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The Clarks of Northshire Bend: A Prelude: Elite Alliance by Stephanie Nicole Norris

You met them in the Valentine and Rose series. In this prelude, I will formally introduce you to Malik Anthony Clark, Tristian Neil Clark, and Langston Jamal Clark.

*You met Derek James Clark, who married a Rose in Her Naughty Suitor.*


Fell For The Wrong One by Tay Mo’Nae

All Zarinah wanted was to fall in love. Growing up, she had kissed her fair share of frogs. When an unconventional situation leads her to Lawson, her wishes might become reality.
Lawson is the new CEO of his family’s hotel casino chain. He’s tired of aimless dating and women just wanting his money. When he meets Zarinah, he instantly feels like she’s the one.
Zarinah and Lawson start off well and things are moving in the right direction. The only issue is their entire relationship started on a lie. When it’s revealed, will Zarinah be able to get Lawson to forgive her?
In this standalone full of blackmail, secrets, love, and tested trust, will the couple make it out together?


Mister Musician (The Mister Series Book 5) by B. Love

Music, money, and marriage—those are the three things tying Saint to Tristan. Their marriage has never been about love, and for quite some time, Saint has been okay with that. He’s loved his music more than anything and had no desire for a healthy, loving romantic relationship or children. Just when Saint believes he’s going to spend the rest of his life married to a woman that drives him crazy, Tristan betrays him in one of the worse ways possible, forcing Saint to have to choose between marriage to her and his music or divorce and his freedom… even if that means his music career will temporarily be over.

After losing her best friend to cancer, Harmony promises to never let a relationship end on bad terms. Fast forward several years later, and Harmony finds herself facing that same battle—this time with the man she loves. Harmony’s relationship with her fiancé, Keith, has been suffering for months. Between Keith’s failing health and random bouts with depression, he leaves little room for Harmony to be a priority in their partnership. As Harmony struggles between putting herself first and being a good partner, Keith’s actions make the choice for her, ending their relationship in the process.

When Saint and Harmony meet, neither are in the market for love or even lust. The harder they try to stay away from each other, the more fate pulls them together. Like magnets, their bodies, hearts, and minds connect and become one. Just when the pair believes they are up for their happily ever after, ex partners and an unfair hand dealt by life threatens to rip them apart. Will love become the sweetest melody Mister Musician has ever played, or will his failed marriage cause him to close his heart for good, making him a one-hit love wonder?


The Visiting Professor (The College Route Book 3) by Denise Essex

Chantel “Veronica” Waters is on the brink of expulsion and faces possible legal consequences for posting revenge porn of her ex, Rashad, and his new girlfriend, Nina. She’s hit rock bottom and is forced to reconsider her bad bi*ch antics.

Nathaniel Brown is a young, pensive, and successful lawyer who’s recently been reunited with his missing sister, Talley. Now that she’s back in his life, he’s lost his motivation for trial law and applies for a position as a visiting law professor at ENEP.

Nate meets Veronica and is immediately drawn to her. He’s a professor and she’s a student. Will Nate risk his reputation to pursue something with her? Is Veronica willing to put away the games she usually plays, or will she sabotage another chance to love and be loved?


Only If It’s You by T’Lyn

Javyous “JV” Goldsmith was inches away from having the career he’d worked his entire life for. One misstep and he found himself having to prove he deserved to be in the ring and that was the worst body blow his ego has ever received.

Kehlani James didn’t have much she was proud of except being an amazing mother and business owner. There was no way in the world she could make senes of being married to a celebrity boxer who has recently been condemned by the world for almost killing a man.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. JV and Kelani have to decide if one plus one truly equals two. JV has been raised to believe that one woman is never enough and Kelani refuses to become just another story plastered all over the blogs but when two strangers worlds get caught in an entanglement that disrupts everything they can count on, they both find themselves in the biggest fight of their lives.


The Last Ring by Cassandra B.

She’s an overworked, underpaid event planner for Whitestone’s staple, The Galleria Hotel. With seasonal depression chipping away at her creativity, the last thing she expects is a handsome, mysterious stranger to come into her orbit. Rule number one – never fraternize with the guests. Being chased by the inevitable, Bretish Parker finds herself enamored.

Rem Sorreli is coming to terms with a diagnosis that doesn’t allow him further time to wallow or waste. There are two things he needs before he’s gone – a wife and an heir to a family fortune that must stay in the family to continue thriving. With that at the front of his mind, fate drops his answered prayers into his lap – literally.

Join Bretish and Rem as they ring in his final New Year.


Status Quo by Monae Nicole

Age, career path, fear of what her high-class parents would think – These are all reasons Kendyll Page strays away from the dangerously attractive man dangling in front of her. On paper, he’s everything wrong, but the undeniable chemistry has her questioning what life would be like if she went against the grain for once.

Whenever she is around, the air gets thick. The steam emanating from Kendyll sucks Infinite Lewis in but her attitude and desire to please people drains him. So much so he goes back to his old ways. Not one to apologize for his past but instead owns it, he gives Kendyll and her people his a*s to kiss and moves on with life.

After living in a world with just the two of them and being forced to deal with outside elements, will they be able to wade through the waters, or will the burning fire not stand a chance against the stormy weather?


