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Noemy: The Forbidden Goddess by Iesha Bree

Noemy has always felt different but she didn’t understand how different she was until she is confronted by a world she never knew she was a part of, let alone crowned the Forbidden Princess.  

Topez has lived a life of duty. Working only to serve his people of Ruella, his dreams of becoming the Head of GPP leads him right to the woman who was made specifically for him… but she has a target on her back as the Forbidden Princess. 

Will Topez be able to fulfill his life mission of becoming the Head of GPP while also being able to save the other half of his soul? Can Noemy deal with the fact that her entire life has been a lie and embrace the woman she has now come to know? Or will she allow the pressures of a new life to cause her untimely end?


Hunted (Atlanta’s Finest Series Book 6) by Sharon C. Cooper

She’s everything he never knew he wanted…

Former CIA spy Myles Carrington experienced enough danger in his clandestine days. The last thing he needs in his life right now is trouble, but that’s what he gets when salon owner Geneva Ramsey crosses his path. She’s combative, fierce, and the sexiest woman he’s ever met, but he’s not looking for anything serious. He promises himself only one night with her and nothing more. 

Geneva kissed him on a dare. A dare that altered her carefree life, and she’s conflicted. Myles is an enigma, a puzzle she can’t piece together. Yet, she’s addicted to him—which is just crazy. She never gets serious with any guy, but after one night with Myles, no other man will do. Now, she just needs him to cooperate. 

When an unknown enemy from Myles’s past begins hunting him, the hunter becomes the hunted. Myles will destroy anyone who dares threaten those he loves, but will Geneva become a casualty of his past? Or can Myles save her and begin a life he thought he never wanted?

Book 6 in the Atlanta’s Finest series. All books in this series can be read as a standalone.


Need You by Me by Endiya Carter

Courtesy of my controlling father, Marshall and I have been living together for the last couple of years.
Because of his profession, we’d managed to stay out of each other’s way.
His age and respect for my father is what kept him from giving in to my flirtatious advances.
Over the years, we’d managed not to cross that line, until that one slightly drunken night…


Savage Fever : Episode 4 by Phoenix Ash

You can be a Savage or a Moxy. Either way, you better know how to yield your weapon. Distraught over losing a cherished loved one, no one seems to be able to keep their cool. At a time of togetherness, the cartel has never been so divided. Lines get drawn and war is all but declared against the most feared and respected names of the city. Falling looks like rising and death is making its rounds, doing its best to chase love out of the door. In the midst of it all, Danielle “Drop” Savage has a secret. One she thought she’d take to her grave. However, through a time of high emotions and setbacks, keeping it inside proves to be impossible.


Beautiful Mess: New Adult/College Romance by Mukami Ngari

Makena and Daniel meet at the beach and a whirlwind romance begins.
But the past comes calling when she finds out that her father murdered Daniel’s dad. The only man she loves is the one she can never be with.
Is their love strong enough to overcome the dark past?

Content warning: sexual assault.


New Balance (Assad Brothers Saga Book 2) by Malay Reneé

Who said playing a waiting game was a bad thing? Sometimes waiting can be just the thing you need to get what you want. For Sameer Assad and Aspen Hensley, waiting may be the last ingredient their relationship can take. With him being her new moon and her being his souls keeper, can they survive the triumphs that come with being as one?

Sameer has been shaped from the time he was born to know what it is to be a real man. His parents invested strong morals and upheld him and his brothers in the essence that you are your family’s first protector when it comes to wealth and life. With creating wealth and providing support to the family he made, is it enough for him to stay just for the sake of “family”? When finding his answer, or so he thinks, he meets Aspen, a smart, outgoing and beautiful young woman, who is very independent but knows how to let the right man lead.

Aspen has had her share of no good men but that didn’t dim her idea of a good man. After bad relationships and shitty men, she vowed to keep herself together until the right man proved himself worthy. And in her time, that man was Sameer. With dating Sameer comes the task of not only loving a man but loving a man with added parts— a child from a previous relationship.

With one division keeping things at odds, can these two overcome the obstacles thrown their way? What good is waiting when no matter what you do, you can’t get this person off your mind, away from your soul or out of your heart?


Humbly Yours 2 by T. Key

The world was theirs as hip-hop’s new favorite couple. Jamier ‘Humble Servant’ Hatton and Kalista were taking the world by storm. The only place to go was up…or so they thought. Life seems to test you when you’re on the climb. That was a lesson Humble and Kalista would soon learn.


Body & Soul: (Hathaway and McCall Series) Book 2 by Keitra Crooks


Shamea McCall was on a man cleanse and who could blame her? After years of being hurt in relationships, she was just concentrating on her daughter, career and family; that was until Jamar Jackson came along. Each time she saw him, she tried to turn down his advances but the sexy man was becoming irresistible and she did need a little sumthin’ sumthin’. So when she fell into his bed and had the best night of her life, she told herself it didn’t mean anything. And the next time didn’t either. 

