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Impromptu Seduction (In The Heart of a Valentine Book 8) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Raised as a debutante, ladylike, and reserved, London Jones has stepped into unknown territory. From the moment her life collided with a man who should’ve been off-limits, a bachelor with a hot reputation—staying out of his way was the sensible thing to do. However, she finds herself caught in a tangled web of passionate fervor whenever he comes near. So much so that her ability to place a barrier between them becomes a futile battle. The heart wants what it wants, and London’s heart yearns for him.  


She was the impetus of his desire. The only one who captured his eye for more than a moment and beckoned his soul to blend in beautiful bliss with hers. For software engineer Kyle Valentine, his attempt to hold back the hedonism that struck whenever they were together threatened to be his undoing. His heart yearned to connect with London’s soul, and soon he finds himself questioning if he’s worthy of her love. But now that he’s gotten next to London, determination becomes the motto for his pursuit and his ultimate will to hold on to her, forever.


Our Muted Recklessness (Muted Hopelessness Book 2) by Love Belvin

Okay… Where do we pick up?

Where we left off, of course. 

Tori’s afraid, but putting forth her toughest exterior to forge ahead with the mess she’s made. And Ashton? Well, he’s confused and angry.

“You think it’s possible to put the genie back in the fuckin’ bottle now?”

Here he was again, saying cryptic things, using phrases that went over my head. “What more can I say? What do you want me to do?”

It’s his last semester, one that had been planned meticulously by himself and others well before she even knew what a Panther was. 

Let’ see if Tori can fight her way out of the quandary she’s created at BSU. Will Ashton’s well-planned future be derailed by the new underdog turned ‘Banger’ on campus?

Publisher’s Note: “Our Muted Recklessness” is book TWO of a THREE-book series. It ends on a CLIFFHANGER. This book contains angst, profanity, sexually explicit content, and material related to young adults. If either of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


Things Hoped For: A Vow Series Spin-Off (The Vow Series Book 4) by Chencia C. Higgins

Can two women who only want to be loved, find a home in each other when the world around them is moving too fast for them to settle down?

Growing up in an intolerant town, Latrisha Martin was used to shrinking the most important parts of herself. She hid her loneliness within a busy life and kept the yearning in her heart tucked away from those closest to her. Just as the façade became too heavy to maintain, Trisha received wise words from a strange woman that helped redirect her life’s journey. On a whim, she relocates to Houston, and while adjusting to a new normal, she finds that those desires she’d once hidden begin to manifest in ways she never imagined. 

With her star attached to a rocket ship, Xenobia Cooper was quickly transforming from a locally known talent into a name known in households across the nation. Viewed as an overnight success to many, the only thing that the veteran of the Houston underground music scene hadn’t prepared for was living a life without someone to come home to at the end of the day. A reckless tweet sent out in the middle of the night brings an influx of women with stars in their eyes, but they all lack the key component that Xeno is looking for. A chance encounter after her largest show to date and she’s convinced that those things she’d hoped for are just within her grasp.

The Vow Series:
To Buy a Vow – Book 1
To Build a Vow – Book 2
To Break a Vow – Book 3
Things Hoped For – Book 4


When You Needed Me (An Unlikely Love Book 2) by Tina Martin

He said his name was Cain…

At least that’s who Ahmalee knows him as, but Cain Wesley has been smoldering with secrets, leaving Ahmalee completely in the dark about his true identity. Their connection is undeniable. The love is all the way real, but will it be enough to keep their bond strong when Ahmalee finds out the truth about him, or will this relationship be extinguished before it has a real chance to ignite?

When You Needed Me is part two and the conclusion to An Unlikely Love Series. Part one, When I Needed You is available for sale. These titles must be read in order.


The Defender’s Destiny: Desperados Book Two by Dandridge Monroe

What’s worse than your happily ever after falling apart?
The entire world watching while it does.

Happily Ever After.
That’s how they were supposed to live. But no one prepared them for this.

Anything worth having is worth working hard for, but it shouldn’t be this hard. This marred with pain. And now they both wonder if the love they thought they had is enough to battle and overcome anything. 

Valkyrie Warrior. Mastiff in Manolos. Siren. Mrs. Grayson. The only thing not on that list is mother. 

After suffering one of the most heartbreaking losses, any woman could ever experience Wilhelmina’s marriage is left in shambles. Tattered and on the brink of dissolution. She seems to be the only one who wants to fight, but she can’t do so alone. Her husband is hiding his grief in every available outlet except for her. And when an opportunity to reclaim the one thing she wants comes, she takes it even though her husband might not agree. 

