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They Call Him Nas by K.C. Mills

Yonas “Nas” Kadir is a man of few words. He has learned the art of never showing his hand, which is a valued asset for a man who balances his life between dark and light. There’s not much he desires that isn’t as good as promised to him, which is why Dae Richardson can fight the attraction but will ultimately fall for his good looks and undeniable charm, or so he hopes.

Dae Richardson is a self made success story. Her company has paired some of the most exclusive and elite professional around the world, however she can’t seem to find the companionship she longs for to complement her luxurious lifestyle. That is, until Nas Kadir steps into her office and demands to become one of her clients for the weekend, only he doesn’t want anyone from her impressive clientele list, he wants her.

When souls collide there’s not much you can do but buckle down and prepare for the explosion, because there will definitely be fireworks!


Remedy: A Novella by D. Rose

For Regina Miles and Noah Dixon, a chance encounter while on vacation with friends is the perfect remedy to help them cope with recent heartbreaks.

Once the trip ends and the allure of having a fling in paradise wears off, will their inexplicable chemistry be enough to withstand a long distance relationship? 

Find out in Remedy.


His Royal Desire by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Prince Omari Winthrope can have anything he requests with the snap of a finger. Life as a royal provides him access to the best of everything. However, Omari desires an all-encompassing love – an endless love, pure and simple. Unfortunately, inauthentic relationships are often drawn to him because of his status. It isn’t until a friend proposes that Omari headline an event that someone catches his eye and his heart. Fiery passion to have her becomes Omari’s new life mission. 

As a small business event coordinator, the last thing Ayanna Jenkins anticipates receiving is a request to assist Prince Omari in planning the soirée of the century. The gig of a lifetime will instantly catapult her career into the stratosphere. However, when she’s pulled into his orbit, Ayanna is conflicted by the heart-throbbing attraction that spins her thoughts, swells her heart, and showers her flesh. In an attempt to remain professional, Ayanna buries her passion for the prince, but it manages to spill over, igniting a fire neither is willing to extinguish.


The Sweetest Hangover: A One Night Stand Romance by Wynta Tyme


something (such as a surviving custom) that remains from what is past

If anyone would have warned thirty-two-year April Showers about the disaster waiting to happen during the exchange of nuptials, she probably wouldn’t have shown up. Overnight, ratchetness that was usually highlighted on TV, had turned into her reality. When she becomes the new biology professor at Charles Holdings University and acquires a new place of her own, things start to look up for the part time shadow performer. That’s until she collides with her mysteriously, handsome, first floor neighbor Siege Assets. One night of mind blowing sex morphs into something she may not be ready for.


The Karma Call by Jessica Terry

Desiree Mashburn did her dirt without thinking karma would eventually come calling. But screwing over her best friend to win a man’s affections was apparently the final straw.

Her life begins going from sweet to sour fast, and worst of all, she’s lost the best friend she knows she’ll ever have in Lovey Tate. Desiree aches to reconcile, but winning Lovey’s trust back might be too tall of an order.

Lovey finally has everything she’s wanted in life, including Roland, the man she and Desiree battled over. But she has her own issues, and can’t help but question Desiree’s motives. She misses her friend, but doesn’t want to be a fool again.

But when a painful part of Desiree’s past resurfaces, she knows she needs Lovey more than ever. Can she win her trust back, or is it too little too late?


Reverence: A Second-Chance Gay Romance (The Devotion Series Book 1) by Jayce Ellis

Rasheed knew moving back to his small hometown in Virginia wouldn’t be smooth sailing, especially since he refused to so much as visit for twenty-five years, but he isn’t prepared for the level of vitriol he gets from the person he’s most anxious to see—his high school sweetheart, Percy. His best friend. His closest confidant. And the reason he’s returned.
Once upon a time, Rasheed chose his reputation over their relationship, and now, Percy makes it clear he isn’t the least bit interested in renewing their friendship, let alone anything more. Rasheed’s determined to show Percy he’s a changed man, and won’t make the same mistake twice.
But Percy’s changed, too, and as Rasheed learns more about him, and what it means to be out and proud in this town, he questions if he’s as ready as he thought.
Percy’s worth it, though, and after breaking his heart the first time, Rasheed’s on a mission to prove himself worthy of a second chance.


The Good Girl Part Five by Tracy Reed

I eloped with a man I thought I knew, but didn’t. 
Now I’m faced with a decision I never expected to make. Stay married or walk away from the man I love.


