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Sight Unseen by Kasha Thompson

Why Knot take a chance at love?

Evelyn Townsend is the friend your parents warned you about. She’s always jumping off bridges with reckless abandon. So when a reality show promises the opportunity to meet her perfect match, Evelyn is all in. There’s just one major catch … her soulmate will be picked by a panel of experts, and she doesn’t get to meet him until they are face to face at the end of the aisle.

Quincy Parrish has played it safe his entire life. When he steps way out of his comfort zone and auditions for a reality television show, he never expected to be picked. Quincy doesn’t believe in the concept of soulmates, and the chances this arranged marriage will work are slim to none. But he’s messed up his love life for the past thirty-five years. Maybe a group of experts can do a better job.

After the “I dos” comes the getting to know one another. Living together, meeting the family, and revealing secrets all while cameras follow their every move. Evelyn and Quincy can’t deny their chemistry, but can they get past the spectacle of the ever-present cameras and crew to find something real? A chance at love is better odds than nothing, even if that means falling in love while the whole world is watching.


Igniting His Obsession: Elite Alliance (The Clark’s of Northshire Bend) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Special Agent Tristan Neil Clark has been with the FBI for over a decade, and he’s known for his sharp investigative skills and unwavering dedication to his job. But there’s one thing that terrifies him more than any criminal: falling in love.

Tristan’s past heartbreak still haunts him, and he’s convinced that he’s not meant for love. That is, until he meets the popular singer, Chelsea Bellamy, who saved his life during their impromptu meeting.

Chelsea is everything Tristan never knew he wanted—beautiful, funny, with a voice that captures his heart along with the heart of millions.

Despite Tristan’s reservations, he can’t help but be drawn to Chelsea, and their paths continue to cross as she becomes the target of a dangerous killer.

As his obsession ignites, taking a chance with the woman he adores could cause irreversible damage, and saving her might mean losing himself.


First Down and Love: A Forbidden Romance by Tatum James

Who wants a perfect love story anyway? Certainly not Avery Charles. She’s worked hard and fought tooth and nail even sacrificing her marriage to land her dream job as an offensive coach for an NFL team. All work and no play makes for a dull life, but her career is what Avery lives for, and she will do whatever it takes to thrive in it.

Smith Harrison lives a life that most men only dream of. After his recent trade to the Abbeville Badgers in a fifteen-million-dollar contract over five years, he’s tasked with getting acquainted with his new team as well as his new city. Tired of gold diggers and women with hidden agendas he joins an exclusive club for discreet fun with no strings attached. Little did Smith know, he would meet an elusive beauty that he can’t resist.

Intrigued by the mysterious temptress, Smith seeks her out for months on end before realizing just how complicated his arrangement is. With the danger of a forbidden relationship ruining careers and lives, Avery and Smith have no choice but to try to find balance or risk losing it all.


If You Love It by Nola Reign

Growing up, Rae heard the old adage, ‘if you love something, let it go.‘ But when her husband of 10 years says that he wants to do just that, Rae finds it incomprehensible.

Hard to cope with Samir’s decision to leave, feelings of heart break, confusion, and sadness plague her… until she eventually finds the courage to pick up the pieces and make a fresh start.

Determined to start anew, Rae begins exploring the new pathways that life has opened up for her but just as soon as she does, trauma knocks on Rae’s door and she can’t stifle the anger and disappointment left in its wake.

When Rae finally accepts life’s changes, Samir wants to make amends.Will Rae be able to forgive him and accept his love again? Or has she already moved on?


All I Want Is You by Kay Shanee

Ella Amoure has her whole life ahead of her. As a soon-to-be college graduate, majoring in marketing and minoring in international business, she has plans to see the world, which includes going to Paris, France, to complete her graduate degree in a few months. However, after falling in love, she begins to question her well thought-out plans.

Love is the last thing on Kaanan King’s mind. As a successful event organizer/party promoter and owner of multiple businesses, he’s satisfied with the nameless faces he entertains when the need arises. One night with a woman most would consider forbidden fruit changes his whole perspective on love—and all he wants is her.

