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Unforgettable Time by Tiye

Every powerful man needs his woman.

All retired NFL star Nasir St. Cyr wants is to be respected more than for his athletic talent on the field. To be seen as more than a fatherless boy with a troubled past. To be seen as a man who can lead a city. And to not lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

All single parent Regina Hargrove wants is to be respected as a hard-working woman. To be seen as worthy of walking by Nasir’s side. To not be judged for her choices and past mistakes. And to be totally owned by the only man she craves but doesn’t entirely trust.

All he has is six months.

Nasir is on borrowed time to gain the city’s trust and her heart. As he battles two powerful families for a seat at the head of the table, old wounds are re-opened, and new revelations threaten to destroy the love of the woman he needs by his side.

If he only realizes her love is all the power he needs before it’s too late.


Signature of You by K.C. Mills

One decision can shift your entire life. Sometimes the shift lands you in the middle of chaos and sometimes you find yourself perfectly positioned for the peace and happiness your heart longs for.

Cadence was forced to run to protect the one person she would give her life for.

Sol was forced to run to protect the one person who he feels that he failed.

You can’t hide from your indiscretions and you definitely can’t hide from your heart. When two creative souls are drawn to each other with an undeniable connection, the riffs and harmonies are a beautiful complicated mess.

Nothing really matters but the melodies that bind them because she’s his Cadence and he’s her Sol.


For Love’s Sake by Connie Easton

Naiari James is the last person to run from a fight, but when it comes to the love of her life, that’s all she can do. As a woman that loves hard, she puts her feelings to the side to protect the one thing she can’t lose. Her past taught her not to expect much, so disappointment never fazed her.

Sawyer is the man you wanted stepping behind you. He showers those close to him with unimaginable love and affection. In his world, nothing is out of reach, except the one woman he’s sought after for years. If life taught him one thing, it was to cherish what was in front of you because it can be taken at the drop of a dime.

Love tends to bring you back to the life you tried to ignore but so does the past if you aren’t careful.


Play To Win: A Novel by Jodie Slaughter

Jodie Slaughter’s latest rom-com, Play to Win, is a sizzling romance where a winning lottery ticket is meant to be a new start but instead becomes a second chance at love.

Miriam Butler’s life is going nowhere in the slowest, most excruciating way possible. Stuck in the same barely-paying job she’s had since she was sixteen and spending every night sleeping in the spare twin bed in her mother’s house, her existence might be hilarious if it wasn’t so bleak. One trip to her favorite corner store upends everything when she finds herself the winner of a Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot. Unfortunately, not even life-altering roses come without their painful thorns. Hers just so happen to be in the form of an estranged husband who has the right to claim his share of her money.

It’s been eight years since Leo Vaughn has had a conversation with his wife. When she calls out of the blue, practically begging him to come back to Greenbelt, the last thing he expects her to tell him when he gets there is that she’s come into a whole heap of money. She offers him a life-changing proposition of his own. Take a lump sum, finally sign the divorce papers, and be done with her for good. Only, a forever without her is the last thing Leo wants. So he gives a proposition of his own. One that won’t cost her nearly as many millions, but will buy him the time to do the one thing he’s been hungry to do since he left — win her back.


Kisses Down Love by Kia Barlow

Forehead kisses are nice…But some ladies like their kisses down low. 

This is an erotic short story anthology. If you prefer your stories longer or less explicit, I recommend checking out my other projects.


.evol by Tanon

Andrea Neiman was raised to believe one thing— love sucks. She doesn’t date and she most definitely doesn’t trust any man that isn’t her father. After picking her essay topic for her Psych class, she quickly finds out that her paper is hard to complete without one thing— a test subject.

Enter Tyrus ‘TK’ Kimball— a senior basketball player that is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Andrea. The only way that he can even get close to her is to agree to help her with her assignment and hope that it’s enough time to break down her walls..


