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Saint by Rae Anderson

She was more than just an itch to scratch. More than a quick fix, she was comfort and safety. A place my head and heart rested free of judgment when the rest of the world made it clear that I was undeserving. 

Saint Miller just might be one of the loneliest men alive. With a late diagnosis of autism, he’s fought the entire world around him, retreating into his shell of a home on Paramour Beach. Intersecting with Victoria Jacob, his view of life and the people in it shifts. Can he overcome his fear of love to propel his budding romance into something deeper? Victoria and Saint navigate the world together through the eyes of a high-functioning autistic man and his fiery wife who’d set fire to rain if it meant ensuring his comfort. 

Note: this is an arranged marriage trope. If this is not something of interest to you, please check out some of my other works. 

Slow burn
He falls first
Arranged marriage
Billionaire Romance
Disability trope


His Dark Magic by Blake Moore

In His Dark Magic, Renada Worthy’s world shatters when she uncovers her fiancé’s double life. Swearing off love, she channels her emotions into her art until a chance encounter at a boxing gym thrusts her into the path of Dr. Masego Steele. Despite their differences, an enchanting connection ignites, awakening Masego’s dormant magical abilities. As they navigate their burgeoning romance, old flames and estranged mothers resurface, threatening to unravel their newfound happiness.

Renada’s lineage reveals ties to a powerful family, while Masego’s magical past unveils a sinister plot. Amidst chaos and danger, they must confront their demons and decide whether to embrace the darkness for love’s sake.

His Dark Magic is a sultry fantasy romance about love, sacrifice, and the unbreakable love that bonds two lives together.


To The Moon by Evelyn Latrice

If I’m the moon, then you must be the sky!

You ever felt like someone was made for you? Crafted in your image the same way Eve was for Adam?

Javen Cooper, knew Luna Moony was made for him. First, in the form of a best friend— the female version of the boy he loved like a brother. But as time moved forward, something else bloomed— something that blurred the lines of love and lover. It was so magnetic, nothing could keep them apart.

Except life.

And Luna’s need to protect Javen.

After the death of her twin, Luna, is left to mother her siblings alone. Barely eighteen, she spends her days making things better for those around her. She’s the fixer— the one you go to when everything seems to go wrong. But who does she seek out when life becomes too much? As if her call finally gets through the prayer line, life becomes easier thanks to an inheritance from a father she never knew.

And when life is better for Luna, she makes sure she brings everyone with her.

And so the journey begins.

To The Moon, is a coming of age tale centered around poverty and black love. It meets somewhere in the middle of black girl magic and black boy joy.


Keva’s Dream by Elle Madearis


Life has a way of staying in the unfair lane while waving at you at the same time. Love and loss are connecting themselves to me and I’m over it. I wanted little outside the love of my life and a baby. First, my unconditional love departed, my conditional love followed, and soon after, my body turned on me. The way I view things, partaking in a one-night stand shouldn’t be a big deal. The smooth batter piece of chocolate approached me first. Why not? I’m owed something for carrying life’s baggage. My suitor for the night decided one encounter wasn’t enough to fulfill his need. Against my wishes, he inserted himself into my life, demanding things I swore off years ago.


I wasn’t looking for anything, including a good time. Being at the wrong place at the right time paid off with a night of pleasure. Everything in me said leave her alone, but I couldn’t resist at least a small taste. I’ve had nothing so delicious and decided I needed to sample it again, but she ghosted me. Never being the one to take no for an answer, and with unlimited resources, I found her again.

This time around, she became more than a pleasurable moment. She became my anchor, someone to keep me grounded in my new identity. As I’m steadying myself to fully take on a life of legal means, my past comes calling. Before I could handle the interference, but now, I’ve got too much to lose. Resisting temptation is no easy feat, especially when things become deadly.


Friendtanglement by Torryn Santana

Brooke Lewis and her college sweetheart Ronnie Packer were once inseparable, but when their relationship hit a rough patch, she sought comfort in the arms of her best friend, Clutch. What begins as a moment of vulnerability quickly spirals into an intense entanglement, leaving Brooke with a secret that will haunt her for years to come.

Faced with the consequences of her actions, Brooke makes a desperate choice to protect the future she had envisioned with Ronnie and buries her past.

Years pass, and the facade of Brooke’s perfect life starts to crack. As her husband discovers the painful truth, the fragile world she’s built comes crashing down. Now, Brooke must summon the courage to reveal the secret to Clutch, the man she never stopped loving.


Cassette by Jen Elle

Losing anyone can be devastating, but losing a sister feels like the end of the world. The one bright spot is that Melody gets to experience all of her sister’s best qualities through her niece, Olivia.

Olivia and Melody are navigating a new reality and are seemingly finding their rhythm. Life is beginning to feel less stifling, especially when the two stumble upon a box of cassette tapes. The memories bring them happiness in ways they can’t imagine.

