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The Replacements: A Grumpy Boss Romance by Shae Sanders

Soon-to-be divorced Savannah Dayne needs a job. CEO Taurus Jackson needs an assistant. But here’s the problem: she’s never had a real job and he’s, well, horrible…Mean, arrogant, curses like a sailor, and prone to yelling fits. But in a rare fit of niceness, he gives Savannah a chance.

It doesn’t go well.

But they’re two very sexy people in very close quarters, so…sparks naturally fly. And when business and pleasure collide, and lines get blurred, they’re forced to confront their growing feelings for each other before they fail to close the most important deal of all: love.


Beautiful Mistake (The Sweet Series) by Monica Walters

Things can be rectified, if only given the chance…

Kai Booker has created a new life for himself and moved on as Nathaniel Rhodes. Besides the constant nagging of the loneliness he feels, he’s safe and his cover is secure. After seventeen years of being under the radar, there’s only one issue… he misses his one true love. Being with one particular woman that reminds him of her only amplifies his desire for her. He’s willing to risk everything just to see her again. However, will seeing her from afar be enough?

Sonya Taylor has been living in the lap of prosperity and passion within her marriage for the past thirteen years with her high school love, Shawn Taylor. Overcoming the tragic loss of her fiancé came at a cost. However, it was Shawn that helped her through it and after five years of running from him, she succumbed to her desires as well as his and married the man she believed was meant to be her life partner. She’s sure in her relationship with him until things take a turn.

Shawn Taylor has been living the best years of his life. Being able to love on the woman he’s loved since the age of fifteen, has been a dream come true. There have been obstacles to overcome and challenges to defeat, but he’s done it by any means necessary and lived a life of triumph. However, his insecurities creep in when someone from the past threatens to tear down everything he’s built with Sonya, which would leave his life in ruins.

Some things are better left in the past, no matter how misconstrued the facts are. Lives have changed and people have matured and moved on. Emotions have been subdued and hurt has been overcome. Revelations contradict what is presumed as truth and threatens to destroy lives, families, and the overall well-being of the individuals involved.

The drama quickly unfolds, and they all have decisions to make… decisions that can crumble everything they’ve built. Will they be able to get past this revelation or will it harden their hearts and consume their souls?

*This book is an extension of the Sweet Series books by Monica Walters. These books should be read before reading this one.


Facilitating Love by Erika B.

Being the personal assistant to a celebrity takes hard work and patience. Gwen Marshall is packed with both, especially in her professional life, but she seems to lose her patience with her relationship with her parents. Maybe she needs to meet them where they are to make things better all around.

Luca Page, an actor who most would consider a ladies’ man, is content with the way his home life and career are going until a request from his agent has him reconsidering things with the people closest to him.

A moment to reconnect and reconsider has fallen on the pair. Are they ready to do the work necessary to come out on top? Or will Gwen and Luca fail and lose relationships that mean the most to them?


Snowed in at Shenandoah Valley by Tina Martin

Deja Barnett is embarking on a journey to Shenandoah Valley to try on a gorgeous wedding gown. She has a cake tasting appointment all lined up and a walk-thru at the venue to ensure the BIG day is perfect. The only thing is, she’s not the one getting married…

When Deja happily signed on as her sister’s maid of honor, she didn’t expect she’d also be the ‘stand-in’ bride to handle ALL the tasks her busy, real estate sister isn’t able (or willing) to do. She also didn’t expect that her car would break down in a snowstorm on the way to the valley. And she definitely didn’t foresee the tall, dark and handsome, Dare Stokes, coming to her rescue.

After Dare helps Deja to her condo, he thought that would be the last time he saw her. He was wrong. They’re connected in a way that neither of them can believe, but another connection is swirling between the single, ditsy woman who men didn’t quite ‘get’, and the handsome bachelor who had his heart broken six years ago.

*There are 4 short stories that accompany this novel – The Dare and Deja Chronicles. Visit www.tinamartin.net to order.


