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Burn Me Slow: In Secrets We Trust Book 1 by Chelsea Maria

When we burned, we burned.
When we scorched, we scorched.

In my lifetime I’ve met an array of men. Men from all walks of life. Some gave me the best pleasure, some gave my heart the best love kisses, and some left me more destructive. But Dre…All I cared about is trying to relearn how to breathe again. He snatched my ability to do it on my own the first time he kissed me and left me breathless. ~ Courtney “Coco” Knight

Coco and I were a dark moment fairytale. That once-in-a-lifetime type of love that would change us for the better before it ruined us for the bad. Parallel souls that built a foundation on the commonalities of our past. Looking through her eyes I saw our future. A future where love and happiness doesn’t coexist with pain. ~ Andre “Dre” Joseph

Landon loved me more than I loved him. Never had I ever questioned his devotion to me, and I knew I never would because I knew his heart. The way Landon made me feel felt like a chapter out of my favorite romance novel. His chase, his ambition, his whole persona made those desires a reality. Yet, here we were divided and entangled in marriage woes that knew no boundaries. ~ Andrea “Drea” Carter

Noelani and I were stuck in this game of love vs. manipulation. We built the sandcastles. We left the footprints of chaos. Our lust turned into greed. Greed turned into betrayal. No longer two weary souls but one infatuated with turning our love into cruel punishments of death. ~ Cassian Kalmin

In this tale, Love & Happiness live next to pain.


Hungry for Her (Boss Babe Novella Series) by B. Love

Unable to find a man capable of giving her the life she deserves, Chanel sets out to create it for herself by becoming a luxury travel advisor. When her client asks her to spend the week at Decadence hotel, she isn’t expecting to reconnect with the man she loathed most while in high school.

Lorenzo would never consider Chanel to be an enemy, but he also can’t deny that she hates him. After what went down in high school, he can hardly blame her. That situation years ago has forced him to not only carry guilt around in his mind but also handle women as if they were porcelain dolls because of his heart. He’s convinced that if he can gain Chanel’s forgiveness and understanding, that will help him release the guilt, heal, and have healthy relationships with women.

Chanel’s hate for Lorenzo has been the main thing fueling her ability to not fall for him, but as she softens toward him, will she allow Lorenzo to feast from her fountain when he makes it clear that he is hungry for her?


Icy Obsession: A Romance Suspense Novella by Wynta Tyme

Life was beautiful for Isis “Ice” Rocks until a sacrifice paralyzes a future she would bet her business on. Firm on upholding a promise she made, the hottest grillz-maker in the city becomes boxed into a mental battle covered in love and loyalty. 

Even while working with some of the most exquisite jewels in the world, Isis has lost the spark in her eyes and the man she believes is to blame has resurfaced with a mirror she isn’t ready to face.

After facing death, Brisk Walker is a true believer in second chances. 

Trauma and loss fuel his ambition regardless of the disappointment that brews from his past. As a natural caretaker, Brisk knows his job is necessary and even when it causes him to return to the place he hardly escaped, the multilingual translator doesn’t think twice. Nonetheless, a reunion he isn’t prepared for and a woman he knows won’t let him forget his actions, causes him to wonder. Is manipulation clouding the truth, or could one of them be truly obsessed with the other?


Before I Do: An On the Clock Novelette by Shae Sanders

Cash and Dre are getting married!

But before they say I do, Dre has planned their last hurrah. It’s wild, which fits them perfectly, but it’s also illuminating, shedding a light on their biggest fears. Their chemistry is unmatched but is it enough to get them down the aisle?

**Features characters from the On the Clock series but can be read as a standalone. Steamy with a HEA.


Kiss of Life: A Kiawah Island Romance (Kiawah Kisses Book 2)  by Louise Lennox

The Carolina Lowcountry is sexier, because the beautiful Kiawah Kisses rule the Sea Islands with strength, spice, and sass. This summer, each friend will reconnect with a Gullah hometown hero and learn to love again. This is Tara’s story…

When hurricane Maria hits Kiawah Island, newly divorced single mom Tara Kent braces to add another pearl, on her string of bad luck. Between an ex-husband who won’t go away, a mother acting like a child, and a stagnant career; she’s convinced nothing good will ever happen again.

But when she steps inside the courtroom of the Sea Islands’ new motorcycle riding judge; she’s tempted to think things can change. But will they?

Judge Cameron Sinclair is new in town. When the beautiful but battered Tara sheds tears in his courtroom, he makes it his business to get her what she deserves. And when he’s stranded with her in the eye of a deadly storm, he realizes what she really deserves is love.

But he isn’t the man to give it to her. Or is he?Kiss of Life, book 2 in the Kiawah Kisses Series, is a steamy, small town, contemporary romance featuring a strong, smart heroine and the compassionate, sexy judge who redeems her heart. Download it today and get ready to fall in love with your next favorite book boyfriend.


Just Being Us – The Prequel to Zander by Tina Martin

A 6,500-word short story.
Home for summer break, Zander and Alyssa are enjoying themselves before they start their final year of college. Summer breaks for them are a big deal. It’s when they have the most time for each other. When they go back to being them. But for Alyssa, more time together means more pretending that she can handle a friendship with them. Alyssa is back to pretending she can handle just being friends with Zander when she’s always wanted something more. 
Meet the younger Zander and Alyssa before the full novel (Zander, A St. Claire Novel) is released.


