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Check out these new releases from January 8th-14th.

Who I Used To Be: A Sweet Haven Novella by Tay Mo’Nae

After a traumatic experience Le’yona gives up her dreams in the pageant world and returns home to Sweet Haven. Left feeling bitter and trapped she closes herself off to those around her.

Having to lay low after getting in trouble back home Beau relocates to Sweet Haven. He’s used to the hustle and bustle of the city and has a hard time adjusting until he runs into Le’yona.

She fights the feelings growing for him. He’s down for the ride. With the holidays surrounding them, the two find themselves finding comfort in one another other, rather they want to or not.


Knight: Barron Family Saga by ML Bash

Knight Barron, the second eldest son of the Barron family is led by duty, honor and chivalry.

Above all else, he is dedicated to his family. When it’s his turn to accept a marriage planned by his parents, Knight steps up fully prepared to play dutiful husband.

What Knight cannot foresee is another woman falling into his life. A woman that isn’t a part of the plan but has him intrigued. It doesn’t take long before Knight is questioning whether to choose family loyalty or his happiness.

Having two is far better than one and Knight Barron is open to the possibility.

Please be advised this is a why choose Romance.


Tell Me You Love Me Again by Tacarra

I need you bad…

Gabe loves his wife and will move Heaven and Earth to make sure she’s happy and safe. However, because he wants to do so much, his grind takes up a lot of his time, and he sees Chiara less frequently than he would like. What was supposed to be the surprise of a lifetime quickly turns into a fight to keep his family together.

What have you done for me lately?

Suddenly, Chiara struggles to remember why she fell in love with Gabe. So many things have happened to cause her to question her love and connection to her husband. Hopefully, one day, the fog will clear, and Chiara will be reminded of the love she once shared with Gabe.

Gabe believes Chiara is his soulmate, and there isn’t no amount of time, space, or tragedy that would have him believing otherwise.


How Will I Know by Kennedy B.

How will I know if this is love… The question asked by a few, unaware that they weren’t alone. The tale of a few lives intertwined by the same question with a few different unique situations. Before you fall for this set, remember… Love can be deceiving.


Brushstrokes and Love Notes: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Tina Martin

Morgan David has always had a thing for Jamila Hampton. They share mutual friends (Caspian and Nia Yearwood), but Jamila has never given the eccentric painter the time of day even though she knows he’s crushing on her. But one date may change all of that, especially after Morgan subtly convinces her to ‘like’ him by giving her a series of short notes that collectively make up an entire letter to relay his deep feelings for her. Will Jamila get the message, or will her past relationship prevent her from seeing what’s right in front of her?

*These characters first appear in Mr. Tall, Dark and Unavailable. Morgan and Jamila are friends of Nia Yearwood. If you haven’t read that book, I strongly suggest you read it before this one, but it’s not required.


With Sugar On Top by Lady Marie

Catch up with Sage and Benji, almost a year after the events of Sugar, Sugar, as they spend their first New Year’s Eve together and take yet another step in their ever growing relationship.

This is a 6500 word short story featuring the main characters from Book 1 of the Sugared and Spiced series.


Scarlett (Heavenly Hideaway Romance Book 2) by Amberlei Jae

Meet Scarlett. She’s a diamond in the rough looking to make a better life & and come up one massage at a time at Heavenly Hideaway Spa in Seaside, Florida.

A core memory is unlocked when her estranged guy friend, Kassius, from high school, walked into the spa one random afternoon.

It’s a few days before the Christmas holiday, and she catches up on old times with Kassius.

Will her world be forever changed after he proposes an opportunity and chance at the life and love she so deeply desires?


Stalked (BLP Fairytales Book 11) by Compton Carlotta

Jakari JJ Ellison is an upcoming actress, but her spotlight is marred by a heart-wrenching betrayal. Her husband’s infidelity, a betrayal that leads to a stolen fortune and a child born of deceit that shatters Jakari’s trust in love. Yet, within the shadows of her life, a forbidden love brews, a love she had long overlooked.

Arrow Ellison, the rugged twin of Jakari’s deceitful husband, harbors a silent devotion for Jakari that stretches back to their college days. Bound by a love unspoken, his heart beats solely for Jakari, a passion he has to keep secret because of his undeserving twin brother. With a five-year prison term now over, Arrow lingers in the periphery of Jakari’s life, a guardian angel in the shadows, protecting from a distance even though some might call it stalking.