If The Sheets Could Talk by Wynta Tyme

After the death of her father at age eight, Marvelous “Marvel” Stephens, was uprooted from her home to be raised by her father’s parents. As much as she adored her grandparents, her own need for companionship developed as the only child in the household. That all changed when troubled ten-year-old, D’usse “Duce” Phelps, and his uncle moved down the street. From the first point of contact, their friendship took off, causing the two to be inseparable. What seemed like an odd pairing to everyone was a match made for them. Marvel has always been aware of D’usse’s troubled upbringing, and it didn’t bother her in the slightest that she was his therapy. 

The more time they spent together, the more their feelings evolved. Now all grown up, the thirty-year-old operates her own laundry business. The lines are blurred between them, and the thought of what could be surfaces. Marvel wants more than a friendship, and D’usse wants his shot at forever. Will they take a leap and act on their feelings? Or will the new player arriving into town with his eyes set on Marvel, beat Duce to the punch? When soiled sheets are used other than going into the wash, all signs point to something much sinister lurking in the shadows.


Pointes of Me by Cherish Amore

Life gives everyone a set of challenges to overcome. What happens when they become too much?

Malaysia, a prominent ballet dancer, has seemingly found her lane and wants to stay in her safe space. However, life sends her situation after situation where that peace is challenged, requiring her to reveal secrets about herself that she normally wouldn’t. Wanting to push past the difficulties, Malaysia tries to strive forward, but can she keep her pace?

Dane, the sexy director, is firm and makes clear what he will and won’t go for. Yet that’s called to question when a certain dancer has him going back on his word. Chance after chance he’s given, but has it become too much?

Point, dip, spin, repeat is their lives. Will they also have room for love?


There’s More To Her Than Meets The Eye by Vivian Blue

Harper Daniels was an intelligent college student who spent most of her life flying under the radar. She was a genius with a knack for science but downplayed her intelligence since the neighborhood kids always teased her for being smart. There was one person who didn’t have a problem with her intelligence: Mekhi Thomas. As her best friend since kindergarten, Mekhi had her back and would beat up anyone picking on Harper. He was her protector and Harper was his rider. On the outside looking in, everyone assumed there was more to their relationship than friendship including Mekhi’s big brother Zeke. However, Harper had a secret she was hiding from Mekhi that could either be a gift or the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Zeke did everything for Mekhi, including making sure his birthday was everything plus more by giving him a party at one of the hottest clubs in the city. The only problem was Mekhi’s best friend Harper wasn’t old enough to get in. Still stuck in her tomboy ways, even as an adult, Mekhi’s only birthday request from his friend was to dress like a girl for his party. Harper was determined to make good on her promise, even if it killed her. What happens next turns Harper’s world upside down when Zeke takes notice of her beauty. A sneaky link with her best friend’s brother wasn’t in the cards, but the heart wants what the heart wants. How long will they be able to keep their newfound relationship a secret? Or does their affair affect more lives than they expect?


Make It Back To Me by Mya

A’dore Jefferson fell in love with a man who wasn’t ready to commit. Putting herself first, she walks out on him, carrying with her secrets she doesn’t want him to ever find out.

Shakil Taylor was the typical college male, trying to build connections while having his fair share of women to pass the days along. A’dore came into his life and scared him with the possibility of falling in love—so naturally, he pushes her away.

Fate has a funny way of bringing soul mates back together. Embark on A’dore and Shakil’s journey to find love.


When a Bad Boy Steals Your Heart 2 (Bad Boy series) by Phoenix Rae

Harlee and Nash are left in a tough position. With the paternity of the baby she’s carrying up in the air, Harlee isn’t sure where her relationship with Nash stands. With Rico hiding in the shadows, Nash has to put his anger aside and try to find him before it’s too late.

Alayna is tired of Remi’s hot and cold attitude and finally decides to fall back and protect her heart, but when unseen circumstances happen, he might be the only one she needs by her side. Remi is taking hit after hit. One last straw from Tisha shows him that maybe he’s been carrying Alayna wrong and he attempts to fix things, but it maybe too late.

Enemies are still lurking and betrayal isn’t far behind either. Join these four for one more wild ride.


