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Fool In Love (An April Fool’s Day Hot Holiday Hookup): Hot Holiday Hookup Novella Series by Danielle Allen

When a shy workaholic wants to date, what is she supposed to do?
According to my cousin, the only solution is to sign up for an exclusive dating event on April 1st.
I was nervous.
I was awkward.
I was unprepared.
I didn’t know what to expect on April Fool’s Day. But the last thing I expected was to become a fool in love.



Brief Intermission: A Novella by B. Love

While everyone was worried about the latest spreading virus, very few took into consideration the aftereffects of it. How thousands, and in some areas, millions of people would adjust after months of quarantine. For Sasha and Jace, the virus wasn’t the worst thing to happen – it was the crime, riots, and lockdown that followed.

For two weeks straight, this duo of old lovers will be trapped together as the Mayor of their city tries to come up with an action plan to regain order. In their own world, they try to regain order as well – of their hearts and love for each other.

Sasha swears they will never be together again while Jace is convinced fate is the reason they are stuck together… and their time apart was only a brief intermission.



Forever Ain’t Enough: Harlem & Breyona by J. Chary

The last thing Harlem Daniels expected to do his first day in town was fall in love with Breyona Bryant, but it happened almost anyway. Everything was rainbows and sunshine until Breyona’s not so distant past comes back into play.

Does Breyona continue to live in the present or does she take a trip down memory lane?



Sloth: A Seven Deadly Sins Erotic Short (Seven Deadly Sins Book 7) by Honesty Price

What happens when your partner gets lazy in the bedroom?



The One I Love by Ivy Laika

What do you do when the one you love hasn’t chosen you?

Lovely returns home after two years of teaching overseas with one mission: to confess her love to her best friend of ten years Obi.

Obi can’t deny that he has always loved Lovely, with her back home, he’s ready to do anything to prove that.

But love can be complex. The two embark on a journey and at the end of two weeks they will decide if they will bask in their love or if they will forever live without the one they love.



10,000 Hours by Grey Huffington


Wander and Juelz have spent eight years apart and an eternity loving one another. Their friendship is compromised during Juelz lengthy stint in the Air Force after Wander makes the mistake of her life, complicating their already complex bond. Juelz’s return home heightens Wander’s anxiety and completely rocks her world. No longer can she conceal the secret she has managed during his absence. Little does Wander know, Juelz has secrets of his own. Their revelations can lead to a life of love and luxury or one of mounting misery.




Love on The Luminous (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 1) by Chencia C. Higgins

Dragged on a singles cruise by her sister, Morgan is dead-set against finding “love”. Fresh out of a decade long union, she’d rather just pick up the pieces of her life and try to create something she could be proud of again. Random glimpses and a few mind-scrambling encounters with a man who makes her heart beat wildly have her questioning her stance, but she manages to keep her hands to herself and her legs firmly closed until the last day of the trip.

When the return to shore is delayed because of health concerns on land, Morgan takes it as a sign to throw her caution into the wind and let that man have what he wants. Spoiler alert: he wants her.

Love On The Luminous is part of a short story series dubbed The Luminous Cruise Chronicles. This series is written by a group of authors who found themselves inspired during an otherwise stressful situation.

The Luminous Cruise Chronicles:
Love On The Luminous – Chencia C. Higgins
Love On Deck – AshleyNicole
Love Under Quarantine – Nicole Falls
Love Overboard – D. Rose
Love On Cruise Control – T. Key
Love Unexpected – Turtleberry
Love’s False Start – Diana W.
Love Lessons – Honesty Price



Love On Deck (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 2) by AshleyNicole

Raegan is not on The Luminous to find love. That’s everybody else’s agenda. She’s only here for some sun, sand and simple relaxation.
All that floats away when she runs into the man who walked out on her and broke her heart. Can they stay away from each other until they’re back on dry land? Or will their love be rekindled on deck?



Where We First Began: A Novella (Chi-Town Romance Book 1) by Kenni Vieux

Life has caused advertising superstar Maya Coleman to give up on finding true love. She is a young, successful, single woman pushing thirty who is ready to put the past behind her and live her best life in her home town of Chicago. With her new job and newfound freedom, she is ready to start the next chapter of her life.

Cameron Joseph, a savvy businessman and Chicago bred mogul, seems to have everything all together, but that couldn’t be father from the truth. Still plagued by the death of his father, and dealing with the demands of his rapidly growing company, Cameron always believed that he was incapable of getting close to anyone again.

