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Marry Me Twice by Monica Walters

Having the support of his family means everything to Haji Abimbola. Leaving his home of Freetown, Sierra Leone to further his education, he travels to the United States… Southeast Texas to be exact… to study chemical engineering. It seemed he could never please his father, but in a quest to prove that he is capable of great things and that he deserves his father’s honor, Haji excels in his field of study. After several major accomplishments and still not having the approval he longs for, he ends his quest and chooses to continue living life on his terms. 

Chinara Nwachucku has struck out with love and hasn’t given a man a second thought in five years. Journeying to the United States, she sets out to make a successful life for herself to help her family back home in Nigeria, but it’s taking much longer than she anticipated. It seems when she takes one step, she’s knocked back two. Being laid off from her job is the blow that brings her to her knees. Not being able to afford her current lifestyle, she hits the ground running in search of a job to regain a steady income. As if her life isn’t stressful enough, she catches the attention of a man that seems to be the type to only want one thing. While her interest is piqued because the man whose name is Haji, is attractive, she feels that he will only be a complication in her life. 

Both Haji and Chinara experience trying times personally and their struggles bring them across one another’s paths once again. Haji believes that in order to make it through those struggles, they have to do it together. Will he be able to convince Chinara of this fact, or will it fall on deaf ears?


Lust (The Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series Book 2) by Brookelyn Mosley

He’s a lustful ladies’ man, and she’s a compassionate charmer committed to chastity. They had a relationship their peers swore would last a lifetime… until it didn’t.
Pryce Williams
“I’ll admit it; I messed up. But I was young, dumb, and full of… you know the rest. The creator was too good to me when he brought Leelah Waters into my life my senior year in high school. Innocent with an open heart, she was way too good for the person I became the moment I started college. That was 16 years ago though, and I’ve wasted my time with enough women to know they don’t give me what she gives me and I’m convinced they never will. I’m more than ready for all the stuff they say love has to offer, and I want it only with Leelah. I’m so serious about earning her back, I’m prepared to make possibly the dumbest decision of my career to be with her. But is she willing to listen to my side and accept me back after I broke her heart?”
Leelah Waters
“I’ll admit it; I messed up. I was young, dumb, and fell for the guy with the looks and the popularity who told me he loved me but showed me he didn’t. I can’t believe I made the mistake of imagining my life with him at such a young age! As if a boy like Pryce Williams would live and love the family life when his career hadn’t even taken off yet. The women who were once teenaged girls have always flocked to him. They shot their shots. But I always believed Pryce and my bond was too damn real and way too strong for him to ever slip up. But he did, and we were over just like that. And I moved on, several times and with several men, eventually needing to force myself into chastity to save me from me. I’m better now… a little. And I’m over him. Then why after all this time does it feel like I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for Pryce to return to repair the heart he broke?”
Amongst the seven vices, lust is considered the least severe because this vice deals with the sin of the flesh and not of the spirit. In fact, lust is labeled as misplaced desire for deep affection. A desire in need of redirection. Can the virtuous one who is chaste cure a lustful heart with the one thing that heart desires the most, love?
*This book contains sexually explicit content. LUST is a standalone and the second book in The Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. GREED is next…


Tangled: Forbidden Intimacy by Monae Nicole

Jourdain Michaels was as loyal as they come. Although she learned marriage wasn’t for the faint at heart, she was content with keeping true to her vows — until she met Xavier Patterson. Suddenly, content was no longer good enough. Overflow was now necessary. 

Xavier Patterson was a playboy. Settling down was unfathomable, however, when he has the pleasure of meeting Jourdain Michaels, his imagination grants him a different picture. She’s not just a pretty face… she possesses a love he’s determined to keep. 

Instant chemistry bonds these two hearts together but once Jourdain’s true life is exposed, will their love survive the explosion?


My Soul’s Reflection: A Mason Family Novella by AshleyNicole

An island. An ocean. A spark.
Some like. Some lust…. Some love?
Mirror is perfectly fine living his life carefree and solo.
Irilin prefers work to fun, and “enjoyment” is a notion she refuses to have time for.
Can he show her how to stop watching the clock and start enjoying his love?


Flawlessly Cut: An Urban Romance by Lex. C

Navarrah Ayame Domino is a twenty-seven-year-old prodigy when it comes to the diamond industry. Better known as Nava Diamond, she is set to lead the family legacy, Domino’s Diamond District. She just doesn’t have the muscle of a jeweler her father would like. When her father calls in a fated favor, Nava Diamond just may be in for some major changes she may not ultimately mind. 

Kazmin Radell has been primed to carry out his father’s dispensary in L.A. all his life. With less than a year since losing his father, he finds himself reevaluating his life. Everything he’s worked for is his now, but something still doesn’t feel right. Unsure if it’s just his father’s absence or something deeper, Kazmin follows his intuition to Atlanta and to the closest person to his father he has left. 

When Kazmin touches down in Atlanta, the state of the world feels like the state of his mind. That is, until he sets his sights on a set of amber green eyes that give him a new feeling on the inside. Unsettling circumstances and unfinished matters of the heart send these two clashing, but the only way they can sort everything out may be by joining together.


Addict: A Fatal Attraction Story by Porsha Deun

Destiny has no shame when it comes to her sex life. In fact, she’d much rather have sex than love any day. That’s why she created what she calls her magic dick team. Life was good just the way it was…
Until it wasn’t.
Destiny was more than unhappy when a member of her team decided to jump ship for love. She’s determined to keep her team intact at all costs and take down anyone that gets in her way.


