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Check out these new releases from March 25th-31st.

March Madness by Nicole Falls

In the wake of unforeseen tragedy, basketball star-turned-coach Aicha Patterson finds herself checking off the last item on her list of career goals, head coach at a D1 institution, which also happened to be her alma mater. The job didn’t come without its fair share of adjustments and obstacles, but Aicha managed to lead her team and overcome them all, leading them one step closer to The Big Dance. In the midst of March’s madness, she finds herself face to face with the only regret she’s had on her singleminded quest to achieve her goals.

Chase Carrington knew at first glance that Aicha Patterson was the one for him when they met in undergrad as student athletes and instantly connected. Though Chase was blessed with natural athleticism and abilities that led him to the highest level of playing, his heart was never in it. After ending his career in the pros, he returns to the place where he uncovered his real passion, opening a restaurant that’s part family tribute, part dreams fulfilled.

A fortuitous reconnection brings them back into each other’s orbit and the instant connection between the two picked back up like no time had passed. Chase is certain this is destiny, while Aicha’s a bit more cautious. But in the end both let themselves succumb to the undeniable pull that has brought them back together.


Assist (St. Louis Sires Book 3) by Alexandria House

The Center for the St. Louis Sires has lived an undeniably good life, but something has always been missing, something he desperately craves—a family.

The alluring rapper is at the top of her game, talented and adored by her fans, including the Center for the St. Louis Sires, but what she desires most is a real connection—a friend.

One random phone call links them in ways neither could’ve imagined, a connection that helps free them from the past and navigate the future.

In the process, maybe, just maybe, they’ll find true love.


The Prince: Family Ties Book 5 by Shae Sanders

Eris Windermere is the youngest boy, typically on the outside of the major family drama. Until now. His family needs him, and what they ask of him is more than he’s willing to give.

Until Dionne.

Dionne Andrews is the sister of his brother’s wife, and she’s not exactly a fan of his family. But he wants her, and he’s willing to do anything to prove he’s not like his brothers.

As he works to prove himself to her, Dionne finds herself getting more and more entangled with the Windermere family. There’s Eris, her brother-in-law, her nephew, Eris’ mother, and a deep, dark secret that hovers over them all, threatening to tear the family and Dionne and Eris’ happiness apart.

***This is book 5 of the Family Ties series


Release Me: The New Haven Series (Book #3) by J.L. Seegars


I expect nothing.

From life, from God, from men.

I don’t hope or want or pray. Those are luxuries I can’t afford when I’m doing the desperate math of survival while walking the tight rope of life on the run in a strange city.

New Haven wasn’t supposed to be a fresh start. That would be asking too much from a life that took my parents from me and left me vulnerable to monsters. To be used but not loved. To be kept but not cherished.

I’d accepted my fate, settled in it like sore feet in a pair of ill fitted heels, but then he walked into my life and released me from the prison of my past, leaving me free to hope, to want, to love.Sebastian

I didn’t know I was looking for anything until I was looking at her.

And since the moment she came into my view, I haven’t been able to look away. There’s something sad behind her eyes. Something desperate in the way she moves through the world. Like the devil is on her heels and she doesn’t know whether to run or stay and fight.

Other people’s problems aren’t usually something I have time for, but for her I’ll make time. For her, I’ll stand and fight. I’ll make her battles my battles, her dreams my dreams, and her safety my top priority.


One Mic by Brookelyn Mosley

In the high-stakes music world, where dreams are often made and sometimes broken, One Mic, a music reality show competition, will add a new dynamic to the mix when two contestants blur the lines between romance and rivalry.

Six talented artists, one coveted music deal, and only two weeks to prove they have what it takes to be the last one holding the mic. As the countdown begins and pressure mounts, love unexpectedly blossoms between two contestants, Jaide Belair and Lucas “Lucky” Cassidy, blurring the lines between romance and rivalry. With every lyric penned and note sung, Lucky and Jaide must navigate the unfamiliar waters of competition while struggling to make sense of a budding attraction neither one of them saw coming… or are prepared to see to the end. Can their new attraction survive the pressures of the reality show competition? Or will their ambition to be the last one standing make them favor winning over falling in love with each other?


Ruined Vows (Maverick Dynasty) by Sherelle Green

In a world of power and betrayal, blood binds the Maverick family, but love could tear them apart.

I’m a Maverick and in our world, family legacy is everything. In order to keep your position, you must succumb to the inevitability of your circumstances. The Dark Trinity organization will choose your career, your house and your partner. Going against them will put the people you love in the crosshairs of your enemies. Rivals determined to take what’s yours.

