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Check out these new releases from January 23rd-29th.

Our Love is Delicate by Erika B.

Vivian Bates is a successful pet photographer whose life has recently spun out of control. A relationship full of secrets is exposed, and those closest to Vivian turn their backs on her, leaving Vivian to feel alone. After a random encounter on the bus, Vivian has hope that not all is lost. 

Reid Clay is a bus driver who spends his free time street racing until tragedy strikes. Navigating his new reality leaves Reid exposed to animosity with his loved ones. Reid crosses paths with several types of people on his bus route, but a beautiful stranger brings light to his world that had been missing for quite some time. 

Vivian is recovering from a scandal, and Reid is making the best of his new reality. To them, love and companionship were only words in the dictionary… Until the two realize what’s missing in their life can be found in the other. Will Vivian and Reid take a chance on new love, or will they return to their respective corners when trouble comes to ruin everything in its path?


Audra (Family Ties Book 3) by Delaney Diamond

No one said marriage was easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard.

Audra Connor-Foster is used to presenting a picture of domestic bliss to the outside world. The truth is, her husband hasn’t touched her in months, and after a bitter argument one night, she finally asks for a divorce.

Damon is not surprised when Audra asks, but the words sting. What he won’t allow her to do is keep him away from his kids. A battle of wills ensues, forcing the couple to face the truth about the demise of their marriage. In the midst of all the pain, anger, and bitterness, they try to rekindle the fire in their relationship.

Before it’s too late.


Blerd and the Babe (Real Negus Book 3) by Dandridge Monroe

Instant…something. Attraction? Connection. One soul recognizing the familiarity of torment in another. They settle for the physical. That part is unavoidable. But the burdens of their pasts are too much for them to desire normalcy. Or love. But the past can’t stay buried. Especially not when a literal genius has you in his sights.

Adam Hartison is known to fixate on problems. The way he wields ones and zeroes almost seems like magic. His track record is undefeated, and he plans to keep it that way. Until he comes across a problem he can’t solve in the form of a woman shaped like a pinup who is unlike anyone he’s ever met. Her alluring face hides a painful past and he struggles with his desire for her. But he can’t help but want more. More of her time, more of her sarcasm, more of her smiles. But everyone has secrets, and Diana Bailey is a walking mystery. When she’s forced to reveal her truth, will Adam see past her lies in order to get the girl? Or will the secrets she’s kept be too much for him to handle?


GLUTTONY (The Love Is Cure, Vol 1. Vices & Virtues Series Book 5) by Brookelyn Mosley

Everett Peters is a gutsy retired boxer whose guileless gluttonous tendencies grow chronic as he battles guilt and grief following a gut-wrenching betrayal. Apryl Wilde is a tender-hearted celebrity personal trainer who thrives off temperance and is trying to rebuild her life after experiencing the betrayal of a traitorous pair she trusted and still has ties to. Failing in love was Apryl and Everett’s reality. Falling in love was the last thing either of them wanted to do again. But when Everett and Apryl cross paths, they quickly realize love is the change they both have been craving.


“I was simply trying to escape an unpleasant situation when I returned home to New York City. I set my focus, the vision very clear – prepare for a special appearance that would help me start a brand new life post-retirement from boxing. Love was nowhere on the brain. Like… at all. It couldn’t be. I’d just experienced the worse betrayal of my life, something I couldn’t really be too upset over because I was once the villain in many other stories. But that didn’t make what happened to me hurt any less, and I believed that hurt was too dark to let love in. Love should not have ever found me again with where my head was at. But it did, through a woman named Apryl Wilde. And I can’t help but to feel like I have no choice but to fumble the bag to protect my future and my heart… and hers too.”


“I was simply trying to do my damn job and get my life back on track after being backstabbed by people I believed I could trust. The heartbreak I experienced was crushing. Cry every morning before I started my day, level of crushing. And what was worse was I couldn’t even move past it like any other failed relationship because one villain in my story still had ties to my career. So, when I agreed to do a favor concerning Everett Peters, I set my focus, the vision very clear – to help him reach his fitness goals while freeing myself from the shackles of my past. I expected nothing more, nothing less. And not to fall in love, that’s for damn sure! I mean… I’d been swimming – more like wading – in the dating pool, but I was just trying to get my feet wet. I wasn’t at all prepared to find love, much less get drunk off it. But here I was, looking Everett Peters in the eyes and seeing more than just my way out of career misery. I saw my future. But I think I’m way too guarded to let love in as I should… for good reason. And I’m not sure my heart can handle another disappointment.”