As the charade of Jakari’s marriage crumbles, she grapples with a realization: her heart had always belonged to the “other” Ellison. Their destinies intertwine when a mystical key, reminiscent of a towering beanstalk, unveils itself—a key that unlocks not just doors but desires and fantasies. Amidst the chaos of past scars and current threats, Jakari and Arrow find solace in this enchanting key, discovering a realm where their love can bloom without boundaries.

As their connection deepens within the fantasy world, where magic mirrors reality, love blossoms, and two souls meant to get to their happily ever after. This is a magical tale—a love story inspired by the essence of Jack and the Beanstalk, where their fantasies align with their hearts’ true desires.


Enchanted by her Voice (BLP Fairytales Book 12) by Monae Nicole

Ariah Carter is often described by her family as self-centered, moody, and unhappy, but that can’t be further from the truth. Ariah sees the successes of her immediate family and wants it for herself, however, she wants to go about it in her own way. In the wrong place at the right time, Ariah finds herself playing the hero to a stranger who seems to be the missing piece in her world.

Ezri Dell has been handed the biggest responsibility of his life. He’s away from home when a snowstorm produces icy conditions that leave Ezri in an extremely vulnerable state. Just when he thinks he’s met his end, a beautiful stranger with the most tantalizing voice is there to save him.

A night of rebellion for Ariah and Ezri turns into a whirlwind affair that neither can escape. They find themselves trapped in a deadly game of lust where only true love can save them. Will the fears of what’s to come tear them down, or will Ariah and Ezri prove that love truly conquers all?


Love at First Wish (BLP Fairytales Book 13) by Erika B.

Being forced into marriage is something Jaelynn Howell can do without. Her father is big on traditions, but the free-spirited woman wants to live her life to her standards. What feels like a blessing quickly becomes a setup, threatening everything Jaelynn holds dear to her heart. 

Axton Kirk has known struggle all his life. Now that Axton has become acquainted with riches, he will do whatever it takes to never return to life on the streets. A chance encounter lands in his lap, and the promise of fortune is too much to give up. 

Jaelynn is determined to live how she wants, while Axton actively searches for his next come-up. The two stumble across each other, and their wants and desires quickly take a backseat to the promises of love. Can Axton and Jaelynn remain true to their goals and trust that love conquers all?

Love at First Wish is a loose retelling based on Aladdin.


Stolen Kisses (BLP Fairytales Book 14) by DeeAnn

To find your prince, he must first steal a kiss.

Tania dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and opening a shelter where she can share her famous beignets with the less fortunate. She decides to go to a local bank to try and get a loan but finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. The man she’s been running into over the last few weeks is there, only their missions are different.

Naheem’s plan to rob the bank goes south when his partner, Ryan, takes matters into his own hands. While Naheem desires to have the money to run far away from his problems, his focus turns to protecting Tania.

The connection between the two is undeniable, but even after stolen kisses, will it be enough for them to make it out together?


Belleza and Her Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (Adult Retellings Book 1) by M.L. Sexton

Belleza knew him as a child, but as time went on, his brother, Jehiah, made sure no one remembered him. But one wrong turn in the woods by Belleza’s father brings Belleza and her beast back together.

This adult retelling is made to be humorous, a pinch of spice, and a tad bit of seriousness.


Faking It For The Holidays by S. Cassadera

All Tatianna wants for Christmas is a promotion. The stakes couldn’t be higher as she celebrates her fifth anniversary at the company. As a result of a meeting with her employer, she feels frustrated.

Now faced with a dilemma, she has to prove to her employers that she’s committed to her family while on a much-needed vacation.

Join Tatianna on her quest as she navigates unexpected challenges and discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

What can Tatianna expect in 2024 as the new year arrives? Is it happiness? A promotion? A family? 

This holiday story is a slow-burning, heartwarming romance. It’s filled with Christmas joy, holiday laughter, and the importance of what Christmas signifies.


Simone Says: A Lesbian Short Story by Terri Ronald

Emergency Weather Alert: Severe
Jan. 8, 2024, 8:13 a.m.

The National Weather Service has issued an ice storm warning in effect for this area. Freezing rain expected to cause significant icing. Only Emergency personnel are permitted to travel at this time. Please stand by for additional information.

