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Run It Back: A Collection of Second Chance Shorts by Nicole Falls

When it comes to love; sometimes timing is everything. 

Monica + Ty were doing fine with their semi-exclusive, label-less relationship until one of the pair decided those parameters no longer suited their fancy. In “One Mo’ Gin”, we meet them at the point of trying to discover what that means for them going forward and how they can learn from the mistakes of the past to not commit the same faux pas in the future. 

Tina’s been on the hunt for her Mr. Right, but keeps coming up on dead ends with duds. Through it all, Jacques has been there to comfort her in more ways than one. Fed up with being relegated to a sideline role, what will happen when the sidekick vies to become the leading man? 

A one night stand with a very unique twist comes back to haunt Raquel just as she’s on the mend from a tumultuous breakup. Compounded by her grandmother’s sudden nuptials and recent swearing off of men, one night of passion spent with Eriq comes back to revisit Raquel in present day. 

Second chances allow a period of grace, a reckoning with decisions, a clearing of misconceptions—a chance to finally get it right. In this collection of short stories, each couple is gift a rare opportunity to run it back and make a lasting impression. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Before reading Run It Back, it is not necessary, but very helpful to have read the following works by Nicole Falls:
“Pucker Up” which appears in Sparks Fly
Switched at Bid
Then Came You
“32 Bandanas” – a short featured on nicolefalls.com
Someone Seeking Someone Else


Maybe Next Time (Vegas Nights Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

For better or worse…
That was the promise Denver and Kensa made, but it’s a sentiment they’ve somehow lost along the way. What started as a passionate wildfire has diminished to a flicker, all but snuffed out by unspoken fears, perceived betrayal, and a complete breakdown in communication.
Can either of them tuck their ego away long enough to rekindle their flame?


Complacent: A Building 402 Novella by Alexandra Warren

Shayne Reynolds can’t wait to see her husband.

With their wedding anniversary only a day away, and his return to town falling within those same twenty-four hours, she has all bases covered when it comes to how they’ll be celebrating. But when things don’t go exactly as planned, and accidents turn into arguments, she can’t help but wonder if the three-year itch has snuck its way into their marriage.

While thoughts of becoming too complacent may be looming for Shayne, Danny Reynolds knows his anniversary gift to his wife is bound to shake things up. But when he also finds himself on the receiving end of a huge surprise, it doesn’t take long for the couple to realize it may be time to say goodbye… to Building 402. 

Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂


Still Single AF (Social Experiment Book 4) by Sherelle Green

SINGLE “again”: When you were once involved in a stable relationship, then poof, it all goes to s*@%.

Meeka: I should win an award for playing the perfect girlfriend.
Tone: I should win an Oscar for the way I undertook the attentive boyfriend role.
Meeka: We were madly in love once, right?
Tone: Yeah, but now it’s time to tell the truth.
Meeka: No one will believe we’ve been broken up for months.
Tone: And living together throughout it has sucked.
Meeka: Working together has been worse. 
Tone: What really happened is the only thing more damning than us faking it.
Meeka: Meaning…
Tone: We have to come clean.
Meeka: F#$%.

Please note: Still Single AF is a short story about the status of Meeka and Tone’s relationship. It is highly advised that you read Single AF first.


We Could Never Be 2 by Charae Lewis

The hardest decisions are made when a person follows what needs to be done instead of falling for temptation. Kadon assumed detaching from Cyra was the appropriate choice, but the void in his life is speaking a volume that’s almost deafening. Telling himself that it was for the best isn’t enough. The emptiness consuming him feels as if he‘s drowning in a body of water. Usually, when Kadon desires something, he makes it happen, but with Cyra, he doesn’t know if the risk is worth it…

Cyra has finally experienced a freedom she has always yearned for, but the bliss hasn’t hit her yet. She wants to be excited about this new chapter but her ending with Kadon makes it difficult. Throw in a mystery man that has her undivided attention, and it leaves Cyra with her hands full. That is until she learns that her new guy is connected to the very person her heart beats for.


Crave: A Reverse Harem Romance by Shae Sanders

I said I’d never love another man again. I had no idea I would soon fall in love with four of them.

