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Chasing Empty Hearts by Chelsea Maria

He came into my life with demands on my heart that I had no intentions on fulfilling.

She was my karma. My sweet tasting karma.

His kisses felt like cruel punishments of ecstasy.

Whatever she needed me to be. Whatever she asked of me. All she had to do was ask and I was at her mercy.

He needed to be broken…

She deserved to be loved….

Two weary souls with two different intentions cross paths, building sandcastles, leaving footprints of chaos. Lust turns into infatuation. Infatuation into possession. In this game of love vs. manipulation only one will remain standing.

*Please note: Chasing Empty Hearts is a spinoff featuring characters from My Heart is Your Secret.*


Love Hurts: Lessons in Love Series by Genesis Woods

College sweethearts Kingston and Lovie go into their marriage knowing that just because they are madly in love doesn’t mean that every day will be a walk in the park. Saying I do to your best friend doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a happily ever after. Things change, people change, and tragedies sometimes occur which can shake the most solid foundation.

Fifteen years in, the couple hits a rough patch that they were sure would only make them stronger but as days and months go by it appears to be what will be their undoing and neither knows how to cope. A suggestion to try some professional help seems to be the only way to go so both Mr. and Mrs. DeVoe seeks the assistance of a marriage counselor.

However, the relationship becomes so strained that the two can’t stop arguing long enough to actually listen to one another and make a real effort to get back to the love that once fed their souls. When it’s all said and done will blossoming careers, unspoken truths, and outside forces cause this match made in heaven to go up in flames or can Kingston and Lovie prove once and for all that although love can hurt it can also mend hearts that were thought to be broken beyond repair?



A Good Luck F*ck by Nicole Falls

Sometimes a girl just needs a stroke of good luck.



A Locked Heart: A Hale Girls Novella (The Hale Girls Book 2) by AshleyNicole

Friends and lovers. Lovers and friends. The only thing that matters, is that they’re together in the end.





PRIDE: Book One in Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vice & Virtues by Brookelyn Mosley

She’s a prideful pampered princess, and he’s a handsome humbled humanitarian. Separately, they had their plans and falling in love wasn’t one of them.

Summer McKoy

“I had it all figured out. Well, my mother did, and that was fine because she’s been that way with me since birth. My plan was simple – secure the only position available after completing my summer internship, accepting a job reserved for me. All I had to do was show up. How hard could that be, right? I’m focused enough, I’m bright enough, hell… I have the assuredness of one trillion beauty queens and a smile that would blind the sun. With men, I was just as sure. I knew the prototype of man I was born to end up with. Knew everything about him down to the social class his family needed to be in because hierarchy matters to me. And Jayce Martin? He didn’t have the clout to check off a single box on my ideal partner list. Jayce shouldn’t even hold a pencil anywhere near my list! Then why on earth is it a challenge keeping my mind off this guy… or my heart from wanting to love him?”

Jayce Martin

“My family has always been my priority. Every move I ever executed, every choice I ever made, my intentions have always been to put them in a better position. So, my plan was simple – secure a property for my mother and my younger twin siblings by landing a coveted position at one of the top law firms in the country with a focus on pocketing their sign-on bonus. I planned to intern there after graduation. This was a chance of a lifetime! People always said I was smart, but opportunities like this one bypassed guys like me often. I mean… the fact they selected me out of a pool of thousands of applicants was my life’s plot twist. But here I am, my mind sharpened, my goals clear, and the job mine if I prove that I’m worthy. Then why is it difficult to keep my head in the game and my mind off this girl named Summer McKoy?”

Believed to be the gateway through where all sins enter the mortal soul, pride wears the crown as the sin that gives rise to all other sins. If the vices were a tree, pride would be the root.

What will happen when pride, the sin of which all sins come from, falls in love with its opposite, a virtue, humility?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. PRIDE is a standalone and book one of the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books makes up this series. LUST is next…



the realm of riot thimble by Grey Huffington

First comes love…
Then, comes heartache.



Unexpected Love (A Bennett Affair Book 3) by Donnia Marie

Sebastien Bennett is a man that is focused on two things. His career and his family. He isn’t configured to add any stumbling blocks into his already perfectly crafted routine.