All She Dreamed (The Bennett Family Series Book 9) by Rhonda McKnight

Sienna Ingram is determined to marry a man with money. Living in Forest Hills her entire life and planning upscale events for the rich and famous residents have exposed her to the best that money can buy. Her older sisters have all married wealthy Bennett men. She’s not interested in becoming another Bennett wife, but she does want one of Forest Hills richest citizens.

Mason Jones has settled in Forest Hills invested money from his inheritance in a new business venture. No one knows he’s a Bennett including Sienna, the woman who captured his attention and made him plant roots. When he hires her to plan a party, forcing proximity to work with him, he doesn’t expect her to steal his heart and break shortly after. 

Sienna has fallen for him too, but he’s not wealthy, so she quickly buries her feelings for him. Mason is determined to win her over, but will it be too late for them once he realizes why she rejected him in the first place?

Each book in the Bennett Family series is a standalone story, but will be enjoyed if read in order of publication.


The Gray Areas of Love by Wynta Tyme

A coy smirk elevated the curves of my mouth at the sight of Evers…

Thirty-three-year-old Beryl Stone didn’t know what to expect from forty-six-year-old Evers Green when he saved her from a tragic event. Sweet hospital visits and welcomed therapy sessions morphed into a steamy and unexpected companionship for the odd pair. Beryl, a divorcee with thirteen-year-old twins operates a small polygraph testing company. She’s rebuilding and getting back to her old self. Now that the title wife has been extinguished, Beryl has her eyes set on Evers being her road to liberation.

My name had never been said in such an arousing manner… not until I met Beryl.

Evers retreated into the woods after being tossed around in a scandal like a salad. The woods offered him solace, a home, and a destination to operate his business. Now the once extroverted man is a loner and a stoic boss that’s redeemable if given a proper second chance from Beryl. A spark is lit between the two of them and love is on the rise. However, their newfound relationship sets off a series of green-eyed danger to follow their every move. Is it someone lurking from Evers’ past seeking revenge? Or could the enemy lie closer than they think?


High Off His Dope Love by Tacarra

Deceit and secrets seemed to have made itself an unwanted fixture sounding these young people. Mi’Kaela and Micah were raised by their grandmother and are presented with a blast from the past that neither of them knew existed. It has led them to believe on thing their whole lives, that they don’t know what or who is right. Juda and Mi’Kaela have been around each other for years and finally left the friend zone to embark on a promising future together. With Juda being the new “King of the Streets”, Mi’Kaela falls into line with being his first and leading lady. We all know with fame comes the fortune, but what about the unfortunate things that they never talk about? Micah was having a hard time dealing with Phoebe and her antics. He’s so caught up in what her next moves are that he may end up losing the very thing that he fought so hard to get, Dominique. Take this journey with these young couples and see how drastically their lives have changed in the course of a few months.


Taking Over Texas: Everything’s Bigger in Texas by Jade Royal

Set up by her best friend on a blind date, Cami has no idea what she’s in for. She’s sticking to her guns and playing everything close to her chest, but Alexander’s plan is different. He’s a demanding, yet charming, dominant hell-bent on showing her what BDSM is all about.
Alexander has a natural way of drawing Cami in, but an assignment ships him to Texas halting his efforts. It could make him lose out on a chance at love. Months away from Cami could prove to be too much, testing the limits of a new relationship. Will they prevail in love, or lose all hope? 


Romancing the Billionaire (Can’t Buy a Billionaire Book 13) by Rose M. Cooper

Dr. Lyra Brunet, a world-renowned cardiologist with a client list that boasts the most complex cases, doesn’t brag and push her status on anyone. For her, it’s not about the money, the prestige, or the awards. It’s about helping others.
If she’s not working, she’s volunteering, teaching, or spending as much time with her mother. It’s always just been the two of them, and she hopes to keep it that way because relationships, in her experience, are too complicated.
Her hospital is abuzz when Hollywood royalty Araceli Rush is brought in by her son Dante, a former model and actor turned real estate tycoon. A classic example of why Lyra thinks relationships are a terrible idea.
Dante is distraught and outright rude and condescending to Lyra initially. But he chose the wrong woman to speak down to. Lyra isn’t afraid to put him in his place and stand up for herself and her staff.
After Dante gets over his initial shock, he finds himself drawn to Lyra in ways he’s never been attracted to anyone before. She’s not only brilliant and beautiful but also tough as nails, and he likes that about her. When his mother turns for the worse, Dante blurts out a promise he can’t keep without Lyra’s help.
Will he convince Lyra to help him fulfill his promise and marry the womanizing, condescending handsome playboy? Or will she be why his mother’s heart breaks again?


Never Die Alone: A Mafia Romance by Mickey Black

He needed a wife. 

But she had other plans. 

Heir to a New York criminal empire, Lucián Nevarez will do anything to take control of the family business—even if that means marriage! 
When Monique James re-enters his life, Lucián puts a plan in motion to make her his wife. The only problem? Beautiful, captivating Monique has a secret which could put the crime boss behind bars for the rest of his life. 


Three a.m. : A Sage Meadows Novella by Dimonick Shaw

Remy and Emerson have loved one another their entire life. They share a Love that has transcended time and space for hundreds of years. For 500 Years, they have reincarnated and found their way back to one another. What if one of them is reincarnated without their memories? Will Love win and join the two together again? Or will this time be their last time?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 2nd-8th

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