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It Takes More Than Love by Kay Shanee

Harlowe Baylor is in control of her life and chief protector of her heart. After her first love proved he was unworthy, she moved on. What she didn’t expect was to fall fast and hard for another man so quickly. However, being who she is, a tough decision has to be made and goodbye is on the table, but not before they created something beautiful.

Quinn Parker has always struggled with his definition of love. When the one woman that had his heart rips it out of his chest, he’s convinced his definition of love doesn’t matter, and is done trying to figure it out.

When Harlowe and Quinn are reunited, fear and the need for forgiveness come to the forefront. Sparks fly, nevertheless. Still, there’s secrets and insecurities that won’t stay in the background. Although they are convinced the love is genuine and true, discovering it will take more than love to make it gives them both more than they bargained for.


Just A Friend by AshleyNicole

Oh baby, you…
Being the only girl in a group of guys is hard work. It’s the equivalent to having multiple fathers who think they can dictate every detail of your life.
Harlowe’s been dealing with it for years, but as of late, she’s been wanting to venture out and find love. As expected, the guys think this is a terrible idea. That’s all well and good, but Harlowe is going to do it anyway.
Before she can, one of her guys starts looking at her differently, and she can’t help but look back.
Will they transition into lovers, or will he remain just a friend?


Implied Consent (Hearts Consent Book 1) by K.C. Mills

Gray Jordan, former Chargers quarterback and franchise player, learned a lot of tough lessons throughout his career. However, the worst of all was that no amount of money and fame can protect your heart. After a very public scandal, he quietly walked away from the one thing he loved the most: football.

Skylar Addison is one of the best sports attorneys in the city, so when the firm she worked for “reallocated” her out of a job, she felt as if the rug had been snatched from up under her. Finding out that her ex had her terminated after she decided that she no longer wanted to be in a relationship, only made matters worse.

After a pity party at a local bar and grill, Skylar found herself falling for the type of man she swore she would never think twice about, because after years of cleaning up their careless mistakes, Skylar knew with certainty that pro-athletes and their philandering ways were a fast track to a broken heart.

Unfortunately, sometimes the universe has its own agenda and tests your resolve. There was no resisting Gray Jordan, and Skylar finds herself fighting a losing battle by trying to deny her heart. Gray has his hands full with a woman that proves to be his greatest challenge as of yet, but they both have to get out of their heads in order to prevent missing out on a good thing.

*This is a Standalone novel*


Whenever, Wherever, Whatever: A Romance Suspense Novella by Wynta Tyme

Thirty-year-old Holland Strokes was thrust into a lifestyle she had no idea existed after she said the words I do. Her life now is all about glamour, keeping up with the Joneses, and knowing at all times when to stay quiet and submit. The only thing that keeps her focus, besides the allotted time she’s awarded away from her chaotic life, are the pottery lessons she teaches. That’s until a mystery fellow joins her class with the skill and passion of an omega man, but the heart of an alpha.

Thirty-six-year-old Flyte Tyme had always lived a lowkey lifestyle. He’s seen before heard and an undying gentleman. His job as a travelling bartender adds more than enough excitement for ten people. The routine was the same every day, until he’s forced to take full responsibility for his son with a disorder. One recommendation, and in walks a brown-skinned beauty equipped with the skills to help his son and his healing heart, with the swirl of her pottery mix. 

Both Holland and Flyte find shelter and love when their hands embrace in the pottery mix, as they hide out from the real world. However, Holland’s disappearing acts take a toll on him, and before Flyte knows it, he’s thrust into the dark and secretive lifestyle of hers. Will Flyte’s view of Holland change? Can he accept only part of her? The baggage that Holland carries is a balanced breakfast of trouble and peril, while their love is on a steady down slope of doom. Will they crash and survive, or will their collision be all that she wrote?


JIREH by K. Yvette

Can you love him through it all?
The good, the bad and the ugly.
JIREH is the prelude to a love story. 
K. Yvette’s debut release, Living Single is now available on Amazon.
Be sure to check out Inhale and Exhale!


On My Own by A.S. Wilson

When a career-ending injury sends NFL-player Deshaud Pierce into a downward spiral, his friend Grayson Edwards is the person on whom he relies. Deshaud bounces back, starting up his own talent agency, and he is happy to do a favor for his friend Grayson when he asks him to give his girlfriend Kendra Knox a job at the Pierce Agency. Grayson and Kendra’s relationship crumbles, but Kendra flourishes in her position.

It seems that nothing will stop her from building the life of her dreams, until it all turns into a nightmare. Someone is leaving notes and gifts for her and declaring his undying love with every token of his affection. He already has access to her home, but he also wants access to her heart. Deshaud leaps into action, once he finds out that his star employee is in danger. In his effort to protect her, he finds it harder and harder to think of her as “just” an employee or his friend’s ex. He’s starting to see his future in her.

Will Deshaud and Kendra’s bond survive, or will the looming threat put an end to their story before it truly begins?