Mine: A Satin Hills Novelette by Talena Tillman

MINE is a compelling second-chance romance following the intertwined lives of Emory and Drake A.K.A Draco. After years of being together, Emory and Draco’s relationship faced a severe test that shattered Emory’s trust. Heartbroken and devastated, she made the difficult decision to part ways, hoping time and distance would heal her wound. Draco, a talented NBA player, throws himself into his career, seeking solace in the demands of the game while struggling with the consequences of his actions.

Fate intervenes when an event in their hometown reunites Emory and Draco, forcing them to confront their unresolved emotions. Slowly but surely, they navigate the challenges of forgiveness.
Through heartfelt conversations, emotional revelations, and soul-searching moments, Emory and Draco embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. They learn to confront their vulnerabilities, heal old wounds, and rediscover the love that once bound them so tightly.

This Satin Hills novelette is a story of forgiveness, and the power of second chances. It explores the depths of human emotions, reminding us that sometimes the greatest victories are not found on the basketball court but within the chambers of the heart.


The Ashbury Kings : A Why Choose Romance Novel by Dimonick Shaw

Four kings find their queen, fulfill the prophecy, and live happily ever after.
That sounds like the perfect love story. This however is not the perfect love story.
Sacoya thought that a new start would give her a fresh perspective on life and how to reach her goals. She is thrust into the middle of a war between two ancient beings, and the life she wanted to build seems so far out of reach.
The kings burst in and change everything she knows, forcing her to face a past she never knew existed.
What do you do when the fate of the werewolves rests on your shoulders? As their queen, it’s up to you to set them free.
All you must do is give up everything you’ve ever known and lose your heart to the four kings that have come to claim it.

*This book contains things that may be triggering to some readers. Please check trigger warnings before embarking on the reading journey into Ashbury. Thank you for reading.


A Love as Cold as Stone (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 5) by Wynta Tyme

What is supposed to be a routine night of work for thirty-three-year-old Pier Docks turns into a horrific scene from a movie. With imminent danger lurking and being faced with rejection from the one she loves, she’s forced to give up her life in search of safety. Pier has no problem packing up and boarding a plane to start anew. What she doesn’t expect is to be led to a sheriff and chef with an interesting lifestyle.

McCray and Cypher Stone have been best friends since childhood. When Cypher was uprooted from his miserable life as a kid, it placed him into Cray’s home to be raised by his family. Since then, they have lived an unconventional life of sharing many things, women included. When Pier literally sweeps into their town during a snowstorm, all gloves are off, and both men instantly picture her as part of their forever.

However, passionate sex, delicious meals, and a beautiful everyday routine aren’t the only things waiting for them. Trouble is definitely on the rise when “The Boogeyman” comes to town. Will the trio be able to defeat him, or will their lives be dismantled for good?


Stoned Off Your Love (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 6) by Rosè Dior

Elexia Pollard is strong and ambitious. Her only goal in life is to become a defense attorney at the prestigious Jones & Golden Law Firm, and to rid herself of a relationship where the flame had since withered. Having no desire to get into another situationship, she focuses on living out her dreams and being young and free.

Noah Grey had loved and lost and refused to love again, but when the beautiful Elexia crosses his sights, he’s quickly enamored by not just her beauty but the overall aura she exudes.
When these two cross paths, Elexia tries her hardest not to fall down the rabbit hole of tainted love with Noah. She soon learns that while resisting, she finds herself falling more than she intended to. 

In Stoned Off Your Love, will Elexia give in to the drunken feeling of being in Noah’s presence? Or will she sober up and lose out on something she’s been missing?


Love in the Same Strip Club (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 7) by Denise Essex

Darnell Thomas has a weakness for exotic dancers. Because he’s a sucker for a pretty girl in need, he ends up wasting time and energy trying to rescue beautiful broken birds. His best friend warns him that his compulsion to date these women is more powerful than a drug addiction. Armed with the news that he’ll soon get sole custody of his seven-year-old son, Darnell seeks to provide a stable life for him. He vows never to date a stripper again.

Zoe Love is an aspiring author who was recently cut off by her parents. They forbade her from picking an unstable profession if she expects their financial support. She followed her heart despite their disapproval but can’t make ends meet on her own. Zoe’s good friend gets her a gig dancing at the Thirst Trap to pay her bills until she can make a living off her writing.

