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Keep That Same Energy: Zander and Alyssa (St. Claire Life Book 3) by Tina Martin

Married for two months, Zander and Alyssa’s super-sweet honeymoon stage is disrupted by flashbacks of the explosion that threatened Alyssa’s life. She’s fine but Zander is having a hard time coping with it. He talks to his twin brother Zavier about it, mentions it to his mother but keeps all of this from Alyssa since he doesn’t want her to worry. But the new husband will soon learn that he has to share all the ups AND downs with his spouse, no matter how difficult that may be.

*This is a follow-up to ZANDER: A ST. CLAIRE NOVEL. You must read The Prequel, Just Being Us and ZANDER before reading this story.


The Mercy Sisters: Love Delivered by J. Nichole

Olivia Mercy believes there is much more to life than what you can offer the world. Despite being from the notable Mercy Family, she’d much rather defy expectations — including who she dates. Except she can’t find the nerve to introduce who she is dating to her parents and instead keeps him a secret.

Coming from a family of lawyers, Shawn Carter wants to uphold the family legacy. His goal of becoming a partner at the firm outweighs anything else. Unfortunately for him, that also means he has little time to date. The partners at his law firm believe they should all demonstrate a work-life balance. So Shawn has to replace his late nights in the office with something else.

When they meet, Olivia and Shawn agree that a fake relationship will help them accomplish their goals. He’s exactly who her parents expect her to bring home. She’s a woman he can show off at the company happy hour.

What happens when her secret compromises his goal?


Lucky # Sevyn by BriAnn Danae

Acts of service. 

That’s my love language. Especially when the effort matched their words. But, I’ve had the worst luck with men. While I wasn’t necessarily looking for a man, that all changed when an unexpected knock came to my door. 

E’Lyjah Gates proved that there were still some real men out here. A man like him who didn’t have to be told what to do or how to make love to my body. He handled me with care, making me feel like I had really lucked up.  


To Be Loved (The Things Unseen Book 2) by K. Lashaun

A woman scorned by life who keeps everyone she knows at arm’s length…

A man trying to overcome the mistakes of his past…

A professional relationship that turns very personal…

Uncomfortable truths and unresolved traumas threaten this blossoming relationship…

And despite it all, this unlikely pair somehow finds the courage to show one another what it truly means to be loved…

TW/CW: sexual assault, child sexual abuse and assault

This novel is an interconnected standalone. Though reading Book #1 in the series (In This Moment) is not required, doing so introduces this couple and other characters mentioned throughout this book.


Enduring the Hurricane: The Moods of Love by Cherish Amore

What happens when all you have, all you love, comes crashing down?

For Katiya and Danali, life is going well, and they have everything to celebrate. Their relationship is blossoming, and they each have their dream jobs… until they’re hit with a hurricane of life’s turmoil.

When things get hard, love becomes tainted, but despite the onslaught of rain, can their relationship endure the hurricane?


There I Go Falling in Love Again: The Moods of Love by Kay Shanee

Leilani Snowden is in love with being in love, no matter how unlucky in love she seems to be. After her boyfriend flakes on her in the worst way, she takes a break from dating to focus on herself.

In comes Zyair, testing every ounce of strength and willpower she possesses. Will she stand her ground or succumb to the desires of her heart?

Zyair Dodson is a man who prefers relationships over being single. After discovering that his girlfriend wasn’t who he thought she was, he decides not to pursue another woman unless he felt a jolt of electricity the first time they came into contact.

In comes Leilani, shocking him with her beauty and welcoming aura. Will he win her heart, or will her stubbornness push him away?


When Love Takes Over: The Moods of Love by Kimberly Brown

When love takes over, anything is possible.

When the kindred spirit of botanist/herbologist Eden Charles meets record store owner and singer/songwriter Maverick Shaw, sparks ignite. Eden is a reserved workaholic who has an obsession with music. Little does she know, Maverick was about to sing her a tune that only her heart could hear. 

Join this couple’s journey of love at first sight. No drama… just love.


HER by Ashantay Keys

It was nothing but destiny that brought him back to her.


One Perfect Night: A Sexy Small Town Romance (Temptation Book 5) by A.C. Arthur

Myles Donovan may be a trust fund, millionaire real estate developer, but his body still bends to the stress of his past just like everybody else. Now, the pressure of opening an equestrian resort in the small mountain town of Temptation combined with the clock ticking on his first committed relationship, is starting to take its toll physically and mentally. And eventually he finds himself circling back to the darkest moments of his life.

