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Guarded by Love (The Hill Sisters Book 1) by Shanicexlola

The odds were stacked against us, but I was destined for him.

The way he catered to every part of me heightened my outlook on love. I wouldn’t dare deny that his allurement was a gift from a prevailing force up above… until she showed up at our front door, willing to fight for him.



V is for Villainous (The Women of V Series Book 1) by Danielle Allen

It wasn’t just the fact that it was a secret society at Hamilton University. It was also that their presence could be felt in every event, project, and donation on campus. Everything they touched reeked of wealth, power, and success.
But for me, it was the garden V planted and maintained to feed the homeless and the hungry that captured my heart and left me a supporter of the mysterious organization. Even without knowing all the details, it was clear to me that being a member of V was a game changer.
So when I was selected, I was floored.
But had I known the things I’d have to do, the people I’d have to hurt, the lies I’d have to tell, I would’ve declined. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself so I can sleep at night. People always want to know what V stands for. For me, V stands for villainous.
I’m not the hero of this story. I’m the villain.
And that’ll haunt me for the rest of my life.



Raised by a Beast: The Next Generation Book 1 (Phoenix Pack Shifter Series) by Jade Royal

The Phoenix Pack wolves are back! The pups are all grown up and paving their own way through the pack and finding out just who they were meant to be. Their lives heavy with expectations, Kingston, Justice, and Riley all felt the pressures of their looming future. Their struggles as being the future of the Phoenix Pack were mixed with struggles of the heart as the universe dealt each pup their one true mate. While the pups secure their future, the Phoenix Pack was in danger of being dismantled. Livelihoods are threatened as attacks darken the doorway of the home of the Phoenix Pack. Kingston, Justice and Riley would need to prove themselves or when it was all said and done, the pack will never be the same again.



Now That I’m Yours: Skye and Knox by Sequaia

One night is usually all it takes to change one’s future. For Skye and Knox, that was exactly what it took to bound them to one another forever.

Neither of the two were looking for love. They harbored individual situations that needed closure before pursuing one another. Yet, their chemistry was undeniable, developing its own way of pulling things together in even the oddest situations.
As Skye and Knox try to find common ground to deal with their unorthodox relationship, their past apart from each other lingers, waiting impatiently to be addressed.

Enduring one of the most unconventional ways to be put together, Skye and Knox find themselves in an unwanted game of tug of war with their past and present. However, with something powerful and unavoidable forcing them together, will it be enough to mold them into something great, or is all the obstacles in their way enough to send their future together tumbling down?



Straddling His Soul (The Memphis Hoodlum Standalone Series Book 1) by B. Love

Haji Young is finally home after spending twelve years in a cage. He’s on his second strike, meaning the next crime he commits could send him back to jail for the rest of his life. Haji is straight forward, in need of control, and incapable of tolerating disrespect. He’s a bomb, liable to explode at any given moment— until Mei comes to tame the beast.

Mei Moon loves her career as a probation officer, until her high school sweetheart walks into her office. Twelve years have passed since she’s seen him, and the last thing Mei wants is to be around him in any capacity. Because Haji has been labeled a menace to society, Mei knows he won’t be treated fairly by the system, and her old love for him is the only reason she agrees to help him out.

History and chemistry make it hard for these two to maintain a professional relationship but they try their absolute hardest. Finally surrendering, they become prisoners to their passion, risking their freedom and Mei’s career. In order for their relationship to work, they have to work together to keep Haji out of trouble, but enemies, old friends, and even family seek to prove… once the streets have you… they never really let you go.

Please note: This is book one in a standalone series. It does not end in a cliffhanger, and the next book will feature a new couple with updates on this one.



He’s Your Ex For A Reason: A Standalone Novel by BriAnn Danae

Young and naïve, Shanae settles for the bare minimum from the only man who’s ever shown her any affection. Losing herself in him, she vowed that the last time was indeed the last time. Too many chances had been given, and the respect she had for him was slowly dwindling. Pleading for a sign from God, he provides Shanae one that rocks her to her core, leading her into the powerful arms of her childhood crush, Levi.

Kali, a mother of one, is simply fed up. Getting pregnant at twenty-one was never in her plans, and neither was having to deal with an emotionally unstable baby daddy for the rest of her life. In a perfect world, she envisioned them under one roof, raising their son to be a king. The reality of that happening is slim to none. Over the single life, Kali pursues a relationship with her a classmate Rondo, not realizing the struggles that lied ahead while satisfying her desires.