Forced to stay indoors due to the relentless winter storm, Simone and Elah, a married couple, find themselves at odds with each other as they attempt to settle into their new home. With Elah’s attitude at an all-time high, Simone knows the only way to thaw out her icy wife is to take control. Can playing a game of Simone Says help bridge the gap between them, or will the winter storm prove to be too much for them to endure?


The Cradle We Robbed by Crystal Collier

After learning some disturbing news, Uzziah Godfrey does the thing he swore he would never do: return to his hometown of Miami. After thirty years, he’s back in his old stomping grounds to uncover some hidden secrets. What he finds when he touches down is much more than he could have prepared himself for.

Roux King is a hardworking, independent woman who’s trying her hardest to break free from the toxic relationship she has with her mother. Working two jobs, she’s anticipating the day when she’ll be able to move out and find her own place, a sanctuary of peace, something she’s never had before. Just as things seem to come together, they fall apart, and she’s forced to start all over. This time, she’s being offered assistance, but the sacrifice is huge. Is it worth giving up something so precious to have the peace she so desperately desires?

Navy Biltmore is a spoiled, pampered princess and the best friend of Roux. Though the two come from very different backgrounds, they’ve been sisters for over twenty years. More than anything, Navy wants to be a mother. However, she and her husband have struggled over the last eight years. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Navy is willing to risk it all if it means she’ll finally have what she desires.

Secrets, lies, and betrayal are running amuck between these individuals, all in the name of getting what it is they want. Will their selfish ways lead them to their prize, or will it destroy everything they’ve been working so hard for?


Freely Loving You by Nikqua

Fate was the only word that came to SJ Simpson’s mind when he laid eyes on DaySha McCray after eight long years. His heart still craved her in a way that had him wanting to secure his spot in her life, but the one thing standing in his way was their past.

DaySha refuses to put herself in a situation that will have her feeling as broken as she did before. No matter how much her heart is telling her to let him in, she fears how it will all end and she’s not sure she would survive that kind of hurt again.

SJ and DaySha can’t deny the connection they still feel for each other. Whenever they are in the same room, a magnetic pull guides them to one another. They both battle with things that can either pull them closer together or end them for good. Will SJ and DaySha get the love they so desperately want and deserve?


Addicted: A Best Friends to Lovers Spicy Romance (Just a Taste Book 2) by Ayla Cox

Denise is at a crossroads.

When things around her begin to spiral out of control, she is forced to be honest about what she envisions for her future and how she is going to get there.

Hugh has a plan.

Now that he has Denise’s attention, nothing is going to stop him from showing her a glimpse of the man she deserves, even if he knows it’s not him.

As things begin to change around Denise and Hugh, will they be able to fan their flame one more time without becoming Addicted?


An Undiscovered Plea by L.S. Bergman

‘’Persistence’. Now that’s a word. ‘Determination’ … is another. Carl’s ‘mogul status’ and
general recalcitrance making it difficult to resist the delusional ease of wanting a certain type of woman to materialise on cue. Unfazed by his kinds of moves, when it comes to Jocelyn Clance? Carl Pine is aware, such an opportunity doesn’t cross his path every day.

**Dear Reader – this is something short and sweet, a short adult romantic interlude, with a couple drop-ins from characters my readers would’ve come to know from prior books. This Series comprises ‘notes’, not full-lengths. If the reader however is looking for a fully-fleshed novel in this genre – the Love Chances Series would be a good place to start.**


Promised to the scarecrow: Monster Romance by Melody Lynch

Sylvia is depressed when she has to return to the small town she left behind.
She is trying to heal her broken heart and the painful bruises from her ex, but in order to stay with her family, she has to work in the family business- The pumpkin patch

On Halloween, Sylvia is giving the last tour when something happens—the scarecrow has come alive and it wants Sylvia in the worst way.

Will the monster destroy Sylvia in the worst way or will she find the monster to be the very thing that saves 
her from men?


After The Reunion : A New Year Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

“I’ve enjoyed the best two weeks.” Brie said sitting in her car. It was the second of January and she needed to go home. Lee phoned her to tell her she wasn’t feeling well. That made her cut short her stay. Darius asked her to stay until the tenth but once Lee called, she had to go. Darius was staring at her unable to hide the disappointment on his face but he understood. He saw the concern on her after getting the call from her mom.

