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Check out these new releases from June 26th – July 2nd.

That Love Thing by Bailey West

Acclaimed author Bella Roe, known for her poignant stories about love, harbors a deep skepticism toward the existence of true love. Despite her immense success in the literary world, she remains convinced that the passionate relationships she writes about are nothing more than figments of her imagination.
Everything changes when Bella meets Leven Chandler, a charming and grounded man, at a book signing event. Like Bella, Leven is not actively seeking romantic love. He dedicates all his energy to his children and his demanding job, believing that love is something he can no longer afford to pursue.
Bella and Leven experience an immediate and undeniable connection that shakes their preconceived notions about love. Their encounters are filled with heartfelt conversations, shared laughter, and a growing intimacy that neither can ignore. But both are hesitant to explore their feelings further, uncertain of what lies beyond the boundaries they have built around their hearts.
Will Bella, the skeptic of love, embrace the possibility of a true and lasting connection? Can Leven, consumed by his role as a father and provider, allow himself to open his heart to a new love?


Sweet (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 1) by B. Love

He was as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.
She was as sweet as strawberry wine.


The Writer’s Block: A Friends to Lovers Novella (Love Unblocked Book 1) by Mea Monique

Josephine is in desperate need of inspiration for her romance book, but feels uncomfortable approaching just any man to help. When Caleb, her best friend, proposes a fake relationship in exchange for helping her with the research for her book, she sees it as a win-win situation. But the lines between fiction and reality blur as their fake romance turns into something scorching hot.

Caleb, a star football player with a promising career ahead of him, finds himself at a crossroads. Desperate to protect his image and get in the good graces of his sponsors, he proposes his fake dating plan to Josephine. He’s determined to keep things platonic, but as they explore each other’s bodies in the name of research, his resolve begins to waver.

The Writer’s Block is a fast-paced, friends to lovers novella following Josephine and Caleb as they navigate the uncharted waters of fake dating, secret desires, and hidden fears.


Coffee Break: An Erotic Novella (Big City Romance Book 1) by Navy Winters

A coincidental coffee order led me to him. He led me to heights of bliss I didn’t know existed.


A Thing Between Lovers: An Erotic Short by Kimberly Brown

What happens when friends cross the line to lovers?

Iridessa Nelson’s curiosity has been piqued. When a drunken night lands her in bed with her best friend and a practical stranger, the last thing she expected was to end up in a love triangle.

Remi Taylor has always been sure of who she was. Yet the night she indulged in the forbidden fruit with her best friend, she’s left questioning her very existence.

JaQuan Samuels wasn’t expecting not one but two beautiful women in his bed, but when the opportunity presented itself, who was he to turn it down?

Months have passed since the threesome shared a night of passion. While a new relationship has formed between JaQuan and Iridessa, her feelings for Remi linger in the background. After confessing her desires to him, JaQuan gives his blessing to pursue a relationship with her best friend on the side. The problem is Remi doesn’t want just one… she wants them both.

Enjoy this erotic tale of love, fantasies, and getting everything you ever wanted and then some!


Ice and Fyre (Crimson Hill Series) by Brenda Barrett

As one of the most brilliant detectives to grace the ranks of Wiley Securities, Ice has faced criminals of all kinds, but nothing could have prepared him for his latest assignment. Fresh from successfully infiltrating a treacherous criminal underworld, Ice is thrust into an entirely new role: going undercover as a pastor at Monroe Ministries. His mission is clear—uncover the truth behind the murders of Lydia Monroe and her brother, Bishop Nathan Monroe.
Ice soon realizes that his suspects are abundant, and among them is none other than Jody Fyre, the newest secretary and confidante to the influential first lady, Tawny Monroe.
Jody, the captivating woman Ice couldn’t forget during his perilous time undercover in the inner city, has resurfaced in his life. Her presence ignites a fierce struggle within him—can he maintain his focus on solving the case when his heart yearns for the very person at the center of it?


Lines They Crossed by Compton Carlotta

In “Lines They Crossed” meet Emerson, a fiercely independent woman harboring a multitude of secrets to protect the ones she loves. Working unconventional jobs to make ends meet and shield her father from worry, Emerson’s life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled with her father’s best friend, Knox, who happens to be fifteen years her senior.

Emerson and Knox initially keep their connection a secret, aware of the potential consequences that await them if their relationship comes to light. However, as fate intertwines their lives through a series of compelling events, the lines they’ve drawn blur, and their forbidden love grows stronger.

