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Joon-Teenth by Alexandria House

Joon and Sire have love, but sometimes love is not enough. After months apart, can a reunion bridge the gap between them and save their relationship?

*This is a short story.*


Rent A Bae: A Sweet Romance (Away To Africa Book 1) by Unoma Nwankwor

He’s an award-winning actor so pulling off this charade should be easy, right? Except he didn’t count on his pretend “girl” being… her.

Arinze Kalu

The continuation of the Kalu name lay on my shoulders.
At least that’s what my grandmother claims. And she’s on a mission to ensure it won’t die there.
I wasn’t planning on visiting Nigeria anytime soon, so I’d been doing a pretty good job of tap dancing around her threats to find me a wife.
After a scandal that almost engulfed me at the beginning of my career, I’m determined to take my time choosing a partner.
Between establishing my company, filming, press, and traveling for my new movie, I simply don’t have that time.
Now, my sister is getting married, and I’ll be face to face with my grandmother. If things had worked out with the caramel goddess I met on New Year’s Eve, I probably would’ve been good. Since it didn’t, my cousins suggest I rent a bae.

Jasmine Bowman
My life is a bad horror film and I’m ready to change the channel.
Between my job where I’m overworked, underpaid, and skipped over for promotion and my tired, played-out situation with my boyfriend, something had to give.
Let’s not forget Mr. Butterscotch who I met on New Year’s Eve. I could’ve bet money there was a vibe, but I guess not. I tell myself, I don’t need him anyway. I need my mind to get the memo because my more immediate priority is to stop being a disappointment to the Bowman name. I’m getting back into the director’s seat of my life. The cost, however, isn’t cheap. I need money and my best friend has the craziest idea.


Safe to Surrender by Tucora Monique

“We started something by mistake. Who would’ve thought that I would feel this way? This way about you” — Chloe x Halle

The first time Elliot ever stepped outside of her strict parents’ good graces was when she married Victor Spokes. Nevertheless, two years into her union and the newlywed doesn’t feel as secure in her relationship as she once did. When Elli’s lonely nights and her partner’s verbal abuse start to overshadow their love, she’s left in the cold and in the scope of a man who has no business watching her.

Duke Carbine is a man who craves control. It’s been three years, but just as he assumed, starting his own business proved to be a lucrative move. Although in his thirties, Duke isn’t looking to invest in any relationship that doesn’t guarantee a profit. However, after becoming enthralled with a plus-size beauty who’s off limits, the businessman finds himself losing a battle between his head and his thirst.

Elliot and Duke are like night and day. Nevertheless, their differences don’t mean more than their attraction. Will their fear of failure override their desire to surrender?


You’re My Destiny by Pamela Campbell

Serene and Donovan have been best friends since their college days. He’s been in love with her for years but has kept his feelings to himself. Donovan craves so more from Serene than friendship.

Donovan has been the one constant in Serene’s life since college. She has a boyfriend, but lately, Thomas hasn’t been treating her the way she deserves to be treated.

When Donovan is done waiting for Serene to see him as more than a friend, he decides that it’s time to find love with someone else.

Serene’s in her feelings about the new woman in Donovan’s life. She’s afraid to finally admit that she does have feelings for him that are more than friends.

Will they continue with their friendship as it is, or will they follow their hearts and take a chance on love?


Alcohol Confessions: A Second Chance Romance by J. Nichole

A drunk mind speaks a sober heart…

At least that’s what Dakota believed when her drunk ex-boyfriend showed up at her house in the middle of the night. After years of being apart, Dakota wanted to believe everything he said about missing her. In a way, she missed him too.

After drinking with his co-workers to celebrate his promotion, Lincoln ended up at Dakota’s house. He intended to share his success with her, but instead, he poured out his heart.

When he woke, he had to explain to Dakota that coming to her house was a mistake. Then he had to explain to his girlfriend why he was missing the night before.


The Beginning of Forever: A Sunshine + Ace Story by A.E. Valdez

Harlow and Acyn have their happily ever after…
Or so they thought.