More Than Words by Kimberly Brown

Doniece “Niecy” Tillman is a woman all her own. She’s a go-getter who knows what she wants and what she wants is Richard Cartwright Jr. Infatuation ignites and sparks fly when she accompanies her best friend to a family game night where he is in attendance. In spite of warnings that she had her work cut out for her, Niecy sets her sights on the oldest of the Cartwright brothers, who happens to be ten years her senior.

With a swirl of new emotions forged as she gets to know him, she is taken aback when he tells her he just wants to be friends. Will she be able to keep their relationship strictly platonic or is she already too involved?

Richard Cartwright Jr. better known as RJ, is a man who doesn’t do commitment. Content with indulging in women to have his needs met, he can’t fathom his sudden interest in this feisty, young thing. Niecy entices him in a way no woman has and for RJ it becomes the very thing he runs from. With the seeds of lust already planted, he finds himself in a battle between his heart and mind. Can he be just friends with this bold beauty or will he finally give in and find a love he never knew he was craving?


Dad Bod Bestie: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort by Ja’Nese Dixon

This isn’t a fairytale. He’s not my dream man and I’m not his curvy princess.

I’m not a damsel waiting for a man to save me.

Yet, that’s how I met Jonathan. I’m used to corporate dudes with portfolios and sickening six-packs. Not a man still finding himself and that covers me like a cozy blanket.

Jon’s not a rich guy trying to wine and dine me.

But he cooks at Southern Soul Raleigh for a living. And for the record, he isn’t my type. Yet I find myself looking forward to the next time I’ll see him again.

Jonathan Montgomery just is.

Big smile.

Bigger heart.

The absolute best laugh.

Bestie material. Someone to kick it with while I explore Raleigh.

No…he’s not that either. He’s something more.

Jon’s the man that has me questioning my decisions. Where I’ll live? What my future looks like? Does it include him?

This. Isn’t. Love.

Can’t. Be.

I need a man with a plan, a savings account, a house. This situation has caution stamped all over it and like a fool, I let him in. And I’m not a betting woman but everything about this man has me wondering…

What if?

~ ~ ~

Dad Bods made a big impression in 2021 – and they’re not going anywhere! This January, some of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a sexy selection of brawny, hot Dad Bods and the women who love their men with a little something extra to hold on to.

These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts.


Save Love For Christmas: A Crew Holiday Romance by Tisha Andrews

With the hectic lives they live, The Crew looks forward to the holiday season where they spend time with their loved ones. The men have their chance to just be men while the ladies busily prepare for Christmas festivities from their annual Christmas play to savory, holiday dishes.

This year, they set their sights on Denver, Colorado. Soon, what is slated to be a week of celebrating love and the real reason for Christmas turns into pandemonium when Chello learns that his wife’s life is in danger. Instead of turning to him, however, another man takes the lead. That decision alone makes him question the love he and his wife have for each other since heir paths crossed years earlier.

Meanwhile, Myriah is up to her usual antics that not only place her marriage on the back burner once again, but almost push Chico into the arms of another woman from his past. The only problem is that woman, Shonasia Bradley, is no longer interested as she prepares for her own upcoming nuptials.

Fear settles in, lies are told all the while the meaning of Christmas and love are tainted with mistrust and possible misfortune. The love they usually save for the holiday may be no more if they don’t remember why they fell in love in the first place.


The One by Yancey Braxton

Kaiya O’Neal, the former chief of staff to the mayor of New York City, can’t get out of town fast enough. After her public breakup and humiliation are broadcasted on TMZ, she heads home to Sweetland Bay to hide. Ahem, regroup. Needing to get her career back on track, she accepts the county’s judge position, which is in line with her plans to make a bid for the White House in the next five years. All is going well until a sexy firefighter disrupts her courtroom and she’s forced to throw the hottie in jail.

Getting thrown into jail is a lousy way for Blaise Jefferson to first appear in the media days before the premiere of his new reality TV show, The Real Bachelors of Sweetland Bay. The upheaval of his small-town life and peaceful existence is mostly due to cameras following him everywhere. But it’s the feistiness of the new judge, and a kiss that catches him totally off guard, that has him re-evaluating every aspect of his life. He wants to explore the intense attraction pulsing between them, but the judge is laser focused on her career…until she isn’t.

