn’t have the time to dedicate to dating, but she has needs that only a man can meet… and then there he is. The one who could scratch the itch and keep it soothed. 

Rashawn Hanes has no intention of ever settling down. As a handsome, successful, business owner, he is highly sought after by the ladies and takes full advantage. The wall around his heart has never been penetrated… until Keyla Carson comes along and turns everything on its head. 

Will Keyla allow herself to fall for her fling? Can Rashawn become a one-woman man? Does love have a chance, or will fear stand in the way?

*This book is a spin-off of Roll Bounce Love. Although the stories can be read separately, you may have a more pleasurable reading experience if you read the aforementioned book.*


Forever In You by Indigo

Yara has been running from all things love and relationships since she could remember. Filling her time with work, her friend, Jelani, and her godson, Jules, she figures she doesn’t have time for love, until…

Kruz’s eye has been on Yara since he’s met her. Stumped at why she’s so adamantly against his affection, he sets his sights elsewhere, immediately pulling attention from Yara.

Because of an unfortunate event, the two are pulled and stitched together as one. Kruz is all for loving Yara, but will she be open to her forever being in him?


Fine Ending (Age Is No Bother Book 4) by Emem Bassey

It’s the evening after Mandy and Joe’s wedding. Celia is expecting the knock on the door but not the visitor on the stoop. Having courted feelings for Adebayo, who is her intern and younger, Celia held back despite knowing he reciprocated these feelings.
When he upped and left before the end of his internship, she missed him terribly. However, when he stood before her that night, both of them alone in Mandy’s former apartment, Celia wondered if she’d be able to let go of the hang-up of being older than him.


INHALE by K. Yvette

Chemistry is unmatched and incomparable when two beings are in the same room. 
He describes his energy as charged whenever she’s in his presence. 
She claimed to have inhaled all of him. She’s been holding her breath ever since the day he left her. 

Inhale is the prelude to a love story.
EXHALE will be released soon. 
K. Yvette debut release, Friendsgiving is now available on Amazon.


Close To You by Kayreenea

They say that your senior year of high school is supposed to be one of your best years, but for Michelle Sweet and Anthony Henderson, it becomes the ultimate test.

The two seemingly had the perfect summer, but with one battling insecurities and the other a target of a jealous ex, they soon find out whether or not the year will tear them apart.

**this is a young adult novel and an introduction to a series that follow these characters into adulthood**


Baby, Come Back by Cheryl Barton

Meridian, Mississippi, held nothing but bad memories for Sumaria Moore. Not only did she lose her parents who raised her in the southern city, but the love of her life had walked out on her three years ago, leaving not only their love behind, but a secret he never knew about. 

Preston Washington wanted more than what a small, southern city could offer him. In order to make his dreams come true, he had to leave the only life he knew and the only woman he’s ever loved.

A bad decision took them away from each other and then a tragedy brought them once again to the city neither wanted to go back to. Sumaria and Preston will soon find that the best kept secrets aren’t the ones that are kept hidden; they are the ones that can show them how everything they left behind, could lead them to what they thought they once had; forever.


A Taste So Forbidden by Erika B.

Lauren White is a caregiver by nature and profession. With her heart on her sleeve, the loss of a longtime client has her needing some time away. Although not fully ready, Lauren returns to work with a new client. However, the newness comes with a familiar face and memories she would rather not revisit. Buried secrets rise to the surface, and she finds herself losing the grip on the lie that she vowed to keep.

Spencer Young likes things in order, and right now, everything seems to be in disarray. His relationship has ended, and his grandmother’s health is failing. He feels like he’s spiraling into depression. However, arranging care for his grandmother brings the presence of a woman he thought he’d only ever spend his nights with. Could this be the silver lining that he’s been yearning for?

Has Spencer progressed enough in his healing to welcome the rekindling? Will Lauren finally walk in her truth? Or will she add another heartbreak to Spencer’s list of things to recover from?


Picture Perfect by Mylika Anthony

What happens when you think you’ve found the perfect person and then you realize perfection doesn’t exist?