After a break up that causes Layla to question every man’s intentions, her promiscuity heightens. She stopped longing to be accepted and became selfish with her time, placing her needs above all. With the thoughts of being abandoned again, Layla swore off relationships. That is until her smooth-talking neighbor Brody breaks that barrier she built between them. Somewhat interested in why he’d pursue her, Layla falls hard with no restraints, unleashing years of pain while doing so.

Sometimes in life, the people we love the most hurt and betray us in ways we’d never imagine. Shanae, Kali, and Layla know that all too well. To the woman who has given her unwavering devotion to a man… a man who should’ve never had the privilege to even get close to you, this book is for you.
You deserve more. More than what he’s giving you. More than what you’re allowing yourself to receive. Reclaim your time and your heart. And remember, that man is your ex for a reason…there’s no need to double back.



Sounds of Summer (Senses of Summer Novelette Collection Book 2) by Chanelle

Please Note: This is a 15,000 word SHORT STORY.

Raven “Ravey Baby” Samuels finally has everything she’s ever wanted. Hailing from Baltimore, Ravey’s ambitious spirit and mega talent has taken her all the way to the top of the billboard charts. The plus size beauty has taken the rap world by storm, but with her newfound success, she is left feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed out. After being in the public eye for a while, she wants nothing more than a day off and a chance to feel normal again.

When Ravey returns home for a few days to celebrate “Independence” Day with her family, the only thing she expected to get from it was much needed rest and her mother’s cooking. What she hadn’t planned for was running into the insanely handsome Zen Matthews. Ravey reluctantly agrees to a date with her charming suitor, all the while keeping her true identity a secret. Will Zen be the exact distraction Ravey needs to forget the woes of being a new artist in a world she isn’t quite used to yet, or will this superstar have her cover blown, causing her wish to be normal again to backfire?



Essence of Us by Tiye Love

A meet-cute at the Essence Festival leads to a love of a lifetime. Jasmine Green is officially engaged to and having NBA superstar, Montana Keyes’ baby. Believing they’ve left behind any insecurities, Jasmine and Montana fully embrace their undeniable love. Until events happen that threaten their happily ever after and old wounds are opened again. Jasmine begins to question if Montana has really changed and if her heart is strong enough to survive if he hasn’t…



Foundations: Book 1 by Nai L.

Sam is your average every day girl. She’s smart, beautiful, and funny, but somehow ends up with the wrong men. She finds herself in a very awkward position when she is being claimed like property.

Alex on the other hand is not your average man. He is from the streets but changes everything about himself to live a better life. After meeting Sam and learning a new way to love, will he divert back to his old ways or will this keep them together?

Join them on this journey of love, fear, friendship, happiness, and growth. Sam and Alex are two young, educated, and well put together adults that pass-through life on different paths headed in the same direction. They meet in a traditional way and have some of the same traditional values but were not looking for the love they found. With a few bumps along the road, watch Sam and Alex live to set the Foundation of passion, love, and pure joy.

Please note: This is a standalone series. Each book will feature different couples but have updates on previous characters.



Something Unexpected by J. Valle

Have you felt so unlovable and out of sorts that when authentic love showed up it appeared too good to be true?
Zora first felt rejection, danger and pain from her mother at the tender age of five. Despite bouncing from foster home to foster home she was always determined to get her footing even though she was never quite sure how. The last thing on her mind is love when she finally gets out of her toxic relationship with Sobray…until Rohan.

Rohan it the epitome of the black alpha male with an old school Renaissance man vibe that any woman would be allured by. Being doted on by his mother and four older sisters has entwined an attentiveness every woman craves. His close relationship with his father has provided him with a firm foundation and integrity. He adores his close-knit family but he as of late has felt smothered. So much so that he’s reluctant to commit to a woman even though he’s ready to love. He longs for what his parents have but is he ready to have yet another person invading his space?

How will Zora respond when Rohan starts to break through her walls? How will Rohan reciprocate if Zora is just another woman in his life trying to play him? They both want love but can they get out of their own way to see it in each other?
Sometimes something unexpected can be just what you needed.

From Zora’s red notebook.

Love Where Are You?

No matter how fast or far I run I can never catch you.
I’m consumed by the deepest oceans and left with blistered feet for searching for you in the hottest deserts.
Just when I think I’ve found you somehow you slip from my grasp and I’m left standing alone.