What happens when Darnell is captivated by Zoe on his very last visit to the Thirst Trap? The two have a deep connection, but he doesn’t make plans to see her after that night. They run into each other outside of the club and realize their intense attraction hasn’t wavered. Will Darnell rethink his decision about pursing another stripper? Will Zoe accept that someone like Darnell could be trustworthy and provide the sense of security she’ll never get from her parents? Or has she come to believe that the only person she can truly count on is herself?


Strawberry Kisses by Mel Dau

“You’re as sweet as strawberry wine.”

Vision “Mac” McAllister had to learn that when life comes at you, it sometimes comes hard and fast. In the blink of an eye his life changed, and he’s given a new title he never planned for. With the changes in his life, failure was no longer acceptable, and love would only be an option. When the option becomes an unavoidable part of his life, will he be able to embrace it?

For Reyhan (Ryan) Baliey success is sweet like her favorite strawberry wine. She’s a woman about her spa empire and just being happy. Being happy to her doesn’t necessarily include a love element. Much like her success, happiness is sweet and when love is added to the mixture it’s even sweeter. When the sweetness is tainted by a hint of sourness, is it enough to throw it all away?


Saint Ave by Charae Lewis

What happens when two souls bind together after leaving grueling chapters in their lives? A fire is set ablaze when Yazmin enters the Saintil Household. She’s offered an opportunity that would greatly benefit her but soon realizes that the work may be too strenuous. Matters are made worse when a larger-than-life personality enters her existence. He’s everything that Yazmin imagined but knows he’s no good for her. However, his presence is way too commanding for her to ignore and she soon finds herself confined in his web of chaos.

This is a stand-alone novel.


Because I Love You 2 by A’Zayler

Happiness is what you make it, so why does it seem so hard to find for Azayna and Egypt? With the both of them giving it their all, it shouldn’t matter that they’re fighting against the streets, does it? Maybe it would to someone else, but to two people that have been fighting and beating odds since childhood, it’s a challenge better beat together.

Deeper in love than they’ve ever been, BB and Zebrina are hanging on to each other until their last breaths, which seem a lot closer as each day passes. With BB’s sickness weighing heavy in the center of their marriage, each moment becomes a treasure. Determined to remain together no matter what, the couple does the unthinkable. Maybe it’ll turn out for the best, maybe it won’t, but nothing fails but a try.


The Party Upstairs by Y Marie

Get this; I move from LA to Atlanta to escape my no-good, control freak of a husband, Patrick. I lie low for two years, hiding in a luxury apartment building, rebuilding my fashion brand, hoping Patrick doesn’t find me.

One evening the music from upstairs is so loud I opt not to strangle the neighbors and go with the adage If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The plan was to slip into the party, have a few drinks, mingle with the crowd, and enjoy one night of fun. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong.

It is just my luck that the party upstairs happened to be hosted by a jerk with a fine AF brother who instantly becomes my fiancé, that is until my life comes face to face with reality, and I’m stuck in a back room trying to figure a way out of the mess that I’ve gotten myself into. I should have stayed home in my PJs.


Thicker than Water by Mystique

Cascade, raised by her single Father, finds herself living a completely different life from what she’d imagined. A dangerous love affair goes overboard, causing her to question the reality she knows in exchange for a new world filled with magic, ancient mermaids, deadly sirens and family that she never knew existed. Will she sink or swim while caught in the middle of a venomous power struggle? Will it be too late when she realizes that blood isn’t always thicker than water.


Late Love by Amaka Ugbomah

After years of waiting, Amy Maduka believes that it will never happen to her…
You know… love…
So she chooses to move forward with her life, building a new dream and finding some measure of happiness and contentment in her newfound world. However, everything changes when the rich and handsome business tycoon, Obinna Dozie, walks into her life, and she finds herself falling fast and hard for him.

But the glimmer of hope for love that sparks in her heart quickly extinguishes when she realises that she cannot have him, nor should she desire to, because loving him comes at a cost she cannot and will not pay.

