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Seduced by a Knight (The Wild Knights Book 3) by Té Russ

After being burned by love, Londyn Freedman ends up in Sweet Rapids, Nevada, helping out at her uncle’s bookstore. She’s not looking to get caught up in another relationship, but she can’t deny the instant attraction she feels when she meets artist, Ramsey Knight.

Ramsey is caught up in Londyn’s spell from the first moment he hears her sing. He’s drawn to her in a way that he’s never been with any other woman and he’s determined to see where the sizzling path of desire they’re on leads them.


Whiskey and Regret by Danielle James

My entire life was planned before I was even born.
I would become a senator like my father and grandfathers.
I would keep the Freeman name as close to perfect as possible.

But when I got a divorce and ended up with full custody of my daughter,
I realized being perfect wasn’t my calling.
I had to do what worked best for me and my family.
I thought hiring a nanny would make adjusting to single-dad life easier.

I was wrong.

Nothing about hiring Xari Lucas made my life easier.
We clashed around every corner…
But she opened my eyes to things I’d been blind to all my life.

I had to stay away from her.
She was spoiled rotten. 
A headache in human form.
And if I wasn’t careful, she’d become 
the love of my life.


Bless Your Heart: A Preto Village Novel by AshleyNicole

Welcome to Preto Village, a beautiful black community where everybody knows your business and has no qualms about sharing it…
For Charadee, life up north had long become stale and stagnant. It was time for change and adventure. Buying a house in the tiny town of Preto seemed the thing to do. Change and adventure weren’t supposed to include a man, though.
Enter Dr. Keegan Francois… He’s Preto’s most eligible bachelor. Born and raise in the town, there are certain expectations on his shoulders that an outsider won’t fit in to. Will he conform to the expectations, or learn to live for his own desires? 


Loving Heaven: A Novella by Monae Nicole

Jaseem and Heaven had the perfect marriage. Their love was something you only read hear about in romance novels. But when tragedy strikes. they find themselves in the hardest fight of their lives. Find out if their love for each other will be enough to pull them through it?


To Love a King by Natisha Raynor

The residents of Lakewood Homes have their own unique story behind every door, and while the place as a whole has a bad reputation by outsiders, the housing project has birthed many greats. Blue Rister, left as soon as she was able. Living out her dreams with the love of her life has her sitting on top of the world…until one day she isn’t anymore. Her love story was one for the books for sure. She had the pleasure of meeting her soulmate which is something not everyone is able to do. She stands strong, cherishes the memories and attempts to move forward. Everyone tells her one day she’ll get lonely. Everyone tells her she will one day have to move on, but Blue doesn’t think two soulmates is in the cards for her, and she’s fine with that. Until she meets Kaleef. There is no desire to know him on a personal level. No interest in moving on with him but his pain, his aura, his strength, and his charm pull Blue in like a magnet. She doesn’t want to build a bond with anyone from trauma. She isn’t looking to save or be saved, but she soon finds out, she might not have a say in the matter. Ugly things can birth beautiful new beginnings.


DND: Caught Up In His Love by Tay Mo’Nae

Instagram model, party girl Luna Star had closed herself off to love. Content with her life as a local celebrity. She enjoys the fast life and didn’t see herself slowing down, until meeting Bash one night at the club. What was supposed to be one night between Bash and Luna Star turned into more than either of them were expecting. 
Being wrongfully imprisoned should have changed Bash, instead he gets out of jail determined to make things right in his life. After two years pass, he runs back into Luna, finding out a secret that’s going to rock his world.
What Luna Star wasn’t expecting was Bash to be holding some secrets of his own. Once his secrets come to the light both of them are forced to fight the attraction, they have for one another.
These two are tested in ways neither of them expected. Forced to fight temptation with outside forces trying to keep them apart. Find out how Luna Star was able to be Caught Up In His Love.


Taming His Heart by Indigo

Vance DeWitt had everything he wanted—the wife, the career, even the baby on the way. Then an unfortunate series of events happens, causing him to lose everything he holds dear. Living life at rock bottom, he maneuvers his way through life, accompanied by pain, disappointment, and a powerful addiction.

Novah Sallow is a hard-working young woman. She knows what she wants but doesn’t always go after it. Aiming to do what pleases those around her, she often swallows what she wants to say and holds back what she wants to do. After experiencing heartbreak, she vows to stay single, and celibate, until she finds a man to change her mind.

The two meet at an inopportune time in Vance’s life, but things aren’t all bad. The more time they spend together, their feelings become more intertwined. Will Vance allow Novah to help him move past his pain and disappointment, or will he push
her away to stay in his hole of loneliness? Will Novah allow Vance a chance, or is she too good for him?


