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Check out these new releases from March 27th-April 2nd.

The Business of Lust (Banking on Love Book 2) by B. Love

Fallyn Mitchell’s perfect life begins to unravel at the seams piece by piece. As life shows her not everything is within her control, she finds solace in her best friend, Stax. For the last ten years, Stax has been the one constant in Fallyn’s life that has been unchanging. When he finally meets the perfect woman for him romantically, Fallyn’s feelings for him start to come to the surface, and she has to choose between keeping her friendship intact or risking it for a romantic relationship that Stax may not even want.

Stax Tate gets everything he wants and needs from a woman in his best friend… except sex. Most women expect more than what he’s willing to give, so when he meets Paige, Stax believes he’s finally met his match. The joy Stax thought would come with having the perfect woman is buried under his true feelings for his best friend. No matter how much Stax tells himself he doesn’t deserve a woman like Fallyn, that doesn’t keep his heart and body from craving her.

Stax and Fallyn are alike where it counts and different where it matters most. Two things they have in common are their fear of rejection and belief that the other doesn’t return their romantic feelings. Will one of them find the courage to speak up, or will Stax’s relationship with Paige lead to a permanent engagement that will keep the best friends from experiencing love forever?


Far From Friends by A.C. Taylor

He’s her brother’s best friend.
It never should’ve happened.
Now she can’t stop it.

Jade’s life is already complicated. She’s trying to co-parent with her toxic ex, keep from breaking his trifling girlfriend’s neck, and make sure her family stays completely unaware of her disastrous decision-making skills. The last thing she needs is more drama. So, it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to get so close to the one guy that she was warned never to get involved with, Khalif Bowen. But she couldn’t help herself. One minute they were talking, and the next, she was greeting him with her lips in the middle of the night.

Now, there’s no going back. What should’ve been a one-time fling with her brother’s best friend, has turned into a secret affair that Jade has no idea how to end, and if word gets out, more than a few people could get caught in the crossfire.

See what happens when becoming more than friends creates a whirlwind of emotions that were never meant to be exposed. Will Khalif and Jade crumble from the pressure of trying to keep the truth from getting out? Or will their unexpected feelings push them to fight for the love they never knew they needed?


Hostile Takeover: Blackwood Billions by Christina C. Jones

For Nalani Stark, legacy matters… maybe more than most things.

Important enough that when that legacy — inextricably tied to her mother’s memory – is challenged, she’s forced to consider even the most undesirable options…

Such as a match made in hell with Orion Sterling. 

The heir to the competitor she grew up being warned about.

Orion is a man well-accustomed to getting exactly what he wants. Other than opportunities to grow the family business, he’s moved by very few things.

One of which happens to be Nalani Stark.

They each have something the other needs, and only one way to get it : a contract that delineates exactly what each person takes from the arrangement.

Simple enough…

Unless feelings get brought into the exchange. 

Please be aware that this work contains profanity, detailed sex acts, and depictions of violence.
There are also mentions of pregnancy loss, parental death, grief, illness, and medical emergencies.


The Perfect Upset by Monae Nicole

Raven Stevens is a professional Rugby player, and her personality could be described as aggressive and dangerous, much like the sport. With a hard life and many disappointments, she has no room for softness in her world. To Raven, love is a fool’s game, and she wants no parts until she’s faced with a connection so raw, she has no choice but to run toward it.

Austin Harding, a leading defensive tackle for the Sweetwater Hurricanes, captures the heart of everyone he encounters. This sweet man has his eyes on one person, and he will stop at nothing until she is his. Life has shown him that there is more to life than football, and he’s ready to get his girl, so they can experience it together.

Raven is seen by most as the underdog, but Austin knows there is more to her than what meets the eye. Scoring is easy for the pair, but when love is thrown in the mix, can they stand against everything being thrown at them? Join Raven and Austin as they navigate life while trying to heal.


Beneath the Silence (The Things Unseen Book 3) by K. Lashaun

Selflessness has always been the motto Eden Foster lived by. Raised in a household that instilled the mantra of family over everything, the up-and-coming MMA fighter has made a living using her fists while sticking her neck out for people who would never do the same for her.

A childhood filled with neglect led Hakeem Biggers down a path of darkness. One full of sins and misdeeds. Uncontrollable anger and rage ruled him for so long that he now chooses to experience the world as an onlooker rather than a participant, trapped beneath a veil of silence.