My bride is a fiery beauty with a spirit as untamed as the night. Our marriage was decided for us. An unwanted merger to further our dynasty. There’s only one major problem. We don’t get along.

Yet, as our forced union ignites with an intoxicating passion, I find myself trying to navigate treacherous waters where disloyalty lurks at every turn. She could be the queen of my empire, there to strengthen my resolve. Or she could just as easily be the siren of my seas, ruining my carefully laid plans before I have a chance to execute them.

This book can be read as a standalone, however, Crowned Maddens (The Dark Trinity) is the prelude that leads to Ruined Vows (Maverick Dynasty).


That One Thing by Tanon

Taryn Branford was content with the life that she was living— that is, until she wasn’t. She tried new hobbies, even taking on new jobs but none of that excited her anymore. After following the advice of a few friends, she went out one night, looking for something to ignite that fire again.

Enter Julian Dupree, a successful businessman man who also seemed to be battling with being complacent. After one encounter, the two are immediately drawn to each other like magnets, but their lives outside of their new found sanctum threaten the solace they’ve established.

Will the two be able to go against the grain to get back to their happiness? Or will they miss out on That One Thing in order to appease everyone else?


This Time Around by Kay Shanee

Two decades ago, two strangers make a connection that bonds them for life. Perfect for fans of second chance romance, This Time Around is the love reunion hopeless romantics have been waiting for.

Dr. Tessa Howard is sick and tired of everything—her job, her nagging mother, and her boyfriend who wouldn’t know commitment if it hit him in the face. The only thing that didn’t work her last nerve was her soon-to-be twenty-year-old daughter, Cyrah. Watching her one and only child, her greatest accomplishment, live life out loud was her greatest joy. Tessa didn’t know what she’d do if she didn’t have Cyrah, whom she admittedly lived vicariously through. After an epiphany in the middle of the night, Tessa finds herself single and unemployed. With no job, no man, and no prospects for either, Tessa finally decides to let loose and learns that history does, in fact, repeats itself.

Dr. Cypress Boone recently ended a relationship after a two-year engagement. He’d given his all to Emery, but she played him for a fool. Although disappointed, he hasn’t given up on love and is ready for a fresh start. Emery, however, isn’t ready to let go and refuses to accept that they are over. In an effort to make a clean break, he accepts a job at the prestigious Black Elm University, over two thousand miles away from his current residence. With a new job in a new city, Cypress has high hopes that a new woman will soon be added to the equation. However, maybe this time around, someone new isn’t what he needs.


Hold Us Together by T’Lyn

KaSyre Masters has always been a ladies man, but the main focus is his musics career and creating an identity independent of his brothers.

Dior Bradley is a strong and independent woman who’s determined to make sure her daughter is protected and loved. Her main focus is creating a comfortable life for the two of them.

Backstage passes force an unlikely union which changes the narrative for Dior and KaSyre. Their focuses shift in ways neither of them can foresee. Even the most determined can’t deny a universal pull so it’s pointless to try.


Sienna by Nicole Whitfield

“Am I sick? Who’s to say? One man’s sick is another man’s vanilla.”
Have you ever wondered who would be in charge of the secrets and dealing of black-market organ trade? Who would sanction and deal in assassinations amongst all other illegal activity?

Meet Sienna Infinity, head of Makes Infinity, a publishing company specializing in children’s and YA works…on paper.

Take a peek behind the curtain and dip your toe into depravity so sweet you’ll have a toothache.

Blu and Sienna are a couple you might not soon forget.


At The Right Time (The Champion Brothers Book 9) by Tina Martin

He was in the right place at the right time. Magic ensued whether she thought so or not. And now, she must be his…

Florence Ludwig operates under the assumption that she’s too old to fall in love. She’s lived, loved a man (who wasn’t really available and who broke her heart), and bore four beautiful children who are all grown and married. Life and REAL love has passed her by so it is what it is.

That’s why her son Mordecai decides to set her up on a blind date, hoping to find love for his beautiful, sixty-two-year-old mother. But love was always around the corner. She just never realized it.


Personal Foul: An Erotic Novella by Mya

Rory Green is a twenty-six-year-old NBA superstar. He carried his team to the NBA finals and now has to prove to the world he can bring a championship back home to Houston.

Kamryn James is a twenty-five-year-old social media influencer. She loves all things makeup, luxury living, and food.