Wanting the best for her niece, Melody enlist the help of therapist Eli Hanna but she quickly learns that he’s also becoming the one person she can depend on as well. When she feels the small flutters of something taking flight, Melody has to decide if it’s the right time to give love a try.

Dr. Hanna isn’t the kind of man who believes in missing out on something great so he’s more than willing to give her plenty of reasons to not only trust her heart, but to trust it with him.


Meraux Mafia Spinoff Unbreakable Bond: A Stand-alone Novel by Kaylyn

Everyone wants an unbreakable bond until challenges test the strength of their connection.


You Know Wassup: A Second Chance Romance by Mycah Edwards

Imagine coming home from running an errand to find the man who broke your heart fixing your broken air conditioning system. For Moniya Wright this became her reality the day Quamir Abdul was released from prison without telling anyone. After another failed relationship, Niya decided to focus solely on the beautiful daughter she was blessed with amidst the wreckage of her broken heart.

Qua returned home with just as much guilt weighing on his shoulders as the tragic day that altered the trajectory of his life. He wanted to disappear in the noise as he’d done for the past five years, but for some reason God had other plans for him.
One of the hardest things to do is open your heart to someone who has already scarred you in the past.

For Moniya and Quamir, love is good until the very second it isn’t and you’re bleeding all over your feet. Fall in love with this second chance romance where second chances sound better than they feel but it might be exactly what you need.


Thicker than Blood by Tacarra

Dre’Sean, better known as Rebel, has been a part of Indiya’s life for as long as she can remember. He and his sister, Courtnei, are like family to Indiya, but somewhere along the way, Indiya began to look at Dre through a new lens. She no longer looked at him as somewhat of a loving relative, but as someone who has grown into a sexy and desirable man. Yet even though Indiya knew Dre would protect her from any harm that came her way, she knew he wasn’t the kind of man who could protect her heart. So, she promised to never cross the line with him.

Dre has different plans for Indiya. Deep down he knows he’s always wanted more from their friendship, but he also knows that the timing isn’t right for him to demand what he needs from her. However, just like a predator who stalks their prey, Dre’s one hundred percent certain he’ll capture what’s his. He simply has some unfinished business to handle first.

Indiya and Dre’s connection runs deep, and at times, it’s even thicker than blood, but even the two of them have their own secrets, lies, and closets full of skeletons. In an attempt to control their own fate, things can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.


Renee’s Dark Knight: A Second Chance At Love by Allor Henrique

Renee and Lance’s teenage love endured despite early parenthood and a devastating breakup fueled by lies. Despite parting ways romantically, they prioritized co-parenting their child, maintaining a supportive bond over the years.
Over twenty years later, fate reunites them, sparking a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement that reignites their dormant feelings. However, Renee’s fear of abandonment, stemming from childhood trauma, creates a barrier to fully embracing their renewed connection.
Lance, determined to prove his commitment, chips away at Renee’s defenses. Meanwhile, he faces pressure from a detective leveraging his past friendship with a notorious crime boss to solve a high-stakes bank robbery and fraud case.
As they navigate trust, forgiveness, and the complexities of love, Renee and Lance discover that true love transcends time and adversity. Can they overcome their past hurts and build the future they’ve always yearned for together? Renee’s Dark Knight explores the power of love to heal wounds and conquer fears.


Is It Our Time? (Time to Love Series Book 2) by Latoya E. Dobson

“This intimate story shows just how love can redeem, transform and inspire us and is relatable to anyone who was determined to fight for love.” ~ Latoya E. Dobson ~

Tahirah and the man she loves continue their journeys together when they’re confronted with some of life’s defining events. The question now is will their love be strong enough to last the test of time?


Her Crush by Reece J.

Trent and Symone are the ideal couple for those on the outside looking in but, it is that very same, illusion that causes them to become the epitome of the proverbial phrase “Everything That Glitters is Not Gold.” Symone seeks to find Trent’s infatuation with his best friend, a beautiful woman who goes by the name Kalonie. Though Trent has adamantly expressed that there is nothing but an old friendship between him and Kalonie. Trouble in paradise begins to brew when Trent asks Kalonie to keep an eye on Symone, whilst he is away on an unspecified business trip. Reluctantly agreeing, Kalonie does Trent the favor he requested of her. Without warning what was once awkward tension between the two women, seemingly turns into something more. Love is blind, and Trent is walking around in the dark until his dirty laundry comes back to haunt Symone in the form of shocking revelations. What goes around comes around, and karma just may be a dish best served in the form of lies and deceit for Symone and Her Man Trent.