That is… until love comes unexpectedly.

Imani Barasa doesn’t care about the fanfare surrounding her work life. Her only concern is making sure that her clients stay out of trouble and out of the media for all the wrong reasons. Growing her company while working on her inner self, is her top priority. She’s doing her best to stay on track with these specific goals and will stop at nothing to make sure that no one or nothing interrupts.

She stuck to the rules, until… The eldest of the Bennett Brothers make an appearance attempting to disrupt everything she’s worked hard to achieve.

Profound family drama continues to plague Sebastien and Imani in this heart-wrenching story of secrets, lies, and forgiveness.

A Bennett Affair is a series based on successful brothers delving into their own journey of life. Ironically, love comes for each one of them at different times with different experiences.


Ready. Set. Lose. (Big City Bliss Book 2) by Harleigh Rae

The Girl
Growing up, she wasn’t privy to crystal stairs and high roads. She lived a life paved with devastation and destruction, even in her formative years. While her peers jumped rope and tagged each other ‘it,’ she was ducking child services workers in between searching for her drunk mother and boosting whatever she could to survive in the meantime. After stealing a DSLR camera and ordered to complete community service, she found hope behind the lens of that boosted DSLR. Now a photography student at Tisch, she gives her all to make her dreams come true. Flooding the sidewalks of her artsy neighborhood and every big event that comes to town, she shakes up New York City with her revolutionizing guerrilla fashion shows. She knows she has nothing to lose and a world to gain. She never suspected she’d find herself in the crosshairs of the gentlest giant and vying in a race for which she had no training.

The Guy
He’d been in the fast lane going nowhere at maximum speed, and it cost him everything. He knew what he needed. A fresh start and New York City was just the place. After pleading with his big cousin for a lifeline, he was on the first plane leaving Georgia. It was his last-ditch effort to keep his mother from burying her only child. He had something to prove to his mother, his cousins, and mostly to himself. Giving all his time and energy to managing the lounge his cousin entrusted to him, he overloads the East Village with good vibes only. He never knew that good vibes had a boomerang effect; what he gave others he would get back. Whether he wanted it or not.

The Race
Their meeting was inevitable. They had too many people in common, so as much as they wanted to drop out of the race, it was unlikely. Both strong-willed and passionate, they understand that there are only two choices; run together and win, or get ready to watch everyone else cross the finish line. Ready. Set. Lose.



Best You Ever Had by Monica Walters

Your past doesn’t define your present.

That’s a mantra that Colson Crook lives by and for very good reason. The odds were stacked against him from his birth to a single mother in a low-income area of Port Arthur, Texas. He’d succumbed to the odds on more than one occasion, but now he is living the life he is destined to live. Trying to get other people to forget about his past seems to be the problem, especially his family. However, over the years, he’s learned to deal with their negativity. His life is almost complete, except in one area. Love. It had eluded him for years and he’s accepted that. But one fateful night, his eyes land on the woman that could change his relationship status forever.

Sky Jones is a successful teacher that wants to make a difference in the lives of her students. However, dealing with the attitudes of the teenagers she teaches, constantly increases in difficulty and threatens to make her forget her reason for pursuing that career in the first place. Deciding to take a short distance girls’ trip for spring break gives her the reprieve she needs, but it also gives her something else… an undeniable attraction to an older man that she can’t ignore.

Colson and Sky start on a fast-paced trek and feel that despite the warnings of the people closest to them, they want to pursue something meaningful. Will they continue to throw caution to the wind or will one of them decide to take heed to those warnings and dismantle what they’ve built?



Lilac: A Sound Love (Flower Sisters Book 2) by Asia Monique

“Ezra wasn’t picture perfect, but he was perfect for me.” —Lilac

Lilac Baker wasn’t against finding love, but love never seemed to be close enough for her to grasp. With her big sister pregnant and living out her happy ending, Lilac has high hopes for her own fairytale beginning. Then, with the shutter of his Canon EOS, Ezra Fields walks into the picture, igniting a thrilling fire inside of her chest that can’t be put out. One encounter with the talented photographer sends her heart into overdrive, and their budding romance soon changes her life.

*Please note, this is book two of a five part interconnected series. Though each book is a standalone, some parts of the storyline are ongoing.



