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Embers (The Firecracker Cousins Book 3) by A.H. Cunningham

One hot night at Carnival changes everything.

Aayala Campbell and Malik Johnson had known each other since high school, their friendship lasting decades. One fateful October night during Carnival, Aayala decided to let loose, but she never dreamed her best friend would be the man to set her world on fire or that it would change her life forever.

Now the consequence of that night has the cutest cheeks Aayala’s ever laid eyes on, and after giving birth, she’s ready to reclaim herself and her passion for photography. If only her mother could be a reliable babysitter, instead of leaving her stranded with a new baby and all these new feelings…

Malik returned to the merchant marines for his next tour weighted by many responsibilities, none bigger than Aayala and his unborn child. The more time he spends away, the more he realizes there is more to life than his job. 

When Malik comes home from his tour ready to co-parent, Aayala is hesitant to depend on him. His work was his life, and he’ll be gone in six months. She tries to keep her distance and focus on her new photography commission, but the embers left behind from that night are about to start a fire…


Fixing Us (Phillips Family Series Book 4) by Honesty Price

Fixing Us, book 4 of the Phillips Family Series, is the conclusion of Isaiah and Briana’s story. Life pushed them apart, but one of them is determined to pull them back together. Is love enough to fix their broken hearts?


Imperfect Love by Tay Mo’Nae

Dior moves to a new city for a fresh start. After losing her mom at a young age and dealing with the scars left behind, she struggles with more than skin-deep insecurities. 
Enzo is rebuilding his life after being released from prison. As a successful business owner, he’s ready to settle down and start something real. 
When he and Dior collide, the two instantly feel a spark, but Enzo doesn’t realize that Dior is more damaged than what meets the eye. Will he be able to help her out of her shell and show her what real love looks like?

Dakota and Sawyer have been on and off for a while now. While Sawyer is sure Dakota is where he wants to be, she holds doubts. He doesn’t know how to set boundaries with his child’s mother and it causes issues in his present relationship. When he’s threatened with the loss of Dakota for good, Sawyer realizes it’s time to make some changes, the only issue is it may be too late. 

Join these two couples on a journey of Imperfect Love and see how the ride plays out in the end.


I’m The Remedy (The Berotte Family Book 4) by Monica Walters

Shyrón Berotte has always been the one to handle things. Although he’s the middle child, he takes protecting his family seriously. Since he’s a lawyer, it makes that feat a little easier to accomplish. He knows his way around the law, even when the law can’t seem to protect those he loves. While he has one foot on the other side of it, his driving force is the love he has for his family. So, when he realizes his sister’s best friend is in a bad predicament, he doesn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. His attraction to her only makes things more intense since she already has a boyfriend.

Brittany Davis is where she wants to be in her nursing career. Financially, she’s in an okay place and her life is stable. However, her love life is stressing her out and she’s been wallowing in what seems to be a loveless relationship for months. Her passive demeanor and big heart has her hanging on to a commitment she should have long ago let go of. When her best friend’s brother propositions her, she doesn’t know how to proceed. Although she’s been attracted to him for some time, she’s hesitant because of her circumstance at home.

Shyrón refuses to take no for an answer and that causes things to turn volatile. His forwardness and somewhat controlling behavior bother Brittany, because she doesn’t want to be in the same type of relationship she’s trying to get out of. Will Brittany be able to let go of the fear from her past to explore her future, or will Shyrón’s aggressiveness run her off before the exploration can begin?


Sinful Redemption: A Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 2) by Asia Monique

Luca Moretti

My family was my driving force.

Everything I did was to uphold the Moretti name, to prove to my father that he could step down in peace.

But I was hiding my true nature behind an easy smile and forced control.

Then, I met her and she wanted me whole, not part of me, but all of me.

Galina Whitlock hadn’t been what I was searching for, but she was the redemption I never knew I needed.

Galina Whitlock

My mother was my driving force.

She sacrificed her life so that I could have mine.

Everything I did was to write the wrongs of the healthcare system that failed her.

I thought I had it all figured out, but then I met him, and everything I thought I knew began to unravel right before my eyes.

Luca Moretti wormed his way into my life and heart, and now I needed him to help me pick up the pieces that were always meant to be shattered.