But secrets have a way of surfacing, and when whispers of their romance reach the ears of others, the fragile relationship begins to shatter. Emerson finds herself stripped of her father’s trust, while Knox loses his lifelong friendship. Regret settles heavy in their hearts as former flames resurface, exes come seeking revenge, and jealousies ignite, creating life-changing drama.

In a world where lines are meant to be respected, every character in this riveting novel finds themselves crossing boundaries they once believed were unbreakable. Will Emerson and Knox be able to weather the storm of chaos they’ve unleashed upon themselves, or will their love be consumed by the havoc they’ve unknowingly invited?

“LINES THEY CROSSED” is a gripping and edgy romance that explores the power of secrets, the depths of forbidden desire, and the sacrifices one makes in the name of love. Prepare to be swept away by a tale where passion and consequences collide, leaving hearts shattered and souls forever changed.


Falling For Her Boss: Falling For…Series (Book 3 of 3) by Chrishaun Life

Ex-basketball player, Jackson Williams is Lisa Jackson’s new boss, but she’s not a fan. It’s probably because he just stole her job. Now, she’s been recruited to make him an “office man” and the odds are against her. Lisa and Jackson are off to a rocky start, has consequences that Lisa is prepared for. For readers of the Falling for…Series. This final book shows that love after heartbreak can be a sweet second chance.


Catfishing The Preacher: A Righteous Romance by Ariel Nathan

Simone spent her childhood bouncing from one foster home to another, but she knows she has a lot to be thankful for. She’s made it to adulthood with good friends, a fulfilling career as a librarian, and a fledgling faith in God. The only thing she doesn’t have is the one thing she wants most: a family of her own. Starting a family should be simple enough, if only she can find the right man to start it with. She’s spent years looking high and low for love, and thinks she has finally found Mr. Right. The only trouble is, she hasn’t actually met him yet. 

She found the love of her life on an online dating site. And while the virtual chemistry is there, Simone’s frustration rises as their one year anniversary approaches without any plans to move their relationship to the next level. Her digital Romeo keeps dragging his feet whenever she brings up the possibility of meeting in person. When Simone does some sleuthing on the internet and discovers that her online boyfriend is actually a preacher at a nearby church, she makes up her mind to pop by during a sermon and do what she can to prod their relationship along. What could possibly go wrong?


Reassured Love: Club Curve (Club Curves Series) by Jade Royal

When love defies danger, loyalty hangs in the balance in an intoxicating dance.

In the clandestine realm of organized crime, Tye, a revered enforcer for a powerful mafia dynasty, becomes mesmerized by Shantel, an enchanting seductress cloaked in secrecy. Little does Tye know that Shantel is not only the sister of his formidable boss, but also a pivotal pawn in a rival mafia faction’s enigmatic scheme to dismantle their empire. As their forbidden connection deepens, Tye is thrust into a perilous labyrinth of loyalty and deceit. In a world veiled in intrigue and uncertainty, they engage in an intricate dance of shadows, clinging to their shared quest for redemption. Their survival teeters on a knife’s edge, their unwavering resolve the sole weapon against those who conspire to tear them apart.


Tuesday Morning : True Love Has No Time Limits by Zyanya

In the heart-wrenching novel “Tuesday Morning,” follow the compelling journey of a young woman caught in the grip of her drug-addicted parents’ tumultuous lives. Torn between loyalty and self-preservation, she yearns for the solace of love and protection, yet doubts whether she truly wants it. 

Meanwhile, meet the remarkable protagonist, a triumphant and powerful black man who has inherited his family’s thriving business. While his professional success knows no bounds, he finds himself questioning if love is the missing piece in his life’s puzzle. 

As fate intertwines their paths, “Tuesday Morning” explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the delicate balance between the desire for love and the fear of vulnerability. Will they find solace in each other’s arms, or will their pasts and insecurities unravel the fragile bonds they so desperately seek? Dive into this captivating tale that delves into the complexities of love, trust, and healing.


Seducing Mr. Right (Love Notes Book 1) by Danielle Burton

What would you do to attain the life you’ve always dreamt of? 

For Toni, the answer is simple: anything.

Growing up in foster care, she’s had to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of stability in her life. But six years after aging out of the system, she’s sick and tired of just scraping by.

She’s determined to claw her way up out of the gutter. By any means necessary.

Her mark: Wealthy widower, Jordan Holloway.

Her plan: Full proof.

A grieving single father needs a nanny after all.

A year after burying his wife, Jordan is no closer to moving on from the loss.