Black Albino Viking. Defensive MVP. Winner. Her Doux-Doux. 

But for how much longer? Jacoby stepped away from life because the enormity of their loss couldn’t be shouldered. He feels like a failure and doesn’t know how to be the strength his wife needs. But his absence is causing more damage than his perceived shortcomings, and now Jacoby’s at a crossroads. Does he grasp on to the love that’s meant for him and fulfill his destiny? Or does he allow a setback to keep him from the happiness he’s battled so hard for?

Life throws them one curve after another, with the past trying to stop their progress. Can the foundation they’ve built stand through this storm?

This book does contain scenes that discuss a miscarriage and the pain afterward. If this is soo much for you, please pick another title!


Dancing Into His Heart (Wells Crime Family Book 1) by Kay R. Divine

Kalmin Wells As the enforcer of the Wells Crime Family Syndicate and the CEO of his Security firm was not looking for love. But after a glimpse of a pint size ballerina at the ballet her was forced to attend love chose him. 

Ariadne Jamison Is the first Black Prima Ballerina of her dance company. Love is the furthest thing on her mind she is focused on being an independent, vibrant twenty-two-year-old girl. After a life altering encounter, she is thrusted into the life that her parents worked so hard to keep her from. Will danger find her, or will she find the love and security that she did not know she was missing.


Touch Me First by Phoenix Ash

Charisma Dandelion has beauty and brains. Savvy, sexy, witty, and outgoing, she appears to have her life together. And she does; as long as we’re not talking about her love life. No stranger to heartbreak, she has mastered the art of detachment. Yet, when a stranger she meets online piques her interest, she finds she may be a few lessons short.

Laid back and career focused, Kareef Williams isn’t searching for love. His most recent relationship was laced with more drama than he’d like to recall and distancing himself from anything similar proves to be a wise choice. However, when a friend of his posts on social media, he often finds himself intrigued with one particular woman who frequents the Comments section. Taking a chance on connecting, he soon realizes she comes with more than he bargained for.

Will Kareef and Charisma become the epitome of an online romance? Or will a steamy Summer give fuel to some much-needed passion?


The Way You Tempt Me (Pure Talent Book 1) by Elle Wright

Brilliant and ambitious, the high-powered team behind the Pure Talent Agency manages the best creatives in the business. In this sizzling new series, they gamble big on every wild-card, industry-outsider client—and on delicious, unexpected, crazy-irresistible passion . . .

The heir-apparent to Pure Talent, ex-playboy Xavier Starks had it all figured out. With an engagement to Hollywood’s hottest actress and his innovative expansion plans, he can finally prove to his dad, Jax, that he’s responsible enough to step into a leadership role at their company. Until a jilting-gone-viral puts Xavier back in the relentless social-media spotlight, out of the running for partner—and in competition with the last person he ever expected: his very-grown-up childhood friend and girl-next-door . . .

With her acclaimed sports talent roster and unparalleled instincts, agent Zara Reid knows she can take Pure Talent to the next level. To make the most of her mentor Jax’s faith in her, she’ll go head-to-head and scheme-to-scheme with Xavier to prove she’s got what it takes. But suddenly, long days working too close together turn into reckless, insatiable nights. Now, being co-workers-with-benefits means Zara and Xavier must face their secrets, dare to trust—and negotiate the toughest game of all—love.

“The heat is high in this lustful tale.”  
Publishers Weekly on Enticed by You


In Name Only (The Love Connection Book 1) by Sean D. Young

Cassaundra Moore, event planner extraordinaire, never believed in fairy tales only in creating them for her clients. Why would she believe something so magical would happen to her after being scammed by her ex causing her loss of business and social standing.

But when Adam Simmons, candidate for governor of Virginia comes along making a proposition that would not only help propel him in the race but also relieve her of her financial worries, she has to redefine what fairytales are made of.

In Name Only explores one man and one woman’s decision made out of convenience that forces them to consider there was something else at play. They both yearned for love.


Pet the Kitty by Mel Dau

What do you do when your world is turned upside down by a complete stranger? 

Alpha Douglas is a rare breed in a new place looking to make his imprint on the city of Columbia, South Carolina. With one foot firmly in the game and the other in his autobody and collision business, he is successful on every front. After meeting an eccentric woman that is nothing like any woman he has ever met, Alpha falls hard and fast. Will this new romance burn a long-lasting flame or will an enemy that no one could ever have prepared for blow the flame out with a few indiscretions? 

Kaitlyn Depree is a girl who loves what she loves; whether it makes her a loner or not. Unintentionally catching the eye of a new boss to the city, she is caught in a whirlwind romance that makes her kitty purr loudly. What happens when an untouchable assailant comes in to wreak havoc on a love that just may have been designed by the gods? 

