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Chance Given (The Chance Series Book 3) by Diana W.

Timing is everything and for college students, Lacey Winston and Nathan Wells, unfortunately, it’s usually never in their favor.

Being the youngest Winston, and having her brother Mike, as a great role model, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Loyalty is high on the list of Winston family values but for Lacey, it tends to skew her perception of happiness.

Lacey’s shaky long-term relationship with her on again off again boyfriend, Greg, who is headed to the NFL, is continuously being tested, but it seems that Nathan, his teammate, is more than willing to suit up and get in the game to win Lacey’s heart. Constant flags are thrown at their attempts at a connection and sends them both on a path of emotional ups and downs that neither of them is certain they can endure.

Join Lacey and Nate on this final installment of the Chance Series. Along with Zoe, West, Mike, and Kelise, as they all once again, face their own relationship obstacles.
See what transpires when love and life happen By Chance & when a Chance Taken results in a Chance Given.

*** This book is and can be read as a standalone however, also reading the previous books By Chance and Chance Taken in the series is highly recommended ***



Yours to Keep by B. Love*

“They have so much to lose that love doesn’t seem like a worthy enough gain.”

Aali Jamison is fresh out of jail after doing a ten-year bid. His loyalty to his family is what put him behind bars, so it only seems fair that his older brother gets him a job working security for his boss – Oxford Pierce – owner of one of the wealthiest tobacco companies in America.

Lexie Pierce has never been swayed by her father’s wealth. If anything, being heir to Oxford Pierce’s tobacco throne has given Lexie a hunger for independence outside of her father’s name and fame. All of her life she’s had one dream… one goal… and the will to achieve it on her own – until her father makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

When Aali joins Lexie’s security team, he immediately finds himself enraptured by her. There are just two problems – Lexie is promised to another man, and even if she wasn’t… Oxford has absolutely forbid Aali to even lust after his daughter mentally. Unintentionally, Lexie uses her feminine influence just as Eve did in the garden of Eden. And just like Adam… Aali is forced to choose between obeying Oxford or satisfying his desire for Lexie. Will he take of her forbidden fruit and eat… or will he have the strength to resist a temptation that has never looked so sweet?



Love in the Afternoon by M.C. Walker

Love In The Afternoon is a scintillating collection of love poems and short stories. From the beauty of meeting a lover on a hot summer day to kissing yesterday goodbye with a grateful heart.



Blasphemy: No Religion – A Deadly Short by Brookelynn Crenshaw

Blasphemy was caught up in Kamali’s rapture at first sight. The two fell hard..but he fell the hardest.






Solace by Kisha Green

Unlucky described Sanaa Washington’s love life until she met the charismatic Colin Shelton. Colin was the epitome of fine with a lucrative career in public relations, he was a dream come true but his darkest secret will be Sanaa’s greatest nightmare. Little did she know, the solace she covenants from Colin could quite possibly change their lives forever. Come experience Kisha Green’s amazingly unique story about love and the doubt that follows.


The Widow’s Revenge by Shanika Roach

Sabrina Taylor and her husband Phillip have weathered storms, but they live a charmed life.
Phillip is a high-profile celebrity attorney and Sabrina is an elementary school teacher in
Chicago. Everything is going well until Phillip dies suddenly and tragically. Sabrina is
heartbroken to lose her husband of ten years, and her grief is further aggravated when Phillip’s
secrets are revealed. Sabrina is stunned and overwhelmed and doesn’t think she can take any
more heartbreak, but her heartbreak quickly turns to rage and instead of leaning on God in her
time of need she hatches a plan for revenge.

Angel Stevens is a gorgeous successful supermodel who has transitioned well into the television
world and she now has her own talk show. Angel’s life hasn’t always been easy but she has
everything she wants now and her life is going according to plan and after marrying the man of
her dreams she doesn’t think anything could go wrong, until she learns that a secret that she has
kept carefully hidden for years is about to be exposed. Angel isn’t about to let all that she has
worked hard for go down in smoke and she comes up with a counterattack for revenge.
Sabrina and Angel are two women that have been deeply hurt and seeks revenge to help lessen
their pain, but they will soon learn that seeking revenge will only cause more heartbreak.



