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Can’t Help But Love You by Tay Mo’Nae

Aisha owns her own printing company, creating custom shirts, mugs, and other things. She’s guarded and has a hard time allowing men to get close to her on a serious level. One heartbreak was enough for her. She eventually learns the only one that heal that hurt she felt years ago is the same guy who caused it. But is that possible knowing the secret she’s holding onto?
Gage is doing the only thing he ever wanted, playing professional basketball. After being injured he finds himself coping with it in unethical ways. A trip back home is meant to help him regroup and refocus to get back into the game, but when he’s hit with another blow, he sinks deeper. Now he’s stuck battling internal demons and trying to stay above water. Will he be able to bounce back or will he lose it all from life humbling him?
These two deal with forbidden love, secrets, deception, and hitting rock bottom. Is there love enough to overcome it all?


Broken by K.O. McGee

In the blink of an eye, Amerie Grey’s life turned upside down. A fatal car crash claimed her fiancé’s life. Although she survived with a broken ankle, it’s a pain of a shattered heart that Amerie is struggling to recover from. Physical therapy is long, and progress is slow. To top it off, she has a new therapist whom she hates… although her heart whispers otherwise.

Owner of Hill Performance Therapy, Maxwell Hill, is a champion healer. He aims to get his clients well and back to feeling some kind of normalcy. Having lived through his share of trauma, when his new client becomes defensive, he can immediately detect the emotional turmoil she’s wrestling. When she finally eases off the attitude, he wants to help heal all her parts.

Will Amerie let herself love again? Can Maxwell shine in a dead man’s shadow? Or does the perfect love only come once, and everything else is just fillers?

To Be Alone With You: A Novella by Jodie Slaughter

A decade ago, Naomi Porter confessed her love to the handsome, enigmatic sculptor her artist mother mentored. Ten years her senior and seemingly uninterested, his rejection sent her reeling…then it sent her running as far away from him as possible. Now, he’s more successful than ever, and she’s a burnt-out personal assistant in desperate need of a vacation. Only, she’s too broke to afford a real one.

Her mother’s solution?

Calling in a favor from an old friend and getting her daughter a week-long stay in the luxe guesthouse of a gorgeous home in the California desert — all for free.

The only drawback is that the house belongs to Ira Mack, the man she humiliated herself in front of all those years ago. The man who has somehow managed to become even more compelling in their separation.

As desperation sets in, she finds herself with no real choice but to take him up on his offer. The tension between the two is palpable and only manages to grow more intense by the second. But their past is too painful for Naomi to ignore, no matter how longing his looks are or how heated his words make her feel.

When the world implodes less than a week into her stay and Covid-19 clenches the world in its terrifying fist, Ira makes her an offer—A place to stay rent free until the world puts itself back together. But, every day, the possibility of that happening seems to get farther and farther away. And Naomi is forced to deal with both what she wants out of her life, and the man she’s finding it increasingly more impossible to consider running away from again.


She Could Never Be Me by Lex C.

Aarika Symonds is an ambitious caterer whose life seems to have cooked up more than she can handle. The man who was supposed to stand by her side through thick and thin separates from her in the most heartbreaking way… leaving her all alone – until Major Abraham, an attractive hustler, finds himself helping her mend the damage her ex-fiancé caused.  

Major’s heart was supposed to belong to Aarika the second they locked eyes. What could’ve been a fatal moment turned into a lifetime connection between the two. Fate would call their unconventional connection a sacred love that was always meant to be, but when jealousy and betrayal step into the picture, a love that is supposed to be destined seems unattainable. 

Can a love so divine survive when a temptress they’re both connected to makes it her sole mission to destroy it?


We Could Never Be 3: The Finale by Charae Lewis

It was never supposed to get this complicated. In her quest to find herself as a woman, Cyra unknowingly created a war between two men who share the same bloodline. Her intentions were never to cause confusion but her choices has provoked her one true love to turn against her and she doesn’t know how to fix their rift.

The betrayal Kadon feels from Cyra is almost gut-wrenching. Regret pools deep inside his being while trying to come to grips that the woman he gave his heart to betrayed him in a way he never saw coming. On top of his heartbreak, Ennio is still breathing while setting up traps and for Kadon that is a problem. He creates a plan to take his enemy out but comes into more trouble than he was prepared for.

In this explosive finale, we find out which is more dangerous, the heart or the war.


Mutual Agreement : A Steamy,Fling Political Romance by Chiquita Dennie

I’m Sebastian Hunter, President of the United States. My job and reputation rely on discretion. Those around me know their roles. My rivals can’t wait for me to make a mistake. Now that I’ve met her, they have their chance, and they intend to use it to their full advantage.