Rory and Kamryn are twin flames with similar attitudes. They seem to rub each other in all the wrong and right ways. What started out as a meaningless fling turned into long nights tangled in the sheets. As feelings arise they are met with many difficult choices. Will their passionate nights prove fruitful, or will they lose in crunch time?


Flight to Parris (Greenbrook Lovers Book 3) by Danielle Brooks

What does a high-profile singer do when her livestream is crashed by the news of her producer-boyfriend sneaky link’s pregnancy? She jets off and goes off-grid.

Lost and broken, R&B singer Tinsley, aka Jada Mac, charters a flight back to her hometown, Stonecrest, with only one person in tow: her long-time bodyguard, Parris. With only plans to wallow in her embarrassment and dismay, she quickly finds Parris and sets new plans: to help Tinsley find her happiness again. With the quest to find happiness, Tinsley takes flight and finds new levels of herself and a romantic relationship she never saw coming with Parris.


The Air Between Us: An Erotic Romance (Coming Home: The Elements Series Book 1) by Shameka S. Erby

Trevino and Bashir are lovers, five years deep, and solid as a rock. But both of them also believe they’re still missing a piece, another person to round out their hearts. It’s been proven to be hard to find, until they run into Nasima, Trevino’s childhood love, who is back in the neighborhood after a series of life events. She’s the only person Trevino’s ever loved that wasn’t Bashir, and now Bash is certain she’s their missing piece. Nasima is skeptical, but even she can’t deny the pull of these two men. She promises them two weeks to convince her she can fit into their dynamic. The clock runs out on Valentine’s Day. Can Trevino and Bashir show her why she’s the air between them?


Running Game by Rene Wolfe


When you’re sitting in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower on the biggest sporting stage in the world and see the man of your dreams he’s nothing more than a distraction.

But there’s nothing like this type of distraction. And nothing like a little mental motivation to show up and show out when someone has their eyes on you. At least that’s what my sister thinks when I meet professional basketball player Devin Grant, a two-week distraction that could turn into forever…

Running Game is an Olympics’ inspired sports romance that gives you all the feels.


All the Reyns’ Men: Power Within the Stars Book Five by Dandridge Monroe

The time for the final battle has come…

The pieces are in place and old and new faces arrive to assist the ruling families of Ajabu in their task. Will their collective strength be enough to rid the realm of the pestilence that has plagued it for so long?


After One Lustful Night by Asar

It was a one-off. It was a simple moment of lust. It wasn’t supposed to mean anything. Those are the thoughts Instagram model and Spiritual Herbalist, N’Bushe Brooks keeps repeating to herself after a delectable night of erotic passion with a man that she barely knows and has never even given a second thought to… And now, all she can dream about is him.

Who is the man? He’s only known as “Kameel.” Dedicated to his purpose in life, the last thing Kameel wants to do is become attached to another person. Never again! Not after what happened the last time he gave his heart to someone. Then why is it so hard to get N’Bushe off his mind? 

N’Bushe and Kameel embark on a tumultuous journey trying to keep their feelings in check. With each interaction, they become more attached and obsessed with each other. Suddenly, their normal lives begin to spiral out of control as they discover that the success of their love has to do with A Lot more than just them.


Deviant III by Fai Monroe

It’s been five weeks since reentering into each other’s lives. Those five weeks have been nothing short of amazing. But they must remember that every action has a consequence. So when faced with the consequence of their actions, will they fold or embrace it head-on?

But we must remember that Caseous and La’Toya’s story is nothing like others. In fact, it’s more deviant.

Deviant III is part three of Caseous and La’Toya’s story.


Nila (Princess of Sheba Book 1) by Mukami Ngari

Enter the land of Sheba in this first book of the Princess of Sheba Series.

Love. Sacrifice, Betrayal.

As the first-born daughter of the grand emperor of Sheba, Nila knows of her father’s ambitions to conquer the empires of the highlands. She does not share in his dream but she will do anything he asks to protect her sisters, including betray her true love, Prince Seni of Kitara.
Disgraced, Seni plots to take his empire back, and get his revenge on Nila. With so much at stake, the only option is to win.
There is going to be a war in the highlands, and Nila and Seni will face each other in their darkest forms. This might be the end for both, unless the fiery passion between them consumes them first.


As Long As I Hope (Talk To God Series Book 3) by Teleah Moore

Karma /kahr-muh/, noun:
Destiny or fate.
Retributive justice.
Inevitable consequence.