Between running a billion-dollar corporation and navigating single fatherhood, has hasn’t had a whole lot of time to process.

The suspicious circumstances surrounding his late wife’s death hasn’t made that any easier.

With the help of his new nanny, he’ll finally have the time to get his mind together. He hopes.

But secrets began to surface, and he questions not only if he ever truly knew his wife, but also the woman caring for his children.

Secrets, lies, manipulation aren’t a great start to any relationship.

Will Toni be able to untwist the web of deceit she’s built?
And will Jordan ever be willing to trust his heart with anyone again?


About Last Night (Peachtree Cove) by Synithia Williams

Falling for her brother’s best friend was never part of the plan…

Single mom Joanne Wilson’s dream is finally coming true. After years of struggling, she’s opening up her own beauty salon and her stress levels are through the roof. So when her little brother flakes out on helping her prepare for the grand-opening party, she’s about to snap…until he sends Devante, his best friend, in his place. Love ’em and leave ’em—that’s what they say about Devante, and drama is the last thing Joanne needs right now. So why, after just one touch, is her heart racing?

Devante Thompson has had a crush on Joanne ever since they were kids. And now that she’s finally free, it’s his chance. But when they’re caught sharing a breathless kiss during her grand-opening party, everyone in town starts talking…and Joanne is furious. She’s worked too hard to lose everything for one reckless—and unforgettable—moment. But Devante is determined to prove to Joanne that he’s ready to be her man and he won’t let her go without a fight.


King of Death: A Dark Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance (A Demon’s Rule Book 2) by LeeSha McCoy

The twins, Queen Serephine and King Rahmirus have reconciled and tied their souls after almost a century spent apart, but now the race to regain control of Hell before The Creator arrives must begin.

Lord Queth has discovered a new weapon that could ensure his victory against the pair, but someone’s about to break free of his realm, and the strength of their magic could put all his plans in jeopardy.

Will he be able to see them through in time to prove to The Creator he is worthy of his own world and twin, or will all of Hell discover the secrets he’s been hiding and finally see him for who he truly is?


91′ (The Kendall Family Book 2) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Everything isn’t always smoke and mirrors in this world. Just know what side you stand on when your dealing with me.


CRYSTALIZED Love : A Moore Sisters Story (The Moore Sisters of Center City Book 4) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

The Moore sisters couldn’t stop staring at Crystal’s engagement ring. Messiah proposed and placed the ring on her finger three days earlier and it was not just flawless but the biggest diamond they ever saw. He never said how many carats and she didn’t ask, though Rose certainly did.

“Ro, I don’t know. It’s gorgeous, I love him and it and in six months we are getting married.” Crystal said, holding up her hand and staring at her rock. Diamond glanced at Rose who looked genuinely thrilled for her sister. Several months ago things would have been different but Rose was wearing her own rock and wedding band. Three months earlier Reggie took her and their girls to Hawaii and said marry me here with just the four of them. They returned to move into their new home.

“It is. Crystal, you deserve it.” Rose said and Crystal’s eyes filled. They had come a long way in the last year, all of them. Crystal was now the director of nursing, Diamond’s cake business was flourishing and Rose worked for Aura Felipe and the Mayor’s office with a team of four which she led.

“The Moore Sisters are doing things.” Diamond said. She poked out her lips and started bopping her shoulders, Rose and Crystal joined her.


Because I Love You by A’Zayler

After witnessing the unlikely love story of his older sister Logan, mama’s-boy-turned-dope boy, Egypt, is doing his best to accept the fact that he wouldn’t be able to run forever. After losing his mother and ever sense of belonging that he’d ever had, Egypt has become a lover of the streets and nothing more.

Outside of his best friend Auto, and respected gang leader BB, Egypt has love for nothing or no one. If it wasn’t about his sister, his gang, or his money, Egypt didn’t have time to entertain the joys of life, women being one of his biggest casualties. He was young and on the come up. The last thing he had time for was for was falling in love. 

Unfortunately, hood prostitute, Dream had other things in mind. She may have been around the block a few times too many, but not even that could deter her from the love she had for Egypt. Sure, they’d been hating each other for years, but even he knew that was all a façade to cover up how she made him feel.

With a well-made up mind, and a spitfire attitude, Dream allowed Egypt to do everything in his power to avoid her until one day he finally allows his truest feelings to be revealed. If there’s ever been a love story that should have never been told, it was theirs. At least that was what they’d thought, until giving their hearts a chance to stitch together in the most imperfect way.


Between Me & You: A Layton Grove Novelette by Thee Tasha Marie

Off limits.