Now What? by CaSandra McLaughlin

Clarice Jackson has devoted her life to satisfying everyone but herself. She’s married to a self-absorbed non-attention giving man which has led to a now sparkless marriage. With her marriage in shambles, adult children living their own lives, and feeling as if she has lost her identity, she finds herself in Wayland Springs, Texas starting over fresh. Here she hopes to figure out exactly what it is she truly desires in life, but will this new start truly bring about a genuine peace and happiness?


SUGAR WOMEN II : It Ain’t All Sweet by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Alton watched Celeste feed AJ, their six weeks old son. He was fascinated by how her body stored their son and was currently the sole nourishment their child received. AJ was a thriving baby who he even admitted looked amazingly like him. He never experienced that intimacy with Audrey because they weren’t together when Delilah was born, and she would have never breastfed.

Feeling Alton’s eyes on her, Celeste looked up with a dreamy smile. She loved being Alton’s wife, AJ’s mom and was excited about the work she had done over the past year, blogging about Sugar Women or women who dated for money. Six months earlier Alton had done paintings of street women in the profession with disparate lives and Celeste had interviewed them in addition to two women who worked for her aunt. The women’s lives had been changed forever because he donated the half of the low six figures he received from the paintings to them with one caveat, a quarter of the funds would have to assist someone else, the remaining money was theirs to do with as they chose. They received half upon completion of the sales, the other half was pending until they gave away half.

Two of the women Simone and Riva were already in great position by working for Evangeline. But three of the women, Patsy, Shanice and Paloma had not been and they were where the work was for Celeste, the real work.


Love on Consignment by Thai

From the outside looking in, Erin seems to be in a perfect relationship with her long-term boyfriend, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Deeply rooted into the love and loyalty of her relationship, Erin wants to fight through their trying times, convinced he was her future. Wearing rose lenses, Erin finds herself wanting to start a family and have children, with marriage also in her vision.

A surprise birthday party reveals truths that have Erin facing harsh realities about a man she thought was her soul mate. Erin quickly learns that the love she thought was real isn’t. She begins to question everything, which leads to them breaking up. Crushed, pissed, and heartbroken, she decides to move in with her best friend to get away.

Far away from all the chaos of what used to be her world, Erin discovers herself and starts on a path to healing her broken heart. While putting the pieces of her life back together, she meets a man who’s running away from his own demons. The two will collide, changing each other’s lives forever.


Savage: (The Men of Mafia St. Clair Book 4) by Celeste Granger

This is not your ordinary romance. If you are looking for a direct line to a happily ever after, this is not the book for you.
This is mafia romance. There’s a war going on, a battle for ultimate control with neither side willing to conceded.
But war has never stopped love, though.

Cannabis culinary artist, Eden Leaumont has carved a lane for herself in the fast-growing world of cannabis cuisine. The journey for Eden hasn’t been easy, but with the help of twin brother, Eason, Eden has made a name for herself, and finds her culinary work being sought after by some of the wealthiest families in Vegas. Eden is a busy woman. The last thing on her mind is love. 

Ezekiel St. Clair, like his brothers, is committed to ensuring their family business continues to prosper. Despite the on-going war with the DiCarlo family, Ezekiel continues to be a savvy businessman, shouldering his weight with St. Clair International, while maintaining his individual business and philanthropic endeavors. He’s a busy man. The last thing on Ezekiel’s mind is love.

Then he sees Eden. A chance encounter brings Eden into Ezekiel’s world. He is instantly entranced by her regal beauty and consumed by the spark of attraction that exists between them. Eden becomes Ezekiel’s focus, his primary pursuit. He’s convinced there is more to their transcendental connection that mere chance.


Overheated for Summer: Book 4 of Sag Harbor Black Romances by Lula White

Book 4 is the full-length, follow-up novel to Book 2– Chriselle and Sheldon. 

Chrissy’s heart could have shattered at seeing Sheldon’s confusion.

“You said you would wait an eternity.”

Sheldon’s anger flew at her. “For a woman who knows what she wants.”

“Go to hell.”

Sheldon staggered. “I’m already there.”

She didn’t give a damn if his red eyes looked like it. He was the first man she’d ever given her soul to. Had laid in his arms, as a woman still married, and trusted him with every vulnerability she had. Had defied her family’s longstanding values of fidelity and duty. 

Blake was Chrissy’s first sex partner. But in so many ways, Sheldon was her true first. And only.

Chrissy’s hot tears slid down her cheeks as she stared at him now. “If you sleep with her, don’t come back.” 

Can Chrissy and Sheldon survive? 

Return to the hotbed of luxury, romance, and rivalry in the Black Hamptons.

This medium-heat romance is Book 4 in the Sag Harbor Black Romances. It is a complete novel of 65,000+ words. Follow childhood friends and thirty-somethings Chrissy, Maddy, and Adella as they tackle love and heartache on their rise. Black luxury and sensuality continues in the Hamptons. If you love hit television series Queen Sugar, these are your stories. These books can be read in any order, but are most delicious in sequence.


The Orchard Murders: A Jason Sutton Mystery by Janice L. Dennie

Private investigator Jason Thomas “JT” Sutton, an ex-Navy SEAL, gets a tip on his cell phone about a dead body buried in an apple orchard on Highway 12. He sets out to search for the body, and is shocked at what he discovers. He embarks on an investigation that takes him from the Bayview–Hunters Point District in San Francisco to the streets of Oakland and Stockton, to San Joaquin Valley’s rural orchards, to a homeless tent city, to the walls of San Quentin, and the headquarters of a powerful politician. He confronts violent gang members, a beautiful woman, and a rival sheriff, any one of whom could be the key to solving the orchard murders.


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New Release Round-Up July 12th-18th

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