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Check out these new releases from January 1st-7th.

New Year, New Us: A Holiday Short by Aubree Pynn

Being torn apart four years ago only resulted in two hearts yearning for one another. 

East is back to claim everything that is his. No matter the cost.

The heart wants what it wants is a true testament for Taryn.

Now back together, they’ll cling to each other.

Even if the cost is their life.


Love on Appeal: A Second Chance Romance by Riley Baxter

Chosyn Strauss-James

I wish what was done in the dark didn’t find its way to light, or at least that’s how I felt when learning of my husband’s indiscretions. I thought I was living happily ever after with the one I would spend the rest of my life with, but when my husband began moving suspiciously, I discovered many secrets tumbling out of the closet. I might have been able to forgive his wrongdoings had he selected a random woman, but he took a messier route. His ignorance led to my retaliation, which placed me right in the presence of him. 

Xavion Gates

Imagine my surprise when I slipped into the courtroom where I would later be delivering opening arguments only to come face to face with her. She was the one who left me desperate to prove our first time around wasn’t a mistake. She was the one I planned to move heaven and hell for just to have a chance to reconnect. She’s the one who got away. Her constant fight against my pursuits confirmed she wanted nothing to do with me, but I was the one who could change the trajectory of her court case. 

It’s easy to believe relighting an old flame will pan out in real life the way it does for celebrities. The truth is, spinning the block with someone you’ve once given your heart to can be a risk not worth taking. For Chosyn and Xavion, fate was to blame for placing them back onto each other’s radar but what will they do with the chance encounter? Find out within the pages of this second chance romance if these previous lovers can withstand the demons lingering in their past in order to take a chance stepping into a future together.


The Mayor’s Ball by Grey Huffington

Albany, a wealthy 38-year-old, has almost everything her heart desires. She’s her parent’s wildest dreams, ranking number one in the city’s top-earning women because number two just isn’t worth settling for. To acquire such an extraordinary life and extensive account, Albany made countless sacrifices. Sleepless nights were the easiest of her climb to the top. Quiet, lonely ones were the culprits that made her wish she could have the best of both worlds. 

An invitation to the mayor’s ball and a cancellation text from her date sends Albany’s night spiraling. Like always, the man she spends most of her time with, the man who knows her best is there to pick up the pieces. Elias lends her a shoulder to cry on as well as a dick to land on because, in his opinion, falling for anyone other than him was never an option for her. 

Elias becomes more than a driver, more than an employee, more than a friend. 

this is a novelette that will not be on Amazon. 


Reverie by J. Chary

It started as a mutually beneficial arrangement, but boundaries are crossed and feelings got involved. Find out if the arrangement holds up in Reverie.


The Holiday Season: A Love For All Seasons Novella by Tiye

Before the clock strikes twelve…

It is New Year’s Eve, and the Locke sisters are back with laughter, love, passion, and, of course, drama. Which couple is finally headed to the altar first?

**This book can be read as an enjoyable standalone. However, the reading experience is enhanced if you’ve read the A Love For All Seasons Series**


Laycie Things (BLP Fairytales Book 9) by Tracy Gray

Laycie Dear considers herself the quintessential city girl. Lately, though, she feels like city life might be getting the best of her. Her 20s are quickly coming to an end, and she has nothing to show for the decade that was supposed to usher her into adulthood. With no job, no man, and no prospects on either front… she’s still very much the same girl, in the same place she was ten years ago. When she’s offered a job in a rural, small-town community, she hopes it will bring her the opportunity at a new beginning. When she lays eyes on her handsome new co-worker with the trash reputation, she wonders if the fact that she’s attracted to him means she’s not ready to change at all.

Dallas Trampert is a country boy through and through. He grew up in the small town of Port Jackson, and that’s where he gained his notoriety. He knows that his reputation precedes him. He also knows that not only did he earn it, but that it’ll be a cold day in hell before the residents of his small town let him live it down. He doesn’t care about all that. What he cares about is getting next to the new girl in town. She’s the first woman to catch his eye in years. He can’t outrun his past, though. And the dirt on his name could possibly tarnish Laycie’s name, too.