Kaiya never imagined she’d date a younger man, but Blaise is too tempting to resist. When she finally opens her heart and takes a chance on love, her destiny collides with Blaise’s past. Will he choose responsibility over love? Or will they both hold on to the love they so passionately desire?


The Right Time by Niomie Roland

He may have broken her heart…

But she can’t deny her attraction to him.

Three years ago, Monica made a dump mistake. She slept with her best friend’s older brother. When he becomes engaged to another woman mere days after their night together, she fleds town without divulging the secret she carried. Keeping her child away from its father may have been wrong but having her child grow up in the shadow of it’s father’s legitimate family would be worse.

Julian could tell by the defiance in her eyes that she’d never planned on telling him about his son. But now that he knows the truth, nothing would get in the way of claiming what’s his. Not his ex wife, not Monica’s aversion to his marriage proposal and definitely not the ill-fated circumstances that forced Monica’s return…

Although this is a stand alone title, Monica and Julian were introduced in Wrong Man Wright Time.


A Love Like This, Pt. 2 by Kya Montague

♥️ Snuggle up with your warmest blanket to enjoy your next favorite romance novel! ♥️

Is this the way love goes? 
In the two-part series conclusion of A Love Like This, we pick up right where we left off, following Serenity as she adjusts to being a new wife to the man of her dreams! After a beautiful wedding, and a romantic two-week honeymoon getaway, her happily ever after is threatened with devastating news. Before she has a chance to enjoy the luxuries of wedded bliss, her marriage is faced with lies, deception, and a rollercoaster ride of uncertainties. After suffering an unexpected loss, she becomes unsure whether or not she’ll be able to recapture the love with her husband that made her fall so deeply in love with him. Will her marriage survive? Or will the challenges they’re faced with be too much to bear?

I highly recommend reading, “A Love Like This, Pt.1,” before enjoying this title; don’t worry, you’ll love it!**This title contains mature themes**

Fairy Love: A feel-good holiday romance novella by LeeSha McCoy

Stargazer fairy, Star, lives to bring love, light, and healing to everyone around her, but when she finds someone who is desperate to give the same to her, can she accept it?
Or will she push it away?

New to the winter forest, Stargazer fairy, Star, was rescued after the city she resided in was ravaged by fire. However, heartbreakingly, her family didn’t make it, but after the help of others around her, she’s finally managed to heal her heart.
And just in time, it seems, because it’s Christmas—her forest’s favourite time of year. They also have visitors from another forest, which is how she meets King Azaire.

When forced on a trip together, King Azaire decides to help Star, and her abilities begin to strengthen. Some things about her don’t add up, though, so he decides to take her to the fairies’ Wise Mother for answers.

But someone is far from ready to learn what they are told.

Will Star run from what her heart truly desires, or can she find a way to work through her fears so she can have her happily ever after?


This Time Around: a bishop family novella by D.A. Young

The Bishop Family Series will consist of four novellas containing a mix of HEA’s and “Happy For Right Now” adventures that can be read as standalones.

Book One:
Meet Karim& Darcy Bishop. They were once happily married until life got in the way. Years later, they’re brought back together by special circumstance. Realizing they still love with each other, the duo is in dire need of a second chance to get their love story right. With a little parent trapping from their daughters, they just might succeed.

*This book contains mature language and love scenes.*


The Deadly Ménage by Bianca Xaviera

The cottage that Anterrika rented from the Duprees was every writer’s dream. Mr. and Mrs. Dupree were prominent members of their community, along with being the town’s mayor and OB/GYN, respectively; but under those masks were secrets that were bound to send them to jail forever.

While Anterrika is excited to be living in New York, her cousin informs her that the Duprees are not who they say they are, and that she is in danger. Anterrika doesn’t believe her cousin…until strange things start happening on and off the Duprees’ estate. When Anterrika gears up to leave, the Duprees remind her of the agreement that she signed. She learns fairly quickly that she should have read the agreement line… for… line.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 3rd-9th

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