Covering Cinnamon by Angelia Vernon Menchan

What happens when the matriarch, caretaker needs covering? Does everyone step up and do what has been done for them or do they see it as about them and not her. Cinnamon Black is in a position where she requires if not much else, love, support, and understanding. But will she realize it or will this season in her life expose some and reveal others? Only Surviving Cinnamon tells the story.


Promise Spoken (The Dupree Boys Book 1) by J. Nichole

In The Dupree, sexy ass women came a dime a dozen.  It would take more than that to catch Devon’s attention. 

Especially, if he was going to fulfill his promise to his dying mother to settle down.  He needed a woman who would challenge his wit. 

Michelle was as witty as she was sexy, and she had all of Devon’s attention. Or so she thought. 

Can Devon keep his promise? Will Michelle be the one to make him settle down?


The Goddess of My Heart (A Carter Family Novel) by Kema B.

What was supposed to be one of the happiest days of Nasir Carter’s life turns into a nightmare when a devastating secret rocks his world. Armed with information from an unlikely ally, he walks away from the woman who owned his heart since he was fifteen-years-old, Venus Aphrodite Day. 

Venus was unprepared to handle the love Nasir offered her at such a young age and made a series of bad decisions that left her jilted and buried under the weight of her lies. Years later, a chance reunion reveals an even bigger secret, and the pair find themselves at a crossroads between the thin line of love and hate. 

With so much stacked against them, including outside forces determined to keep them apart, will Nasir close the book on their love story for good? Or will Venus be able to prove that she can give him the love he deserves and remain the Goddess of His Heart?


The Purest Temptation: A Christian Fiction Novella by Ashantay Keys

From the depths of the Southside of Chicago, Bianca Dior Airitam lives a life of purity with her boyfriend Fabian. With a promise ring on her finger and wedding plans on her mind, she double taps an instapost that might change her life.

Frieze, a California based Instafamous graffiti artist, is intrigued by Bianca’s beauty. Needing a way to secure her in his life, he pushes influence, dollars, and lavish gifts… hoping to persuade the betrothed into letting him in.

Will Bianca be lured by the flash of Frieze, or will she shun his light and remain loyal to her love for Fabian?

Please note: This novel does have vulgar language and explicit scenes to depict real life situations and struggles of a young Christian couple. If this will offend you, please skip this read.


Love In the Lyrics: Falling for a Music Mogul by Annitia L. Jackson

Elle Jamison is engaged to popular R&B singer GT Wells. The pair fell in love and vowed to be there for each other no matter what. So, when an opportunity arose, Elle put her dreams of becoming a singer on hold, while GT pursued his dreams. She thought they were well on their way to starting their lives together until the fame went to his head. What started off as a fairy tale is now a nightmare filled with paternity tests, groupies, and disrespect. She wants to break free but feels she has no way out. Will she change her mind before her wedding date approaches?

Music mogul Savior Morrison is one of the top producers and songwriters in the music industry. After losing his wife and child a few years ago, he has sworn off finding love and having a family of his own. He pours himself into his work and changes women like he changes his underwear. Savior has no plans to change his ways or open his heart up ever again. That is until a melodic beauty’s voice brings not only his lyrics to life, but his battered heart as well.

As all great love songs go, the road to love is filled with drama, betrayal, and enemies at every turn. Will these two find love in the lyrics or will their love fall flat?


The Makings of You by Xila Jaye

“Always a bridesmaid; never a bride.”

After Phoenix discovers that all of her friends are either engaged or already married, she’s convinced that love is in the air for everyone except her.

Cupid’s bow and arrow skip over Phoenix by happenstance as she struggles to accept her chances of walking down the aisle next to the love of her life are officially screwed, no thanks to her best friend Xay and ex-boyfriend Asher who is keeping a few secrets of his own.

When Pheonix’s second chance at love begins slipping away like sand through an hourglass, she’s willing to go to the end of the Earth and back to prove to Asher that she’s the one.

Unfortunately, there’s only one obstacle standing in her way…


*This is a short work of fiction. If you prefer longer works, please check out Author Sam J.’s catalogue.*


Red Summer: A Novella by Audrey Red

The streets of Chicago brace themselves. Another Red Summer is coming.

In a world of unprecedented times, Chantal Williams Carmichael Esq. borders two worlds. One of influence and one that elicits fear on the southside of the Chicago streets. After the death of her sister Bucky and murder of her son Blaire, her emotional and mental ability to navigate through life is tested. 