A Melody of Love & Faith: A Christian Romance Novel (Faith for the Journey Book 6) by LaToya Battle

Blessings Await the Faithful…

God has blessed Alana Daniels with a gift: a beautiful voice that moves the congregation at her church every Sunday morning. Yes, she loves singing in the choir at Mount Zion, but Alana — a gorgeous young woman with a heart of gold — has a desire to make it to the world’s stage with her talent. She puts a lot of effort into perfecting her vocal skills and it shows big time. Her mother thinks that a woman Alana’s age should be married by now, but Alana has no desire to pursue love because as a kid, she watched her parents’ marriage dissolve into shambles. When she meets a handsome, saved music producer, she can’t deny that she’s attracted to him. Is it time for Alana’s solo performance to become a duet? A melody of love and faith?


Dying for a Duet: Loving The Mogul’s Daughter by Davino

Vixx Williams is not your average young and free adult. Being the daughter of ferocious and feared super music mogul Oscar “Dark O” Williams made it already hard for her to attract men. She was the world’s most decorated R&B singer so the perception of her being a spoiled brat also did its part in keeping her single. That was until she met Vince. Vince was a young trapper/singer who after a chance meeting with an artist on her father’s label became a part of the business. His boldness to ask her dad to take her out on a date was enough reason for her heart to sing. It was a whirlwind romance from the word yes and the two were off to the races. His voice and swagger instantly grasped her but was love going to disappoint her again. She could never stay attached to anyone for too long. Vince was too good to be true in Vixx’s eyes and she has valid reasons to believe that. Vince is keeping a devastating secret that may send Vixx back to the drawing board of finding true happiness. 
Vince Norman is a young trapper who has made his way up the ranks of the family but after constant soul searching and advice from his wise uncle, wants to leave the streets alone and pursue his passion. Singing. After giving it a full try with his cousin as a duo, they strike a deal with the company of all companies and Vixx is right in his line of sight from day one. Vince doesn’t normally get to be in love because of the cold-hearted nature of his job but he can’t turn off the instant attraction. Will love to prevail and kick them down once again?


Royal: At His Command by Natisha Raynor

For as long as he could remember it had been explained to Royal Montgomery that he would partake in an arranged marriage. His parents and his grandparents had arranged marriages, and their unions were as normal to Royal’s as anyone else. He’s handsome, rich, and possesses enough self confidence not to feel any kind of way when the woman that he’s chosen to marry wants nothing to do with him because she’s already in love with another man. The marriage occurs, but it’s nothing like his parents or his grandparents. Royal is in a loveless marriage, but he doesn’t really mind. One thing his parents want for him is a male heir but when Royal’s wife becomes pregnant with twin girls, his meddling mother takes things into her own hands.

Empress Reynolds is a self-made socialite and doing very well for herself in the career department but as far as love goes not so much. At thirty-one, she’s prepared for the fact that she may never have children. That is until Sarah Montgomery comes to her with a million dollar proposition that Empress isn’t sure she can turn down. At a time in his life when Royal is tired of his life being mapped out for him he soon learns that maybe arrangements aren’t the worst thing in the world.


Micah & Milan 2 by Zaii

In this highly anticipated sequel, the crew is back but facing turmoil in their relationships. Milan’s secret causes chaos, & Micah is still struggling to forgive her.

Torrey and Mo are at a breaking point. As their love is tested, will they find the strength to overcome the drama and save their relationships?

As the drama unfolds, it threatens the existence of both couples. Will each of them have to say goodbye forever or will their relationships be strong enough to make it?


Finding Love in Blue Ridge Bay: A small beach town Christian romance (The Blue Ridge Bay Billionaires Book 2) by Cara Joy

It started out as a quest to have a “fun summer to remember.” But then they began to develop real feelings for each other. Will they embrace their unexpected love?

In the charming beach town of Blue Ridge Bay, Danielle Greene just started working as the personal assistant to billionaire business mogul, Martina Matthews. For years, Danielle has been selflessly devoted to family, leaving her dreams of romance and adventure unfulfilled. But her mundane world is about to take an unexpected turn with the return of her boss’s charismatic son, Nate Matthews.

Nate, a dazzling investor from the glitzy world of Los Angeles entertainment, finds himself at a crossroads: the allure of his glamorous life in the city or the comforting ease of his small-town roots. While he’s in Blue Ridge Bay for a monthlong visit, he decides on a whim that Danielle is due for some fun and volunteers to be her “director of fun activities.”

As they embark on a series of adventures, what begins as lighthearted escapades soon blossoms into undeniable attraction. Danielle, despite her realization that she and Nate are from two completely different worlds, is now teetering on the edge of surrendering to Nate’s charm. And Nate, who never planned to fall for his mother’s assistant, finds himself drawn to Danielle’s genuine spirit and resilience.

Will Danielle and Nate let down their walls and embrace a love that could change their lives forever?

Find out in this sweet Christian romance set in the beach town of Blue Ridge Bay, California!

Finding Love in Blue Ridge Bay is Book 2 in the Blue Ridge Bay Billionaires series.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up March 18th-24th

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