I, Skye Bellamy, escaped to this little mountain town to start anew. To focus. It was supposed to be easy, because If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s reinvent myself. 

But a series of unfortunate events lands me right next to my favorite R&B boy band from back in the day. And they still look good.

Angelo’s the cocky one. Jamal is the strong, silent one. G is the gorgeous, sensitive one. And Matt, well, Matt’s not on my radar and for good reason.

But I’m already on theirs. 

I’m supposed to be working and they’re supposed to be rehearsing but temptation abounds and I soon find myself in their clutches…or maybe they’re in mine. It’s hard to say. But no matter how happy we are with our little arrangement, we’re all hiding something and it’s only a matter of time before it all blows up in our faces. But in the meantime…

We fall.

***This is book 1 in the Crave Series. Crave is a reverse harem romance, which means the heroine doesn’t have to choose; she can have any or all of the guys she wants. Sometimes at the same time. There is no cliff-hanger but this is the first in series so the story continues in the next installment.


Loving the Lonely: A Novella by S.H. Aron

On the outside looking in, Benjamin and Camille have the perfect marriage. Camille hasn’t had to work a day of their five-year marriage – not outside the home at least – and Benjamin’s new promotion has afforded them the opportunity to move. The perfect façade of their frustrated fairytale of a marriage begins to crumble when Camille is uprooted from her family and friends… the only thing keeping her from losing her mind because of her loneliness. 

In a new town, Camille finds herself shrinking further into her shell until recently divorced Ahmad offers her friendship. He’s the opposite of Benjamin, offering the support, fun, and companionship their marriage has lacked for years. It isn’t until Camille faces the truth of her distorted mirror that she realizes maybe lonely isn’t the correct word to describe how she feels within her home and marriage. Maybe it’s lovelessness… and that truth puts a lot on the line. 


My Heart To Keep by Ivy Laika

“It was in her silence that I heard her the loudest.”
“It was in his arms that I felt the safest.”
“Vanity was my destiny.”
“Triumph was my freedom.”

When pride and a small white lie is revealed, will they remain true or will they be forced to accept that it takes more than love to build a relationship?


Smash Into You: Rook and Zenaida by AshleyNicole

After spending time with him on Christmas, Zenaida hates Rook just as much as she always has. Regardless of the way he kissed or caressed her. Or—Ugh! It wasn’t that good. There’s no reason to obsess over him… Or is there? 
No matter how many times Zenaida tells him it’s the last time, Rook knows she’s lying. It was too good to her. Hell, it was too good to him. That’s the only reason he’s still thinking about her. He can’t stand that girl down to her soul, but damnit if it wouldn’t feel good to backslide.
In Round 1, Rook and Zenaida fought as hard as they could, but in the end, couldn’t win the fight to keep their hands off each other. In Round 2, it’s not just their hands they’re fighting to hold back. It’s their hearts as well. Can they put their mutual animosity aside to give love a chance and stop swinging?

*This is book two of a two-part series. *


Return To The Crown: A Crowned Exclusive by Deshon Dreamz

Love, as complicated as it is, can be the most beautiful intangible thing a person will encounter in their lifetime. The OG Metas know love all too well and can identify when it is falling apart. For Anthony and Ashura, everything seems perfect. Almost too perfect. Just when things seem to go extremely right for them, one slip up creates a level of turmoil and discomfort that neither of them is ready to face. Cole and Nacobi know love just as well, so when old habits threaten the foundation of their union, Cole must make a stern and final decision on rather he wants to keep his marriage intact, or fold to the killer instinct that will not seem to release. Stone is as content as he’s ever been with his Stoner, whereas Raheem is miserable. Eryanna’s desire for independence has created more friction between them and the damage seems to gain ground. As we dive back into the lives of the OG Metas, all things are not as good as they seem. Sometimes even the love of your soulmate, is not enough.

**If you have not read Crowned or Stoned, you are not familiar with the characters in this title. Please read Crowned and Stoned before purchasing.


Bare With Me by R.J. Ware

Love is patient, Love is kind or so they say? What happens when two best friends’ destiny is intertwined and one refuses to acknowledge it? These best friends will be forced to face harsh truths as they navigate their way from just friends to something more. Sometimes we must endure the truths of self-reflection to gain a love that can only be ordained by God. Can Demitre ” Demi” King and Moriah Anderson withstand the journey find out in Bare with Me?