Ryan Harris, the CEO & owner of Picture Perfect, is perfection personified. Being the daughter of a retired pro football player turned coach and a business mogul means she’s lived her life in the spotlight since the second she was born. But it isn’t her net worth that makes her perfect. With beauty, brains, & a heart made of gold she’s the girl of everyone’s dreams.

More specifically, the girl of Kaiden King’s dreams. Kaiden, a star wide receiver, is every girl’s man crush Monday. His athleticism & charm both on and off the field make him a desired heart throb. None of that matters because his eyes have been on Ryan since he owned the field in little league. But when meeting the girl of your dreams makes you face your nightmares you realize perfection comes with a price. Falling in love with perfection is easy. But accepting the flaws that make people human proves to be a challenge. Love is a gamble and the only way you win is if you take a risk. 

Is picture perfect love worth the risk or will the old saying remain true, that perfection doesn’t truly exist?


Once Upon a Valentine by C. Michelle

In this installment we join Freda and Max as they take on their latest adventure together: Marriage. The couple that seemingly has it all, are finally ready to tie the knot forever, but when a blast from the past shows on their doorstep, just weeks before their union and their seemingly solid foundation is rocked, true love is put to the test. Trust, love, freedom, and business connections are all on the line as Freda and Max fight for their fairytale ending. Will their love be enough to withstand this final test, or will past indiscretions and broken trust ruin a love they thought was un-penetrable? Join Freda as she searches for the courage to answer the question: Does true love conquer all?


Find You A Real One: A Friends to Lovers Romance (The Real Ones Series Book 1) by Tanisha Stewart

Shorty is cool with almost everyone she encounters. She has her heart set on Marcus, but Reggie is feigning for her attention.

Elida is not the most popular girl, nor does she feel like she’s the prettiest. She’s got her eyes on a few guys but the feelings are never mutual.

Shorty and Elida connect and forge a friendship that is surprising, unlikely, and rejected by Shorty’s day one, Janie. Is Janie simply harboring innocent best friend jealousy, or is there something deeper beneath the surface?

Follow a story of friendship, heartache, growth, and betrayal in this sweet, yet poignant two-part Friends to Lovers Romance series.


Untitled: How Does It Feel (The Love Mixtapes Book 1) by Sheridan S. Davis

“Untitled: How Does It Feel” is the love story between the son of a Bishop, Steven Lawson, Jr. and his sunshine, Tajma. In these pages, the love between this older woman and her beau will feel like 90’s R&B.


The Driver’s Seat: A McNeal Love Story (The McNeal Love Stories Book 1) by Shameka S. Erby

Joanna Marie McNeal (Joey), is a no-nonsense woman. As the oldest, she feels the most pressure for the company to succeed, the most pressure to make her father proud. She is bossy, overbearing, and always serious. She is also the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, with a personality that means she never takes no for an answer—which has been excellent for the company. Joanna doesn’t have very much time for men; she’s never found one that could crack her serious shell, or put up with her “work first” personality. She hides behind a mask of a self-assured career woman; she won’t get close to anyone because she’s afraid of losing her hard-won control.

Joanna meets Ryan Spalding, a smooth, fast-talking race car driver. Ryan is the best in the business, setting records for his fast driving and recognized for his daring and dangerous antics on the track and his fun, carefree personality off the track. He bought a new house and his decorator recommended McNeal linens, but they’re so exclusive that he hasn’t been able to find them anywhere. Ryan only wants the best, so he decides to go see Joanna himself and arrange a deal for the linens for his home. Joanna immediately sees him as a threat to her serious nature; he immediately tries to get her to lose control. Sparks fly fast for the two opposites, and even though Ryan is positive he has found his dream woman, convincing Joanna is an uphill battle.


You Make Me Sick (Mean Streak Book 1) by Tamara Devers

Cherry Spencer and Jack(ass) Bradley are like a fork in a power outlet…sparks fly and someone might end up dead. He’s been the bane of her existence ever since her best friend, Nicole claimed him as her hunky college crush. Nicole’s greatest wish is for her two favorite people to bury the hatchet…just not in each other’s backs. And after a disastrous graduation night, Cherry vowed to never lay eyes on Jack again.