The saying goes, opposites attract. Laycie and Dallas are opposites in almost every way, and their attraction to one another is swift and smoldering. But can the couple sustain the blows of life when their foundation hasn’t even had time to settle?


Beautii is her Name (BLP Fairytales Book 10) by Kay Shanee

Beautii Belle is always the center of attention. Most people think it’s because her beauty is magnetic and undeniable, but it’s actually because of her warm and welcoming spirit. She is always happy and can find the good in every negative person or situation.

One day, her father approaches her and requests her to do the unthinkable. She can’t find the positive for the first time in her life but feels she has no choice. Beautii is angry that her father would ask something so life-changing of her, but she will do anything to help her family.

Thorne Beasting is also always the center of attention, but not for the same reasons as Beautii. As hard as he tries, Thorne can’t seem to stay out of trouble. His father is fed up with his shenanigans and comes up with a plan he thinks will get him on the straight and narrow. He is not on board with their plan but will be banned from the family business if he disagrees.

When Beautii and Thorne meet for the first time, their attraction to each other is instant, and their personalities clash almost as quickly. Thorne is immediately taken by Beautii’s beauty and reconsiders his stance, while Beautii can’t believe the hand she’s been dealt.

Can Thorne convince Beautii that he’s not as bad as everyone says? Can Beautii tolerate Thorne’s unwelcoming disposition long enough to see the good in him?


Now or Never (Once Last Chance Book 1) by Cassandra B. and Skye Moon

When her entire life shatters, Quinn Clark doesn’t know which way to turn. With tension mounting between her and her unfaithful husband, a class reunion trip allows her to clear her head and reconnect with her best friend, Ezra. Quinn quickly realizes that the shy, studious boy she once knew is long gone, and the man in his place is ready to fight for her heart.

Keristen Norris is in the one place she swore she would never be again, Eastwood High. After barely surviving her traumatic high school years, she’s dragged back by her best friend for a dreaded reunion. Although Keristen is far past her ugly duckling years, her heart is still sore when reliving the life she used to know. Above all, she’s terrified to see her high school crush, Carter.

It’s now or never for these four. Will they leave this encounter with everything they want? Or is it too little, too late?


Off-Limits Doctor Daddy: A Sweet Age Gap Dads Best Friend Romance by Jamila Woods

A whirlwind in scrubs disrupts my guarded world…
Breaking every rule I’ve set…
Great, she’s my best friend’s daughter.

I never wanted an intern, especially not her.

Kaysha’s arrival challenged more than my hospital routines;

Her prowess in the hospital surprised me,
but her determination is what unravels my gruff exterior.

Managing my ego with the growing attraction is getting harder.

I tried to resist the sparks igniting between us.

The truth is, she’s breaking through the walls around my heart.

Now I’m balancing protecting my son and allowing love back into my grumpy life.

Yet, when my son’s life is at stake, she’s the one I can’t let go.

Her caring nature reveals a surprising longing within me.
She might be the missing piece I need.


Back To You for Christmas by Jasmine Nicole

Nikki and Shawn grew up in the same town and have known each other for years. Having mutual friends left them with a solid acquaintanceship, but when they both end up back home for Christmas, it seems as if the fates are destined to have them giving up more than friendship this year.


Cash, Chaos, and Carnage: The Chaos Sisters by Wynta Tyme

By day, the Chaos sisters protect the law. By night, they run a multimillion-dollar criminal syndicate, bringing the city to its knees. Although the police can’t seem to gather the evidence necessary to finger the matron bosses, there’s an opposing gang looking to take over their business while making them suffer for past crimes. 

Cashelle, the eldest, is driven, intelligent, and cutthroat. She takes no prisoners, except when it comes to Khalill. They’ve always been friends and occasional lovers, but her secrets may very well upset their balance. 