When Ella and Kaanan connect, it feels like what they’ve been missing. Knowing their relationship will ruffle some feathers, they keep things on the low for as long as possible. Ella isn’t ready to expose their secret love affair, while Kaanan is tired of sneaking around. What’s done in the dark will always come to light, and when it does, will their love be strong enough to survive?


First Kiss: A Friends with Benefits to Lovers Black Romance (Best of Him Book 3) by Mila Hunt

Denise is a single mom and widow who’s been neglecting her personal life. Bryce is a handsome and charming ladies’ man who’s never been interested in settling down.

When Denise and Bryce agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement, they think they have it all figured out. But quirky interruptions keep getting in the way, forcing them to get to know one another outside the bedroom.

Will they be able to overcome her resistance and let love in, or will their steamy arrangement fizzle out before it has a chance to turn into something more?

First Kiss completes the Best of Him series. It’s a lighthearted contemporary romance filled with flirtatious banter, a steamy friends-with-benefits arrangement, and plenty of hilarious mishaps along the way.

Complete Romance Series


Back To Me by Kami Holt

Nayeli & Rule were High school sweethearts, who thought they would be together forever, but outside forces were working to tear them apart.
Tens years have passed as Rule makes his return to his hometown. He has made it in the big leagues of R&B now but something is missing in his life.
Unexpected discoveries are made and secrets are exposed that turn Rule’s life upside down. Can the two find love again? Or will the secrets from their past be too much to recover from?


Not Built To Love: The Lyon’s Den Series Book #2 by K. Nicole

Being the younger brother, Kashece Lyons was always treated as the baby. He was young and wild, living his life as he saw fit. Each time he hits a bump in the road, his brothers, King and Kashmere are always there to smooth it. When it comes to love, they couldn’t help him with that. Especially when it came down to him and Tiece Cromwell. Their love was so toxic, they didn’t know if they didn’t want to be with each other sometimes, but they did know they didn’t want to see the other with someone else. 

Kashece does have a soft side and shows Tiece that side of him when he can, but one thing Kashece doesn’t play with is family. Tiece will find out eventually.


Love Like This Before: Autumn Hills Series by Amberlei Jae

Picture this. It’s New Year’s Eve, you’re at work and a fine man comes into your job. He’s spoken for though. At least for the time being. After he leaves, Kenna tries to erase him from her mind until she can’t and she sees him at an NYE party that night. Kade can’t compose himself. They can’t resist each other. How will this work?


For One Night by Ivy Laika

For one night—that was what Amina kept telling herself after her first encounter with Pierre.

After landing a position as a junior illustrator, Amina moves to Jacksonville, FL. With a new job in a new city, Amina has enough on her plate. Adding a stranger who was supposed to be a one-night stand is out of the question.

Pierre has every intention of making Amina his.
But can one night lead to forever?


You Oughta Be with Me by TN Jones

A complicated griever, Gerrard Albert, felt instant affection upon seeing a doe-eyed, serene, and homely woman. Determined to befriend and gain the trust of the kind-hearted, naïve woman whose yet to experience life, Gerrard must put a sixteen-year tragedy behind him. Can Gerrard accept the past to have a rewarding, joyful life with a woman who improved his world?

Coming from a dysfunctional family, deprived of storge love, Freya Adair’s dumped into a situation she’s desperately trying to escape. When a handsome, robust, friendly stranger turned neighbor came to her rescue, the introvert felt she was everything Gerrard needed, just as much as he was everything she needed. However, an issue lurked—Freya’s afraid Gerrard will betray her as her family and ex-boyfriend had. Can Freya put the past behind her and allow love to overshadow all doubt?


Dying to Love Her 3 (Andre & Ava) by Tina Martin

Andre wants adventure. He wants to travel the world. But Ava’s health prevents her from doing most of the things he desires. Bored with his marriage, Andre struggles with putting his wants and needs on hold while taking care of Ava. He questions his own happiness and future after completely changed his life and routine to take care of Ava, but who’s taking care of him?


What You Do for Love : Book 1: Fait Accompli by Qi’Shona Everly

“I don’t know how I got here with Chauncey, but I was now pressed deep in whatever this was.” — Ava

Beautiful Songtress Ava Rose Taylor, steps out on faith and moves to New York to pursue her dreams of making it to the big stage. After two years of hustling for her big break, she literally runs into the man who can change her life. As she soon discovers, he could also be the man of her dreams.