When their wedding is in jeopardy from outside forces and well-meaning family members, they decide to take matters into their own hands and escape to the Oregon coast.

Follow their journey from there to the Beginning of Forever.

This is book 2 in the Sunshine + Ace series. Book 1 is All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed.


little love stories.: a coffee table book by Grey Huffington

a collection of shorts to fall in love with over and over, again.


On the Right Track (The Sullivans of Montana Book 3) by Cheryl Barton

Professional racecar driver, Dayton Sullivan, is the youngest of the Sullivan cowboys out of Bozeman, Montana. He’s found himself in a bit of a jam when he falls in love with Kima McDonald, the daughter of a man who could be responsible for the death of Kima’s mother.

Dayton and Kima run off to the Sullivan Ranch in order to escape the life she’s being told she has to live to support her father’s illegal schemes. It’s discovered that her father has debts that can only be settled if he can get Dayton back on the race track and Kima married to a man she doesn’t love.

Can their love sustain them through the ups and downs they’ll face against her sinister father?


Crazy House: A Harbor Hill Novel by Kia Barlow

All was well until a flood forced three friends to seek refuge.

When Kamren’s boyfriend opens his home up to her, her younger sister, Delilah, and their friend, Nikita, they all thought it was supposed to be for one night. Little did they know, one night would turn into a month of craziness filled with secrets, snooping, and… soul searching?


The Enemy in Our Bed by Erika B.

Every marriage could use a little spice, which is what Mila Pittman believes. What better time to add that spice than for her husband’s thirty-fourth birthday? She has a perfect idea that will surely knock his socks off. 

Tate Pittman is tired of the unfailing routine of his life and marriage. His birthday is coming up, and he is uninterested in things continuing into his new year. However, Tate is in for the surprise of his life when his doting wife presents her present. 

Mila believes she has come up with a foolproof gift. Tate is just happy to have something break up their everyday routine. Nothing wrong with indulging in a little harmless fun, right? The couple will learn… everything that glitters isn’t gold.


Long Walks on the Beach: A Lesbian Romance (Hot Stepmom Summer Book 2) by M.L. Sexton

Gelisa is struggling finding a photographer to got with her to Tulum for her beach series on her blog, until one finally makes her say “yes.” What she doesn’t know is that this photographer is someone she already knows, very well.

Makayla just wants her family back, and when the opportunity arises to be in close proximity to her wife who she is separated from, she jumps on it. She will get her wife back by any means necessary.

Can these two reconcile their marriage and return to the happy family they once were?


Shot Clock: LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL GAME- NAOMI & SIN’S STORY by A.J. Davidson and M. Monique

After leaving the man she thought she would be with forever, Naomi London doubled down on her passion for basketball, leaving no room for love. That was until she locked eyes with the infamous Jamison ‘Sin’ Smith. No matter what she said to him, he wasn’t taking “I’on like you!” for an answer.

Sin had everything at his fingertips but the one woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Bumping into Naomi was unexpected but will surely change his future for the better. Sin took one look at Naomi and fell in love with her cockiness, gold grill and was even more intrigued by the disrespect that dripped from the tip of her sexy ass lips!

Will Naomi allow basketball to be the only thing that takes over her heart, or will Sin be able to dribble his way into her life before the shot clock expires?


Rome & Reign: The Revisiting Love Series by Celeste Granger

When Reign Angelle first met him, being in Rome’s orbit caused a cacophony of conflicting emotions that only an ensuing encounter with him could resolve. When their paths cross again, it leads to an enthralling seduction of love that surpassed either of their wildest dreams. Yet, as wonderful as Reign’s relationship is with Rome, the patriarchal challenges she faces with her family nearly severs all familial connection. Finding the strength to stand up to her father and the oligarchy that plagues women around the world becomes Reign’s personal fight; a battle she doesn’t fight alone.

**This is a spinoff series of The Men of Mafia St. Clair. It is highly recommended that you read that series first, but it is not required. This book can stand alone.