Perhaps these two childhood best friends came back into each other’s lives again at just the right time.

*** This is a novella***

Contains mature content



Angel of Mine: A Novella by S. Rêver 

Charlie Townsend was used to people leaving her life, but the one person she was never prepared to leave was her Nana. Away on the tour of her dreams, her world stops. Gut-wrenching news morphs her ideals and proposes yet another challenge; finding the meaning in her Nana’s words, “With death comes life.”
Like a bulldozer with no breaks, her estranged best friend Trevor re-enters her life bringing up emotions she buried the moment he left her. To top off all of her confusion, her once absentee mother is looking for a connection Charlie isn’t sure she possesses. But she learns that sometimes things aren’t always what they appeared to be.

Take this journey with Charlie as she learns the importance of cultivating her peace and the power behind forgiveness.



Love After Loss by Harleigh Rae

Love comes. Love goes. Love hurts. Love heals. Reunited by a string of unfortunate events, Dr. Tirumph Reveres, and Simone Cozart, Esq both know that learn that love is an ever-changing constant. Loss has swallowed up every ounce of love they thought they had left, and they’re questioning existence. Love is an energy, never created or truly destroyed, but what’s love like after loss?



Lock Him Down by Lex C.

Her lock.
His Key.

You’d think Yahiya Kimmel has suffered enough heartbreak to keep the key to her heart locked far away. A year after a dose of love gone bad, she’s sure the emotional scars might never fully fade. Yahiya is gifted a ticket to one of Atlanta’s growing single’s events that she can’t turn down. With her eyes on a prize that could help her business grow and no serious desire to find a match, she embarks on a night that may be filled with a little of both.

Kaleel is a man who has never been afraid of a challenge. Internationally known for his skills on the court, he’s had many wins but stepped away from it all when he was hit with a loss at home. The ashes have settled, and Kaleel hasn’t taken the time to disconnect from the need to grind to really enjoy life.

That all changes when he finds himself coerced into a night full of locks and keys that changes his whole perspective on how he’s been living life. A night of new faces, mismatches and matches, may prove to be exactly what both Yahiya and Kaleel always needed.



Loving Him Through the Storm by Kay Shanee

Lexi Greene would be no one’s forgotten conquest. As the owner of three daycare centers, she’s as much savvy as she is sultry. Despite her immediate attraction to Landon Maxwell, his preceding reputation declares him designated to the friend-zone. Until one fateful night…

Notorious playboy, Landon Maxwell, is the much talked about wide receiver for the San Antonio Stars. He can have any woman he chooses…except Lexi Greene. She came with requirements and being noncommittal wasn’t going to suffice.

But one night holds their friendship in the balance. Crossing the line could put their friendship at risk. Will Lexi risk heart break and give him a chance to prove his love? Will Landon let Lexi love him through the storm or let the demons of his past rain on his future?

*This book is a spin-off of “The Love I Deserve.” Although you can read one without the other, you will get some background about how Landon and Lexi met in the aforementioned book.*



Love Unexpected 2 by DeeAnn

With Jacob’s fate unknown, Skylaire falls into a depression and pushes everyone away. Moesha tries to keep their friendship solid while battling other life problems, but Skylaire continued to drop deeper into his mental hole. Being tugged in various ways, Moesha finds a balance to dedicate time to the people who need her most. Even in her weakest moments, she finds strength to be strong for those she loves. Will she receive the help she needs, or will life cause her to crumble?

Omery and Adonis renew their vows, and Omery didn’t expect for it to be one of her last memories with him. After the cancer becomes aggressive and Adonis passes, his nurse, Axel Love, keeps his promise of caring for Omery. The two form a bond that leaves some uneasy. Accusations are spoken on, causing Omery to release emotions she’s been harboring. Even while battling demons of his past, Omery is Axel’s go-to person. She’s the sunshine after his storm, but for reasons that no one would understand but them.

Will these two best friends receive their happy ending?



The Lover’s Game by Brandon C. Brown

The Lover’s Game is an intriguing tale of love. Betrayal, anger, secrets, possibility, and redemption are all pieces to the puzzle of one man’s search for love.

Bryan Brown is a self-professed failure at love. Bryan finds himself on the end of a failed relationship and desires to close himself off from ever losing at the game of love again, however, a late-night phone call from a figure from the past changes this for Bryan forever.