Superstar Chauncey Grey is a music icon in the making. His money, fame, and unfaltering good looks makes him appear to have a life anyone would hope for. When his battles with friends and past romantic relationships come to light, they threaten to derail his chances of being with the one woman he can’t live without.

Together, both Ava and Chauncey discover, What You Do for Love.


Beauty Beheld: A Beauty Is Her Name Novel by Zariah L. Banks

Life is practically perfect for Patience Hampton. She enjoys her challenging work as a voice actor, has a supportive network of family and friends, and is expecting a proposal from her long-term boyfriend, Daniel. But, when Patience is blindsided with shocking news, in an instant, everything she’s placed her trust in comes crashing down. 

While recovering from her explosive breakup, Patience is finally determined to focus on defining happiness. So, when she crosses paths with Mr. Charisma, Lennox Davenport, while on a business trip out of town, she’s open to spending the night with the handsome stranger. Lennox is everything Patience didn’t know she needed: assertive, encouraging, inquisitive, and has a sex appeal that leaves her senseless. As their interactions quickly intensify, she realizes she doesn’t know herself at all. 

Patience wants much more from her casual relationship with Lennox and begins recognizing how the relationship residue left by an absent father and a manipulative ex poses harm to her growth, healing, and happiness. Is she ready to finally release her emotional baggage and love freely? Or will her toxic habits resurface to sabotage yet another chance of finding real love with the man who has finally managed to behold her beauty within?

Sooner or Later (From This Day Forward Book 2) by Dara Girard

One bouquet
Three sisters
And a wedding day that will change their lives forever

Sweet and obedient Ava Kayode takes pride in following the rules.
So she senses disaster when her flower hating sister, Maya, dodges the wedding bouquet thrown at her.
But Ava never imagined her two sisters’ actions would alter her carefully constructed life plan. Within weeks she loses her fiancé and starts lying to cover the truth from her meddling mother.
Soon one lie leads to another and eventually leads her into the arms of her best friend Dai.
The one man who could turn her organized world upside down in the most amazing and tantalizing ways.

Book two in the From This Day Forward series.


Falling in Love on Faith: A Christian Romance Novel (Faith for the Journey Book 4) by LaToya Battle

Faith can Move Mountains…
Sasha has battled depression in the past but has been blessed to overcome it for the most part. With her thirtieth birthday around the corner, she feels stuck in life. While her siblings are thriving in successful careers, she’s only been able to find work as a low-paid cashier and lives in her parents’ basement. Her parents’ disappointment only adds to her frustration and self-doubt. But when a handsome stranger with a genuine love for Christ steps into the picture and shows her unexpected kindness, things begin to turn around for Sasha. For once, she starts to see that true happiness can be in her future. She begins to realize that God’s willing to give her the desires of her heart — successful career and soulmate included. All it’s gonna take is a little faith.


Doctor Love : Doctors of Eastport General by Adryan Hart

Alonzo Love is a brilliant physician. Many didn’t understand why his specialty was OB/GYN. But Alonzo understood very well. His mother battled many things and Alonzo decided that the best way he could help is to research and treat women ensuring they had every possible answer available.

When Prince of Mercy faces a shut-down, Alonzo is given the opportunity to transition into a position in Rhode Island.

India Nelson has worked hard starting her spa. She worked day and night to build her reputation around Eastport General.

Will these two ever find happiness outside of work? Or will love continue to evade them?


A Dozen Roses by Cocoa

Jabari Wells has always prided himself on being a man of integrity. After fifteen years of blissful marriage, Jabari finds himself unfulfilled and second guessing his place in his wife’s life. What was supposed to be a life filled with love and happiness, is turning out to be more of a challenge.

National Best Selling Author, Tamia Wells, is the definition of career driven. Discovering a hidden talent for writing Urban Romance books, has taken her to places she never imagined. Faced with a decision of having to choose between the love of her life and the career she worked hard for, has her out of sorts

Will this couple be able to work through their marital problems, or will going their separate ways prove to have more of a happy ending for them both?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 20th-26th

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