But then the two individuals known for violence run into one another. Mistrustful by nature, they engage in a dance that soon turns into one that is anything but casual. Feelings neither of them anticipate creep up, giving them hope of a love they once thought impossible to obtain.

Two dark souls haunted by the sins of their past.

Two individuals seeking atonement.

A connection that might not withstand the blows life seems determined to throw.

Beneath the Silence is book three of The Thing Unseen series, but it ends on a cliffhanger and will conclude in book four.

This book contains angst, child neglect/abuse, sexually explicit content, violence, gaslighting, profanity, and mentions of murder/death.


The Build Up by Tati Richardson

“Plenty of sexy chemistry and sensual sizzle in a story line that celebrates family, friends, and food.” Booklist, starred review

A truly unfortunate first day of work leads to unexpected love in this sparkling debut from Romance in Colour podcast cohost Tati Richardson.

Rumpled and ragged was not how architect Ari James envisioned kicking off her first day at a new firm. And few things can top the horror of her new—and extremely hot—colleague walking in on her at the worst moment ever. Learning that she’ll be working with him on the project that’s supposed to get her career back on top makes it harder than ever to focus on her big comeback.

With a partnership at his firm on the line, nothing is going to stand in the way of Porter Harrison absolutely killing it on his new project: not his obnoxious rival, not his unpredictable brother and definitely not his new coworker whose gorgeous curves he accidentally saw and now can’t get out of his head.

Though neither of them is looking for love, once their creative juices get flowing, Ari and Porter’s connection is obvious. But when their shared goal has always been winning at work, building a solid foundation for a relationship might end up costing them everything…


Timber Mills Love Stories by Turtleberry

Take a moment to watch love bloom in Timber Mills.

Zyanya and Trey are best friends who just graduated from grad school and are moving to Timber Mills together. Now that they are spending more time together, Zee is noticing that her feelings for Trey have changed. While already nervous about her new job, she is also nervous about her new feelings and if Trey feels the same.

After getting laid off from her job and having a reality check in regards to her relationship, Tessa is forced to move back home with her parents. It doesn’t take long for her to get a job as the Director of Timber Mills Main Street. Perks of the job include great pay, short commute, and an office right across the street from her high school sweetheart.

Emilie knew she wanted Devin from the moment she saw them. As the town’s real estate agent, she is tasked with helping her neighbor’s grandbaby find a place to live in town. Emilie really just wants to move Devin in with her.

Dive into this set of love stories from Timber Mills.


Jasiel, The King Who Got Me by Miss Jenesequa

On the surface, there’s nothing about him she should like. He’s hard, cold, and stubborn as a bull.

He has no right to want to be with her. She’s everything he’s not. Warm, patient, and attentive.

And yet, the two of them find themselves badly wanting each other. But neither of them has ever had the guts to tell each other how they truly feel. Will they get it together or will she find comfort in the arms of someone else who’s brave enough to steal her heart?

This is book one of a three book series. The Evans Brothers were first introduced in the standalone, I Got You. Prior reading of I Got You is not necessary to understand The Evans Brothers series but recommended.


Lipstick Diaries: Beautiful Lies (A brother’s best friend/fake engagement romance) by Tiye


Dear Lipstick,

Impossible. I can’t fall for this man. He’s the type that women want to brag about taming. But I don’t believe in urban myths and fairy tales and have no desire to waste time on a man who doesn’t know the meaning of fidelity.

Especially when that man is my brother’s best friend. 

And now, I need a date for my company retreat, and he’s the only one I can ask. The only one who will do anything for me. Even pretending to be my fiancée.I can protect my heart if I ignore these traitorous desires for two days. Unfortunately, Terrick seems just as determined to use these two days to turn our lie into something too damn real.

**Each book of this series can be read as a standalone.**


Pressure: Loving a Real One by TN Jones

Choosing to become a serial monogamist to avoid destroying a beautiful friendship, Xander Miller’s secret romantic feelings surfaced tremendously upon another vying for Una Anderson’s affection and attention. After 10+ years of longing to be with Una, Xander’s dreams came true upon him jumpstarting a relationship after a one-night stand went wrong but incredibly right. With his heart locked into having Una as his final girlfriend before making her his wife, tragedy tore through his life.