Michelle Lee, Bryan’s former lover, blows back into his life and brings pain from the past with her. Michelle desires forgiveness for her part in an indiscretion with Bryan’s best friend, Donovan “Donnie” Vance. Donnie also desires reconciliation, and in a last-ditch effort reveals a nearly seven-year-old secret that rocks Bryan’s world to its core.

A chain of further events, including a new lover, unfold that alters the lives of each individual as they play their role in the vicious game of love. In the end the question remains, who will win at The Lover’s Game?



A Touch of Death: Marci and Grave by Annitia L. Jackson

Novella-Marci Leeann Marsh was born cursed because she was not a pure blood Fae. Doomed to live an existence alone, she commits a selfless act and sacrifices her own life to save a baby. However, her good deed isn’t enough. When she gets to the afterworld her past misdeeds come under fire. Marci is placed on trial to decide where she should spend eternity. She is to be judged by the same council, who have shunned her most of her life; Marci knows she is doomed.

Grave is the King of Death and head of the council. Being the man of the afterworld has afforded him money, power, and the most beautiful bedmates in the realm, but never the love of a mate. He had held the fate of many souls in his court for centuries in the Underworld. But never had he run across someone like Marci. With her fate in his hands, Grave finds himself drawn to the unstable half-fae beauty. But will Marci be too much for even the King of Death to handle?



Leap of Love by Cherish Amore

“One encounter of pleasure can cause a lifetime of pain.”

For Liberty, that statement describes her life to the T. One mistake made as a teenager will follow her for the rest of her life.

Kendrick is the epitome of a real man—black, successful, single, fine, and an all-around good guy.

A surprise introduction leaves Kendrick wanting more and Liberty’s interest piqued. Afraid of falling for the wrong guy, Liberty finds every way possible to avoid Kendrick, however, there’s one problem—Kendrick won’t let her go.

Finally giving in, Liberty falls hard, and so does Kendrick. Will Liberty’s one night of pleasure from years before meeting Kendrick jeopardize what they have?



William Brown: Truth Time (Center City Shorts Book 1) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

This is a SHORT story, written to be part of a short story series, Center City Shorts.

Malcolm was surprised to see Brown at his door. Brown never came to their home. He visited Brown or they met somewhere. He could see his friend was troubled and stepped out onto the porch.

“What’s up, man? You look troubled.” Malcolm said. Brown brushed his hand over his hair.

“I am. Brother, I caught Cynthia in a compromising position.” Brown said. “Hell, it was more than compromising; she was tongue kissing her young dancer.” Dread filled Malcolm’s gut. He knew his friend was a philanderer for years but would not take kindly to being cheated on. In the past few weeks, Cynthia was gone a lot.

“Wow… come on in, Cinnamon is resting.”

“I would rather not. Can you meet me at the Center? I need to talk.”

“Okay, give me thirty minutes.” Brown nodded and made his way to the car, thinking of what transpired.



Don’t Write Me Off: Contemporary Christian Romance by Glory Orah

Caroline is duped into giving her virginity to Jack, oblivious to the fact that he’s a family man and the pastor of one of the biggest churches in new York. When she discovers she is pregnant, Jack wants nothing to do with her for fear of the news getting out. He offers her money to get out of town and his life. She is forced to leave town and start a new life elsewhere. She moves to Nigeria where she meets Isaac Luke. Love scarred her once, will she give it a second chance? She’s hit rock-bottom, will she rise again?



To Boston, With Love by Chenell Parker

Journal Entry:

Family over everything was a popular quote that meant a lot to some people. To Boston, it meant nothing at all. Family wasn’t always defined by blood and he learned that lesson early. After being abandoned by the one person who was supposed to love him the most, Boston’s life became one heartbreak after another. Meeting his best friend, Indigo, at ten years old, turned out to be the biggest blessing ever.

Indigo was an only child who was afforded the best life. Her first encounter with Boston pulled at her little heart strings and prompted her to take action. Indigo became his crutch but she didn’t mind holding him up. It didn’t take long for her to realize that Boston was fighting demons that were even stronger than she was.

What happens when you put your heartache aside to mend the heart of another? When everything that you’re running from is in your head, will you ever be fast enough to escape it?



Also be sure to check out the Carnivale Chronicles Series!

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New Release Round-Up March 23rd-29th

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