Needs To Be Met (Scott-Williams Family Book 2) by Turtleberry

Between grad school and work, Tammy doesn’t have time for a relationship. Sean is a busy medical resident and Tammy’s new roommate. Enjoy this quick tale of two busy people who find time to fall in love.


Our Desires by Ivy Laika

“My only fantasy is to fulfill all of your fantasies.”

That was the promise that Khalil Harrison made to Patience with the intent of having her fall in love.

Patience Lawrence wasn’t looking for love. Her past taught her that not everything you desire lasts forever.

Will Khalil’s effort to please all of Patience’s desires go in vein or will Patience realize that her one true desire was to find love?



More Than Love (Jenkins Family & Friends Novella Book 3) by Sharon C. Cooper

Going from friends to lovers doesn’t come easy…

Corporate attorney Benjamin Jenkins is one of Cincinnati’s most eligible bachelors, but he’s only interested in one woman—Makena Nichols. Though life took them in different directions, they’ve been friends for over forty years. Now Ben wants more than just friendship. He wants all of her.

Makena compares every man, including her ex-husband, to Ben. He’s her heart. She’s crazy about him, and what they share is more than love. But she’s not willing to risk their friendship for a romance that might not last. However, Ben is persistent, and her stubbornness is no match to his.

When a Jenkins’ family secret shatters Ben’s world, Makena is the one he turns to. But will their friendship survive a roller-coaster of emotions? Or will their eternal love bring them through this challenging time?



The Blood Line: Redemption (The Noble Series Book 2) by Sam J.

*Must read ‘The Blood Line’ book one first*

Family ties run deeper than they appear on the surface, and there’s a fine line between truth and lies in the follow-up sequel to ‘The Blood Line’.

The Noble sisters make a killer return as the Richmon brothers take them on a turbulent ride. Karma.Two families. A handful of enemies, secrets, and an unsolved murder that will forever connect the two rapidly unfold in the midst of a cat-and-mouse game between Chicago’s Most Wanted and Dottie, the carefree, wayward Noble sister are at the center of it all.

After undergoing therapy, Micah’s ready for a brand new start, but Lorenzo continues to haunt her psyche until she takes another chance on love and a different outlook on life. Yona’s case reopens, and Zaneer finally goes to trial, but will they both get the justice they deserve?

Shaun finds solace in isolation, but no matter how far she distances herself from family, the torment of Jaxon’s past indiscretion keeps her chained, forcing her to take extreme measures to keep the only man she’s ever loved.

Fed up with being wronged, Anuhea and Cassandra are determined to seek retribution. By any means necessary is their motto, and Ryan is at the top of their, and everyone else’s, hit list.

Sheri gets everything she wanted and more until a wrench in her plans, executed by the very person she expected least, thwarts her mission to have it all and all to herself. The family tree continues to grow while bloodlines intersect and blur in ‘The Blood Line: Redemption’.

*Must read ‘The Blood Line’ book one first*



Claim Me 2: Confessions by Marvin Mason

Bebe and Chanel take a much-needed vacation together to the sunny climate of Los Angeles, California, with the purpose of escaping the events that finally allowed the two to claim themselves solely to each other.

There are secrets both must bear to shed themselves of the tragedies that bind them… secrets that connect them to Billy Redmond and his family.

Amidst the vistas of Southern California, Bebe and Chanel must brace themselves as they confess to each other tragic secrets that could dissolve a relationship eighteen years in the making and further endanger their lives.



SA’ID: A Novelette (An Illicit Love Book 3) by L’Amour Coulture

They say love conquers all… However, the question in this matter is, does Sa’id and Blythe’s love has what it takes to overcome the chaos with his wives?

In book three of SA’ID: An Illicit Love, the madness continues as Sa’id and Amal take—the trip—to handle Ramsey; upon making their move, Sa’id changes the plan. After a week of making arrangements and staying away from Sa’id after finding out he is married, Blythe buries her mother at a private memorial with the company of LaStonia and Blair.