Gluttony is likely the one sin most don’t consider a sin at all. And though it is associated with eating, this sin has less to do with consuming food and more to do with over-consuming and indulging in anything that leads to self-destruction.

Can the virtuous beauty, who thrives off temperance, find it within herself to let her guard down to satiate the appetite of the gluttonous one with a dish best served from the heart, love?

*This book contains profanity and sexually explicit content. GLUTTONY is a standalone and the fifth book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books makes up this series. WRATH is next…

Publisher’s Note: Please read Message from the Author for trigger warnings.


Plié (Wicked Moves Book 1) by A.H. Cunningham

She’s stopped believing there was a Dom out there for her that could match her mind and her kinks.

Aisha McKinney thought she had everything figured out: her dance school Mrs. Brown Dance Studio, was the best in her community, she had the support of her friends and family, and at night she indulged in her other…passions. But when her studio starts losing students and she has to turn to her sex work to keep the lights on, her life takes a turn for the unexpected.

He’s accepted this was all life had to give.

Knox Davenport had an orderly life. Work is expanding, his seven-year-old daughter is flourishing, and after a difficult divorce, he’s starting to explore his kink through dominant classes with an experienced submissive. But there is only one obstacle to his peace of mind. His daughter’s Ballet teacher. Why does Aisha McKinney, the owner of Brown Dance Studio and her half-baked Holiday dance show, threaten to unravel all of his composure?

When Aisha and Knox’s goals converge, will they let their pasts dictate their futures, or will they both bend to the needs of their heart?


Stuck On You by Monica Walters

Life can be hard to navigate at times, but for Lazarus Mitchell, it’s been a constant battle. Marrying his high school sweetheart and putting his dreams on hold to help her fulfill hers, he kept pushing through life’s adversities in hopes of seeing better days. Throughout the journey, he realized that she didn’t have the tenacity he had or the wherewithal to look difficulty in the face and choose to overcome it.

Feeling heavily depressed and discouraged for the first time in his life, he worries that despair will overtake him. So, he chooses to begin anew. He enrolls in college, determined to fulfill the dreams he put on hold. He hires a tutor to help him get acclimated once again, and upon first sight of her, he realizes that love hasn’t given up on him.
Kiana Solé Jordan is a matriculating graduate student on the campus of Lamar University. She loves science, but chemistry sparks her interest the most, and her love for the subject makes her want to help others understand and love it too. Tutoring is gratifying and constantly makes her smile, but when a more seasoned student requests her tutelage, she feels a lot more than gratification. The fact that he’s twelve years her senior does nothing to diminish her attraction to him. For once, she wants to take a chance on something not so safe, and the excitement of that has her feeling things she never thought possible.
Lazarus has a lot of baggage to let go of, and Kiana wants to help him along during the process. But that decision isn’t welcomed by the most important people in her life, causing her to question her actions more than she should. Kiana wonders if love is worth her ignoring her parents’ and sister’s warnings regarding her new relationship, while Lazarus wonders if choosing love is worth the adversity that will come with it. Can Kiana cut ties with her family to choose the ultimate love? Can Lazarus’s ability to love be resurrected and strengthened enough to cause him to become the warrior he once was?


Find Our Way Back: Sincere & Sadae by Talena Tillman

At twenty-three years old, Sincere is an upcoming rapper.
Sadae is twenty-eight, finally getting her life on track and in school to be a medical billing & coding specialist.
They met, dated, and fell madly in love—despite their age difference.

Sadly, before they could truly build a life with one another, sudden news rips them apart. Reluctantly, both go on about their business no matter how much it aches. But does Sincere Young still have the melody to Sadae’s heart when he steps foot back into town on Valentine’s Day?


When Can I See You Again? by Jahquel J.