All The Man: A Single-Dad Love Story by Bijou La Valentina

Aasir, a single father, views his life as blessed. He has his daughter, Farah, who he loves to the moon and back, and a fiancée, who he plans to share the rest of his life with. But when his fiancée starts to complain about quality time, Aasir promises to stand by his word about going to a gathering with close friends. On the day of the get-together, Farah becomes sick, and Aasir rushes his daughter to the hospital. With most of the day gone by, his promise to his fiancée is broken, destroying their engagement and his life plans.

With a broken heart, Aasir is invited to an old friend’s house where he meets this beautiful soul. She not only captures his heart at first sight but Farah’s heart as well. As time passes, Aasir is made aware of some things about her recent troubling past that doesn’t sit right with him. Will the woman he becomes to adore prior encounters be too much for him to continue to pursue?

Gianna struggles with the skin she’s in. Her boyfriend worsens the issue with hurtful words that are more powerful than any physical blow he has given. During an encounter with her boyfriend that nearly cost Gianna her life, she makes the decision to finally leave and never return.

Gianna desires the life her sister has; a beautiful marriage with kids. With the help of her big sister, Tamar, Gianna gets a physical makeover and possibly a do-over in love when connected with a tall and handsome girl-dad. The only thing that’s stopping her is the fright from her past relationship and her low self-esteem. Will Gianna build the confidence she needs to receive the love she wants?


What You Know ‘Bout Love by Tacarra

Sienna Bridges is your ordinary woman. She’s strong, determined, and a great mother to her seven-year-old daughter, Seveyah. The only thing missing from those qualifications is the independence her daughter’s father, Tycen, refuses to give her. Tycen is the perfect example of a fuck boy. He uses his money as leverage to control Sienna, and so far it’s been working. That’s until Justus comes into the picture and shakes the table, causing Tycen to lose his grip and possibly everything else.
Justus “Jay” Jury may look like your typical pretty boy, but trust he’s not the one to cross. He’s never been in a real relationship unless you count the tryst he’s been having with Kapree for the past three years. In his head, it’s just sex, but Kapree thinks and says otherwise. She refuses to sit by and watch the man she loves love someone else. She does everything in her power to show Justus that she’s the woman for him. Will he realize it, or will Kapree set herself up for her own heartbreak.
Truth “TJ” Jury is Justus’s younger brother and his right-hand man. Truth is raising his seven-year-old son, Cameron, with the help of his mom and brother. He’s not susceptible to relationships because of the way things ended with Cameron’s mother. He befriends Alaina, who herself has doubts about men and relationships, and they both start to wonder if all relationships end badly.
Alaina has a past that she left behind, or so she thought. With an ex who doesn’t know how to accept defeat, and a new interest in Truth, will Alaina be able to move from her past and move on with Truth, or will she get sucked back in?
Follow these couples through their journey on finding out what love really is.


Don’t Let Me Down: Milani & Lance by Talena Tillman

She’s a supermodel.
He’s a professional basketball player.
Destiny brought them together.

One night, while out celebrating a new deal, Milani Davis runs into Lance Knight.
Instantaneously, she’s drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
The feeling is mutual for him. From the moment Lance laid eyes on her, he told himself that she would be his. He had to have her. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
In a simple world, everything was perfect. They were a match made in heaven. However, this is reality. And in reality, there seem to always be obstacles…
Milani is damaged and heartbroken from a previous marriage and she is adamant about not traveling down that road again. Will Lance be able to knock down her high walls? Will he manage to mend a heart that he did not break?


At the Deep End: In Deep: Book 3 of 4 (First Time Lesbian) by Deja Elise

How soon is too soon to get married? 

Bri and Dee met, fell in lust, and threw themselves head long into a committed long distance relationship following a vacation fling on a hot Miami night.

For DeeDee it was love at first sight and Bri was just willing to go along for the ride. They moved fast, and though living miles apart was a struggle, the distance only worked in their favor, creating the space for them to grow a bond rooted in friendship and trust.

But their still-budding relationship isn’t without some complications. They were only six months in when DeeDee proposed and it’s only been over a year. DeeDee still struggles with sharing all of her truths and trauma and Bri worries, maybe what is still left to learn might be big enough to unravel everything they’ve built one day.