Note: Sinful Redemption is book two of four in the mafia misfits series and can be read as a standalone. This story includes depictions of violence; may be sensitive for some readers.


The Prodigy 2: Rise of a Queen (Family Ties) by Shae Sanders

Secrets don’t keep long in Georgia heat…

The Windermeres are in shambles, and Jakari is doing everything he can to keep it all from unraveling. His biggest concern? Malika. He’s carrying a secret that could destroy the life he’s building with her.

Malika’s thriving, or so she believes, but there’s someone out there who has it out for her. As she slips further and further into her role in the Windermere family, she doesn’t realize how much power she has…or how much danger she’s in.

Can their relationship survive when the secrets come to light?

***This is book 2 of the Family Ties series. You should read book 1 first. This book does not end on a cliffhanger, but the story will continue…


Resurrection: The Black Mafia Finale (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 10) by B. Love

In the Black Mayhem Mafia finale, life ends, loyalties are tested, hearts are broken, and love is restored. Vixen, Outlaw, and Pressure are thrown into the mix, and an unsuspecting enemy drops in and shakes things up for the entire family. Just when they thought it was safe to let their guards down and relax in their happily ever after’s, they are in for the shock of their lives. Broken, the mafia only has one choice—to rebuild things bigger and better than they’ve ever been before.


Loving Majesty by Riley Baxter

Eternal heartbreak.

Grief brings these things. These things are definitely too much at times, triggering darkness to enter and light to simmer out. Without realizing it, grief can lead to bitterness, causing one to live blindly, simply just existing.

This is the position that the gorgeous and single Majesty Carpenter finds herself in… endless grief. She moves through life with her family, friends, and her job, but is she really living or just existing? However, during one of her frequent visits to her mother’s grave, Majesty stumbles on something that can turn her incessant pain into unrelenting pleasure.

Zachariah Peaks is a very handsome, caring man that works as a motivational speaker and trainer for foster care youths and foster care parents. Zachariah finds himself in a similar position as Majesty, having lost his father at an early age. He definitely feels the loss of his father but is grateful for his uncle stepping up to the plate. However, one visit leaves him shaken, confused, and dumbfounded in the most bewildering and pleasurable way, changing his life forever. Will Zachariah be ready for this change? Or will he run from it?

A chance meeting at the cemetery. Grieving hearts connecting. Existing souls bonding. Interchangeable lives linking. Although grief can be overbearing, it can also connect people, forming unimaginable bonds and relationships. Zachariah and Majesty learn that there is life after death and that love can happen at the most inopportune time and found in unexpected places. Can they conquer these challenging times in their lives and let the light of love overtake their once darkened composition?


A Love So Sweet by Mya

Everybody remembers their first love. The sweaty palms, the increased heart rate, and the butterflies in the stomach. Sugar Peters and George “Geo” Daniels knew they were soulmates at a very young age. When everybody around them said it wouldn’t last, they didn’t allow the negativity to ruin their happy romance.

When the two of them are faced with their first big obstacle, it seems like nothing can save the love. If true love really exists, it will always find a way to reunite soulmates. For Sugar and Geo, will their love stand the test of time, or will this be another distant memory as time goes on?


Then Let’s Fck About It by Grey Huffington

It started with a direct message that landed her directly on his dick.


In the Midst of Justice by Dandridge Monroe

Two sides of the same coin…but with two different views on what defines justice.

Jani Diallo, ESQ
To the world he is cold, calculating and a beast in the courtroom. Launched into the public eye because of a tragedy, Jani attempts to keep his eyes on the prize: destroying everyone who ever crossed his family. He learned early that he needed to game the system so it would bend to his will. But what happens when he tries those same tactics on a woman he shouldn’t look twice at?

Officer Avery Jenkins
Police work is a family tradition. One she had always been proud of. Until situations happen in multiple places that force her to look at the institution she has always held in the highest regard with a new eye. Her inability to conform to the status quo leaves her on the outs and she finds solace in the one place she shouldn’t: with an enemy of the police. The same man she should avoid is the one she can’t help but be attracted to. What will become her priority? Her position, or her passion?

Twin flames drawn together by circumstance, but the sparks that are created by their initial meetings only increase their desire, leaving each one wanting more of the other.

