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Remnants of Love: A “Still Love” Novella by Deshon Dreamz

Zoe Harris has been through her fair share of unstable relationships, and it’s safe to say she’s over it. In Zoe’s world, men were all thrown into a box and pushed into the furthest crevice of her brain. She takes a vow to herself to never allow another man to place her in a position of complete vulnerability. Zoe has never lacked attention from the opposite sex, but it was for all the wrong reasons. In most cases, men looked at Zoe as the “Trophy Girl” and not the wife. She refused to be casted for that role again.

Xavier sees Zoe as everything except a Trophy, but after years of banter, he’s unsure if he can shift the opinion she had formed of him in her head. She refuses to give him the time of day, that is until he propositions her, asking that she gives him a fresh start.

A new beginning led to far more than either of them expect, but it’s a journey that neither of them plan to shy away from.

*The “Still Love” shorts are happy for now tales of love, friendship, and commitment. Each couple is related in some way, but all stories can be read individually.*



To Love Again (Heart Series Book 13) by Vivian Rose Lee

The life of Roxwell Campbell, star linebacker for the Philadelphia Stallions, had taken a tragic turn after he was attacked by a madman. While convalescing from a severe head injury, part of his memory had been temporarily lost. As his memory started to return, he began to remember things he had buried deep. On top of that, there was this beautiful, independent woman that wanted to burrow herself inside his heart, if he allowed it. He wanted no parts of that or her. He was a consummate player, a lover of a variety of women, and he wanted it to stay that way. Didn’t he? Of course, he did.

The very first time Dr. Rachel Dillon met Roxwell Campbell, she knew he was the only man for her. Whenever they happened to see one another via a social setting, Rachel made it her business to try and get to know him better. He would quickly cut her short and leave her standing alone, looking the idiot. After becoming one of his attending doctors following his severe attack, things began to change. Rachel soon learns shocking information that tells her she didn’t know Roxwell at all.



We Are Family by Chicki Brown

Conflicts arise when single and successful, Francine Ellis, a corporate executive has always lived life on her terms and pushes to excel. Her sister, Regine Perry, a double-divorcee, and mother of two is an aspiring artist.

Will the challenges of running the business combined with unexpected new love relationships bring them closer or drive them further apart?


Claim Me: The Gift by Marvin Mason

The last thing Bernard Covington wanted to do was see Chanel Robbins. As her only option for a ride from the airport, Bernard reluctantly agrees to pick up Chanel — seeing her for the first time in years at the start of the Easter Weekend.

Like star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, and Queen and Slim, Bernard and Chanel, after eighteen years, finally decide to address a dilemma head on that’s held them back for so long.

As they rekindle a flame that has burned between the two since childhood, they must also contend with a secret that Chanel harbors, her possessive ex-boyfriend, Billy Redmond.

Will Chanel survive to see the only chance she has to be with the one man she claimed as her own during their childhood together or will her secret destroy her future before it begins?

*Please note: This is a 20,000-word novella.*



Wholeheartedly: Love’s Whirlwind Book One by Nailah

One day they were obsessed with each other, and the next, it felt as if they were strangers. A love created during the storm of their lives—Hurricane Harvey—they met each other, liked each other, and fell in love at great speed.Devyn Leroux feels as if she was experiencing perfection in its purest and most precise form after such a traumatic storm that came in and literally washed away everything she loved. But after a while, this newfound love felt just like the storm that had brought them together.Chaotic.In search of a new life in a new country, Kenzo Aku, was on a mission to complete his dream of becoming an actor. But, his plans are thwarted when he stumbles across a woman who steals his heart in the midst of the biggest storm of his life.Like the crashing winds of Hurricane Harvey, will their infant love be able to stand the tests of time or will the storm get the best of it?



True Love: The Hearts Desire by Ingrid Symone

Jasmine, Summer, and Trinity surrender to what comes so easy when given by the right one.
Marcos, Hendrix and Phoenix aren’t your normal ruff around the edges kind of men. They’re actions proves that True Love �� is still alive.



Fine Wine (Age is No Bother Book 1) by Emem Bassey

Sifon is a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants, especially, in a man. In her thirties, she co-owns a haulage company and is in the process of expansion when Manny, the 51 year old, sexy hotelier and pseudo parent to her business partner, literally, walks into her life. It’s love at first sight for her although it might take some work to convince the abrasive Manny that he’s the man of her dreams.