She and I had an agreement—one and done, but she broke our agreement and I’m left to pick up the pieces and deal with the fallout.

This isn’t what I signed up for, but it’s my reality. If I handle this right and hope I don’t lose her in the process.

Note:This is a fast paced, adult language, content with explicit scenes, alpha male.Don’t read if your not into steamy content.


When It Feels This Good by Crystal Collier

After fifteen years of marriage, Amelia Simmons is finally divorced. Feeling the need to celebrate her one-year anniversary of freedom, she ventures off to Las Vegas. Had she known basking in her freedom would feel so good, she would’ve done the deed a long time ago. Yet, a chance encounter in the city of sin has her heart going pitter-pat. Has love come back around, or will Vegas be a keeper of a distant memory? 

Entrepreneur, Ramses Terrigon, is twenty-nine, single, and has no children. Though his statistics label him an eligible bachelor, his desires say different. Family is high on his list of priorities, and had his ex not cheated and gotten pregnant, he would’ve had that. However, when he meets a divorced woman ten years his senior, looking for fun may uncover the love he’s been struggling not to crave. 

What do the cards have in store for Amelia and Ramses? Has love taken a stance, or will past pains force them to lust within limits?


How’s It Going Down by Keta Denise

After being dumped by her first love via text message, Randal Edison spends her nights drinking wine and crying to sad love songs. This all changes when she meets charming and charasmatic Dade Meyers. A romance quickly buds between the two and she finds herself falling quickly. However, when her ex resurfaces, begging for her forgiveness, Randal is left confused. A choice has to be made with the lingering question… How’s it Going Down?


A Knock Away From Love by Anita Shaw

Whitney McKee was perfectly okay with her predictable, practical, and unassuming life until she was pressed by a friend to attend a company party one night. Very quickly she finds herself entangled with one of the executives of the company, engulfed in a medical emergency with her family, and she is drowning in drama on every side. In the midst of this, she transitions her living arrangements; which shifts everything. One knock at her door changes her view on life and love. But with failed attempts at love in the past, will she be successful at letting love win this round?


Falling For Her Ex: Falling for… Series (Book 1 of 3) by Chrishaun Life

Lena is a young aspiring writer, but she’s afraid to put her work on the market. When she secretly shares her book with her publishing boss, who can smell a best-seller in his sleep, he tells her it’s no good. Lena has to decide if she should let go of her dreams or go behind his back to see if she has what it takes to become a best-seller. Her ex finds out and he has plans of his own for getting her back.
Set in Kansas City, post-covid, “Falling for her ex” is a short read for those who enjoy fun and romance.


Pastor’s Widow by Khara Campbell

First Lady Naomi Fox loses her husband, and she might quite possibly lose the church he dedicated the last five years of his life to. Being a young widow comes with challenges. One of which is – will she ever love again? Kaden Monroe and Ryan Brown, two men who cross paths with Naomi, are ready to risk it all to find out.


After Hours Attraction: A workplace single mom romance (404 Sound Book 2) by Kianna Alexander

When she’s stranded with her sexy boss, keeping it strictly business proves impossible in this 404 Sound novel from Kianna Alexander!

Her boss is off-limits,

but their chemistry is off the charts.

Ainsley Voss is an assistant—not a seductress. So why the steamy fantasies about taking Atlanta music mogul Gage Woodson to bed? She knows the sexy bachelor was burned by his last office romance and won’t go down that road again, especially not with a single mom. Until a storm leaves them stranded. Alone. Together. But once they’ve crossed that line, is there no turning back?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

A 404 Sound Novel


Wherever Love Finds Me (The Wherever Love Series Book 1) by Monae Nicole

They say Sweetwater Hills is a town where you’ll find love even when you aren’t looking but sometimes, love doesn’t come easily. 

Mayor, Kaleb Mills, wants to ensure the town is a safe and fun environment for all of it’s residents. He’s definitely not looking for love. Until he meets boutique owner, Janae Tate. 
After a devastating heartbreak, Janae moves to Sweetwater Hills. The only thing she was looking for was a fresh start, not love, until she ran into Kaleb. 

They hit if off but everyone isn’t happy about their union. When a misunderstanding threatens their happiness, will their feelings for each other be enough or wii they call it quits? Find out in Wherever Love Finds Me


Borderline II: a novel (Borderline Series Book 2) by Bien-Aime Wenda

The dating world is hard enough as it is. Meet Natasha Murphy: a 30-something serial dater secretly coping with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Part 2 of Borderline takes place one year later, amid the pandemic of 2020 and civil unrest in the United States. Not only has the current political climate affected Natasha’s mental health, but so has the mandatory isolation caused by being in quarantine. While briefly abandoning her therapy sessions, Natasha struggles to bridge a relationship with her siblings and mentally ill mother. As if all the chaos in her world isn’t enough, Natasha regresses to her old unhealthy habits, including entertaining the wrong men.