Unfortunately, the past isn’t finished with Stephen and Camille King. Although they have settled into domestic life raising their precocious twin daughters, Savannah and Sarai, their world is upended when Camille receives threats from an unknown enemy. It is up to Stephen to get to the bottom of it and protect his family from evil intentions no one saw coming. But who has it out for her, and why now?

Amid the shadowy threats made against Camille, a simmering romance unfolds with Aries Langston after her sudden breakup with Bill three years prior. Though Aries is thrilled about her new love interest and their physical chemistry is off the charts, will he be able to let go of his own past hurt and recognize her for the treasure she is? Aries knows she can’t compete with the woman who destroyed his heart and she’s not trying to.

Trent Johnson has led a modest life since he was released from the NFL. His top priorities are co-parenting his spunky teen daughter Portia with his ex, and keeping his distance from a neighbor who seems bent on making his life miserable. But when Portia goes missing, the unforeseen tragedy leaves Trent with more questions than answers.

In As Long As I Hope, the characters—some old, some new—are drawn together by their unflinching resolve to protect and save those they love while teetering on the brink of despair.


Locked In (Love Notes Book 7) by Opemipo Omosa

Cynthia Davis finds herself in a challenging situation as a deadly virus forces her into an unexpected lockdown in Abuja. To her surprise, she is forced to share an apartment with David Olarenwaju, a man she once loved who also left her with deep wounds.
David regrets his past actions and realizes the quarantine is an opportunity to make amends for his mistakes and possibly rekindle their love.
As they navigate the lockdown together, she is torn between the bittersweet memories and the pain he caused. His presence reignites old feelings and reopens old wounds. Is she willing to allow him into her heart again and heal from the past?

Locked In is a gripping, heartfelt tale of love, forgiveness, and second chances.


Through The Fire (Fire & Desire) by Y Marie

A heartfelt exploration of friendship, love, and the transformative power of shared passion.

Asia and Asaad navigate the delicate dance between friendship and romance as their carefree alliance takes an unexpected turn into the realm of romantic feelings.

Long-time friends with benefits, the two navigate the complexities of their casual relationship. Asia, fiercely independent, finds solace in the simplicity of their arrangement. However, as their connection grows, they begin to have different ideas about the nature of their bond.

When circumstances force their hand, the emotional entanglement becomes harder to ignore. Their friendship transforms into an intricate web of denial, deceit, and avoidance, revealing layers of unexplored feelings. As they navigate through difficult times together, the lines between platonic and romantic become increasingly blurred, and they find themselves dancing to a rhythm that transcends mere friendship.

But the path to true love is never smooth, and Asia and Asaad must confront their fears and insecurities. Past wounds resurface, challenging the foundation they’ve built. Will they risk their cherished friendship for the chance at a deeper, more profound connection? Can they overcome the fear of commitment and take a leap into the unknown?


Double Lives (A Lexington, Alabama Novel) by Mary Monroe

The latest shocking twist-filled novel in the award-winning New York Times bestselling author’s Depression-era Alabama saga tells the riveting tale of identical twin sisters with a talent for switching lives and hiding their scandals—until one risk too many changes their lives forever. Reminiscent of Monroe’s classic, captivating Mama Ruby series.

Since childhood, identical twins Leona and Fiona Dunbar have been getting in—and out—of trouble by pretending to be each other. Yet underneath, they couldn’t be more different. Outspoken Leona lives to break rules, have a good time, and scandalize their respectable hometown of Lexington. Fiona is a seemingly-demure churchgoing girl who is the apple of her domineering, widowed mother Mavis’s eye.
But together, the twins have fooled teachers, boyfriends, bosses, racist police—and most importantly, strait-laced Mavis. Even when Leona does jail time for Fiona, their unbreakable bond keeps them fiercely loyal. . . . So when Fiona feels stifled in her passionless marriage, and Leona is heartbroken over losing her one true love, it’s perfect timing to change places once again . . .
Leona is shocked to discover she enjoys the security of being a wife and homebody.  And the unexpected spark between her and Fiona’s husband is giving her all kinds of deliciously sexy ideas. Meanwhile, Fiona enjoys being free, single, and reveling in the independence she’s never had. And the more she indulges her secret, long-repressed wild child, the more Leona’s ex-lover becomes one temptation she’s having trouble resisting . . .
As the sisters’ masquerade ignites desires and appetites they never expected, it also puts their most damning secrets on the line. Once the fallout rocks their small town, can Fiona and Leona’s deep sisterhood shield them from total disaster and help them reconcile their mistakes? Or will the trust between them become a weapon that shatters their lives for good?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up March 25th-31st

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