Fire Between Us by Janice Ross

Asha Walker

I never expected to fall in love, so I told myself I wasn’t. Never thought my feelings would matter, so I kept them hidden away and checked. Never allowed him to believe there would be anything more than a friendship, so how could I complain when he moved on to someone else?

Isaiah Turner

A man knows who he wants and who he definitely doesn’t. But he’ll take just enough rejection until he’s forced to throw his hands up and walk away. The problem is, I just can’t walk away from the only woman that will ever own my heart.
Our story isn’t about two perfect people falling in love and living happily ever after. No. Our story is about two friends making mistakes, losing their way, and recognizing there is a real connection and unending fire between us.



On the Corner of Hope and Main: A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins

NAACP nominee and USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins celebrates her beloved Blessings series with a heartwarming novel set in Henry Adams, Kansas.

“If you haven’t yet gotten your hands on [this] author’s work, you should do so immediately.”—Shondaland

Citizens of Henry Adams, Kansas, know there’s never a dull moment in their small town…

Trent July has been the mayor of this historic town for the past four years, but now he’s ready to let someone else take up the mantle. Barrett Payne, a former Marine, decides he wants the job. But when a surprise candidate also enters the ring, the town has opinions on who would be the best candidate.

And of course that’s not the only drama, as Malachi “Mal” July continues to make reparations for the damage he’s caused and to the people he’s betrayed, especially his lady love Bernadine. Is she finally ready to forgive him and let the past go?

As the residents of Henry Adams have learned, life will throw obstacles their way, but it’s how they come together and rise above these challenges that keep the bonds of their close-knit community strong.



It Happened at Midnight (Love & Redemption Series Book 1)  by Anita M. Dixon

Maintaining a relationship in the church can be challenging alone. When the relationship ends it can get messy! The larger the platform the messier it can get.

Evangelist Torielle Jackson is an uncompromising powerhouse! She honestly believes she’s healed from the trauma she suffered at the hands of her abusive mother. I mean God is using her mightily so that means she’s healed, right? Wrong! She found out how wrong when her boyfriend Prophet Efrem Miller humiliates her by breaking up with her in front of her closest friends. This act triggers her childhood trauma and forces Tori to get out of character. She starts to act up in them sanctified church streets.

Prophet Efrem Miller will do whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in. He starts to bump heads with Tori when she confronts him about recent compromises. She soon becomes expendable to him as his greed consumes him. He’s haunted by his former life of eating out of the trash just to survive. He refuses to go back to that life for anyone. Even God.

Come on a journey with them and witness how love, rebellion, and life has a way of changing you in unimaginable ways.

Will they recognize themselves on the other side of pain?



Sweet Uncertainties by Nova Faye

Sweetie Jacobs was twenty-eight years old, living a caged life, not knowing what freedom was. Like most, she was blind to how much one event could truly alter the course of her life. Her lifeboat, full of holes and filling with water fast, began to sink from the one thing that could threaten to send her over. Yet, this one thing may very well be what sets her free. Without a paddle, she’s thrown a life jacket inflated with freedom, but will the past poke holes in that too?

Cordero Sullivan was dealing with one of the best times in his life and one of the worst in his young thirty-one years. Career aspirations and family obligations constantly fighting for priority, it was no wonder he didn’t realize he was drowning. Discarded skeletons and things long swept under the rug always made for troubled waters. With his own boat rocked, can he hold on to the lifeline being thrown to him?

Two battered and bruised souls meet, and their journey is anything but smooth. Drama and destruction leave debris scattered all throughout this full length, poetic love tale. In the uncertainty of unfamiliar waters, can love’s compass lead the way? Will they be two sinking ships passing in the night on their way to self-destruction, or will love prove to be the only lifesaver?



A Current Affair (Book 2: Jameson Family Series) by Tracee Lydia Garner

Chyna Lockhart has loved Dean Jameson for a very long time, but a failed marriage has made her weary. Dean has loved Chyna for a similarly long time, but a series of bad decisions has kept them apart. When Chyna is injured and needs a safe haven in which to recover, Dean steps in and the old flame is rekindled. Dean and Chyna know they love each other, but the fact remains that a number of people – including Chyna’s vengeful ex – are bent on keeping them apart.

A Current Affair is part of the Jameson Family Series, four books about a prominent, African-American family in the DC Metro area. A Current Affair is the second book in the Jameson Family series.