And It Was Always You : A North Brooke Port Novel by Queen Rae

Devastation is the only word to accurately describe what Tara felt when she caught her husband of twelve years putting in overtime work with his secretary. Two years pass, and the secretary becomes the new Mrs. Jason Morgan, letting Tara know that chapter of her life is over. The fairytale of spending forever with her high school sweetheart is no longer her reality, and she is left as a single mother picking up the pieces.
While she goes on the path of healing, she has the chance to give the new wife a taste of her own medicine, and she does it and doesn’t have an ounce of regret about sampling what should have been hers till death. What Tara doesn’t count on is real love surfacing before she has a chance to officially start an affair with her ex-husband.
Returning to North Brooke Port, Zane Simmons, overseas basketball star, gives up his dream to be at his sick mother’s side in his hometown. Officially retired, he goes to the place where his love of basketball started, North Brooke Port Academy, and accepts the position of head basketball coach. While he and his brother, Zeke Simmons, deal with the decline of their mother’s health, they learn firsthand the benefit of having a good woman by their sides.
For Eva Monroe, love is the last thing on her mind. As the mother of two boys, she has the ideal co-parenting relationship with their father, a great career, and at the end of every day, she is content with the woman she is, but she’s not as content as she wants to believe with how ice cold the other side of the bed is.
This love story is dedicated to the woman who thinks love after love doesn’t exist… It does. This is for you… No, this is for us


At War With Love by Kayelle Gee

After years of being in a relationship that has stifled her voice and personal growth, twenty-four-year-old Moniece Macklemore has finally had enough. She moves back home to Milwaukee in hopes of rediscovering herself, and along the way, she’s introduced to Zurich Kessler. 

Zurich is a successful engineer who values loyalty and closeness within his circle. After ending his last relationship, he finds himself feeling like an outsider, even amongst family and their closest friends. The presence of Moniece, as unexpected as it is, provides him the security he needs to finally open up again. This propels them on an effortless journey where their friendship buds into a love neither of them are quite prepared for.

Plans of a future together puts them both at ease but unfinished business from the past begins to invade their paradise. Insecurities, exes, and family secrets challenge the young couple, leaving them to question every decision they’ve made. They are dedicated to stop being at war with one another but what happens when two people are at war with love?


Always Coming Back to You: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (The Bedroom Trilogy Book 3) by Tuesday Harper

It’s the second chance they’ve always want, but is it too late?

Lee happily accepts her sister, Whitney’s invitation to move in with her and her roommates. She doesn’t have to live with her parents, but this living situation might not be much better. Lee has a complicated history with Jay, the womanizer, and living with her after everything that’s happened between them is awkward.

After years of avoiding each other, being in close proximity makes them wonder if they should revisit the idea of being together. It’s a little too easy to fall in bed together again. Getting over the issues and insecurities that pulled them apart will be a little harder to do.


Then Came Blue by Adryan Hart

Blue never suspects that her quest to open her financial institution would lead her to do something she secretly loves. It was only meant to be a temporary thing, but it becomes an obsession.

Dorian lives and breaths work. Although love isn’t in his playbook of success, keeping his head down and being the answer to people’s problems is. Then his meeting with the B & W Credit Union owner causes Dorian to rethink his priorities.

Seeing him for the second time causes Blue to awaken in more ways than one. Dorian is immediately drawn to Blue and can’t remember if they’d ever met. If they had, why didn’t he take notice? Whether they had or hadn’t, Dorian wouldn’t let the opportunity slip away.Read less


Cedric’s Fall (Heart Series Book 15) by Vivian Rose Lee

Becoming a singing sensation was Akia Harrison’s only dream. That is until she met Cedric Bass at the popular Club Magnifique for the first time when her friends convince her to sing at the club’s well-known Talent Night.
When Aki met Cedric she instantly felt a connection to him, and not just musically. Aki felt as if she had met her soulmate. However, the connection was short-lived. Though disappointed she kept it moving without giving Cedric Bass another thought focusing only on building her dreams.
Cedric Bass, owner of the popular Club Magnifique was living his best life. He had his music, his club, and an array of beautiful single women at his fingertips.
If someone had asked him a year ago what his future looked like,he would tell them not the CEO and business partner of B&S Records.
So power-driven to become a success, he threw his life into the company. When success finally came he embraced what he accomplished; the life of a recording mogul along with the benefits that came with the popularity. Then Akia stepped back into his life.
Seeing her again made him feel things he thought he buried when he adopted the lifestyle rather than embracing the woman he knew was his soulmate. He was not ready to fall for one woman, was he? Did he need to rethink his choices or hold on to his new lifestyle and let Akia go?


A Billionaire’s Angel by Toy

Have you ever seen someone that sets your body on fire? They wake up every one of your senses.

Israel ‘Izz’ Richards didn’t think it was possible until he walked into Stella’s Café and his eyes fell upon the beautiful owner Angel. He may be one of the most eligible billionaire bachelors, and the women may do all they can to snag his heart, but he never lets any of them get close. He didn’t know if this woman’s soul called out to him for him to heal all the broken pieces of her, but he was drawn to her.

Angel is a woman that’s become accustomed to always taking a loss. In her life, she’s lost a husband, a son, and her relationship with her parents. Her grandmother raised her but died a few years ago, the last significant loss rocked her to her core. She’s cut off all outside relationships except the one with her best friend Andrea, to stop the pain that always seems to find her. After a well-dressed stranger walks into her café and shows her more protection, honor, and safety than most of her family what will she do, especially when he opens her eyes to the hidden agendas around her?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up June 6th-12th

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