While Yalina waits for her punishment from Sa’id, Ubah eavesdrops on a conversation that fills her in about Sa’id’s new love. With careful scheming, she orchestrates a plan of her own by pulling out a bag of her old tricks before paying Blythe a visit.
Sa’id makes an announcement over dinner, introducing a new member to the family that leaves everyone in questioning. As time winds down, Yalina’s plan for her revenge on Ubah finally comes into play. When it all goes down, the outcome backfires, ending her way of life as she knows it.



The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book Three: The Finale (An African-American Mermaid Paranormal 3) by LeeSha McCoy

The time to enter the dark waters has come.

But who will venture there, and who will make it out alive?

Currently in Lýon, O’Asia and Prince Zale are oblivious to the dragonfish attack on the hounds. Until the waters arrive carrying a terrifying scream that sends Odessa and Royalty into panic.

Will O’Asia get to them before any lives are lost, and more importantly, what will the consequences of it be going forward?
So far, Calder appears immune to all Odessa’s attempts to build their relationship, but with loyalties being laid by others and O’Asia unwilling to give up, his walls may be just a little too hard to keep up.

And the ultimate question this time around is, amongst the secrets, revelations, and the heartbreaks, can the waters be perfect again?



The Casino Life (The Casino Life Series Book 1) by Taylor L. Bryan

He was a handsome stranger, but alarms sounded within her when she saw him.

He was arrogant and determined.

She wanted to stay away. She needed to stay away.

So, why was part of her hoping to see him?

Alicia only interviewed at the casino because she needed a full-time job. What she got was one of the craziest times of her life. All the things people see at the casino—the money, the gambling, the entertainment—is just the surface. Sometimes, it’s weird but funny. Other times it’s not. While Alicia is dealing with her new job, Jason comes into her life. As much as she tries to resist him, he eventually maneuvers his way into her life and her bed.



Deuce (The Jacksons Book 2) by Brenda Barrett

Second chance or a new beginning?

Dr. Deuce Jackson had loved Kelsey Channer all his life, but she left him and married his former friend, Dale Julius.
But now, Kelsey was back and determined to prove that she has changed for the better and that a relationship between them would last. Deuce couldn’t help thinking that it may be too little too late since things were getting interesting with his text pal Dani.
He had met Dani on a Christian dating site, and he genuinely thought that they had something worth exploring. He just needed to meet her face to face, and then they would take their cyber love into the real world.
Except things weren’t happening so smoothly. First, he lost contact with Dani, and then Kelsey stepped up her campaign to win him back.



Kiss & Tell by Shana Burton

Closed doors don’t always keep secrets.

Alexis Woodford fled Charlotte, NC, stripping herself of mistakes and regrets holding her captive from the drama-free life she longed for. With her skeletons tucked discreetly in the confines of her new home on Bald Head Island, Alexis forges on, guilt free…and smitten with her neighbor – scrumptious actor Roan Carter.

Impossibly addicted to the benefits of bachelor life on Bald Head’s beachfront community, Roan Carter finds himself caught in a whirlwind romance with feisty Alexis, quickly pledging forever to his stunning bride in a seaside wedding void of the Hollywood frills he left behind. But when his past crashes the honeymoon, will Roan lose the love of his life forever…or will it be Alexis’s own indiscretions which pull them apart?



Another Chance at Love by Keiava Hall

Karin is smart, beautiful, and successful. Her interior design company, Posh Interior Design is thriving, her son is happy & healthy. Everything is perfect, except her love life. She loves Gavin, but after three years of on again, off again, she’s had enough. She’s sworn off love, that is until she meets Calvin, a sexy, handsome, and successful businessman, who also happens to be her new client. With undeniable chemistry and attraction between them, her efforts to keep things platonic fall to the wayside. When drama ensues and Calvin abruptly ends their relationship, she meets Sean. He’s attractive, witty, and a breath of fresh air. Things are going great, until Calvin wants her back. They are vastly different, and Karin must decide who is right for her.Monica is Karin’s best friend and business partner. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, James. They have two kids and a marriage that most wish for. At least that’s how it appears. When James drops a bomb on Monica, her world is rocked and life changes at the drop of a dime. The support from her colleague and friend, Darryl makes things better, but when attraction and desire creeps in, she must decide if she wants to open that door and trust love again. Through ups and downs, the ladies learn to seize the opportunity of second chances.



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New Release Round-Up March 16th-22nd

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