Techelle, the middle sister, is the youngest prosecutor in Chicago. Married to her husband for four years, the pressure of not being able to bear children leaves stains on their marriage. However, when she comes face to face with why she’s barren, Techelle turns her savage up, activating her beast mode.

Nechelle, the youngest of the Chaos sisters, is strikingly beautiful. However, she spews more venom than a viper snake. After losing the love of her life, she vows to never date again and throws herself headfirst into their crime business. Her downfall, though, is the flesh… and it proves to be her weakness. Still, when the right person steps into her line of sight, she learns more about herself and the people she has been putting her trust in. 

Can the sisters survive the shaded lines of business when it becomes personal? Or will the past become an adversary impossible to overcome?


Sunflower (The Love Flower Series Book 1) by Aricka Alexander

Autumn Noble is a 27-year-old mother who focuses all her time on working and being there for her daughter, Sydney. She has no time for relationships, going out, or partying. After the rocky relationship with her ex, she believes that maybe relationships just aren’t for her.

That is until she meets Winter. She’s a fun-loving, spontaneous person who is attracted to Autumn from the first time they meet. With her personality and gentleness, she reintroduces the idea of love to Autumn.

With the help of Winter, Autumn learns that she can continue to be a great mom while also being able to enjoy herself in her adult years.

This is a story about love. About upset. Betrayal. And the struggles of being the only parent present.

This is the story of how Autumn found Winter.


Saphyre by Rae Anderson

“You deserve to be loved wholly, out loud, and all the way through.
Not that at your convenience type stuff.
That authentic love.
The kind that shows up for you.
The kind you can show up for.
The kind you don’t have to hide from.
The kind you can feel safe in the presence of.”

A weekend.

With him, it felt like an entire week.
With him, time didn’t exist,
the days fusing as we lost track of time,
getting lost in each other.
One week easily became two.
After a month, I stopped counting.
Time didn’t matter. We had that.
We had years if anyone was keeping count.


Ah’dgo’s Dream by K. Ama

After a brutally exhausting week as an accountant in a top firm in Accra, Naa-Kai knows she does not deserve to have teleporting sex-demon in her living room. Yet here she is. Staring at the unfairly handsome man she met at a bar in her living room, who swears that teleporting is not a trait unique to sex-demons. Naa-Kai is unconvinced.

Ah’dgo has met the woman of his dreams. And messed it up by teleporting into her living room without an invitation. Can he explain his unique abilities and convince her to let him ease her burdens, in whatever way he can, for one magical night?


Loving a Legend by Jaimsss P.

Cristina Savage couldn’t really explain it. She had always been a confident, ambitious, and strong woman, but somehow, she allowed a man to strip her of her self-love and sense of worth. For six years, she pledged her love and loyalty to someone who deserved neither, and the result of that was allowing who could have been the love of a lifetime to walk right out of her life. Now, she had found the courage to put herself first and leave a relationship that had never served her, and that lost opportunity from years past is all that’s on her mind…

Aaron Legend was living the life. His businesses were flourishing, his family supported him through everything, and he had finally settled down with one woman. Everything seemed to be going great for him, but whenever Cristina was in his presence, he felt a pull toward her, letting him know she was exactly what his life was missing. The problem was that she was committed to a man who didn’t deserve her. Aaron wasn’t one to beg, so he gave up on the idea of them together, but he was never quite able to rid her from his system.

A wedding weekend in Greece draws them close, then a terrible fire at Crissy’s place of business forces them even closer. The time spent together reveals truths about their bond that one of them may not be ready for. Their connection is undeniable, and their chemistry is off the charts. Loving each other comes as easily to them as breathing. Still, past and current relationships drive them to a place of uncertainty about their future together.

Will Cristina allow the past to keep her from happiness, or will she surrender to Aaron’s pursuit of her and finally experience the love of a Legend?


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New Release Round-Up January 1st-7th

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