May’s December: an over-40 romance by T.A. Harshaw


Age is just a number.
May is reminded of that when a man ten years her junior pursues her.
And when a man more than ten years her senior does the same.
By spring, both of them are tuning up her body and revving up her nights.
And summer brings on more of that heat.
But fall blows in a change.
Winter is coming, and there is a decision to be made!


Love For The First Time by Pamela Campbell

Lana West is a strong, independent, young woman, who hated being under her father’s control.

Malcolm West is a ruthless businessman who owns technical companies all across the state. But he was also heavily involved in illegal business activities that Malcolm trusted his right-hand guy, Christian Griffin, to handle. So, Malcolm’s family wouldn’t find out what he was up to.

Malcolm took Christian in at six years old when Christian’s parents died in a car accident. When Malcolm’s enemy attacked his family, Lana learns the entire truth, and it’s worse than she realized.

When Christian turns his attention to Lana, will she fall for him? Or will she run the opposite way because of Christian’s close relationship with her father? Will Malcolm give his approval of a possible relationship between the young couple? Or will he become furious and shut it down?


Respect (The Men of Mafia St. Clair Book 1) by Celeste Granger

She fell for him in Denver. But that’s only part of who he is.

Interior designer, Noel Livingston, continues her quest to expand her business relationship with business mogul, Nicholas St. Clair, a relationship that began in Denver, Colorado. When she travels to Las Vegas, Noel learns there is much more to Nicholas than meets the eye. His lifestyle is dangerous and risky and intriguing. He is a mafioso. 

Accepting new things is hard for Noel. Accepting this part of who Nick is, is even harder. Yet, there’s a fiery spark between them, a passionate, sexual tension that neither can deny. His presence is compelling and unrelenting, and Noel finds it hard to resist the pull on her heart. Nicholas fights for what he believes in and fiercely protects the ones he loves. He has staked his claim on Noel and marked her as his own. Nicholas will not be denied. 

This is a standalone that ends with a HEA. This is the continuation of Noel and Nicholas’ story from St. Clair’s Silent Night. 


Between (All The Way Book 1)  by K. Lashaun

Bliss Meadows thought she didn’t need or want a man.

Convinced her existence was much simpler without the headaches they caused, she settled into the single life, content in her lonely corner of the world.

Until Silas Isaac.

Since he breezed through the doors of Moore & Moore Financial Services nearly two years ago, she’d harbored a stupid crush that she just couldn’t seem to shake.

No matter how flustered he made her, Bliss knew the likelihood of Silas reciprocating her interest was slim to none.

But then the unthinkable happened.

The younger man she’d secretly lusted over finally shoots his shot. Will Bliss tuck her tail and run or give in to the attraction blossoming between them?


Love and War by S. Rever

Somebody said everyday was gon’ be sunny skies -Tamar
When Brian first laid eyes on Ayesha he knew that day she would be his wife. With her standing by his side there was nothing neither of them couldn’t face and overcome, but what happens when things beyond our control takes over leaving lives in shambles?
Ayesha was always a strong black queen that took whatever life threw at her, never once breaking her stride. But with back to back tragedies she’s left as a shell of herself wondering why God wanted to punish her.
Like every marriage there comes good times and bad times, but what happens when the bad seems to outweigh the good. Take this journey of Love and War with this couple and find out if what they have is worth fighting for or will the pain and hurt cause them to fall apart?


Even Me, Full Circle (Even Me Series Book 3) by Tanisha Stewart

The gang is back, for one last ride.

Rondell and Faleesha are going strong, but Faleesha’s mindset is beginning to take a toll on her.

Rashonda and Tyrone’s marriage isn’t a problem, but all the drama with Rashonda’s friends is.

Shelly versus Faleesha, and here comes Maria… Conflict within their circle might drive the girls to find peace, or wrench them apart for good.

Mike and Chris are both dealing with serious situations. Mike with his mother’s recent relapse, and Chris with a secret he’s been holding. As emotions rise and situations take their turns, one could end in danger… The other, in death.