Will Alpha and Kaitlyn be able to survive an unknown enemy that actually means…no harm?


Nights Over Egypt by Barbara Keaton

Two people searching for the same thing …

Ashalon is a professor of Egyptology at Cairo University in Egypt and he is none too happy to learn that another American is coming to his country to conduct a dig among the ruins of his ancestors. He vows to make it difficult for this foreigner, who has been given permission by the Supreme Council of Antiquities … at least until he meets the American, Corina Camden. Professor Camden is searching for mummified remains from the Twenty-first and Twenty-second dynasties and is hard pressed to hear her every move in Egypt would be supervised by some professor.

Corina and Ashalon are each surprised by their reaction to each other as they set across the blazing desert, captivated by their love of antiquities and unknown passions.

Nights Over Egypt is a story of archeological digs, rich culture and buried passions.


If I Don’t Have You (Twenty in 2020) by Sareeta Domingo

A captivating, sexy romance that explores the limits of love at first sight…

Afro-Brazilian filmmaker Ren is recovering from a romantic betrayal. Kayla is a Black British artist and journalist keen to make her mark. Thrown together during a string of interviews in New York for Ren’s latest film, they’re struck by an irresistible attraction. The two surrender to one night of searing honesty and passion, which leaves them with more questions than answers about than answers about the future. With secrets lurking between them, letting their romance continue could upend the separate lives Ren and Kayla have so carefully built. But can they really risk losing their miraculous connection?


Unknown Betrayal (Betrayal & Fire Book 1) by Beatrice Rose

Nancy Taylor has done everything she could to revive her dying relationship with her boyfriend, Richard Callaway. From toy, lotions, and lingerie…you name it. Nothing was working. So, as a last-ditch effort Nancy begs her best friend to help her plan an ultimate surprise. Little does Nancy know that this will lead them all down a path of intrigue, romance, betrayal, and ultimately death.  
From the moment Greg Moore saw Nancy he knew he was in trouble. He was falling for his best friend’s girl. Knowing that he couldn’t hide his feelings for long, will Greg find an opportunity to step in and be the man Nancy needed all along?  

Or will it be too late?


You Made Me Love You by Storm

Our past could defer us away from our future. It has the power to excel us or destroy us in moments that are strictly meant to be cherished. 

Prosper “Chill” West has experienced heartbreak since he was a young boy. Having parents who only showed love through gift giving and occasional hugs, he didn’t know what the word love meant. Learning a woman’s mind and body became his expertise but learning to love was a difficult conundrum for the suave, handsome man with the gift of gab. Until…

Mila Jackson was the epitome of a strong black woman. Having to take care of her dying mother, she had to become resilient when it came down to being in a relationship, which ultimately caused her to become single. Experiencing heartbreak at an early age from her absent father, she put her all into the one woman who had shown up for her throughout her life. Her mother’s dying wish was that Mila lived her life after she was gone, but she didn’t know how to do that without her backbone. 

Mila’s best friend, Elle, and Prosper’s cousin, Chance, had no problem with being free-spirited. Both being the crutch that these two broken souls needed, they link together and create something magical. With Prosper and Chance fleeing away from a monogamous relationship, these two women will ultimately change their perspective of the word love.

Join these four as they take you on a small trip into their lives where love, heartbreak, and letting go of the past becomes a challenge that none of them expected.


Better Than Before by T. Key and Monica Walters

Liam Jackson hadn’t stepped foot in Dallas in two years…

After relocating to Arizona for a business move that had the potential to skyrocket his career, he stood to make partner. And he deserved it, being that he was one of the best business consultants at the firm. That move came with a cost…

Sakina Campbell…leaving her behind was the cost. The beautiful forty-two year old woman that had possessed him from the moment he laid eyes on her. Yeah…he was only thirty-two when they met…but that didn’t mean a thing to him. She was who he wanted.

Now, he was being forced to deal with what felt like unfinished business. Moving back to to Dallas would force he and Sakina to address their feelings for each other. Would this reunion end in him claiming her heart? Would things back to the way they were or could they be better than before?


Wednesday at Noon by Teneka Woods

Fitness trainer Nate Walker is no stranger to hard work and perseverance to achieve desired results in life, which is why he’s determined to see Tora Jamison again. The woman stole his heart the moment she walked into the deli where he lunched with his mother and sister one late spring afternoon. However, convincing the stunning beauty to give him a chance proves to be his toughest workout yet as he is denied again and again and eventually thrust into the friend zone. 