Dear Love, Redeem Me! by Deshon Dreamz

Everything was beautiful for Ryker and Damien, until it was not. The downward spiral of their love seemed to come at them swiftly, too quick for either of them to adjust. Before they knew it, the love they shared became tainted, too spoiled to flourish. It was earthshattering. One mistake leads to the end of something that they each thought was everlasting.

After time, Ryker decides that she can no longer live with the idea of never sharing love again. It’s something that she knows she cannot live without, but that reality seems to become the new norm after multiple failed attempts at reuniting with Damien.

To Damien, Ryker was no longer a factor in his life. He had dedicated his time to moving on from her and never looking back. What was supposed to be his one true love turned out to be something ugly and tainted. He would never allow anyone that close to him again. 

It is a battle of wills, a will to protect and a will to love. Who wins?


A Billionaire’s Infatuation (A Billionaire’s Infatuation Series) by Tamika Brown

After having her heart broken twice by a man she thought was her forever, Remi McMillian packed her things, kissed her father goodbye, and moved to New York. Landing the job at St. Clair Technologies was a godsend. Working for the wealthy, yet obstinate Tony St. Clair was not. An unexpected business trip to Chicago, however, has her seeing her employer in a completely different light. One taste of the good life in the vibrant city accompanied by one of the most powerful men in the world had Remi falling in love with her boss.

Tony St. Clair was a man who kept women at his beck and call, selecting his weekly eye candy on a whim. As of late, there was one who eluded him: Remi McMillian. In the office, his personal assistant was prim, proper, and prompt, but outside the office she oozed confidence, glowed with radiance, and possessed a smile that left him breathless. Tony’s infatuation for Remi was something that had to be satiated…quickly. Determined to have her all to himself, Tony’s meticulously laid plans come to a screeching halt when ghosts from his past return to threaten his very existence. 

Will their past mistakes allow this unlikely couple to embrace love? Or will the presumptions she has of this billionaire ruin their happily ever after? 


88 Degrees by Lumi Noir

Nobu Merci is a mysterious man with dangerous sex appeal and the golden thumb for business. Of all kinds.

Namiko Benjimin is not your typical trust fund baby. Armed with a rebellious spirit and a Birkin full of secret passions, she’s the thorn in her family’s side.

One night of lust thrusts Nobu and Nami into a game of dangerous players, entangling them in a murderous plot for the keys to the city.

Will playing with fire and a powerful connection be enough for these lovers to overcome the outside forces set to destroy them, or will they succumb to the heat?

Find out in 88 Degrees.


Inter-Office by Charles Conyers Jr.

LeShawn Watson and Monique Elms are two young(ish) Black professionals, and recent hires at a boutique marketing agency called Omega 12, run by jocular and “woke” CEO Scott Lehman. 

Expectations about their workplace, their co-workers, and each other are defied and challenged with each campaign they work on. LeShawn and Monique’s rollercoaster feelings for each other butt up against the one rule that Scott has laid down for employees at Omega 12: No interoffice dating. What this means for them, and the rest of their co’s leads to some wild and unexpected drama and conflama.


Close to the Edge by M.L. Sexton

Funny how life can change a person in just a year. Jenelle never thought she’d be holding another woman at gunpoint over a man. She had just one rule, and she broke it for a man whom she thought was going to change the game for her when it came to love. Jenelle had everything going for her. She had just graduated college with her master’s in creative writing from an HBCU, and was going on a world tour for her latest novel. 
Jaceon came into the picture and threatened to ruin her for good, taking her back to the darkest moments of her life that she had worked so hard to get away from. He showed her everything she was wanting in a man, distracting her from all the blinding red flags, but that was always his M.O. 
J.R., who loved Jenelle from the beginning, sat sideline to it all, against his free will. He was there to warn her from the beginning, and he was there to pick up the pieces when it was over. He was the nice guy that Jenelle always looked over, love right under her nose. 
Will Jenelle emerge from that dark place again, or will Jaceon drag her to the pits of hell, where there is no return? Can J.R.’s love save Jenelle from herself before she pulls that trigger?


Stay Down by K.C. Mills

Sometimes the one thing you need is the one thing you’re running from.

For years, Kalvin Wise’s only focus was making sure his baby sister, Ciara was safe and loved. Being the product of a toxic union, Wise and Ciara were left to their own vices to survive in the world. Wise refused for his sister to feel the same emptiness he did growing up, which meant survival by any means necessary to provide balance for himself and his sister.

Forced to leave her past situation alone, Noa finds herself circling back into the single life. Going with the flow and refusing to settle she also decides that her approach to love has to change.

An instant attraction is formed between Noa and Wise that neither of them is ready to admit. Past feelings are still fresh for all involved making it hard for these two to navigate a new connection. Noa is bound and determined not to fall for a certain type, while Wise still must consider his number one priority, Ciara. Will these two figure out this new complicated situation or will their past continue to interfere?

In order to Stay Down you have to prove you can be down!


Summer Love by Cassandra B.

Has your heart ever longed for another passionately; endlessly? That was Ares’ love for Summer and hers for him. One night of heavy emotions and bad decisions severs their tie for years. Can a chance encounter reconnect their hearts or will they continue to live life alone, forever yearning?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up July 20th-26th

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