A Love Worth Fighting For: A Salvadore Love Saga (Novella) by Shalia Nicolle

Meet Shaleigh Morgan. A twenty-four-year-old Realtor who was finally making a name for herself in the real estate world. Coming from a wealthy family, Shaleigh knew how to win in life with everything but relationships. From heartbreaks to one-night stands, Shaleigh was over dating and only wanted to focus on her career. That’s until she met Braxten Salvadore.

Braxten Salvadore is a professional basketball player that was content with his life in Atlanta. He had no intentions on falling in love. The only women he ever loved was his mother and his only sibling, Ashlee. With an unexpected change and the drama creeping back into his life, will he be able to capture Shaleigh’s heart or will he allow his problems to run away his first true love?

Ashlee Salvadore loved her fiancée Christopher Smith more than life itself. They’ve been together for years and have the perfect love story. The only problem is Christopher develops cold feet every time it gets close to their wedding date. Becoming fed up with the situation, Ashlee has a decision to make. Whether to be patient or walk away from the only man she’s ever loved.

Join the crew in this novella for their short love story. See if they allow their problems to interrupt their love.



One Night With You by Marie Nash

“What are you doing here?” Brooklyn Jamison opened the door and stared into the eyes of the one man she couldn’t stand. Never mind her pulse rate accelerating every time she laid eyes on him. That was beside the point. She disliked him for that reason alone. How dare he get her all hot and bothered. He was a womanizer who chased anything with breasts. She wanted him so bad she fantasized about what it would be like to have his muscular arms wrapped around her all night.
So what was Wilson Chaney doing at her door? He didn’t like her, and she certainly didn’t like him, even though he was a friend of her brother. They had already seen each other once tonight at her brother’s thirty-fifth birthday party. She was tired and not in the mood for another round with Wil. Pretending to dislike him was exhausting.
Wilson looked into the eyes of the woman who gave him wet dreams. A woman he couldn’t seem to get along with, but couldn’t stop thinking about. No matter how many times he tried to be cordial, she gave him push back. And he had tried plenty of times over the years. Wilson was best friends with Brooklyn’s brother, Carter. He and Carter had been friends since childhood.
No matter how long they had been friends, Carter would kill him if he knew his childhood buddy had the hots for his baby sister. The two of them had chased women together so Carter knew what kind of man he was. Yet, here he was standing in front of the woman he couldn’t get out of his mind or his dreams. This little stunt could very well be the death of his friendship with a life-long friend.
Wilson couldn’t help himself. Brook was beyond beautiful and smart. The very sight of her set his body on fire. She pretty much ignored him whenever they were in each other’s presence. But body language was something else. He had a strong feeling it was just a facade on her part.
Tonight at Carter’s party, Wilson caught Brook staring at him several times throughout the evening. There was a look of need and longing in those beautiful hazel eyes. She wanted him. And he wanted her so badly he ache. Tonight, one way or another, he intended to get some answers and some relief.
Wilson gazed into Brooklyn, stormy eyes, and answered her question. “We need to talk.” He brushed past her and walked into her townhouse.
Brooklyn closed the door and crossed her arms. “Now, just a damn minute! Who do you think you are waltzing in here like you own the place. And by what stretch of the imagination do we have anything to talk about? We don’t even like each other, Wilson. So why don’t you tell me what you’re doing here.”
Brooklyn left him standing in the foyer and walked into the living room. He didn’t say a word, but she knew he followed; she could smell him. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She had no idea what cologne he wore, but it was so arousing. It was messing with her senses.
“Brook, look at me.”
She wanted to ignore him, but she turned around and faced him. He was so handsome it was criminal. No man had a right to look that good. She ran her eyes over him and got weak in the knees. Earlier tonight at the party, he had his latest with him. Another woman with more boobs than brains. They seem to be his favorite.
Wilson was a very successful investment banker who ran CJ Financial Group with her brother. He could have any woman he wanted and judging by his past conquests, he did. As with so many men of his caliber, women didn’t last long. He must have gotten rid of the one he flaunted tonight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here. The poor woman probably thought she would be the one to claim the heart of the handsome playboy. Fat chance of that happening.
“You’re here, so talk, Wil. I was about to take a shower and go to bed, so make it fast.”
He closed the space between them. “I think it’s time we addressed this issue between us, don’t you?”



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New Release Round-Up March 2nd-8th

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