Upon first glance at Xander Miller, Una Anderson had her heart set on having the hot-tempered, captivating, and nerdy man to herself. All seemed lost until a terrifying action happened, shoving her into Xander’s arms. Excited about having a bright future with her crush, unethical behaviors befell, slamming turmoil into her orderly life. Can Una make amends for actions she didn’t cause?


My House (My House Series Book 1) by M. Marie Walker

Mike Harmon: Successful business owner, eldest of two siblings, broken inside.

After a year of a messy separation from his wife, Jakyra, she returns. All eyes are on her as conflict rises… conflict that could have been avoided if Mike hadn’t lied in the first place. Now, with his wife back in his life, past mistakes resurface. Regret settles deep, and guilt constantly plagues him as lingering threads of love keep him tethered to her.

Mike hopes to repair things with Jakyra, but the first domino— that he so carelessly began— has fallen. The effects of his actions cause a downward spiral that he has no idea how to stop. Throw in kidnapping, lies, infidelity and secrets; you have a recipe for disaster. Mike finds himself in the middle of a shit storm of drama that he was most definitely trying to avoid.


Entitled Woman: An African American Audacious Black Love Urban Fiction Romance Suspense Standalone by Sheila Murdock

Cheyenne Stillman wants what most women want—the man she really wants. But being single seemingly forever, her chances seem to get slimmer with each year, so she wants to try and get who she wants by taking advantage of the oldest thing in the book—her pretty privilege.

And there might be someone out there who can finally help her.

True Wells is dubbed as one of the luckiest women in the world when it comes to getting the man a woman really wants. Married for the first time in her 50’s to a multi-billionaire, women of all ages look up to her as the embodiment of entitlement. Since her fairytale marriage, she’s devoted her life to helping women become social “diamond butterflies”—but not every woman qualifies.

And someone out there doesn’t believe Cheyenne qualifies no matter how good she looks.

The 50-ish, but 30-something-looking Mrs. Wells is known for her brash, tell-it-like-it-is, in-your-face opinionated commentary when it comes to a woman’s chances of getting who they really want, and her free open seminars are something that have to be seen to be believed, which relationship critics caution to hopeful, entitled women, “Attend at your own risk.”

No holds barred is a vast understatement at her seminars.

But Cheyenne is hopeful and feels entitled so she takes her chances, but sees firsthand just how being entitled is something that is not guaranteed and discovers what happens to women who felt they were entitled to the man they wanted and what happened during their relationships with these men they were set up with through True. And what she finds out and sees as a reality will be etched in her mind forever.

Despite this, True finds Cheyenne someone . . . but is he the one she really wants? She will see just how far her pretty privilege and entitlement will go in a relationship that may or may not be too good to be believed.


If Only One Night (True Love Series Book 5) by Vivian Rose Lee

Solomon Yarrows was beginning to get impatient waiting for the newlyweds to show up. He did not socialize much, date often, or have a large group of friends. But there he was, sitting through a wedding he felt compelled to attend.
While the guests waited for the bride and groom to arrive, his gaze scanned the lounge. When he finally had enough, the breathtakingly beautiful woman who had just entered the room caught his attention. Her beautiful, sensuous movement as she made her way to the bar caught his attention and he muttered, “Breathtaking.”

Allison Morgan took a seat at the bar. She needed one or two drinks to get through the night. She was the only one of their group who didn’t have a date, which was fine. Even her twin Alicia had a date. Too many times the girls told her that her standards were too high to get a man. What did they expect? She was 34 years old, and she believed she had only one chance to find the perfect man for her. She’d been down that path before when she chose the wrong man, and she wasn’t about to settle for any man just because he said hello and fed her some kind words. She wasn’t that thirsty.
As she looked around the busy lounge, she came upon the most stunning, swoon-worthy man she had ever seen sitting by himself. If just for one night, she could undoubtedly satisfy her thirst with him.


Oasis by Aja Cornish

Beautii Hamilton is a highly skilled, self-motivated, hardworking lawyer who’s employed by the most renowned law office in Groove City, California. She’s an authentic woman, well acquainted with her worth. She has raised the bar high for any man who desires to indulge in her time. Her independence, focus, and determination to be a successful black woman thrusts her into a class of her own. Success; however, comes with a hefty sacrifice that not many women have the discipline to walk out. Things get complicated when Bilaal Harris weasels his way into Beautii’s life in a beautifully wrapped package, mixed with a few flaws that made him human. He quickly wins Beautii’s heart with his charm, persuasion, and BDE that was strong enough to hypnotize, and relax the guards of the strongest woman. Will she find love in an unfamiliar place or will Bilaal be her downfall?