But like a bad yeast infection, Jack’s back and courtesy of Nicole’s sweet nature and a crush that never died, he’s living in Cherry’s house and she’s not taking this invasion lying down.  

Operation Jackass. Is. On. 

Cherry has no shame, plus she’s got a mean streak longer than Rapunzel’s hair. She’ll use whatever sneaky tricks she can to get rid of Jack, but what she wasn’t expecting was him getting one over on her. Now she has to decide if she really wants Jack out of her house… or in her bed.


Betting on Love: A Second Chance New Adult Romance by Kani Sey

Despised and constantly degraded, Binta can’t wait to leave home when she discovers her family never wanted her. She is determined to cut a path and succeed in her life without love and emotional connections. Until she bumps into her former best friend, Bass.

Once upon a time, Bass was head-over-heels in love with Binta. But she shattered his heart, and he had to move on without her. A chance encounter with her five years later brings back all the buried emotions.

However, it seems Binta hasn’t overcome her trust issues. This time, though, Bass is not willing to walk away so readily. Can he convince her to bet on their love?


Lucky Cabin 14: Second Chance Valentine’s Day Romance by Vivian Fox

The only thing worst then getting your heart broken by your boss is him getting married to my best friend. 
Well, my ex best friend. It’s a long story.

That was a long time ago and I’m over it. Now I’m going to spend some time relaxing at Ski Hill Mountain Lodge Resort. That is until I see his company has scheduled a retreat for the the same week. Just my luck.

It’s a big resort. It’s not like I have to talk to him, right?

Lucky Cabin 14 is a clean and cozy romance just in time for Valentine’s Day! So grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa and a blanket and snuggle in to enjoy!


Almost Out Of Time by L.M. Richardson

When the very thing Oakley has run from all her life threatens it, she is confronted with facing HIV/AIDS head-on or continue to deny reality. Choosing life is far more complicated than she expects. Realizing the quote-unquote normal life she has been chasing does not exist, Oakley comes to terms with the circumstances surrounding her existence. A story of triumph, overcoming, and awakening, Almost Out of Time will leave you cheering and rooting for Oakley to live, prosper, and finally find love and peace.


A Season of Love: A Valentine’s Romance Novella by Annitia L. Jackson

Noel Riley has everything a woman could want except for love. Her career as a paramedic has left her little time to search for it. The men who did come into her life, weren’t even worth the time she wasted on them. Noel’s grandmother always told her it wasn’t her time for true love yet, but her season for love was coming. However, with her luck in men, Noel wondered if her season had passed.  

Dr. Corey Bowers is the subject of every woman’s fantasy at Mercy Hospital. Although he could have any woman on the staff, he keeps everything professional. His motto as a Critical Care Doctor is to keep his mind and focus on saving lives. Corey didn’t have time to focus on his own personal life, which meant he wasn’t willing to devote even an hour to a woman right now when he could be saving lives. He made a vow to make something of himself and nothing was going to stop him from achieving his goal. 

One encounter between Dr. Bowers and Noel leads him to rethink his views on giving love a chance. But giving it a chance doesn’t come without a whole slew of challenges and drama. 

As the seasons change, will Noel and Corey find their season of love? Find out in this Valentine’s Romance Novella. 


Love Me Like That by TaKisha Trenean

She’s outgoing and unpredictable…
He’s guarded and methodical…

When Raven, the privilege daughter of a beloved politician, has her sights set on the ex-Marine turned CEO of the security firm hired to protect her father, she is willing to stop at nothing to break through his tough exterior and make him hers.

Liam doesn’t believe that love is in his future and has done all he could to run from it. In his mind he’s too damaged and has nothing to offer emotionally. To his dismay, he can’t shake the beautiful mess that seems determined to figure him out and win him over.

When a series of events pull everyone out of their comfort zone and into protective custody, Raven and Liam find solace in each other. After the smoke clears will they be able to keep what they started going or will their differences and imperfections be too much to handle?


A Valentine’s Day Love Story by Pamela Campbell

Meet Lauren, the little sister of Elijah, from the novella A Holiday Love Story. Lauren is invited to her best friend’s upcoming couples-only, Valentine’s engagement party. She hasn’t had been out on a date since she moved back to New York, and started her own business, with the help of Elijah and her dad, Rocky.