He Who Finds A Muse by Mycah Edwards

Life Danvers only spoke one language. Dance. A woman with few words yet so much to say. A broken spirit with no clue on how to repair the damage until him.

Mr. Cassidy O’Shea understands one language. Art. A man who has never feared being in love yet never had the pleasure of experiencing something deep. Pursuing Life comes so natural that he can’t fight her lure but he has concerns.

He Who Finds A Muse is a journey of art, dance, grief, self discovery and sex. Following the impulses of their hearts will lead them to a thriving connection with the Most High, and in that connection is the key to creating the perfect reality. Life and Cassidy have the ability to have it all if only they are able to exchange the pain of the past for the peace of the future. But will the intimacy they share become too intense and overwhelming for them to survive? Or will they acknowledge when they found each other they found a good thing?


He Can’t Love You: A Novella Love Story by Nicole Dior

“He can’t love you like I love you. Baby and you know it’s true! You should never wanna be with a man, if he can’t be a man and do the things to you like I can!”—Jagged Edge ��
Alana and Alex Maxwell have been married for eighteen years and share a son, seventeen -year-old Choyce Maxwell together. For all those years that Alana and Alex have been married, she’s been completely devoted to being the best mother and wife that she could possibly be even when he husband wasn’t the best husband or father. Although Alex loves his wife and son, he still keeps his assistant/mistress, Leslie Turner on the side, for a little variety and spice. However, Alana doesn’t know about her husband’s affair, but she does have her suspicions that tell her otherwise. When Alana meets the handsome and wealthy, Dmitri Price, the two are instantly attracted to her and form an unexpected friendship after she’s stood up by Alex on their anniversary night. After Meechie finds out how Alex has been treating Alana, he makes it his business to be a shoulder that she can lean on while showing her that she deserves so much better than the bare minimum that Alex is offering her. 
Will Alana finally find out about Alex’s affair with Leslie? Can Meechie show Alana that he can love her better than Alex can or will she forever hold onto the love that she has for her husband in hopes that they can fix their dying marriage? Find out in He Can’t Love You!


The Building 402 Collection by Alexandra Warren

The Complete Building 402 Novella Collection

He’s the last guy she should be checking for. 
A Certified F*ckboy. 

She’s the only girl he can’t seem to get off of his mind. 

The proximity of them being neighbors certainly doesn’t help either of their causes. And when one side is ready to pursue their curiosity about the person next door, it quickly becomes clear that anything goes in Building 402… 

Angelica Pearson is taking a serious break from dating. 
At least, she thought she was taking a serious break from dating until she comes face-to-face with the finest man she’s ever seen who also happens to be the new maintenance man in her building. 

Angie knows what she wants in a man. And outside of his good looks, his natural charm, and his ability to make all of her apartment woes go away, Lawson isn’t that. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get to know him, right? 

Lawson Hill is completely focused on rebuilding his life now that he’s a free man. 
That rebuild doesn’t include getting involved with anyone, especially not the bougie girl at his job who always needs something in her apartment fixed. 

From her high-maintenance appeal alone, he can already tell she’d be nothing but a headache to deal with. But when Angie proves there’s a lot more to her than what meets the eye, Law quickly learns he’ll be doing a lot more than just replacing air filters and light bulbs in Building 402… 

He’s her only option. 
Her best friend. 
The one she can count on for anything. 
The one she… might have a little crush on. 

She’s the last girl he should be checking for. 
His best friend. 
The one who desperately needs a place to stay after being displaced by a fire at her own apartment building. 
The one who’s always had a piece of his heart even if she never knew it. 

While Monte and Nicole have always both been incredibly respectful of the boundaries within their friendship, there’s something about Building 402 that has a way of shaking the table… 

Shayne Reynolds can’t wait to see her husband. 

With their wedding anniversary only a day away, and his return to town falling within those same twenty-four hours, she has all bases covered when it comes to how they’ll be celebrating. But when things don’t go exactly as planned, and accidents turn into arguments, she can’t help but wonder if the three-year itch has snuck its way into their marriage. 

While thoughts of becoming too complacent may be looming for Shayne, Danny Reynolds knows his anniversary gift to his wife is bound to shake things up. But when he also finds himself on the receiving end of a huge surprise, it doesn’t take long for the couple to realize it may be time to say goodbye… to Building 402. 

Note: This is a previously-published collection of FOUR novellas. No new content has been added.


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