Now burdened with its dark and painful side she regrets ever longing for it. She now only wishes she can turn back time or escape.

Unfortunately, she can’t, because the new life she has built with so much tears and care has become the very chain that binds her irrevocably to him.

For better or worse, she is now on a new journey that threatens not only to destroy her heart completely but also everything else she holds dear…

Obinna Dozie’s restless search for peace and closure over an unfulfilled promise he made seems to finally come to an end when he finds it with Amy Maduka. However, as he strives to keep his promise, a new burning ache, and desire arise within him for Amy herself. The problem? Amy wants nothing to do with him…


Changing Her Rules: A One-Night Stand, Forced Proximity, Boss/Employee Romance (Rules of Love Book 1) by Deidre – Ann Anderson

I have three tried and true rules for getting over an ex:
Rule #1. Get my ass out of the house.
Rule #2. Find myself a sexy A.F. rebound to get under…or over.
Rule #3. Be in it for a good time, not a long time.

Life and Blaine Dixon have other plans.

After a spicy one-night stand with my chosen rebound, underwear model Blaine Dixon, I slip out, expecting to never see Blaine or his sinful body ever again. But when Blaine’s outgoing PR rep offers me a financial orgasm I couldn’t refuse, I’m stuck working with and living under his roof.

But, of course, Blaine, who is also blindsided by this whole arrangement, decides to have a little fun of his own to see just how far I’ll go to keep my rules that he believes are ridiculous.

** Changing Her Rules is a one-night stand, forced proximity, rebound, boss/employee, contemporary African American romance with a guaranteed happily ever after. Each book in the Rules of Love series is standalone and be read in any order. Warning: This book contains mature themes, adult language, and dives into childhood trauma. Reader discretion is advised. **


Azura: Royal Blood (Pigalle Palace) by Niyah Moore

“Bloodline doesn’t determine destiny…”

The royal occupants of Paris’ Pigalle Palace are back for the third installment of the Pigalle Palace Series.
Pigalle Palace hasn’t been the same since Princess Azura’s death. King Ulysses has one demand and that is to revive his aunt no matter the cost. There is only one way she can come back; she has to drink the blood of the Prototype, Evan Oleander, but he’s dead or so they thought.

With the help of the Queen’s Enchantress powers, Mimi is sent to find her brother and bring him back to the palace. Everyone is on board except for Rain. Rain wants nothing to do with Evan as he is a traitor. Rain wants revenge for his parents’ deaths, but he discovers more about his destiny than before.

Evan’s blood does more than bring Azura back from the dead. It gives her more power than she’s ever had before. Is Evan truly Azura’s soul-tied soulmate or will she forsake the Divination’s design and go her own way?


Just A Hint Of THUG: Standalone by L’Amour Coulture

Kenya Bacon is a young and successful business owner of a well-known coffee shop in downtown Vera Cruz, Alamosa. Although her financial life is soaring, her love life of seven years has sunken in the trenches. Tired of carrying the weight of a relationship that has long run its course, Kenya decides to call it quits. The only thing is Cage, her boyfriend, isn’t giving up so easily. Cage’s willingness to try and save what they have ceases to matter when Kenya set her sights on a pair of dark, dreamy eyes with a smooth, raspy voice. 

Jacquees Broady, better known as Jaq, ran hard in the streets of Vera Cruz during Donwade’s reign. After the death of the biggest drug lord in Alamosa, the dope game started to move differently. Jaq took that opportunity to lay low and go legit, servicing vehicles. With no real business experience, Jaq believed that revenues would pile in from the streets, off of the goodness of his name. He quickly learned his name only held value in the underworld, until he comes across a dark, thick beauty. She opens his eyes to running a successful business and his heart to love again.

Jaq and Kenya both have people from their past that refuse to move on, but it doesn’t stop them from growing on each other. As the love they develop for one another takes off, Kenya discovers a piece of Jaq’s past remains, putting a wedge between what they quickly formed. Will the love Jacquees and Kenya built, be strong enough to put them back together?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up July 10th-16th

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