Hair stylist Gemma Taylor has been in a healthy—albeit long distance—relationship with the sexy and oftentimes brooding Myles, for the past six months. She’s elated that all is going well until a random act of vandalism closes her shop in Washington D.C. and sends her home. Temptation boasts a serene lifestyle which some of her siblings are enjoying but brings sultry passionate nights for Gemma and Myles. Has fate brought her back to her hometown to show her what happy ever after could look like?

Or will Myles and Gemma both realize their past was never far behind, as old wounds threaten the only happiness either of them has ever known?


A Beautiful Mess by Mel Dau

Jemini “Perc” Christianson has had a rough couple of years trying to put her life back together after a devastating blow to her heart, soul and life tore her apart. She doesn’t see love outside of her life’s windshield right now because she doesn’t know if she can trust love. Will love find a way to make itself known to her while building back the trust she once had in it? Will love know just the right colors to paint on her torn canvas to create a beautiful work of art?

Anthony Carl Jenkins is just a man trying to live his life as a hardworking man with a dream and an outline. He didn’t list love on that outline, but love doesn’t seem to like being left out of the equation. What happens when love strategically places itself throughout the current outline of his life? Will it write the perfect story or will the addition in the story be one he doesn’t need right now?

Love can be a beautiful addition to any creation of art when added at the right time in the right places. Sometimes love can create the most Beautiful Mess.


Accepted (Arranged Book 3) by Celeste Stewart

In this final installment of the Arranged series, Jamelle and Tyson face their biggest challenges yet while finally deciding to confront their own issues and past hurts that have been their driving motivators up to this point. 
Tyson comes face to face with his view of his father and has to confront the ways that they’re both alike and also very different.
Jamelle learns her parents history and gets to decide for herself how it will impact her own story.
And is love in the air for Cameryn as well?
With new characters being introduced, the conclusion of this series wraps up all loose ends and answers all the questions about the past and the future.

Happy Reading and Happy Life!


Forever + You by Erika B.

Keva Magill wants love everlasting. Her past makes her guarded, but deep down inside, her heart is crying out for that companionship. Focusing instead on her son, she sets what she wants aside, making his care her priority.

Cooper Browning is a man about his business. His sights are set on everything geared to upward movement. Yet something is missing.

Being in the right place at the right time has Keva and Cooper running into each other. Immediately, sparks fly, but not without wayward flames. Things pop up, as well as unwarranted opinions, causing the couple to stray, but will they be able to make it back to each other and solidify their forever?


Sneakin & Freakin with My Professor by M. Monique

Forbidden fruit is always the most tempting.

Mila Dash isn’t weak in the least. However, the minute she is graced with Spade Graham’s presence, she realizes her weakness is far greater than she is able to resist. 

One intimate moment turns into much more.

Grim is accustomed to having things his way at all times. What happens when his walls come tumbling down, and he’s faced with following someone else’s rules?

Will risking it all be the best thing these two have ever done? Or will risking it all leave them broken.


War Ready: A Frenemies to Lovers Tale by Mycah Edwards

All her life, Kaniah Lawson secretly longed for one thing: love. Music could save her but is it enough to satisfy her?

Cartez Weathers is ready to live his life. With no purpose or peace, his heart leads him to a feisty rapper from his past with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She can finally have her wish fulfilled but there’s one problem… he’s her enemy, and is she even worth the risk?

Within the pages of this raw tale, you will find good chemistry, bottled up secrets from the past, and ruthless enemies with an agenda of their own.


Vows We Make by Khara Campbell

A vow is a solemn promise to do something. A vow can be binding or nonbinding. Long term or short term. Beneficial or nonbeneficial. This is something Xavier knows all too well. Xavier is on the right path in life. He is steadily on his way to becoming partner at the architectural firm he works for. He’s engaged to Sophia and looking forward to their married life together with their two, young children. Then, out of nowhere, life sucker punches him, leaving him dazed and confused. He makes many vows to survive the aftermath the cards of life have dealt him – vows he may or may not be able to keep. Vows that not only affect his life, but also his family’s. Vows he may regret.


Heart in a Fxcking Headlocke (The Anti-Love Shorts Book 1) by Mercy B.

Piper’s desire to make things work with Ray dissolved after watching him discredit her efforts to introduce him to a softer, kinder love for the fourth year in a row. While he thrives in relationship chaos and drama, all she knows is peace. All she wants is someone to handle her heart with caution.

That’s exactly what Locke, owner of the establishment where she decided that her days with Ray had come to an end, has in mind. Kind of. The gentle giant sweeps Piper off her feet instantaneously and leaves them dangling in the air while simultaneously putting her heart in a headlock that she can’t escape.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 14th-20th

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