Blyss Valentino is a high class attorney who specializes in criminal law. He’s highly respected in his community, well versed in his profession, and his street cred and professional influence proceeds him worldwide. He’s a bachelor with a selective, but massive appetite for professional women. He has no intentions of settling down until love creeps in and blindsides him. 

Beautii and Blyss have maintained a well-rounded and functional work relationship for the last two years, and have never crossed the line, until a quiet storm is seen on the horizon. “It never rains in Groove City, California.” That’s what everyone thought. That was a fact until the tide changed.

For the last two years, there hadn’t been anything but sunny skies and easy winds. What will Beautii and Blyss do when faced with the decision of risking their lives to make it home, or staying in the office until the storm passes over? Will the duo maintain their professional relationship, or will they delve into an oasis of love they never knew existed in each other’s arms? One thing is certain, success always comes with a price. Who’s gonna pay?


Goodbye, Love by Briuana Green

Seventeen-year-old Kendall Allen will do anything to leave Memphis. Seven years ago, Kendall’s father, a beloved NBA star, was gunned down and died in her arms. Kendall longs to attend Tennessee State University to study music and play piano, but her grandmother, Stella, who controls her father’s estate, will only fund Kendall’s education if she attends Princeton University.

Following an armed robbery of the neighborhood convenience store, Kendall begins reliving her father’s murder. Due to her strained relationship with her mother and her brother’s busy schedule, Kendall has no one to turn to…until she meets DeMar, an aspiring rapper. DeMar helps Kendall cope with her past traumas and encourages her to make a name for herself as a musician while embracing her father’s legacy. However, one secret may change their budding relationship forever and threaten any hopes that Kendall has of attending TSU.


The Secret Heir: A Passionate Hidden Identity Romance (The Eddington Heirs Book 5) by Zuri Day

When a celebrity runs from his posh life to that of a janitor, love is the last thing he expects to find! Don’t miss this red-hot read from Zuri Day! 

She’s almost royalty.

Beneath his work uniform, he actually is.

In Chicago, Abe Baiden is a janitor—and an incredibly good-looking, self-assured one. Here, no one knows about his soccer stardom, his billions or his royal family. He likes it that way, until he meets sexy, driven Reign Eddington. Reign is everything he’s running from: she comes from wealth and works in PR for her father’s business. The very same company that hired Abe, the janitor!

Now Abe’s family says he needs a wife, and Reign is the woman he wants. Fiercely. Unequivocally. Hungrily. He just has to convince the savvy business exec to fall in love with him…before she learns who “Abe” really is.


Catching the Carling Lake Killer (West Investigations Book 6) by K.D. Richards

She’s kept her secret for years…
But now a killer knows.

Journalist Simone Jarrett and Carling Lake sheriff Lance Webb have kept their casual affair clandestine to avoid gossip. But as his feelings for Simone deepen, Lance is troubled by the knowledge that she’s hiding something. Then, after twenty years, the Card Killer strikes again. And Simone’s secret puts her in the killer’s sights. Now the two must team up to find the murderer…and save Simone’s life.


After Hours Agenda: A Passionate Workplace Romance (404 Sound Book 5) by Kianna Alexander

These fierce rivals propose a merger between their companies…and in the sheets. It’s Kianna Alexander’s latest 404 Sound novel.

She’s his biggest rival in the music industry

…and his steamiest temptation!

Atlanta record executive Pierce Hamilton needs a bold move to prove he’s ready to take over his family’s legendary studio. The biggest gamble? Revisiting a merger with rival studio 404 Sound. That means wooing CEO Nia Woodson, who’s never shown signs of being wooable.

Melting Nia’s frosty exterior soon leads to a different kind of merger—a sizzling between-the-sheets kind! Strictly casual, of course. Two busy music moguls have no time for a relationship. But can their deepening bond, and Pierce’s business plan, survive a bombshell revelation that could destroy Nia’s family?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 27th-April 2nd

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