Tora Jamison is not ashamed to admit she can be a bit particular when it comes to choosing a mate. At the top of her list of requirements? He must be taller than she is… when she’s wearing heels. Standing five-eleven, for Tora, the search has been no easy feat. At the behest of a friend she joins a dating site in hopes of finding a gentleman who measures up to her standards. But after several disastrous dates she realizes her perfect guy may not be found online and is possibly right underneath her nose.


Friend of Mind by Bree Wright

Aida is known for always being there to lend a helping hand to anybody in need. Raised by a single mother, Aida made sure to be as helpful as she could to make it easier on her mother. Being a helping hand carried over into adulthood which now makes it difficult for Aida to notice when it is time to cry out for help because she’s spent her whole life helping others. But what happens when Aida needs dire help and falls into the arms of none other than her co-worker and best friend’s brother? 

Sex toy creator, Frances aka Franz, is your average bachelor. He has no desire to jump into any relationship. Just the mentioning of the word commitment makes him sick. After having his heart broken five years ago by his college sweetheart, Franz swore off giving his all to any woman… until Aida waltzed into his life. 

The pair starts depending on each other in more ways than one. Feelings start to tie into their friendship and past and current relationships start changing their livelihood. Will their relationship blossom or was it just a friend of mind? 

*This is a spin off from Thin Line Between Love and Success* 


Devanté by Danielle James

Blake Remington was my first kiss.
It happened when we were eight-years-old.
I proposed with a Ring Pop in her back yard.

I knew right then she was the one for me.

I had no idea what love meant back then
But I knew once we got older, I was going to 
conquer my fears and tell her how I felt.

One mistake in college ruined it all.
She hated me for betraying her.
She cut me off 
And just like that…
Blake Remington became my first heartbreak.

Eight years passed before our paths crossed again.
Now, she was back in my life and I refused to let 
anything stand in our way.
Not the lies.
Not the rumors.
And definitely not her boyfriend.

We had too much history to let everything go.
She never stopped being mine
And I’d do anything to get her back.


Guard My Heart by A.S. Wilson

Reese and Link never had it easy. Both are products of childhoods riddled with violence and abuse, and neither has entirely left the past behind. As a real estate assistant, Reese contents herself with assisting others in attaining the American dream. Construction worker Link labors day-in and day-out to build solid structures that will stand the test of time. When the two of them collide, sparks fly instantaneously. Their love for each other grows exponentially until old wounds rise to the surface and tragedy strikes. Will they be able to remain open to the possibilities of love, or will they choose instead to guard their own hearts?


Both Sides Of Me by Turtleberry

No one ever said that starting over would be easy.

When Antoinette decided that she wanted more out of life, it was then and there that she realized she needed to leave the old her behind. Keeping her head down, she focused on grad school and her new job, making a conscious effort to do things differently so that she could see results she could be proud of. Unfortunately, a closed box still has cracks, and she quickly learns what can happen when her old life and new life collide.


Sin City Seduction (Sin City Secrets Book 3) by Zuri Day

Enjoy this sexy good girl meets bad boy story in this sensual romance from top-selling author Zuri Day, part of the Sin City Secrets series.

She’s strictly off-limits but when their worlds collide, sparks fly… will they be engulfed by the flames?

After a serious accident, worldly CEO Noah Breedlove’s family hires Damaris Glen as his live-in caretaker. She’s sheltered, far too innocent…and his instinct is to seduce her, even though he knows she’s forbidden fruit. As she heals the man, she heals his hardened heart, too. At least until their mutual attraction overrides logic, and she’s forced to choose between her family…and him. 

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Sin City Secrets:
Book 1: Sin City Vows
Book 2: Ready for the Rancher
Book 3: Sin City Seduction


The Single Mom’s Second Chance (Sweet Briar Sweethearts Book 7) by Kathy Douglass

She could use a shoulder to lean on…

Facing the fight of her life after a cancer diagnosis, widow Roz Martin is forced to ask her estranged brother-in-law to help care for her children. Being there for his nieces and nephew is a no-brainer for gym owner Paul Stephens. But being there for the woman who’d betrayed him by marrying his half brother is hard. Especially when he discovers the feelings he once had for Roz never died…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Discover more true-to-life stories in the Sweet Briar Sweetheart series. 
All books are stand-alone but were published in the following order:
1. How to Steal a Lawman’s Heart
2. The Waitress’s Secret
3. The Rancher and the City Girl
4. Winning Charlotte Back
5. The Rancher’s Return
6. A Baby Between Friends
7. The Single Mom’s Second Chance


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up July 27th-August 2nd

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