Can he reconcile that the woman he wants is more than just her job? Can she look past the brass warning her away from him and his family? These two could be the instruments of major change in their small corner of the world, and those who thrive in the darkness will do anything to keep them apart. Will the love they share be enough to keep them safe from a world that doesn’t want either of them to shine? Or will those with secrets to hide be able to silence this couple before their true potential is reached?


Power: The Billionaire Bae (The Billionaire Bae Series Book 3) by Amber Ghe

She was a jilted bride, he was a hothead, and they were both in the wrong story.

POWER: I took my job as the CSO, Chief Security Officer of Clover Root, highly seriously. Without a hitch, we’d transported thousands of dollars directly to the Federal Reserve for several years.

However, after a slip up with a security breach, I realized I needed to take some time off. After grabbing my backpack and lid, I hit the road with nothing but freedom on my mind.

Until a runaway bride in Vegas jumped on my bike and demanded my lid and my heart.

Right when I needed someone to protect.

ASPEN: I was a jilted bride. The dirty bum informed me by text an hour before the wedding was supposed to start. When our mothers threw their purses on the ground to fight each other, I knew I had to escape that place.

Running with no plan in mind, I hiked up my dress and hopped on a man’s motorcycle sitting at the light.

I needed a hero to save me, even if only for one night.

Even though we were on the same frequency, I thought I’d never see him again.

But now, our stories were intertwined.


Sweeter Than Honey (Honey Hill Book 2) by Joy Avery

A talented baker and a small-town sheriff forced into a fake relationship decide whether to take a chance on love in this delectable romance from Joy Avery.

Baker extraordinaire Rylee Harris has a recipe for everything—except love. It’s been five years since she lost her husband, but romance is still a struggle for Rylee. In her small hamlet of Honey Hill, North Carolina, Rylee knows she’ll be the talk of the town when she finds someone new.

To ease her mother’s worries about her love life, Rylee impulsively invents a fake relationship with the only man who’s caught her eye: the town sheriff, Canten Barnes. It’s supposed to be a secret, but secrets don’t last long in Honey Hill. One bit of gossip leads to another, and soon the whole town thinks Rylee and Canten are an item.

As Rylee and Canten embark on a make-believe relationship to save face, they slowly realize that their feelings for each other aren’t fake at all. Can Rylee and Canten keep the charade going—or will the town’s prized baker and respected lawman take a real chance on love?


Lil’ Baby Don’t Play by Wynta Tyme

Hyghly and Camaro De Leon are one of Chicago’s most influential couples. The streets have pledged their undying loyalty to them, while the rich will do whatever to stay in their good graces. It’s to be expected seeing as the married couple operate one of the largest arms dealing businesses in America.

They’re surrounded by fast flowing cash, fast cars, and jewelry from all around the world, but it wasn’t always that way. Hyghly remembers her days of being poor, crack houses, and the days her stomach would touch her back, while the days of struggling are a distant memory for Camaro. Their love and loyalty started in the trenches, and forever by Hyghly’s side, is a motto ingrained in his veins.

However, for one envious bystander, he refuses to let Hyghly forget. She took something from him, and he’ll stop at nothing to make sure she loses everything.


Storms of Love by Mya Kay

Ellie Rae McNeal, a hair stylist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, has been the head stylist on a Hollywood romantic comedy for the last four months. With just two months left, Ellie has found herself growing more attached to one of the cast members – a little girl named, Zoe Mattison. Her bright, four-year-old smile connects with Ellie’s heart day-after-day – especially when she jumps in Ellie’s chair, sassily demanding a ponytail here or streak of color there.

And then, there’s Jeremiah Lewis, a charming businessman, with respect, finesse, and class. After Ellie accidentally dents his truck with her car door, their Philadelphia and Hollywood connection comes to the surface and Jeremiah lets Ellie off with a wink and a promise for lunch.

Over the next several months, Ellie quickly realizes that Jeremiah and Zoe aren’t just strangers she stumbled upon – they were orchestrated into her life by God. The more time she spends with Jeremiah, and later, when she reconnects with Zoe, she learns to accept the idea that love doesn’t always come riding in on waves of ‘I love you’ and a bed of roses. Sometimes, most times, love comes crashing in, touching the pain in your life in ways that will make you desire more of it and run from it at the same time.

What will Ellie do when Zoe and Jeremiah start to peel back layers of her childhood trauma just by providing the very thing she never had – unconditional love? Will Ellie lean into the way God answered her prayers for love or will she turn her blessings over to the voice of fear?