Those are two words Q & Aubree overlooked as they stumbled into something neither of them expected to last as long as it has. But, when it comes to matters of the heart and keeping it real, nobody else needs to be in the mix anyway. “Whatever happens, wherever this sh*t leads us, it’s strictly between me and you.”


Better Late Than Never 2: An African American Christian Romance by Neesh Santiago

Kenzie and Karl believe they are a match made in heaven, but powerful forces conspire to tear them apart.

In this gripping tale, their love faces relentless challenges, testing their bond to the core. Will they triumph against all odds, or will their love story be the first to crumble?

Follow their journey as they navigate a labyrinth of passion, longing, and heartache. Each page unveils the depth of their emotions and the indomitable spirit that fuels their fight.

Can love truly conquer all, or will they become a tragic symbol of its defeat? This poignant book intertwines the endurance of love and the resilience of the human spirit, leaving readers with the eternal question:

Will Kenzie and Karl’s love prevail, or will they become a testament to love’s ultimate failure?


Through the Storm (The True Love Novellas Book 4) by Renee Allen McCoy

He calms the storm, so that its waves are still. ~Psalm 107:29

Zachary Maxwell has had his life planned out since freshman year in high school. He would be educated as an architectural engineer, drafted by the NFL, and marry the woman of his dreams. And it all happened in that order.

Suddenly thrust out of the spotlight often shared with his twin brother, Zachary is sidelined with an injury dreaded by professional athletes. He is further challenged when his past threatens the future of his family.

Will Zachary learn how to totally surrender to God’s direction, despite what it may cost him?

Through the Storm is the fourth book in The True Love Novellas series, featuring the Maxwell Family.


Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars by N’Tyse and Untamed

Profoundly moving and nostalgic, Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars is a searing exploration of soul ties, love scars, second-chance romance, and the healing power of forgiveness. Inspired by real events, Soldiers is soul-stirring and perfect for fans of Seven Days in June and Before I Let Go.

Liberty Mae Banks was her birth name, yet Zion called her Mrs. Forever . . .

It took years and fistfuls of tears for Liberty to convince herself that Zion Malik Mitchell had been a figment of her imagination. She’d suppressed every memory to lessen the burn—and because it’s the proper thing to do once you’ve become another man’s wife. Now the mother, wife, and #SoldiersofLove relationship columnist for Love & Lifestylemagazine finds herself in a heartfelt tug of war when her childhood sweetheart, Zion, resurfaces.

For Zion, Liberty had always been his peace and the one who got away. He needed her more than he was ever willing to admit, and while it’s often said that time heals all wounds, all time had done for Zion was rob him of a future with the love of his life. When tragedy strikes, Zion’s freedom is left hanging in the balance as he awaits sentencing. Plagued with guilt and fear, there’s only one person he trusts to help him through his most arduous battle ever—Liberty.

Will Liberty sacrifice her picture-perfect life and rush to Zion’s side in hopes of healing and setting them both free, or will resurrecting their war-torn past open a Pandora’s box neither will be able to close?


Second Time’s the Charm: A Sexy Second Chance Reunion Romance (Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws Book 5) by Brenda Jackson

Years ago, family tore them apart. Will sweet revenge lead to a second chance? Find out in the latest from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson!

This one chance at revenge may be their second chance at love

Part-time rancher and world-renowned musician Dylan Emanuel never forgot his college romance with Charm Outlaw. Nor the pain of their sudden break-up and her father’s demands to stay away. So when they cross paths on vacation, Dylan can’t resist inviting her to his ranch—and Charm can’t resist a little seductive payback. But sun-soaked days melt into fiery nights, leaving Charm caught by her own desire. Will revenge lead to a second chance…or the truth about what really happened the first time around?


Her Secret Billionaire: A Flirty Fish Out of Water Romance (Six Gems Book 2) by Yahrah St. John

Being attracted to a stranger is risky—especially when his true identity is hidden by amnesia. Passion burns in Yahrah St. John’s next installment in the Six Gems series.

He didn’t remember his identity or his past, but he was everything her body craved…

Chef Egypt Cox is flattered when a handsome stranger raves about her restaurant. But before their sizzling attraction can ignite, he’s attacked—and left with amnesia! Egypt still doesn’t know who Garrett is, but their chemistry is off the charts…as are the nights he spends in her bed. But when Egypt discovers her mystery lover is none other than corporate shark Garrett Forrester—and his secrets may threaten their newfound connection…


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New Release Round-Up June 26th – July 2nd

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