Jamar wasn’t searching for love. He had already failed at love with a divorce under his belt so he was just focusing on his growing business and his little girl. But there was something about the lovely Shamea McCall that had him intrigued even though she turned him down at every turn. So when she finally suggested she just wanted to be friends with benefits, he didn’t mind; at first. But it was becoming increasingly hard to keep his feelings in check whenever she was near him.  

She didn’t plan to get too close.  

He didn’t want to lose her now that he found her.  

Shamea didn’t mind giving Jamar her body but could she let her guard down and fall in love with him with her whole heart and soul? 


Chance: Insta-Love Steamy Romance: Men From Azure City Book 1 by Vivian Fox


I’m the number one heavyweight champion of the world and I plan to keep it that way. I train for four hours every single day and I’m proud of it. The money, popularity, cars, and everything else that comes with it is the reason that I fight. I’m always focused, and I’m always prepared. That’s the reason I always win. 

Then, I saw her.


I’ve just started in a new journalism position in this city and they’re already giving me a hard time. I just need to get through a few more great interviews and I’ll be on my way to a new promotion. My interview with the boxer Chance “Two-Step” McGill will be just like the others I’ve had. They’re all the same, cocky, selfish, and materialistic. At least I thought they were, until this interview.

We’re so glad you decided to take a trip here to Azure City, home of the world’s most eligible bachelors. As you visit our landmarks and try our cuisine, be sure to enjoy the nightlife as well. We have something for everyone and we’re certain you’ll enjoy your stay. Follow the men from Azure City as they find love where they least expect it.

All books in the Men of Azure City series can be read in any order and are all standalone. Chance is a steamy romance with no cheating and as always a guaranteed happily ever after!


Concealed Addiction by Casseola Marie

Proving to everyone that she is no longer a little girl means everything to Lisa Montgomery. Deciding to take a hiatus from her medical school residency position to further her career with the Federal Investigation Bureau was dangerous enough. The real danger would happen when her family found out that the baby of the family not only wasn’t working at the local hospital but was also a married woman. Lisa had spent her entire adult life trying to prove to everyone that she was a grown woman. In fact, she was grown enough to lead one of the FBI’s biggest cases that anyone had ever heard of. After many sleepless nights and successful combat training courses from the bureau, she had been planted in Washington, DC’s biggest drug ring as a cocaine distributor named Jessica. Her mission was simple: keep the Columbians happy, maintain her cover, lie to her family and husband.

Sean Ellis was patient and allowed Lisa to talk him into keeping their marriage a secret. He even agreed to them living in two different states. Sean lived in Ohio and worked as chief of police in his hometown, Dayton. If he had it his way, they would have been living together immediately after their nuptials. He loved his wife enough to follow her rules up until now. With Sean no longer letting Lisa run things, it was time that she did things his way. While he still doesn’t know what his wife has really been up to, his suspicion is getting the best of him.

Eventually, they will have to work together to save Lisa’s life. She is in way too deep undercover now and her lies are all running together. Sean wants to be the supportive loving husband and Lisa wants to prove that she can have it all…but on her terms. Lisa is ready to introduce Jessica to the world and it’s time that everyone gets acquainted with Washington’s newest drug lord – Lisa, The Queen Pin.


120 Hours or Forever?: A Novelette by Kyeate

After being told the truth about Zain, will Xolani take Zain up on his offer? 
Still dealing with life, desire, love, more truths and decisions to be made will this stop at 120 Hours or go on forever?

*This book contains sexual explicit scenes*


Loved by Saint by Nai L.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in love? What it was like to love someone back? Ari St. James was that girl. The one who believed in love but felt like love didn’t believe in her. She wanted everything that came with love but couldn’t find the person who her love was meant for. 

But then there was Hero. He knew love. He needed… craved love. There was a time when he felt like love wasn’t for him, but that time came and went when he met the beautiful Ari St. James


He Shows Me Real Love by Pamela Campbell

Makeup artist Nyesha Simpson is a beautiful, voluptuous woman who suddenly found herself single after her broken engagement with financial businessman, Sean Freeman. She was devastated and needed to start fresh in a new city with her two children.

Tavis Layne, owner of Layne Spring Water Company is tall, handsome, and guarded. It’s been over a year since his last relationship, but when he meets Nyesha, his world is turned upside down and ignoring her just wasn’t an option.

Nyesha couldn’t resist sexy Tavis and their relationship blossoms. Just as her life bounces back in the new city and Nyesha’s happy again, Sean comes back into her life only to cause havoc and destroy her happiness.

Luckily for Nyesha, Tavis is there to make sure he protects the woman he fell in love with and shows her what real love feels like…


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 11th-17th

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