“Me too. If I don’t hear from you I’m coming to the bottom Brie.” Darius said, his eyes serious. Him saying it and how he said it filled her up. They had enjoyed each other fully for two weeks, just them, alone together. And…it was just the sex which was great but the conversations, laughter and getting to know the other’s idiosyncrasies.

“You definitely will.” Brie said, blowing him a kiss as she cranked up the car. Inside she said bye three times but he would kiss her and she returned the kisses. She finally had to race out to her car.


No Reservations: A Novel of Friendship by Sheryl Lister

True friendship never ends.

Best friends forever. That’s the vow Joy, Diane, Rochelle and Yvette made when they were children, and even in their mid-thirties, the friends have always been there for each other—through the highs and lows of life and love. Until forever comes up against a terminal cancer diagnosis. Nothing could have prepared them for what life would look like when four became three.

But Yvette was prepared.

Her final gift to her girls is an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica like they had always talked about but kept putting off as life got in the way.

The Jamaican getaway seems to come at the perfect time as the remaining friends deal with their grief, dashed hopes, and unexpected relationship drama. Sick of putting her dreams to open a spa on hold, not to mention her husband’s lack of support, Joy decides she’s moving forward with her new business—with or without him. The thunderous ticking of Diane’s biological clock has her wondering if her desire to have a baby will ever come true, and her husband’s bizarre behavior has her questioning if he’s still on board. And after witnessing her friends’ imploding relationships, single mother Rochelle is content to do life on her own, but her heart doesn’t seem to get the memo when a new man unexpectedly enters the picture.

Guided by Yvette’s spirit, the friends must lean on each other now more than ever before as they learn to navigate their new normal, take unexpected risks and live life with no reservations.


The Gardins of Edin: A Novel by Rosey Lee

When the bonds in their family begin to fray, four Black women fight to preserve their legacy, heal their wounds, and move forward together in this heartwarming contemporary debut novel with loose parallels to beloved women from the Bible.

“The surprises and heart in this fast-paced family drama kept me turning pages late into the night.”—KJ Dell’Antonia, New York Times bestselling author of The Chicken Sisters

The four women of the Gardin family live side-by-side in Edin, Georgia, but residing in tight proximity doesn’t mean everything is picture-perfect. Ruth runs the family’s multimillion-dollar peanut business, a legacy of the Gardins’ formerly enslaved ancestors. But tensions have intensified since the death of her husband, Beau, and she feels like an outsider in the very place she wishes to belong. 

Sisters Mary and Martha fuel the family tension. Martha’s unfounded mistrust of Ruth causes her to constantly seek ways to undermine Ruth’s decisions with the business, while Mary, trying to focus on her new restaurant that serves healthy comfort food, is dragged into the family fray by Martha. 

For years, Naomi, the matriarch who raised the sisters after their parents’ death and supported Ruth in her grief, has played peacemaker. But as she decides to take a step back, hidden truths, life-and-death circumstances, and escalating clashes finally force the Gardin women to grapple with what it means to be a family.

A heartwarming Southern story of family and all its many complexities, The Gardins of Edin delivers a thoughtful portrayal of four women trying to hold on to their secrets. Women who just might—if they can only let go—find the peace they seek by holding on to one another.


The Search for Susu by Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts and Marcella L. McCoy-Deh

NAACP Image Award-winning author, Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts, and culture studies scholar, Dr. Marcella McCoy-Deh write a dynamic story of love, scandal, and redemption. 

“You are not disposable just because you’ve done something someone else thinks is despicable.” 

When Dr. Francine Carty imagined becoming a tenured professor at one of Philadelphia’s most revered institutions of higher learning, she never considered just how winding the road to fulfilling her dream would be. The financial and psychological hardships she experiences as an adjunct professor seem to have made those dreams mere fantasies and she is forced to take on a side-hustle that, if found out, could ruin her reputation forever. Complicating matters is her on-again, off-again relationship with a handsome but annoying colleague.

Taking advantage of a moment of clarity, Francine lands the opportunity of lifetime—a research fellowship to Accra, Ghana sponsored by a secret global network of highly successful Black women. But calamity awaits as she learns just how low she can fall—at home and abroad. With the help of an intriguing stranger, Francine tries to climb out of the muck of her own making when she returns stateside.

Will she have to give up the life she envisioned? Which of her relationships will survive the fall out?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up January 8th-14th

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