Lyric: Enemies to Lovers: Men From Azure City Book 2 by Vivian Fox


Since I’ve made it onto the Billboard charts I’ve always been number one. The only person who has ever bumped me off the number one spot is myself. It’s not surprising though. I dedicate myself to my music and making people feel connected to me and each other no matter what instrument I play. That’s why I can’t believe the person to take my number one spot is the famous pop singer Harmony.


I’ve finally bumped Lyric out of the number one spot. God, I hate him. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. He doesn’t collaborate o do music with any other artist because he feels as though it will taint his work. He’s actually said that. I wish I could see his face when he realizes he isn’t number one anymore.

We’re so glad you decided to take a trip here to Azure City, home of the world’s most eligible bachelors. As you visit our landmarks and try our cuisine, be sure to enjoy the nightlife as well. We have something for everyone and we’re certain you’ll enjoy your stay. Follow the men from Azure City as they find love where they least expect it.

All books in the Men of Azure City series can be read in any order and are all standalone. Lyric is a steamy romance with no cheating and as always a guaranteed happily ever after!


Kiss Me @ Midnight by Olivia Shaw-Reel

Korrine takes her toddler on a trip to get away from the stresses of a recent divorce. On the way to their sunny destination, she meets Cason, a kind man who steals her daughter’s heart from the start. A winter short.

Christmastime is just hours away, and there’s magic in the air for a romantic midnight kiss, but who will receive it?


From The Hood With Love by BriAnn Danae

Despite her unsavory upbringing, Loriana Simms vows not to let the fast, gritty lifestyle of the hood dismantle her innocence. With dreams of leaving what she calls home behind, Loriana’s plans are abruptly placed on hold. While her circumstances have, in some measure, matured the bashful teen, they have also left her in an immense amount of distress. No longer meek to the world around her, Loriana comes into her own as a woman and finds herself caught up in the likes of the young hoodlum, Projex. 

With a known reputation in the hood for his insolent way with words, outlandish behavior, cold pen game, and disgustingly handsome good looks, Bryshon ‘Projex’ Emery snatches Loriana’s unprepared heart. Stuck in his grind as a true hustler, Projex has hardly any time on his hands for a companion. Though the moment he crosses paths with Loriana, Projex jokingly pledges to change her last name. When one wrong decision ends deadly, Loriana is pressured to choose between the life she once knew and the one her heart belonged to.  

The hood has caused an extra layer to thicken around their hearts, making it seemingly impossible to peel. Love didn’t seem to be in the equation for either of them. Will his addiction to the fast life cause their pretentious relationship and lives to fold before it can bloom? Or will the two take heed and remember where they came from?  

*Please note: This is a 258 page sample*


Won’t Go Home Without You (Richardson Sisters Book 2)  by Cheris Hodges

A refuge in good times and bad, there’s nothing the four very different Richardson sisters won’t do to sustain their family’s legacy—a historic bed-and-breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina. Now, as one sister celebrates new love, another’s heart is sorely tested . . . 
One night only—that’s all Robin Richardson-Baptiste will give the husband she once adored. She thought nothing could shatter their storybook marriage—not illness or a life-saving operation that left her unable to have children. For her husband, Dr. Logan Baptiste, told her in a thousand unspoken ways their love was all he needed. But now, in the face of overwhelming evidence, his co-worker, Kamrie, claims Logan fathered her son.
Logan can’t recall what happened with Kamrie—and DNA never lies. He does know he’s never stopped loving his gentle, courageous wife. But doing whatever it takes to uncover the truth, and save his marriage, not to mention his career, will challenge them like never before. And one night of undivided attention and desire may be the only thing to heal their hearts, reveal all—or shatter things beyond
repair . . .


Little Petty Notions (Big City Small World Book 3) by Rae Shawn

Love can come and go, but after Jada Lorenzo’s bad breakup, she doesn’t want to be bothered again. That all changes the moment an old flame walks back into her life.

Jada is figuring out how to balance her single parenthood, while also maintaining a business and a fresh start in a new place. Her best friend is there to provide as much assistance as he can, but after Jada has a random encounter with her first love, he seems to start encouraging her to rekindle with the flame who already burned her burned.

