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Make Them Confess: Black Lush (Naughty Season) by Sherelle Green

When I decide to hit the road and meet my friends for my impromptu divorce party, I’m prepared for an epic girls week. The last thing I expect is to get stranded alone in a deserted small town during the biggest snowstorm of the year. That’s when I find them. Elias, Stryker, Wade, Diesel, and Knox.

They run a tattoo shop and each man is so delicious I can barely think straight. By the time I inform them that my name is Navy and realize that I’ve met one of them before, they’re already insistent that I don’t leave. Staying is a terrible idea, but now that I’m free from my ex, I’m all about being bad.

Make Them Confess is a Black Lush story that is filled with naughty surprises and ends in an HEA.


The Matrimony (The Knot) by D. Rose

What happens after a marriage of convenience turns into real love?

For Michaela and Sergio, they learn that their marriage is more than a happily ever after fairytale. Two years ago, they wedded with the intent of solving their life’s problems. When the meaning of their union changes, and the honeymoon phase ends, they are reminded that love requires effort and work beyond what they’ve experienced before. Will Michaela and Sergio be able to overcome their issues, and get their marriage back on track? Find out in The Matrimony.

Note: The Vow should be read before The Matrimony.


Give Me Permission (The Berotte Family Book 10) by Monica Walters

The love she sucked from my chest blindsided me. I can’t function without her, and nothing is going to stop me from trying to be with her… not even her.

Seneca Roberts is a man to approach with caution. He’s from the streets, and that’s the only way he knows to be until he is forced to be different. No other woman can control him like Kaysyn Anderson, and he is smitten from their first encounter. The moment she steps into his life emotionally, something inside of him changes. He no longer craves various women. He only wants one… her.

Life has taken a toll on Kaysyn Anderson. She’s experienced the upheaval and is doing her best to recover from the trauma. Her heart is in turmoil, and she doesn’t know which way to turn. At one moment it’s pulling her one way, and the next it’s pulling her the other. Both directions seem to be toxic to her well-being, but there is one that she can’t seem to resist. Seneca Roberts. He’s who her body craves and who her heart wants.

Seneca’s lifestyle is a determining factor in his relationship status, and he refuses to change who he is until he realizes what he could miss out on. Kaysyn is battling the risk of pursuing something more with him because of what and who she perceives him to be. Can they come to a common ground to get what they both long for, or will any effort toward a relationship be a waste of time?


Better Than Good: A Later in Life Inspirational Romance by Marie Hobbs

Dr. Kristen L. Harrison’s life is good. Loving family, amazing friends, and tenure is one service project away. All according to her plan. But a Friday night outing with her best friend reminds Kristen of the one thing she hasn’t been successful at…love.

Eric Davenport has his eyes on the senior consultant promotion. His next project should be the final step to having more control over his travel and work schedule. However, he doesn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams at a game night. Nor for the mystery woman to be his new client.

Kristen cannot afford to get sidetracked. After years of failed relationships and unfulfilled dreams, she’s sure that love is not in her life plan. But tenure is. So, she devises a plan to keep Eric at arm’s length while she fights her growing attraction to him. But is she preserving her happiness or missing out on something better than good?


Plus One More: An Erotic Novel (Book Two) (A Poly Love Story 2) by Tanon

Abel, Neyla and Dillion are back with a spicy new twist… an extra friend to play with. Will their new addition be just what they need to take their relationship to the next level? Or will everything crumble beneath them?


New Year, New D: A Soul Ties Short by Miss. Candice

Twenty-six year old Sienna Mills is newly engaged to who she thought was the love of her life, Amiri. During their four year relationship, they’ve experienced a few trials and tribulations. Some of which Sienna refused to deal with for a second time. So when she makes a jaw dropping discovery about her man, she wastes no time packing her things and leaving him, vowing to never return.

Jahad Baptiste is every girls dream. Tall, dark, handsome, rich, loyal and family oriented. His wife, Leighton, is a lucky woman. And if you asked Jahad, he’d say he was a lucky man to have her, too – Despite their challenges. Challenges he’s flawlessly maneuvered through all with a smile on his face. Challenges he wishes his wife would get through with him, instead of against him. Instead, she tries to fix things in another way. By offering him a hall pass. One night to have sex with a random woman of his choice. No strings attached. Why not? She’s not worried. Jahad is a great man who she trusts with everything inside of her. What could possibly go wrong?

Just about everything.


Bleeding Hearts: The Blue Family Legacy by Tamika Brown

Ten years. It’s been ten years since Trenton Blue lay eyes on the woman who left him heartbroken. He searched for her endlessly, until he spots her in a crowd. She looks like the same girl he fell in love with, but somethings not right. Just when he thinks she’s back in his life she disappears. Trenton needs to find her. He needs to know where she’s been. He won’t rest until he finds her this time.
Ten years. It’s been ten years since Toya Clark left the man of her dreams. But she never forgot him which is why she didn’t miss the chance to see him. But now the person she’s been running from all these years is hot on her trail. The only thing she can do is ask Trenton for help if she’s going to survive.
Can Trenton be Toya’s saving grace in more ways than one, or will blood spilled from her past be her demise?