“Lil Nicky” is Chantal’s alter ego, but figuring out which personality is her true self gets harder by the day. Benjamin, her husband, knows of her disorder. What he doesn’t know is that Chantal is moving forward with her anger, and a second Red Summer will take place in the streets of the Chicago.

Justice is all shades of gray, but with Chantal as Lil Nicky, it will be served cloaked in red.


A Heart at War: Matters of the Heart Series (Book Two) by Jenay Balderas

Tori Grace Almonte is still very much in love with her husband. How could she not be? He’s attentive, smart, loving and kind. The epitome of the perfect man. Until he’s wasn’t. When his indiscretions come to light, Tori is conflicted on if she should leave or not. How could she just walk away from a man that she’d loved for so long? But when Lance Marshall walks into her office, he steals her heart, serenades her soul, and gives her back all that she’d thought she lost. 

Lance Marshall is a man of many flaws. And when his wife died, he swore to never love again. He never wanted to feel the pain of losing someone so close to him again. He could write a love song on the spot, but he knew that he’d never mean any of those words. But Tori’s sweet spirit and calming nature pulls him in a direction that he didn’t know his mind, body and soul needed.


Don’t Forget About Us by Storm

Losing the one you love could defer you from ever finding love again. 

For superstar Christian Miller, he had come to terms with love being a fleeting memory that died with the passing of his soulmate. Even with trying to give his heart to the HipHop Songstress, Zuri, it seems to get harder by the moment to let go of his past and build a new future with her by his side.

Teetering on the edge of finally letting go, Christian is suddenly rocked to his core by an unexpected turn of events. Still battling the ghosts of his past, the outlook on his future seemed grim, however, giving up without a fight is not an option. 
Broken hearts, love, success, and inner turmoil are spilled within these pages. Patience, resilience, and love make their imprints. Will his resilience be what crushes their budding romance, or will it determine its survival?  

Please note: This is a spinoff from Love Trifecta.


Love Awakened: A Sweet Sexy Savage Novel (Love Captured Book 2) by TaKisha Trenean

When Love Has Awakened Your Heart…

Loyalty is everything to Kahlil and although he realizes that he loves Sunnie, he’s not sure if he can forgive her betrayal. After the attempt on Sunnie’s life, Kahlil vows to keep her safe even if that means having her and her crazy best friend on lock-down in his home. He will do whatever it takes to protect the people that he cares about and because of that Kahlil finds himself falling deeper into the life that he never wanted for himself, all in the name of love.

Sunnie has always been the type of woman to know exactly what she wants and right now she wants Kahlil’s love and forgiveness. Kahlil has awakened something inside of her and she refuses to give that up. In order to be successful at love Sunnie slowly learns that she has to heal from her painful past before it destroys her and her relationships.

Sunnie, Kahlil, Shai, and Ace begin to settle into their new normal but in a blink of an eye everything changes, devastating them all. When things take an unexpected turn, the crew finds themselves caught up in a whirlwind of violence and heartbreak. Are their relationships strong enough to make it out on top or will they lose everything they’ve fought so hard for?


The Friend Contract (Hamilton Brothers Book 1) by Dria Andersen

A fake, fake marriage? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Gabe is at the point where he’ll do anything to convince Naomi to give him a chance, even going so far as to hatch up a fake marriage plot. Though the plan is fiction, his love for her is very real. 
Naomi would do anything for her best friend, including going along with a fake marriage to help him out of a bind. The heat between them was unexpected, the feelings she started to develop, surprising…scary. They needed boundaries…a contract to keep careful control of the lust flaring between them. 
But, plans get complicated, and the bond between them is tested in a ways neither of them ever imagined. Would this contract ruin their friendship? Or would the fake marriage set to flame the sparks that have been floating around them for years?

Content warnings: Book has mention of miscarriage.


What My Body Craves (The Feel Good Series Book 5) by India T. Norfleet

A three-year-old heartbreak has left Summer Green with a sour taste toward love. As a result, her life has been filled with unattached situationships and strictly sexual encounters. Choosing instead to nurture her love for cooking and all things food, the self-made chef is looking for a chance to showcase her God-given talent. With everything but love on the menu and no obligations other than to ensure she never again suffers from a broken heart, Summer is offered a position as a personal chef for one of the hottest erotic romance authors around. 

New York Times bestselling erotic romance author and heartthrob, Hunter Davis, is a real jerk behind all the flawless pictures and candid interviews. He’s even admitted to this particularly not so flattering personality trait, but women still flock to him just to get close to the handsome, single pen pusher, in hopes of being the one to soften his heart enough to become his love interest in real life. Unfortunately, he believes in no such ending outside of his novels and has no problem letting the world know that he draws the line at the very thing he built his career on. His decision serves him well until the day Hunter is blindsided by a woman who possessed everything he never knew he wanted. 