Tra’Mel Denzel is adjusting to to life off the field. After an career-ending injury, he opened up a rehab facility to help other athletes. When he runs into Jada, all the feelings he once had come rushing back, but he doesn’t know if she will be willing to give him a second chance. 

While Jada and Tra’Mel work to figure out if love is in the cards for them again, they both have to deal with factors that seem to want to drive them apart.


Rose Gold: Part I by J. Danielle

Real love, who’s searching for a real love? Not Marley Rainey, she’s not that girl. After watching the floundering relationship of the two people she holds in the highest esteem, Marley has decided that relationships are not her thing. Instead of being concerned about men and love, Marley is focused on her blossoming blogging and hosting career that she hopes will catapult her to the next level. That is until Lyncoln lands in her interview seat. 

Dr. Lyncoln James Sterling is a well-respected professor, political commentator, and activist. With Lyncoln’s intellect, drive, and domineering personality, there aren’t many challenges he is unable to conquer. The moment he laid eyes on Marley he was intrigued by her beauty, charm, and wit. Following a few chance encounters Lyncoln knew he would stop at nothing to make Marley his next conquest. 

Marley is hesitant to share her heart with Lyncoln, but he’s determined to unveil his and show her how real love feels. What do you do when you love someone who is too afraid to love you too?


Off The Table: Da Prequel by Nako

Money. Opportunity. Access. 
The MOA Cartel leads the pack. Small army. Big hearts. Deeper pockets. 
With everyone on their side, down to the Mayor and the District Attorney how could the MOA ever lose?

This is a new Urban-themed series from NAKO.

No previously released reads must be read to follow the timeline of this series.

This book serves as the introduction to the series. It is a prequel and a very short read.


The Art of Taming A Wild Heart (Art of Falling Book 5) by Skye Moon

Time means nothing when there’s unfinished business left behind
..welcome to the finale.


Always and Nevers by Jessica Terry

To say Tarin and Jerome were a little jaded when it came to love would be an understatement.

Tarin didn’t bother thinking long-term when it came to relationships because to her, they never lasted, anyway.

Jerome figured if someone in a relationship wasn’t cheating, they were thinking about cheating.

But neither of them can deny or resist the connection between them. They’re both intrigued and freaked out by their rapidly-growing attraction to each other, and between outside influences and their longstanding demons, the deck feels stacked against them. It’ll be up to them to determine if they be each other’s exception, or if they’ll succumb to their belief that relationships always end, never last…


Solace: The Safest Place for a Lonely Heart by Ash Ley

Solace: Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. 

Experiencing more than her fair share of heartache in her young life, Jesabel Rhodes lives each day with one goal in mind: to leave her past behind her and enjoy her present. With a blossoming career in photography and being a single mother to her seven-year-old daughter, she has plenty of reasons to not look back or dwell on the mistakes she’d made along the way. Due to a string of unsuccessful romances, she’s left to wonder if she’s peaked early and is currently experiencing the happiest times of her life between juggling her responsibilities. But a life saving run in with a stranger renders her helplessly falling with hopes that he’ll be there, ready to catch her. 

There’s only one thing Justice McCoy cares about… his work. Being a self-taught tech nerd, Justice uses his skills and eventually becomes a highly sought-after private investigator. With his latest assignment landing him thousands of miles away from home, he prepares himself for the unexpected. Even doing so, he’s not prepared when his path crosses with Jesabel. The benevolent beauty effortlessly works away at his hardened exterior, distracting him from his job in more ways than one. Despite his best efforts to place space between them, he ultimately finds it in his best interests to keep her close.  

Selfishly, Justice gives into his desires and embarks on a forbidden romance with the woman who’d managed to show him there was more to life than as he knew it. With the true nature of his work looming over him, threatening to destroy his new and blissful life, he finds himself torn between keeping his secrets to himself or running the risk of losing Jesabel with his honesty. But, as the old saying goes, what’s done in the dark always comes to light and everything he tried so hard to keep buried surfaces in ways neither of them could imagine. In this emotionally gripping story, will Justice and Jesabel be able to find solace in one another or will the mysteries of the unknown threaten to rip them apart?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 25th-31st

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