The World Is Mine (The Path To The Throne Book 3) by Roy Glenn

Things had never come easy for hedge fund manager, Payton Cummings, and it had driven her to be the best at everything she did. She had the strength of will, the determination, and the stunning good looks to take her to the top. But being the best can get boring and it led her to seek excitement; being an adrenaline junkie led her to take greater and greater risks to satisfy her addiction. High risk, high reward. She and some of her adrenaline junkie friends had found something that made things like rock climbing, cliff jumping, and skydiving seem mundane. But what really got Payton’s blood pumping, and at times seemed like the ultimate risk, was her involvement with Baby Chris Arcus, an enforcer for Jackie Washington; a captain in Mike Black’s Family.
Most of the men that I meet are puppies that are scared of their own shadow. And they are definitely scared of me. But not you. You’re not afraid of me, are you?
When things go terribly wrong with her other recent addiction, Payton finds out that some things aren’t worth the risk, and that in times like those, it’s good to have a heavily armed man that’s not afraid of anything.
After defeating her enemies with the help of The Four Kings, Barbara Ray had established herself and solidified her position in The Family. Following the assassination of Ivory Sullivan, Jackie gave Sweet Nectar to Barbara as a reward, and a way to ensure that she had the muscle that she desperately needed. But she’ll have to prove that she is worthy of their loyalty.


Love’s Octagon by Mel Dau

Flemming Marie Anderson just wants to have her son, be loved, successful, and happy. She thought she had that in the bag when she moved from California to North Carolina, but life has a funny way of humbling you. After the decision of someone else affects everything in her life, she has to learn how to pick up the pieces and be okay for her and her baby boy. When a knight in African-Polynesian armor comes to save her during a mommy meltdown, will he be able to save her from her broken heart as well?

They say if you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans. Well, God is having a hearty laugh at Flemming but like always, His promises are absolute. Will Flemming allow God to bless her cup until it overflows, or will the lid be placed on the cup prematurely?


DAMIEN: A Brown Silk Novel by Taisha S. Ryan

U.S. Army soldier, Damien ‘DJ’ Jr. vowed to carve his own path. Be the upstanding man his late father never was.
But when a disturbing truth about himself is revealed, DJ is discharged from the Army and forced to face the brutal reality—he and his father are more alike than he imagined.
Searching for answers, he ventures off to Miami to meet the one man who knew his father the most. Frankie Peters. His estranged godfather that he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. But DJ’s mission goes awry when he finds himself wrapped in a passionate love affair with Frankie’s precious daughter, the beautiful—and married—Layla Adams. All the while, battling vicious demons he can’t seem to escape. When an unexpected revelation alters his world as he knows it, DJ soon realizes only he has the power to save himself.
He just has to find a way.

Author’s Note: *This is a spin-off of ‘Brown Silk’. Although it is advised that you read Brown Silk beforehand, this could be read as a stand-alone as well.*


More Than Words by Ashantay Keys

The open road. A simple bet and an alluring voice. 

Sometimes it isn’t always what you say…but what it sounds like when you say it.


All The Cowboy Wants (The Bennett Family Series Book 4) by Rhonda McKnight

He has something she needs.

She has something he wants.

Neither expected the complication called love.

Journalist Addison Ingram has yearned for more serious bylines and being assigned to interview Stone Bennett of the upcoming “Bachelors of Atlanta” series isn’t a part of her plan. She loathes rich, entitled men like Stone but interviewing him is a means to even meatier stories. However, Stone is not the man she thought he was and that discovery could lead to more than she bargained for.

Stone Bennett wrangles horses and women but he never gets attached. No woman has held his attention for more than a night and he doesn’t expect things to be any different with Addison Ingram. Then he hires her as a ghostwriter for his passion project and the chemistry between them makes him yearn for more than a business relationship. Stone thought he didn’t need love, but will he discover Addison’s heart is what he wants?

This is a novel length sweet romance.

Each book in the Bennett Familyseries is a standalone story, but will be enjoyed if read in order of publication:

  • All She Wants
  • All He Needs
  • All They Need
  • All The Cowboy Wants
  • All They Wanted


What Mackenzie Needs: A Short Love Story by Daria White

A Short Love Story
Mackenzie’s podcast career is taking off! She encourages single women and men in self love, but has yet to fix her own love life. Her typical picks with men include doctors, lawyers, and even professional athletes. Mackenzie frequents a coffee shop every morning with no clue that the waiter behind the counter has his eye on her. He’s not her preference, but is he what she needs?
When the moment of truth presents itself, Mackenzie must choose. What’s worse? The pain of regret or giving something new a chance?


Love Slipped In by W Parks Brigham

Melvin Fowler and Senitra Winn attended the same high school. With Senitra being a couple of years older, they ran in two different cliques. That didn’t stop Melvin from making a nuisance of himself, especially with the older girls. He was one of those jocks that thought he was all of that…
Ten years later they meet at Allanville’s Diamond Lounge and had a wonderful evening. Along the way they formed a strong friendship that resulted in them becoming best friends. Then she did a dumb and stupid thing, like develop feelings for fine azz Melvin Fowler. Uh-uhn, chestnut caramel skin tone, bearded face that she knew was soft to the touch, sexy dark whiskey-colored hooded eyes, pug nose, even that was cute, and inviting kissable lips. So, can you blame her? Anywhoo, they crossed the line and what do you think happened next? He did a disappearing act putting her deep in her feelings. Mmm-uhm, it’s cool, she thought until she found out about that little receipt!


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