From the moment Summer disrupts the ordinary of his life with extraordinary, Hunter is quick to realize that fantasy has nothing on the reality she brings. It doesn’t take long for Hunter to see Summer is the one woman who makes him pulsate with an urgency that can’t be denied. Will Summer accept his heart and everything connected to it, or will she get her cravings filled elsewhere? Will Hunter be able to decide what happens next in this unexpected, real-life romance, or will his heart end up crushed by one of the best love stories he’s ever written?


Forsaken Love by Sylvester Murray

Fifteen years ago, Angelina Sanders had only begun to lead her dream life when she experienced the ultimate betrayal. Broken and hurt, Angelina left everything behind and started fresh, all alone. Now, Angelina receives a letter from her estranged sister that makes her rethink everything she ever believed. Can Angelina reconnect with the family she once left behind as she struggles to accept the help she’s not quite sure she deserves? Will she be able to redirect the course of her career as she finally finds inspiration for her art? But above all else, will she be able to reclaim the heart of the man she once loved – or, has he already moved on without her?


Claim Me 4: Still Waters by Marvin Mason

Still suffering from the brutal attack of Bobby Redmond in retaliation for the murder of his brother, Billy, Chanel and Bebe find themselves in turbulent waters trying to navigate through rough terrain to not only raise a family but learn to become one unit.

Bebe must discover what he needs from the woman he most cherishes to right the course their ship is bound to take, otherwise both could lose more than just the hard earned right they made to claim each other over the course of one year.


Allow Me by Celeste Granger

From USA Today Best Selling Author, Celeste Granger

The first encounter was accidental. He made sure the next one was intentional. Photographer, Elle Moore, is much more comfortable behind the camera, capturing special moments and living vicariously through the loving moments of others. After a painful breakup, Elle pours her heart and soul into her art. Creating becomes her only love. Billionaire, Winston Pierre-Toussaint, is a consummate businessman, making moves and multimillion-dollar deals. He almost made it to the altar, once. But that arranged relationship was more about business than love. Although Winston can have any woman he wants, he refuses to settle for less than what he desires. 

As fate would have it, their paths cross. Elle is an unconventional beauty that intrigues him from the start. Winston will stop at nothing to capture her heart. 

This is standalone and ends with an HFN/HEA


Careless with Our Love Affair: Naomi and Nigel Nichols by MyKisha Mac

Careless with Our Love Affair is a romantic tale centered around Naomi, Nigel Nichols, and Camaro (Cam) Jackson; a spin-off standalone to What’s Love Gotta Do with Marriage.

Love for the finer things in life was Naomi’s motivation for her grind. She vowed to never let a man, child, nor woman stop her from securing the bag. She made her own, governed power to not take anything less than what she deserved, and she wanted it all. With an appetite to explore and an adventurous personality, she sought the attention of Nigel Nichols. A distinguished mogul of a Fortune 500 company. 

Nigel entertained the young beauty but beheld a few cavernous secrets. His past came back to haunt him and caused an unforeseen disturbance in his new love affair. Although a well-respected shark in business, he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when necessary. Mr. Mogul 500 went by the code — what happened in the past, stays in the past — and he would stop at nothing to keep it in the past.

Cam, a self-proclaimed made man, The King of Miami, mixed business with pleasure and found himself risking it all for the woman he loved. Determined to show the girl of his dreams he was all the man she would ever need and more. Cam promised a life with him would be nothing less of bright lights, glitz, and glamour if she played her cards right. Cam lived in the fast lane and loved every minute until a brush with death paid him a visit. 


Hope for Hayden by Tria David

He’d heard that voice before. He knew to hear that voice meant he was safe, loved, protected. He was somewhere the bad people couldn’t get to him. The voice was a part of his past; to hear it meant he had hope. HOPE…. Was it her; really her, his Hope? 
Unwanted and unloved, Hayden Parksdale’s life began the day Liz Asheberry took him in. She’d given him a home. She’d given him love. She’d given him…Hope. Believing himself unworthy, Hayden joined the military, serving his country faithfully. Now he was back home to claim the life he never had and the only woman he ever loved.
At the age of five Elaine Hope Asheberry fell in love with Hayden Parksdale. At fifteen he broke her heart. Ten years later he took her innocence. Now he was back. What will he do to her now? What will he do when he finds out?


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New Release Round-Up June 15th-21st

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