Bri’s love for DeeDee has never wavered, but with their wedding fast approaching, Bri finds herself worrying about the length of their courtship, questioning the strength of their relationship and their future together as a whole.

Is love alone enough to carry a marriage through the good times and the bad? And do they have what it takes to make what they’ve started last forever?


No Ordinary Faithful: A Christian Romance Novel (Beyond Ordinary Book 3) by Taretha Jones

Beautiful, successful artist Maxine Moore is no stranger to adversity. She has big faith, and even better, her God has always provided for her needs. She has a loving family and supportive friends. And her Mr. Right? Well, unfortunately, he has somehow eluded her. Maxine is in her thirties, and she knows that her forties will soon be around the corner. When by chance she meets a handsome stranger, her instincts tell her that he’s her Boaz, her soulmate…she knows that he’s The One! But her Mr. Right has a BIG secret. And so does Maxine. In the end, will her faith be strong enough to weather the storms that are threatening to keep her from having a happy-ever-after?


Mahogany’s Muse by Stephanie M. Clark

Throwing away her predictable past,
Mahogany Waters yearns to step
into a new chapter in her life.

The monotony of her career and relationships
lead her to the sands of Jamaica,
where she hopes to find inspiration….

She finds Tavis, a recent divorcee,
in Jamaica to attend a friend’s wedding.
A chance encounter leads to
passionate moments between the two,
as they find exactly what they
didn’t know they needed.

For him, a new freedom
and for Mahogany,
her muse.


Sir: A Father’s Day Novella (The Stockley Family Book 11) by Unique

When you mix all the amazing fathers, I’ve created over the last two years into one book you know you’re in for a good Father’s Day treat.
Allow me to reiterate this is a NOVELLA. Something quick to show you what your favorite men have been up too.


All That Matters by Tracy J. Cass

Can love be rekindled, or does forgiveness come slowly?

Jaslyn Davenport is doing her best to get over her ex-boyfriend, Sampson Tate. However, he is hard to forget, especially when he seems to be the topic of everyone’s conversation, and everywhere she turns, Sampson seems to be there. After one night of passion, Jaslyn must decide if a relationship with Sam is worth the fight. Or, should she move on to build a life without him, even if it means keeping a secret that will change her forever?

Sampson has enough to worry about. His two best friends and his brother have moved in with him-one can’t seem to bounce back from getting fired, one is being stalked by a church groupie, and the other faces a shocking accusation that threatens his marriage and his career. They all lean on Sampson for support, but when he receives devastating news that sends him into an emotional tailspin, Sam reconnects with Jaslyn in a way neither of them ever saw coming, and they must both deal with demons from their past in order to move forward. 

Jaslyn & Sampson try to rebuild and rekindle the love they once shared, yet an old enemy resurfaces and teaches them that love is more than just a feeling-it takes communication, cooperation, and compromise to make a relationship work. Do they have what it takes to make love work, or should they leave the past in the past?


Promises Made: A Bernice Layton Romance by Bernice Layton

Craig Thompson has a problem: His grandfather has left him a hefty inheritance, but there’s a stipulation. He must be married for at least three months before the bank will hand over the money, three million dollars to be exact.
A determined bachelor, Craig thinks he’s found a solid way to the money in the form of his childhood friend, Renee. They’d made a silly promise to marry when they were teens, and now Craig is determined to get her to follow though, despite the fact they’d made that promise seventeen years ago. Craig hasn’t banked on reuniting with the smart, beautiful, and sexy woman Renee has become, but who knew she had a few secrets of her own?

Renee’s problem is her deceitful ex-boyfriend who has stolen her life savings and is now threatening her safety.
A timely call from Craig to keep a teenage promise, even for three months seems a godsend. Her initial motivation is initially his protection. However, as sparks quickly heat up, Craig and Renee are soon fighting to keep their newfound love alive in the face of their secrets…that is until an unscrupulous man comes into the fold. He knows Craig defrauded the bank to get his inheritance and will go to any lengths to get a cut of the money.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up June 13th-19th

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