Love has always been a foreign language when it came to Azmina Mitchell. After ending an engagement and what she thought was her forever, she has poured all her energy and passion into her career. It doesn’t help that her career as an doctor doesn’t give her much room to explore love for the second time. When Azmina gets the job of her dreams, she hesitant to accept. After all, it’s in Atlanta, Georgia. Will Azmina turn in her NYC apple for an Georgia peach?

Raheem Morgan is a new dad. After his fiancée dies during child birth, it leaves Raheem to figure out parenting while mourning the loss of what he thought was his forever. His daughter’s fever lands him in Dr. Azmina Mitchell’s office, and she has him wondering when can he see her again?


Crushed Velvet and Cashmere by K.L. Hall

“They call me Kas,” he whispered in my ear.

I clenched my thighs. He smelled of warm vanilla and musk with a hint of marijuana.
From his enigmatic eyes to the neck tattoo that extended past the crisp fold of his collared shirt, he screamed danger.

And without the resolve to fight against the pressure to mix business with pleasure, I slipped right underneath his thumb and into his dark world.

All I wanted to do was scale my interior design business to the next level.
All I needed was a client who was paid.

I didn’t want to fall so violently for him.
I didn’t need the keys to his heart. 

Now I may just lose my sanity because of it.


The Journey by Lola St. Amour

Gavin “Sin” Sinclair is a professional photographer, known only by his work and his moniker, but he is ready for the world to know exactly who he is. Naomi Clarke is a straight-laced college professor who is still coming to grips with the loss of her husband five years ago, while still being available for her two young adult children, her firecracker sister, and her students. Sin and Naomi’s chance encounter leads to an older woman, younger man age-gap romance that is sweet, steamy and deals with grief, sexuality and family dysfunction in a way that is so delicate, yet readable that you won’t be able to put it down.


If You Fall by Kizzie Kollins

Logan is a lot of things but patient is not one of them, which is why when he meets Colbie and decides he needs to have her in his life after only a few encounters, none of his friends second guess his all in behavior. 

It isn’t hard for Colbie to be drawn in by Logan, the business owner who teaches a beginners skating class and always seems to say the right thing at the right time… until he doesn’t.

When things feel too easy it’s becasue they usually are, but nothing worth having is easy, right? Logan and Colbie are surely about to find out and the reality will either make them fight for love or bail at the first sign of trouble.


Justice’s Devotion (The Barrett Brothers Book 1) by Mya

Justice Barrett has only known the hustle his entire life. Being the provider for his younger siblings was tough for a young teenage boy. Having to get it out the mud, by any means necessary, he fell into a life of dealing. Within a few years, he was dominating the streets to the point several government agencies were looking to catch him slipping.

Logan Gaines has been a ride or die since the day she fell in love with Justice. He spoiled her rotten. She was his twin flame. When they were together, trouble was sure to find them. When her man gets caught up, she doesn’t hesitate to take the bid for him.

Now almost a decade later, their paths cross again. Justice feels indebted to Logan for the sacrifices she made for him. Sparks fly, hearts ache, and passion permeates in this second chance romance


Hero for Sale (A Fallon Heights Series) by Olivia Shaw-Reel

Singing sensation, Marion Turner, has not had the most positive behaviors in the public eye. From fast living to frivolous spending, self-destruction becomes closer than ever. With the help of his publicist and manager, he embarks on the road to redemption and soon meets and befriends a beautiful mother and her young daughter.

Kenya Morrison and her daughter, Kailee, are on the rollercoaster of their lives, with an inoperable brain tumor diagnosis. By faith, and with the help of their new celebrity friend, Kenya and Kailee somehow find the strength to move forward until a devastating secret turns their world upside down yet again.

When the truth comes out, Kenya is left struggling with unforgiveness; Kailee is left fighting for her life, and Marion is forced to face his past mistakes and an uncertain future.

Everyone needs a hero, but at what cost?


A Man for More Than A Season By Julia Royston

Over the past five years, Tamera dated only half of the year, spring and summer. When she needed a sweater, the man would scatter. Duane was a nice guy but he was looking for his biological family. When he came into the library where Tamera was a librarian, he received assistance with the city records but soon found so much more. 