A Stud in Stilettos by Joi Miner

Unlucky in her own love life, Cienna Brooks had turned her love of love into a successful business, Queen of Hearts Matchmaking Service, Atlanta’s premier LGBTQ dating company. She’d put her heart and soul into it, ever since ending things with her fiancée Sheyna, who had almost cost her everything, including her freedom. Cienna had sworn off love until… it, or she, came walking into her office.

Sheyna Sampson had been with Cienna since she was a nerdy freshman afraid to come out for fear of what others might think. She’d turned her into the woman that she was and invested everything into her business. Yes, she’d cheated, and sometimes had to get Cienna in line, but she never thought she would leave, or get her locked up. Now, she planned to get back everything that was hers, Cienna and Queen of Hearts, by any means necessary.

Cienna just wanted to live and love. But it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for her. Love is tricky and navigating it to put perfect couples together is what Cienna does best. But, who can trust a Queen of Hearts who can’t keep her own life together? Will the Queen of Hearts find herself trumped by a bigger hand that she didn’t even know was at play? She’s facing a Royal Flush of crooked cops, a Kingpin, Hitwoman, and a Lovesick Dime Piece. Cienna may have to learn, the hard way that, even though she loves love, love don’t love nobody.


Elevated Inferno: Monet’s Moment (First Responder Fairytales Book 1) by Carlotta Ardell

Monet Parker wasn’t a sucker for a man in uniform. Even if he was a firefighter with dimples deep enough to swim in and ebony skin painted by the gods.

She was just trying to get her dream internship and prepare herself for a career in social robotics. She had no idea how her life would change with the simple push of a button.

When the elevator taking her to her interview at Real World Robotics stops, Monet isn’t sure if she will live, let alone make her interview. She’s rescued by Rhys Banks: the gorgeous hunk of a fireman. As much as their magnetism is palpable, Monet is trying to ignore her feelings. Focusing on her career and navigating her chaotic family drama is more than enough excitement for her. Still, it’s hard to ignore #FiremanBae when her sister is hosting an Instagram Live video of the rescue and getting the whole internet buzzing.

What happens when the internet becomes a third wheel in Monet’s love life? What happens when past hurts, career goals, and family baggage are in conflict with their desires? Will these distractions win out and quash the elevated inferno? Can Monet have it all, including love?


Dance For Me: A Lesbian Romance (Hot Stepmom Summer Book 3) by M.L. Sexton

Jessamyn is a single mom and professional dancer/choreographer. She’s gearing up for the shooting of Milani Fae, a famed Houston rapper, new music video.
Sydney is a Lieutenant at the local fire department and trying to navigate her relationship with Khoralyn. She’s also Jessamyn’s best friend and is madly in love with her.
When a life or death situation brings them together, can they withstand the flames that threaten to burn their newfound relationship, or will their friendship burn to the ground?

Book 3 in the Hot Stepmom Summer series is a friend’s to lovers romance.


Receiving Jason’s Love: A Christian friends-to-love marriage-of-convenience romance (The Grande Pearl Book 2) by Naima Joseph

Best friends don’t get married.

Jason Downing enjoys his role as protector and good-natured torturer of his prickly childhood best friend, Sophia.

They have an uncomplicated relationship with clearly drawn lines that are never crossed.

Until a near-death experience forces him to re-examine his life. Now he is struggling with uncomfortable feelings: a battle with PTSD, a yearning to know Jesus . . . and a love for Sophia that’s been quietly blooming.

Unless it’s for convenience.

As the daughter of a housekeeper, Sophia Velasquez grew up with one goal: Never again be poor. To secure a vote for CEO and her financial future, Sophia accepts a marriage proposal from the man she’s always been in love with, but who doesn’t love her back.

That turns to love.

Jason and Sophia find themselves on a friends-to-love, marriage-of-convenience journey that will change their outlook on faith, life, and each other. Can they surrender what was to embrace the promise of what could be?

Receiving Jason’s Love is book 2 of the sweet Christian romance series, The Grande Pearl.


Buried in Her Essence by Cherish Amore

What happens when what you have no longer suits your needs? When everything you feel you could ever want is presented to you, what will you do?