Whiskey and Merlot: A Love Story by Anita Dixon Thomas

Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story is not your typical romantic fantasy. Instead, it’s loosely based on a real-life-happily-ever-after. A realist to her fault, Isabelle Perkins, doesn’t believe in fairy tales. She has never met a man she truly loves and doesn’t believe she ever will. When she meets the dashing Lincoln Davis, she’s smitten by his handsome looks and take-charge confidence. As Lincoln recklessly and persistently pursues her to escape his loveless marriage, she finds herself embroiled in a hot affair and falls in love.

Isabelle’s Christian morals and self-esteem are deeply undermined as the lines between right and wrong become irrevocably blurred. Convinced that Lincoln is her one true love, she hangs on until Lincoln is forced to break off their steamy affair, leaving Isabelle devastated and heartbroken.

Eighteen years later, they’re paths cross again. After a sobering brush with death and now divorced, Lincoln is determined to win Isabelle back. But can she set aside her deep hurt and disappointment to let him back into her life and heart?


The Prisoner and the Lawyer: can love free the heart? by B.L. Wilson

Ex-con Joan Richmond has enough problems when she is finally released from prison after an eight-year sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. She needs a place to live, a job, and to get used to the outside world again. However, she doesn’t count on two escapees with a vendetta forcibly recruiting her to take the fall for their dirty deed. And, she doesn’t expect to fall for the victim of their crime.

Regina King, an attorney who specializes in corporate litigation, cannot find a connection between herself and the two convicts. Why would they want to kill her?

When the Prisoner & the Lawyer meet, sparks fly, but can the two make things work between them, even with the obstacles their disparate backgrounds produce? Will Regina be able to love Joan, even though she is connected to the would-be killers? And now that she is free from prison, will Joan be able to free her heart and allow love to happen?



Extravagant Love (E Love Series Book 5) by Danyelle Scroggins

The finale of the E Love Series is the Extravagant is getting the town….The Jourdain girls are getting married and this time, they’ve chosen with their two future husbands, Jacob and Dwight, to have a double wedding.
Love is finally trending on them and Jamecia and Jayla could not be happier.
Unfortunately, the same enemy who sees the blessings being handed out in their lives, is the same one who thrives on testing their resolve. And this time, the blow would be enough to altar all of their lives.
Joseph and Lydianne Jourdain have built a wonderful family. For forty-two years, they’ve been more than husband and wife, but also friends. They’ve finally gotten all their girls ready for marriage and with this double wedding, all the Jourdain girls will have husbands. But Joseph and Lydianne finds out, it’s not the wedding the enemy is trying to destroy but their lives.
Will they find the strength to fight or will this set-back put a pin in the big extravagant affair?



His Marriage Demand (The Stewart Heirs Book 2) by Yahrah St. John

He’s waited patiently for payback.

It arrives on his wedding day.

Gage Campbell has Fallon Stewart right where he wants her. Ever since his mother was fired for Fallon’s teen antics, Gage has held a grudge. Now the roles are reversed. Gage got rich, and Fallon is desperate to save her family’s company. He’ll gladly step up. But Fallon must become his bride. The danger? Losing himself in the woman…and forgetting the revenge!



A Baby Between Friends by Kathy Douglass

They pretended to be lovers.

But there’s nothing make-believe about the baby on the way.

When Joni Danielson recruits her best friend, Sweet Briar mayor Lex Devlin, to be her fake boyfriend for a wedding, it’s a no-brainer. But their staged kisses lead to real passion—and heartbreak when Lex pulls away. Now Joni’s in a bigger bind: she’s pregnant. Can she and Lex once again fake it till they make it—to a real relationship?



The Boy Next Door by Loreal Ballou

Coming to a new state with his family, for something new, Darren wants to just get to know new people and forget about his life in Texas. He has no idea of what’s in store for him in this new state that he has moved in. Just when he thinks he left everything back at home, he gets an unexpected visit from his past. Will Darren be able to move forward or will he let his past get in the way of what God has planned for him? Being a good girl and wanting so much more for her life, Jazel doesn’t know what to do next. With little to nobody to talk to around her age, Jazel is excited when she sees that she will have new neighbors. Becoming friends with one neighbor, she sees the neighbors brother and starts to feel some type of way. Will these neighbors become a couple or will they do what God has called them to do?


SumWhereOvaRainbows: A Poetry Collection by Aubreé Pynn

Who said that after pain there wasn’t joy?

Who said after losing love you could never love again?

SumWhereOvaRainbows there’s pots of gold

There’s love

There’s you



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New Release Round-Up July 29th-August 4th

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