An HBCU Love Story by Journee Jordan

Brooklyn Krane is starting her freshman year at Bryson University after spending time in a treatment center. With her past behind her, all she wants is to get through the next four years without drama. She struggles to cope with new challenges and the feelings she has for Khalil Isaac, her high school crush.
When Khalil Isaac starts his freshman year at Bryson, he is still battling health issues. Even though his focus is basketball, other problems arise, and he is faced with a lot of life-changing events.
Adore Weston is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but then she meets a man who changes her outlook on life.
Bacardi Abraham was raised by his grandma after his mother died during childbirth. He struggles to stay focused and find his way, but everywhere he turns, drama and trouble follow.
Discover how these college students navigate adulthood, drama, and finding true love.


Speak Your Mind: Obnoxious Boss by TD Bryant

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a snowmageddon might sparkle the fire between the bitter ex-lovers.

Dawn Cutler, rough around the edges with a heart of gold, has to prove to her family, probation officer, and employer that she is ready to play nice after busting the windows and slashing tires of her lying, cheating live-in boyfriend and his lover’s cars.

To get back in the employment game and pay her court fees, Dawn’s former employer offers her a position as the personal assistant to Angelique Renée, aka the Soulless One. The lifespan of that job is usually one whole week.
Dawn’s goals:
1. Keep from knocking the Soulless One’s eye out.
2. Get through the anniversary of her mom’s death.
3. Avoid Raymond Douglass. He broke her heart.

Raymond Douglas, ex-Marine and bodyguard to Angelique Renée, still grapples with the death of his infant son. Where Dawn lets the world know she’s angry, Raymond bottles up his anger and trusts no one but his mother.
Raymond’s goals:
1. Convince his hardworking mother to retire and focus on her passion.
2. Find Angelique’s stalker.
3. Avoid Dawn Cutler. She’s bold, smart, and mad and doesn’t take rejection well. He can’t let her read his thoughts.

Dawn and Raymond have to spend a few days at a mountain retreat with their obnoxious boss and her snooty billionaire fiancé, Deacon Webb.

The couple must forgive themselves for childhood family issues and build new lives together.

*Steamy but not explicit. For a mature audience


A Game of Secrets: A Forbidden One Night Romance (The Eddington Heirs Book 4) by Zuri Day

She can’t resist the temptation of her brother’s forbidden best friend in this installment of The Eddington Heirs series from Zuri Day.

“No lights. Keep on your mask. Take off your clothes.”

Jake Eddington isn’t the type to be tied down—until he meets her at a masquerade party. But then, the best night of his life becomes the worst when their masks come off. His temptress is none other than Sasha McDowell—his best friend’s sister. The woman Jake’s supposed to protect!

Away from her controlling family, Sasha’s determined to explore her wild side. But that spectacular night with Jake is unexpectedly complicated, for his business and her reputation. Yet their connection can’t be ignored—even if their tryst ignites a scandal…


Valentines for the Rancher (Aspen Creek Bachelors Book 1) by Kathy Douglass

Will two little matchmakers give them a second chance?

Jillian Adams and Miles Montgomery grew up the best of friends and eventually became lovers—until Jillian got a breakup speech instead of a proposal! Jillian left town, and Miles married—and divorced. Then a chance reunion in Aspen Creek brings them face-to-face, along with their children. As their kids become inseparable, Miles and Jillian struggle to overcome the mistakes of their past. And when Miles asks Jillian to be his valentine—for real—she’ll have to decide whether she can trust her love and her daughter with the man who had stolen her heart so long ago…


A Cowboy Kind of Thing: An Opposites Attract Western Romance (Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding Book 1) by Reese Ryan

A cowboy and a career-focused city girl can’t agree on anything—until they fall into bed in this latest installment in the Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding.

He’s Texas. She’s Hollywood.

…and together they’re playing with fire!

Dionna Reed is in Royal, Texas, to help plan her starlet bestie’s wedding. But when the bride and groom bail, all the planning falls to Dionna…and the too-hot, too-sexy best man who’s convinced Texas can outdo Hollywood for this wedding event of the year. Well, bring it on, cowboy.

Tripp Noble has one week to convince city-slicker Dionna that Royal is the perfect place for his cousin’s wedding—all the while keeping his hands off the gorgeous maid of honor. But cowboys don’t always follow the rules…


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 23rd-29th

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