For Nahari, life is going fine. Nothing is really wrong, but nothing is exactly right for her either. The dreams she once had have slipped away, and she finds herself moving from day to day lacking two very important things—excitement and fulfillment.

Yurell is making strides to get everything he wants, regardless of his introverted demeanor. Life has been rather sweet to him, not having to go through any significant struggles… until meeting Nahari.

Becoming buried in something can either protect you or suffocate you. What happens when love does both?


Falling For Rome by Leigha Simmons-Greene

Keeping secrets and dimming her light to make room for her sister’s oversized ego have become as natural to Sage as exhaling. She thought she’d made peace with it. She thought she’d learned to navigate the shadows as a matter of survival. She thought that as long as she was able to lose herself in the melodies of her music, she was comfortable there. Or so she made herself believe.

When Rome Mathers saunters into a recording session, she soon realizes that existing in the margins isn’t enough. Rome is equal parts street swagger and savvy businessman. Despite the odds, his intense intellect catapulted him from a gritty Bronx neighborhood to the upper echelons of the music industry. And yet, there are those who still expect and anticipate his failure. He is a living, breathing contradiction, and somehow, while making moves to solidify his position, it becomes his mission to draw Sage out of the shadows.

Along the way, she will face betrayal, threats, and menace. But she won’t bend this time. She’s tired of suppressing her ambitions, her desires, and her dignity to appease her family. She’s finally ready to shed the baggage that was never hers to carry.

In the midst of her battle to break free, Rome becomes her place of solace and discovery. As for him, he sees a future in her soul stirring brown eyes. Neither of them ever imagined that their romance would become . . . everything.


After Hours Temptation: An opposites attract, workplace romance (404 Sound Book 3) by Kianna Alexander

In the high-stakes world of hip-hop, these opposites work hard and play harder as Kianna Alexander’s 404 Sound series continues.

From the recording studio to the bedroom,

he’s hitting all the right notes…

Renowned sound engineer Teagan Woodson prides herself on maintaining her professionalism. But guitarist Maxton McCoy challenges all her self-imposed boundaries. He’s too talented, too sexy…and too off-limits! Which is only confirmed when their innocent flirtation becomes an all-consuming affair and emotional demons from their past are resurrected. Soon Maxton’s fear of losing Teagan the way he tragically lost his sister threatens everything—including their album. Are they destined to become hip-hop’s latest power couple…or just a one-hit wonder?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the 404 Sound series:

Book 1: After Hours Redemption
Book 2: After Hours Attraction
Book 3: After Hours Temptation


The Princess He Must Marry (Passionately Ever After… Book 6) by Jadesola James

He doesn’t want to be king, but he does want her! Jadesola James captivates with this marriage-of-convenience romance. A twist on the classic fairy tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.”

The princess he needs… 

The wife he wants! 

Spare heir Prince Akil Al-Hamri’s plan is simple: conveniently wed Princess Tobi Obatola, gain his inheritance and escape the prison of his royal life forever. Then they’ll go their separate ways. It’s going well, until he finds himself undeniably attracted to his innocent new bride! But claiming his freedom means letting Tobi go…

When disaster strikes, Akil becomes king and requires his queen by his side. But after he abandoned their chemistry on their wedding night, will Tobi agree to be his wife…for real this time?

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds


Single by Cheryl Robinson

She’s single and not interested in dating. Sheena Gaskin hasn’t had a romantic relationship in over a decade and isn’t planning to have one now. Now she, along with her devoted dog, are making a fresh start—relocating to a Fort Worth, Texas, suburb and leaving family drama behind. A quick scan of a few familiar Facebook profiles reveals her peers celebrating major milestones like wedding anniversaries and sending kids off to college. But the never-married Sheena finds contentment and peace being single.

He’s single and dating. Linton Oliver has most everything he’s ever wanted, except a life companion. He’s a fiftysomething, controversial YouTube star who’s dealing with a persistent cancel culture. He still carries around bitterness from his divorce years ago, but he hasn’t given up on finding his better half. And his neighbor Sheena has caught his eye.

Sheena insists she’s happy, and Linton contends his life needs someone else to share it with. Linton knows exactly what’s missing from his life, and Sheena can’t quite put her finger on the something—or someone—missing from hers.


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New Release Round-Up June 27th-July 3rd

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