Heir of Exile: Urban Paranormal Romance (African American Urban Shifters Book 2) by Melody Lynch

After being exiled from his werewolf pack, Raheem and Yolanda pack up and leave Silverton and their old lives. They settled in a new town and began building a peaceful life together, far away from the politics and violence of the werewolf world. But their plans are shattered when their newborn son is kidnapped, and the entire town, including the police, refuses to help them.

Determined to get their son back, Raheem and Yolanda take matters into their own hands. They are not afraid to do whatever it takes to get their son back, even if it means forming unlikely alliances and shedding the blood of their powerful enemies.

Will Raheem and Yolanda overcome the odds and get their son back, or will their quest for vengeance lead to their downfall? Join them on this intense and emotional journey as they fight for their family and future.


Another Sad Love Song by Krystal Armstead

It seems like without pain, young Bryndah Hermes would have nothing at all. Every relationship she’s had in her life has been abusive. All except one. When life gave Bryndah a thousand reasons to cry, her best friend Icona gave her a thousand reasons to laugh. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time would soon make that laughter come to an end.

Jodeci Crown lived life on the opposite end of the tracks. Determined not to get caught in the street life his family lived, he tried keeping his head in the game of football. A death in the family brought him back home to help his mother uncover the truth. Little does Jodeci know, his mother has some secrets of her own.

Secrets and pain bring Jodeci and Bryndah together in ways neither could imagine. Sometimes when things fall apart, they’re actually falling into place. This is a tale of finding love in a hopeless place. You never know how strong you really are until being strong is the only option you have.


Touching Black by M. Taylor

Touch starved, Black hides his loneliness under a gruff demeanor. Because of his size and appearance he is shunned by everyone, except Kyrie, the gorgeous waiter at the diner where he eats lunch. When Kyrie needs a place to stay, Black offers him a room. He didn’t mind renting him a room. The man was sweet, inside and out.
Six months after moving to Lakeview, Kyrie Walker finds himself without a place to live. When the gentle giant sitting at his table offers him a place to stay, he hesitantly accepts the offer. He’d been drawn to Black the moment they met. No way was he turning down the opportunity to become more.
Can a lonely man find the courage to make room in his life for love?


Their Redemption (Bonus Edition) by MJ Tejada

Five years after moving away from her small hometown to start fresh, nightclub owner Veronica Kelly, or Ronnie, has her life spun into chaos when her baby brother finds her at her nightclub in New York and convinces her to visit home.
Matters worsen when she briefly returns home and reconnects with her ex. Malcolm Moore was Veronica’s first love, sweeping her off of her feet at the tender age of 18. Malcolm wants to continue their relationship but Ronnie has a boyfriend back home in New York, and Malcolm had already broken her heart once before when she found out the truth about him. Things aren’t any easier when she reconnects with her family, as secrets are revealed and it reopens old wounds.
Can Malcolm prove to the woman he loves that they are meant to be together? Will Ronnie maintain her happy life or will the past she tried so desperately to get away from hinder her success? Can Malcolm and Veronica achieve the redemption they both are seeking?

This bonus edition contains the original story and fourteen bonus chapters to give a little more closure to Malcolm and Veronica’s story.

This book contains dark material and themes concerning sexual abuse. There are no explicit scenes, but it may trigger some readers. Reader discretion is advised.


Bali Blue (A Wanderlust Romance) by Cher Terais

Rhiyan Carson has some tough decisions to make. Rocked by her recent divorce and nearly fired from her executive role at a prestigious architectural firm, her life is turned upside down. She needs a change quickly and decides to throw caution to the wind and board a 32-hour flight to Bali in the aftermath of an earthquake. Intending to lose herself in selfless service while on a volunteer mission, she may have unintentionally lost herself in love. AGAIN.

Kendrick Kekoa’s civil engineering firm has had international success as a natural disaster assessment, cleanup and reconstruction industry leader. As CEO, he has had his own personal success as a much sought-after bachelor as well.

When their paths collide, Kendrick’s ego and Rhiyan’s distrust are the makings of a perfect storm over the calm Bali blue waters. Will their union be a cyclone of healing love or a gale wind, strong enough to tear them apart?


Cindered Glass: A Faerytale Queens Novel (Glass Queen Book 1) by Chalan Johnson

After my father’s death, my stepmother assumed control of my life. She believes I’ll cave to her demands, even when that means arranging a marriage to a man who makes my skin crawl.

With no other choice, I ran toward comfort. The Blacksmith, a kind soul the fae have turned their backs on. He’s allowed nothing: no name, no rights, no wife.

To be with the man I want, I’ll have to make a deal with a God. An immortal being who promises to help at the cost of one night together. An idea that makes me burn with desire.

The only thing standing between me and my happily ever after is a Prince I must make mine, and betrothal I have to get out of.

Whatever happens, I know I can’t let my stepmother win.

Cindered Glass is the first book of a trilogy set in an interconnected faerytale universe. It’s a dark fantasy romance and will have themes that can be extremely difficult to read. The concepts within the story involve a lack of control, abuse, or imbalance of power in various situations including SA. Please check author’s website for more details about the content.


Yours (King’s Town Novella Series Book 3) by Shon

What happens when you join a book club just to spend time with the quiet vixen who owns the barbershop two doors down from your tattoo shop?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 9th-15th

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