Lauren meets a sexy, good-looking stranger name Marqus that opens up her heart and changes her life. That is until she finds out some information that threatens to end their whirlwind love affair. Can Lauren let go of her trust issues, and let Marqus be her forever Valentine?


Family First: A Black Romance Box Set

Inside the pages of this limited edition box set is an introduction to 8 family series containing 8 contemporary romance novels from bestselling authors. Get ready for captivating stories of passion, family ties, and Black love!

INVESTED by Iris Bolling

Myles Dunning, the thirty-five-year-old CEO of Dunning Bank and Trust, is fighting off one takeover attempt after another to save his family’s historical bank. Chrystina Price is a voluptuous, lovable, powerhouse, whose sole purpose in life is too uplift and protect the man she has loved from the first day they met. When the integrity of the family always comes first is it worth Investing in love.

LOVE UNDER CONTRACT by Sharon C. Cooper, Award-winning and bestselling author

Sumeera Robinson refuses to settle for less than she desires, even if what she craves is the sexy Nicolas Jenkins-Moore. She’s ready for marriage and a family, but his five-year plan has those items at the bottom of the list. When Sumeera walks out of his life, Nicolas realizes what he’s lost and will stop at nothing to win her back.

UNFORGETTABLE by Delaney Diamond, USA Today Bestselling Author

Ivy Johnson is stunned when Lucas Baylor makes an appearance at her family’s event in Seattle. When her deception is revealed, it throws his life into a tailspin and forces them to face the truth of their feelings for each other—feelings they’ve both tried in vain to forget.

#BLESSED BY MALAKAI by Sherelle Green

Overnight, Malakai Madden becomes a social media legend after the #BlessedMyMalakai hashtag starts trending. Avery Nightingale is the perfect image consultant to get his life back on track. However, avoiding their explosive chemistry proves to be a bigger distraction than either of them bargained for.

EVENINGS WITH BRYSON by Tina Martin, Three-time Emma Award Winner, including Author of the Year, Book of The Year Award Winner, multiple Amazon #1 new releases

Kalina Cooper doesn’t believe in love since watching her father walk out on her mother years ago. But when she meets Bryson Blackstone in her aunt’s cafe, he challenges everything she thinks she knows about life and love and reveals secrets about her family that she otherwise would’ve never known.

SAFE WITH ME by Stephanie Nicole Norris 

Samiyah Manhattan is mourning the death of her six-year marriage when she vows never to trust men again. Celebrity ex-boxer turned business mogul, Jonas Alexander Rose never takes women too seriously. However, when he meets the beautiful Samiyah mulling over a mimosa, Jonas is overwhelmed by the heart throbbing heated attraction, and now he is on a mission to explore this thing called love.

COOKING UP LOVE by Candace Shaw

When Shelbi Arrington foregoes her medical residency, the last thing she’s searching for is love. However, that’s just what the doctor prescribes when she meets chef Justin Richardson, who is leery of doctors because of his mother’s death years ago. As their relationship heats up, Shelbi learns of a shocking revelation which may extinguish their flame.


Have you ever loved someone and didn’t know it? That’s the dilemma facing Felix when he wakes from a coma to find he is married to the most beautiful and most sensual woman he’s ever known. However, will he still feel the same way when he regains his memory and realises she’s been keeping secrets and their marriage is not what he thinks it is?


Wild Rain: Women Who Dare by Beverly Jenkins

The second novel in USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins’ compelling new Women Who Dare series follows a female rancher in Wyoming after the Civil War.

A reporter has come to Wyoming to do a story on doctors for his Black newspaper back east. He thinks Colton Lee will be an interesting subject…until he meets Colton’s sister Spring. She runs her own ranch, wears denim pants instead of dresses, and is the most fascinating woman he’s ever met.

But Spring, who has overcome a raucous and scandalous past, isn’t looking for, nor does she want, love. As their attraction grows, will their differences come between them or unite them for an everlasting love?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 8th-14th

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