Overtime for Love (Scoring for Love) by Synithia Williams

Desire is a game without rules

Optimistic and hardworking, Angela Bouler prides herself on getting through life without asking for an assist. School, two jobs, caring for her nephew, Cory—she’s keeping it all together…then Isaiah Reynolds bounces into her life. The Jacksonville Gators’ star forward is coaching at Cory’s summer camp, but guardians and mentors aren’t supposed to mix—and certainly not surrender to red-hot kisses…

Isaiah has an image of the perfect partner in his head, and it doesn’t quite mesh with Angela’s hectic life. Or her evening job serving drinks at a gentlemen’s club. But deep down, she’s the only woman who sparks a true connection. He’s expected to keep his image spotless, but instead he’s risking everything on a strong, sexy, complicated woman. Winning her heart won’t be easy, but it’s becoming the only play that really matters…



It’s Always Been You (The Jacksons of Ann Arbor) by Elle Wright

They just crossed the line…

Newly minted Dr. Lovely “Love” Washington plans to devote her medical career to helping women. But her own happy ending eludes her. Then one morning she wakes up in a Vegas hotel under the sheets with the very familiar and extremely charming Dr. Drake Jackson. The longtime best friends didn’t only become overnight lovers. They got married, even if neither remembers tying the knot. And Love is tormented by sizzling memories of the passion-filled night they shared.

Matters of the heart have always fascinated Drake. Now the aspiring cardiothoracic surgeon and in-demand playboy must confront his growing feelings for his oldest, most alluring, off-limits friend. Amid a disastrous family reunion and the unwanted attention of Love’s persistent ex-boyfriend, the newlyweds are digging themselves deeper into a deception that has to end. Or does it? Has Drake finally found what’s been right in front of him all along—the true Love of his life?



Soaring on Love (The Cardinal House) by Joy Avery

Flights of passion

When her engagement party is crashed by her fiancé’s mistress, Tressa Washington will do anything to escape the disastrous aftermath. Even stow away in the back of a guest’s SUV. And when she tells Roth Lexington to “just drive,” the handsome aerospace engineer does exactly that. In his snowbound mountain cabin, mutual attraction ignites a scorching affair…

Roth has three rules: never be vulnerable, always wake up alone and stay in control. Thanks to Tressa, he’s broken them all. One beautiful, sensual night becomes many, but once they leave their haven behind, mistrust and meddling exes intervene. Soon he faces a choice: watch this stunning, adventurous woman walk away or finally let his guard down. Roth will quickly learn that in order to reach the heights of love, you have to be willing to fall…



Playing With Seduction (Pleasure Cove) by Reese Ryan

There’s no safety net in love…

As the reigning queen of competitive beach volleyball, Brianna Evans wants her career to go out with a bang. And what better send-off than a signature tournament sponsored by an exclusive high-end luxury resort? But Bree’s heart could end up on the line. Her partner on the project is the irresistible man with whom she shared one perfect night in London…and never heard from again.

After great UK success, premier event promoter Wesley Adams is glad to be back on his North Carolina home turf. Until he discovers the collaborator on his next joint venture is the flawless beauty he spent an unforgettable evening with more than a year ago. Wes wants to finish what they started, but he can’t risk derailing the project or hurting Bree. And when they finally give in to their growing passion, will a terrible secret from his past and an escalating threat from Bree’s cost them their second chance?



A Delicate Affair (Decades: A Journey of African American Romance Book 1) by Lindsay Evans

Golden Worth is a proud southerner. But when some “good” Georgia boys threaten to lynch him, he runs north to Washington DC to make music and a new life for himself. He doesn’t count on falling for the untouchable Leonie Harper, an aristocratic beauty with a mind for sin. He knows better than to want her, but the Radcliffe-bound girl who’s supposed to be a blushing debutante is anything but. She captivates him, tempting him to want things he once thought were out of reach.

All too easily, Golden falls into Leonie’s scented embrace, even though he suspects she’s only playing with him until something richer comes along.

Can this country boy convince a big city girl to take a chance on real love, or will she leave him swinging in the wind?


The First in the Decades Series of historical, African-American romance. Continue the journey with these compelling, unforgettable stories.



A Night To Remember: A Novelette by Barbara Joe Williams

Annette Green finally gets serious about losing weight, only she has no idea it will lead to losing her husband, too. Her best friend, Candice, takes her out on New Year’s Eve to lift her spirits. Will “Net” experience a Night to Remember when she lifts her new red dress instead?



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New Release Round-Up January 1st-7th

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